The Godly Path of Least Resistance

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 172 pagini
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Life is full of challenges. The daily stresses of modern society can seem unbearable at times. Fortunately, God has given us a blueprint for daily living. It's called the Lord's Prayer. Attorney Matt Wilson explains in The Godly Path of Least Resistance that the Lord's Prayer is not only a prayer, but is also a roadmap for avoiding the unnecessary difficulties of life. By expounding upon the procedural and substantive elements of the Lord's Prayer, The Godly Path of Least Resistance teaches the reader how to limit one's exposure to temptation, to forgive one's enemies, and to become contented with God's daily provision. The Godly Path of Least Resistance is scholarly, yet personal. By intertwining Scripture with history, science and the law, The Godly Path of Least Resistance unlocks the secrets of the Lord's Prayer, giving the reader practical insight into how God interacts with humanity. Matt Wilson earned his Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering from Mississippi State University in 1998. After graduation, he joined the gubernatorial campaign for then-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Following the campaign, he served as a regulator for the Arkansas Public Service Commission, inspecting natural gas lines throughout the state. After leaving state government, Matt became a life insurance agent and received his securities registration from the National Association of Securities Dealers. Afterwards, he joined the staff of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association (OREA) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he served as a research analyst in the ministry's partner communications department. In 2003, Matt left OREA to enroll at Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Earning his Juris Doctor in 2006, Matt was admitted to the Mississippi Bar later that year. Today, he practices law in Starkville, Mississippi, where he resides with his wife and son.

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Hallowed Be Thy Name
Thy Kingdom Come
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
And Forgive Us Our Debts As
And Lead Us Not Into Temptation
But Deliver Us from Evil
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