Shekels, Dollars, & Sense

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Trafford Publishing, 2006 - 112 pagini
The Bible presents a seemingly inconsistent teaching on financial stewardship. This apparent confusion is reflected in sermons, books and journal articles. Advocates abound for (1) tithing, for (2) tithing plus giving, for (3) no tithing but gracious giving. Church leaders clearly need money, but how to convince the people in the pews to be faithful stewards of God with their finances remains allusive. If they preach tithing, some may balk at the Old Testament basis for the doctrine. If they proclaim that tithing is a Christian duty and a starting point only for genuine giving, others may claim that they are "New Testament Christians" and live under grace not law. If they present no definitive teaching about the Bible and money, adequate finances may not be given. At the heart of the problem lies the need to clarify the biblical doctrine of financial stewardship. This book attempts that goal.

The author investigates the tithing patterns of the Old Testament prior to the giving of the Mosaic Law and within the Mosaic Law. With these matters clarified, he then shines the light on intertestamental Judaism and the passages in the Gospels that mention tithing as part of the Old Testament economy. A remarkable consistency is discovered at the level of biblical theology.

Finally, the New Testament Church giving patterns are thoroughly investigated beginning with the early Jerusalem Church and extending throughout the known world. Continuity and discontinuity appear continuity in biblical theology and discontinuity in custom and legal requirements between the Old and New Testaments. The biblical doctrine of financial stewardship and the divine mandate for the Christian become clear.

The last two chapters of the book transfer the biblical teaching to the 21st century American church scene. Theological and practical considerations are presented without trying to "legislate" solutions.

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