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ABERGAVENNY, (vide Note); I. i. 211. ABHOR, protest strongly against; (according to Blackstone, a technical term of the canon law = Latin detestor, but Holinshed has "Abhor, refuse, and forsake"); II. iv. 81. ABODED, foreboded; I. i. 93. ADMIT, permit, allow; IV.ii. 107. ADVERTISE, inform; II. iv. 178. ADVISED; I. i. 139. AFTER, afterwards; III. ii. 202. ALIKE; "things known a.", i.e. equally to you as to the others; I. ii. 45. ALLAY, subdue, silence; II. i. 152. ALLEGIANT, loyal; III. ii. 176. ALLOW'D, approved; I. ii. 83. AN, if; III. ii. 375.

"be a.", be careful, reflect;

ANON, presently; I. ii. 107.
A-PIECES, in pieces; V. iv. 80.
APPLIANCE, application, cure; I. i. 124.
APPROVE, Confirm; (Collier MS., “ im-
prove"); II. iii. 74.

ARROGANCY, arrogance; (F. 1,
rogancie"; Ff. 2, 3, 4, 66 Arro-
gance"); II. iv. 110.
As, as if; I. i. 10.

ASHER-HOUSE; Asher was the old
spelling of Esher, a place near
Hampton Court; III. ii. 231.
AT, with; V. i. 131.

ATTACH, arrest; I. i. 217.

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seized; I. i. 95.

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ATTAINDER, disgrace; (Ff. 1, 2. tendure"; Ff. 3, 4, "Attaindure"); II. i. 41. AVAUNT; "give her the a.", bid her begone; II. iii. 1o.

AVOID, quit, leave; V. i. 86.

BAITING, drinking heavily; V. iv. 85. BANQUET, dessert; "running b.", .e. hasty refreshment; used figurately; I. iv. 12.

BAR, prevent; III. ii. 17. BEHOLDING, beholden; I. iv. 41. BENEFICIAL, beneficent; "beneficial sun," i.e. the King; I. i. 56. BESHREW ME, a mild asseveration; II, iii. 24.

BESIDE, besides; Prol. 19.

BEVIS, alluding to the old legend of the Saxon hero Bevis, whom William the Conqueror made Earl of Southampton; he was credited with performing incredible deeds of valour; he conquered the giant Ascapar; I. i. 38.

BEVY, company of ladies; (originally a flock of birds, especially quails); I. iv. 4. BLISTER'D, slashed, puffed; (Ff. 1, 2, "blistred"; F. 4, "bolstred"); ?. iii. 31.

BLOW US, blow us up; V. iv. 48. BOMBARDS, large leathern vessels to carry liquors; V. iv. 85.

Book, learning; (Collier MS.," brood”,
Lettsom conj. "brat"); I. i. 122.
BOOTLESS, useless; II. iv. 61.
BORES, undermines, over-reaches;
(Becket conj." bords"); I. i. 128.
BOSOM UP, inclose in your heart; I. i.


Bow'D; "a three-pence b." i.e. bent; perhaps alluding to the old custom of

ratifying an agreement by a bent | coin; or merely equivalent to a "worthless coin " ; II. iii. 36. BRAKE, thicket; I. ii. 75. BRAZIER, used quibblingly in double sense of (i.) a worker in brass, (ii.) a portable fireplace; V. iv. 42. BROKEN WITH, broached the subject to; V. i. 47.

BROOMSTAFF, broomstaff's length; V. iv. 58.

BUZZING, whisper; II. i. 148.

BY DAY AND NIGHT! an exclamation; an oath; I. ii, 213.

CAMLET, a light woollen stuff originally made of camel's hair; (Ff., "Chamblet"); V. iv. 93. CAPABLE OF; susceptible to the temptations of; V. iii. II, CARDINAL, (dissyllabic; F. 1, "Cardnall"); II. ii. 97.

CARRIED, carried out, managed; I. i.


CAUTION, warning; II. iv. 186. CENSURE, judgment; I. i. 33. CERTAIN, certainly; II. iv. 71. CERTES, certainly; I. i. 48. CHAFED, angry, enraged; (Ff. 1, 2, "chaff'd"); I. i. 123.. CHALLENGE, the legal right of objecting to being tried by a person; II. iv. 77. CHAMBERS, small cannon discharged on festal occasions; I. iv. 49. CHERUBINS, cherubs; I. i. 23. CHEVERIL, kid-skin, used adjectively; II. iii. 32.

CHIDING, noisy, clamorous; III. ii.

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CLINQUANT, glittering with gold or silver lace; I. i. 19. CLOTHARIUS, one of the Merovingian kings of France; taken as a type of antiquity; I. iii. 1o.

CLUBS! "In any public affray, the cry was Clubs! Clubs! by way of calling for persons with clubs to part the combatants" (Nares); clubs were the weapons of the London apprentices; V. iv. 53.

COASTS, creeps along, like a vessel following the windings of the coast; III. ii. 38.

COLBRAND, the Danish giant who, ac

cording to the old legend, was slain by Sir Guy of Warwick; V. iv. 22. COLD, coldness; (Collier MS., "coldness"; S. Walker, "colour"); IV. ii. 98.

COLOUR, pretext; I. i. 178.

COME OFF, get out, escape; III. ii. 23. COMMENDS, delivers; II. iii. 61. COMMISSIONS, warrants; I. ii. 20. COMPELL'D, thrust upon one, unsought; II. iii. 87.

COMPLETE, accomplished; I. ii. 118. CONCEIT, Conception, opinion; II. iii.

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CONCLAVE, "the holy c.", i.e. the College of Cardinals; II. ii. 100. CONFEDERACY, conspiracy; I. ii. 3. CONFIDENT; "I am c.", I have confidence in you; II. i. 146. CONJUNCTION; the technical term in astrology for the "conjunction" of two planets; III. ii. 45. CONSULTING; "not c.i.e. not c. with each other spontaneously; I. i. gr. CONTRARY, contradictory; III. ií. 26. CONVENTED, Convened, summoned ; (Johnson,"convened"); V. i. 52. COPE; "to c.", of encountering; I. ii. 78.

COVENT, convent; IV. ii. 19.
CRAB-TREE, crab apple tree; V. iv. 8.
CREDIT, reputation; III. ii. 265.
CUM PRIVILEGIO, "with exclusive
right"; I. iii. 34.

CURE, curacy; I. iv. 33.

FAIL, failure of issue; I. X. 145-
FAIL'D, died; I. ii. 184.
FAINTS, makes faint; II. iii. 103.
FAITH, fidelity; II. i. 145.

FATHER, father-in-law; II. i. 44.
FEARFUL, afraid, full of fear; V. i. 88.
FELLOW, equal; I. iii. 41.

DARE, make to cower in fear; (v. note); FELLOWS, comrades; II. i. 73.

III. ii. 282.

DEAR, dearly; II. ii. 111.

DELIVER, relate, report; I. ii. 143.
DEMURE, solemn ; I. ii. 167.

DERIVED, drawn upon, brought upon;
II. iv. 32.

DESPERATE, reckless, rash; III. i. 86.

DID, (v. Note); IV. ii. 60.

DIFFERENCE, dissension; I. i. 101.
DISCERNER, critic; I. i. 32.
DISCOVERS, reveals, betrays; V. iii. 71.
DISPOSED, used, employed; I. ii. 116.
DUE; "due o' the verdict," right ver-
dict; (Ff. 1, 2, "dew"); V. i. 131.
DUNSTABLE, Dunstable Priory; IV.
i. 27.

EASY ROADS, easy journeys, stages;
IV. ii. 17.

ELEMENT, Component part; I. i. 48.
EMBALLING, investment with the ball;
one of the insignia of royalty used
⚫at a coronation; II. iii. 47.
EMBRACEMENT, embrace; I. i. 1o.
END; "the e.", at the bottom; (Long
MS., "at the end "); II. i. 40.
ENVY, malice, hatred; II. i. 85.
EQUAL, impartial; II. ii. 108.
ESTATE, state; II. ii. 70.

EVEN, pure, free from blemish; III.

i. 37.

EVER; "not e.", i.e. not always; V.

i. 129. EXCLAMATION, reproach, outcry; I.

ii. 52. EXHALATION, meteor, shooting star; III. ii. 226.

FIERCE, excessive; I. i. 54.
FILE, list; I. i. 75.

FILED WITH, kept pace with; (Ff, "fill'd"); III. ii. 171.

FINE HAND, nice business; V. iv. 74. FIRE-DRAKE, fiery dragon, meteor, will o' the wisp; V. iv. 45,

FIT; "fit o' the face," grimace; I. iii. 7.

FIT, suitable; II. ii. 117.
FLAW'D, broken, I. i. 95; made rents

in, wrought damage ; I. ii. 21. FOOL AND FEATHER, alluding to the grotesque plume of feathers in the jester's cap; I. iii. 25. FOR, as for; II. ii. 5o. FORCE, urge; III. ii. 2. FOREIGN MAN, one employed in foreign embassies; II. ii. 129.

FORGED, framed, planned; I. ii. 181, FORTY HOURS, used for an indefinite time; III. ii. 253.

FORTY PENCE, a sum commonly used for a trifling wager; II. iii. 89. FRAME, plan; I. ii. 44.

| FREE, freely; II. i. 82.

FREE OF, unaffected by: II. iv. 99.
FRET, eat away; III. ii. 105.
FROM, of; HI. ii. 268.

FRONT, am in the front rank; I. ii. 42.
FULLERS, cloth cleaners; I. ii. 33.
FURNISH'D, suitably appointed, ar-
ranged; II. ii. 141.

GAINSAY, deny; II. iv. 96.

GAIT, walk; (Ff., “gate"); III. ii. ...116.

GALL'D, wounded; III. ii. 207.

GAP, passage; V. i. 36.
GAPING, bawling, shouting; V. iv. 3.
GAVE; "My mind g. me," ie. gave
me to understand, I had a misgiving;
V. iii. 109.

GAVEST, didst impute to; III. ii.


GIVES WAY, makes way, gives opportunity; III. ii. 16.

GLADDED, gladdened; II. iv. 196. GLADDING, gladdening; V. i. 71. GLISTERING, glistening, shining; II. iii. 21.

GLOSS; "painted g.", highly coloured comment, rhetorical flourish; V. iii. [ 71.

GO ABOUT, intend to do; I. i. 131.
GOING OUT, expedition; I. i. 73.
GOOD, goodness, (? wealth; or, good
man) merit (Johnson conj. "ground"),
V. i. 22; (vide Note); IV. ii. 60.
GOSSIPS, sponsors: V. v. 13.
GOVERNMENT, self-control; II. iv. 138.
GRIEF, grievance; I. ii. 56.
GROSSER, coarser, ruder; I. ii. 84.
GUARDED, trimmed, ornamented;

Prol. 16.

Guy, the famous Sir Guy of Warwick, the hero of the old romances; V. iv.


HALL; "the hall," ie. Westminster Hall; II. i. 2.

HAPPIEST; "h. hearers," i.e. best disposed, most favourable; Prol. 24. HAPPILY, haply, perhaps; IV. ii. ro. HARDLY, harshly, unfavourably; I. ii. 105.

HARD-RULED, not easily managed; III. ii. 101.

HAVE-AT-HIM, attack, thrust; (vide Note); II. ii. 85.

HAVE AT YOU; an exclamation of warning in attacking; III. ii. 309. HAVING, possession, wealth; II. iii.


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HUSBAND; an ill h.", a bad economist or manager; III. ii. 142.

IN, concerning; II. iv. 103.
INCENSED, incited, made to believe;
(Nares," insens'd" ie. informed);
V. i. 43.

INDIFFERENT, impartial, unbiassed;
II. iv. 17.

INDURANCE, durance, imprisonment; V. i. 121.

INNUMERABLE; "i. substance", untold wealth, immense treasure; (Hanmer, "i. sums"); III. ii. 326. INTERPRETERS; "sick i.", prejudiced critics; I. ii. 82.

ISSUES, sons; III. ii. 291. ITEM, again, further; used in enumeration; III. ii. 320.

Irs, its own; (Ff., “it's"); I. i. 18.

JADED, treated like jades, spurned; III. ii. 280.

JUSTIFY, confirm, ratify; I. ii. 6.

KEECH, the fat of an ox or cow, rolled up by a butcher in a round lump,

hence a name given to Wolsey, the butcher's son; (F. 4, “Ketch," I. i. 55.

KIMBOLTON, Kimbolton Castle in Huntingdon: now the seat of the Duke of Manchester; (Ff. 1, 2, “Kymmalton" probably the con temporary pronunciation of the word); IV. i. 34.

KNOCK IT, beat time; I. iv. 108.

LAG END, latter end; I. iii. 35. LARGE COMMISSION, warrant exercising full power; III. ii. 320. LATE," lately considered valid”; IV. i. 33.

LAY, resided, dwelt; IV. i, 28.

LAY BY THE HEELS, put in the stocks; V. iv. 83.

LAY UPON, charge, impute; III. ii. 265. LEARNEDLY, like one learned in the law; II. i. 28.

LEAVE, leave off, desist; IV. ii. 94. LEGATINE, pertaining to a legate (F. 1, "Legatiue"; Ff. 2, 3, "Legantive"; F,4," Legantine"); III. ii. 339. LEISURE, time at one's own disposal; (Collier MS.," labour"); III. ii. 140. LET; "let him be," even though he be; IV. ii. 146.

LETTERS-PATENTS (the correct Anglo-
French form of litera patentes), let-
ters patent; III. ii. 250.
LEVEL, aim; I. ii. 2.

LIKE IT, may it please; I. i. 100. LIMBO PATRUM, prison; strictly the place where the souls of the Fathers of the Old Testament remained till Christ's descent to hell; V. iv. 68. LINE, equator; V. iv. 44.

LIST, pleases; II. ii. 22.

LOOK FOR, expect; V. iv. 10.
LOOSE, free of speech; II. i. 127.
LOP, the smaller branches of a tree cut
off for faggots; I. ii. 96.
LOSE, forget; II. i. 57.

MAIDENHEAD, maidenhood; II. iii. 23.
MAIN, general; IV. i. 31.

MAKINGS; "royal m.", ensigns of royalty; IV. i. 87.

MANAGE, training; V. iii. 24. MARK, a coin worth 13/4; V. i. 170. MARSHALSEA, the well known prison; afterwards used as a debtors prison; V. iv. 90.

MAY, can; I. ii. 200.

MAY-DAY MORNING; "in the month of May, namely, on May-day in the morning, every man except impediment, would walk into the sweet meadows and green woods; there to rejoice their spirits with the beauty and savour of sweet flowers, and with the noise of birds, praising God in their kind" (Stowe); V. iv. 15. MAZED, amazed, bewildering; II. iv. 185.

MEAN, means; V. iii. 146. MEASURE, a slow stately dance; I. iv. 106.

MEMORIZED, made memorable; III. ii. 52.

MERE, utter, absolute; III. ii. 329.
MINCING, affectation; II. iii. 31.
MIND, memory; III. ii. 138.
MINDS, "their royal m.", their devo-
tion to the king"; (Pope, "loyal");
IV. i. 8.

MISTAKEN, misjudged; I. i. 195.
MISTAKES, misunderstands; III. i.


LITTLE; "in a 1", in few words, Mo, more; II. iii. 97.

briefly; II. i. 11.

'LONGING, belonging;

"longing"); F. 4. longing";

ii. 32.

MODEL, image, copy; IV. ii. 132. MODESTY, moderation; IV. íi. 74. MODEST, moderate; V. iii. 69. MOIETY, half; I. ii. 12.

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