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ANDREWS, EDWARD, becomes a minister, p. 21.
Atheists, awful examples, 39;
Advice to youth, 81;
Aldridge, Moses, 96;

Anecdote respecting N. England, 207; do. in relation to appointing meetings, 209; do. relative to a meeting at Brand, 210; do. of a barber whose mind was awakened by John Churchman's manner of calling the days of the week, 227.

Advice and caution against stage plays, &c., 284. B.

Baptism, Water, remarks on, 171. Browning, John, interesting account of, 193; anecdote of him, 194; his sickness and death; his testimony against grave stones, ib. Banishment of a number of Friends, in 1777, for their testimony, 291.

Barclay, John, Selections from his letters and papers, 380; testimony concerning him, 382; his "Accounts of time," 385; remarks on pursuit of business, 387; death of his father, 390; enters a Solicitor's office, 392; dissatisfied with the business on religious ground, 393; leaves it, 395; remarks on levity, ib.; do. about changing his dress, 398, 401, 405, 415; on business, 402; Address to young persons, 406; Letter to T. Shillitoe, encouraging him in his testimony against fashionable and costly furniture, &c., 409; on the leadings of the Holy Spirit, 411; on prayer, 414, 417; danger of relying on human attainments, 415; Letter to a person under convincement, 427; marriage and removal to Cornwall, 436, death of his wife, 437, his appearance as a minister, 437; on the superiority of divine illuminations, 441; acknowledged as a minister, 445; visits meetings in Devon, Dorset and Hants, 446; marries again and settles at Alton in Hampshire, 448; visit to Friends in Scotland, 450; visits Berks, Bedford, &e., 452; removal to Croydon, 455; visits Dorset, Hants, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, &c., 455; remarks on the state of Society in England in 1831, 457; attacked with sickness, 463; goes to Brighton 468; writes from there to his monthly meeting, ib.; testimony to plainness, &c., does not originate in notion, 470; letter to a zealous minister of another society, 473; visits the families at Stoke Newington, 474; letter to his monthly meeting, ib.; last illness and death, 477.

C. Chalkley, Thomas, Testimony concerning him, 1; Journal-persecutions while a boy-reproves a profane man-convictions on the sin of gaming, 3; exercises of mind, 4;

pressed by a man-of-war-distinction between the voice of Christ and of Satan; exhorts people to repentance, 5; travels as a minister-embarks for America, 6; effectual prayer, 7; refutes the charge of disowning the bible, 9; returns to England, 10; dream of the intemperate doctor, 11; lays his concern to remove to America before the monthly meetinggreat deliverance, 13; conversation with the Governor of Bermuda, 14; visits North Carolina, 15; New York and New England, 16; dread of the Indians-remarkable preservation from them, 17; visits Maryland and Delaware, and has a controversy with a priest, 18; visits the Senecas and Shawanese Indians on the Susquehanna, 20; visits the West Indies, 21; chased by privateers, 22, 23; arrives in Ireland-visits England and Holland, 25; returns to America-death of his wife, 27; second marriage, 30; trades to Bermuda-great storms-remarkable hurricane, 31; testifies against drinking healths-relieved from starvation by taking a dolphin, 32; sails to Barbadoes and England in 1717, 33; defends the simplicity of Friends, 37; testifies against dancing, 38; death of two atheists he removes to Frankford, 39; unjustly censured for his services, 41; epistle to Friends in Barbadoes, 42; visits Long Island, 43; replies to a letter on water baptism, 44; advice to parents to train their children in reading the Scriptures great losses and trials, 46; letter from his father-increased losses, 48; letter to two women Friends, 49; do. to a person in the ministry, 50; visits meetings in New Jersey and Delaware, 53; remarks on the separation of a minister in Barbadoes, 54; letter to a young man under conviction, 55; meets with a serious accident, 57; visits meetings in Maryland and Pennsylvania, 57; visit to Long Island, 59; epistle to the quarterly meeting at Flushing, 62; visits meetings in New Jersey, 65; death of his father, and account of his last illness, 66; voyage to Barbadoes, 72; another voyage, 76; another, 77; visits meetings in Pennsylvania, 78; sails for Barbadoes, 79; sails again, 82, 83, 84, 85, 87, 88, 90, 91, 92; account of the death of his son, George Chalkley, 94; sails to Dublin, 95; to Barbadoes, 96; is shot at for exhorting to kindness toward the negroes, 96; arrives in London, 98; visits meetings in England, 99; returns to Philadelphia, 100; visits meetings, 101-2-3; in New England, 104; visit to New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia, 107-8; epistle to

Hartman Hitche 12-10-52 81131

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slaves, 248; concern to go to Barbadoes from which he is released, 250; epistle to Friends of Uwchland, 251; account of his illness in 1761 and expressions therein, 251; remarkable views respecting the state of Society, 253; visits Salem Quarter and some other meetings, 255; death of his wife and testimony concerning her, 256; visits to meetings in New Jersey, 259; do. in Pennsylvania, 260; last journey to the eastern shore of Maryland, 263; illness, 264; death, 265.


remarkable of a Physician who was drowned, 11.

Doe, Mary, her preservation from the Indians, 17.
Dancing testified against, 38.
Dickinson, Jonathan, relates the death of two im-
pious persons, 39.

Discipline, Origin and design of, 101; neglect of
it a cause of dull meetings, 228.


Election and Reprobation, 167.
Epistle to Friends in Barbadoes, 42; Flushing
quarterly meeting, 62; of Opeckon, 108;
do. to Friends of Twisk by John Church-
man, 225; do. to Friends in Wiltshire,
do. to Friends in Pennsylvania &c.,
235; to Friends at Uwchland, 251; do. of
meeting for sufferings in Philadelphia 1776
to Friends, 288.


Friends of Opeckon, 108; visit to the Virgin Isles, 113; service in Tortola, 114; sickness and death there, 114; God's great love to mankind through Jesus Christ our Lord, 115; Exhortation to Youth, 121; Address to People of Holland, 123; Observations on Christ's Sermon on the mount, 127; Scruples about the Common Prayer, 144; Letter on the sad effects of Intemperance, 148; Letter to Aquila Paca, 152; Christ's Kingdom Exalted, 153; Considerations respecting Christ's ministers, 162; concerning Election and Reprobation, 167; Letter to Cotton Mather, 170; Free thoughts to free thinkers, 172. Churchman, John, his life, 176; early sense of divine visitation, 177; dealings of the Lord with him, 178; death of his father and his own depressed state, 180; importance of the example of elderly Friends, 181; his marriage, 181; appointed an elder, 183; exercises preparatory to his appearance as a minister, 183, 185; acknowledged as such, 186; his first religious visit, 187; introduced into great conflict of mind, 188; visits meetings in Chester and Philadelphia counties, 189; goes to western part of Maryland, 190; to New Jersey, 191; visit to the eastern shore of Maryland, 193; his visit to New England, 194; remarkable draft to visit persons in a certain direction, 195; visit to Long Island, 198; incident in his ministry, 199; visit to families in Philadelphia, 200; addresses the legislature there, 201; visits meetings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 202; prospect of his visit to Great Britain, 203; proceeds therein, 205; exercises in London, ib.; do. in Bristol, 207; anecdote respecting New England, ib.; respecting appointing meetings, 209; do. in relation to a meeting at Brand, 210; conversation between a knight and one of his tenants, 215; visit to Ireland, 216; is remarkably directed in nominating Friends to visit families, 216; is singularly led to make a religious visit to a family, 219; returns to England, 220; a significant dream, 221; do. respecting meetings for discipline, 222; goes to the Continent, 223; epistle to friends at Twisk, 225; anecdote of a barber whose mind was awakened by J. C.'s Letter of T. Chalkley to E. Levis and J. Fenn, 49; do. to a person in the ministry, 50. manner of calling the days of the week, 227; returns to England, ib.; goes to Lightfoot, Thomas, his death and burial, 58. Wales, 229; epistle to Friends in Wilt-Lord, James, his death and burial, 75. shire, 230; returns to America, 233; Address to the legislature of Pennsylvania on the subject of war, 235; epistle to Friends, ib.; Account of Peter Gardiner, 237; attends a treaty with the Indians at Easton, 239; remarks made in his public testimony, 243; visits meetings in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, 245; goes to Maryland and Virginia, 247; visits such as hold

Faith and works united in the true Christian, 40.
Free thoughts to free thinkers, 172.


God's great love to mankind through Jesus Christ
our Lord, 115.
Gardiner, Peter, Account of, 237.


Indians in New England-dread of them and re

markable preservation, 17; T. Chalkley preaches to the Senecas and Shawanese, 20. Intemperance, sad effects of, 11, 148; Intempe

rate man reclaimed and becomes a Friend, 212; John Churchman's remarks respecting it, 252.


Lloyd, Elizabeth, sails to England with T. Chalkley, 11.


Mather, Cotton, letter to him, 170.
Meeting at St. Christophers, 93; Meetings, atten-
dance of conversation between a Knight
and his tenant, 215.
Ministry, Gospel, without money or price, 21, 30,

Morris, Sarah, Memoir of, 478.
Morris, Susannah, remarkable account of, 315.

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