Medical Support of the Army Air Forces in World War II

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Office of the Surgeon General, USAF, 1955 - 1027 pagini
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Pagina 16 - authorizing the President to co-ordinate or consolidate executive bureaus, agencies, and offices, and for other purposes, in the interest of economy and the more efficient concentration of the Government...
Pagina 58 - New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, cast 3,982,011 votes now, against 3,870,222 cast then, showing an aggregate now of 3,982,011.
Pagina 52 - Service and the civilian and industrial needs of the nation." 7 signment Agency. Consisting of five board members, the agency was assigned the following responsibilities: 8 (i) to receive from various governmental and other agencies requests for medical, dental and veterinary personnel, (2) to secure and maintain lists of professional personnel available, showing detailed qualifications of such personnel, and (3) to utilize all suitable means to stimulate voluntary enrollment, having due regard for...
Pagina 7 - Any diminution of the acuity of hearing below normal will lie a cause for rejection. Any disease whatever of the middle ear, either acute or chronic or any sclerosed condition of the ear drum resulting from a former acute condition will be a cause for rejection. Any disease of the internal ear or of the auditory nerve will be a cause for rejection. The following...
Pagina 7 - Color blindness for red, green, or violet is a cause for rejection. The acuity of hearing should be carefully tested and the ears carefully examined with the aid of the speculum and mirror. Any diminution of the acuity of hearing below normal will lie a cause for rejection.
Pagina 118 - make recommendations to the Chief of Staff and the War Department General and Special Staffs on matters pertaining to the health of the Army including recommendations relative to the utilization of medical facilities, equipment and personnel.
Pagina 7 - All these tests should be made with the eyes open, and then closed; on both feet, and then on one foot; hopping forward and backward, the candidate trying to hop or walk in a straight line. Any deviation to the right or left from the straight line or from the arc of the circle should be noted. Any persistent deviation, either to the right or left, is evidence of a diseased condition of the internal ear, and nystagmus is also frequently associated with such condition. These symptoms, therefore, should...
Pagina 7 - ... condition of the circulatory system, either of the heart or arterial system, is a cause for rejection. Any disease of the nervous system is a cause for rejection. The precision of the movements of the limbs should be especially carefully tested, following the order outline in par.
Pagina 37 - In the discharge of his duties the Air Surgeon will utilize the services available in the Services of Supply to the maximum degree consistent with the proper control of the Medical Department within the Army Air Forces. No activity of the Office of The Surgeon General will be duplicated, with the exception of those procedures necessary for the proper control of Medical Department personnel while under the jurisdiction of the Army Air Forces.
Pagina 36 - The supervision of all air force activities in connection with the research, development, procurement, storage, supply, maintenance, and final disposition of military aircraft, accessories, supplies, facilities, and appurtenances used in connection therewith, including technical inspection and...

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