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Perhaps there will very soon be in France many instances of political meetings among the peasants, but hitherto, only in some coffee-houses or taverns in great cities are to be heard discussions about peace or war, the march of armies or the sailing of a fleet. On the contrary, in England the blacksmith and the cooper of every village have settled opinions which they intend to be prevailing, and the reading of the news-papers causes every day such and such a speaker of the house of commons to be commended or censured.

Nay, often a like seemingly plain meeting produces a speaker, who, at last obtains that the town or the county ceases to trust any longer to their proxy, or having him nominated again if the house is dissolved.

This picture is one of painter Wilkie's first productions, its composition, the truth and delicacy of the expressions which the author imparted to every personage, ranked him at first sight along with the most commendable artists in England.

This picture has been engraved by Raimbach. It was made for the count of Mansfield who had formerly got the Rent Day.

Breath, 3 feet 2 inches? Height, 2 feet 1 inch?

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