Political Demography, Demographic Engineering

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Berghahn Books, 2001 - 148 pagini
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Over the past decade, the impacts of demographic trends on international security and on peaceful relations between and within states have come to the fore in ways not seen since the aftermath of World War II. An evolving and more complex set of changes in the size, distribution, and composition of populations has become the basis for a new look at the security effects of changes in the size, distribution, and composition of populations. This book is an attempt to lay out the new look, to take issue with some of the prevailing views on the political consequences of population change and to suggest where the concerns are realistic and where they are not. (From the Preface)

This book not only offers a magisterial analysis of the political effects of the dramatic population changes that are taking place in countries all around the world, it also represents the testimony of one of the most distinguished scholars in the field of migration and population studies.

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Global Demographic Trends and Their Security
A Deficit of Attention
Demography as Competition?
Demography as Aggression?
Population Unmixing
Whom Do They Threaten?
Theories of International Migration and
International Migration as a Security Threat?
Is Demography Destiny?
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Myron Weiner (1939-1999), former Professor of Political Science at MIT and Chair of the External Research Advisory Committee of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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