The Sleep of Reason: Erotic Experience and Sexual Ethics in Ancient Greece and Rome

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Martha C. Nussbaum, Juha Sihvola
University of Chicago Press, 2 aug. 2013 - 457 pagini
Sex is beyond reason, and yet we constantly reason about it. So, too, did the peoples of ancient Greece and Rome. But until recently there has been little discussion of their views on erotic experience and sexual ethics.

The Sleep of Reason brings together an international group of philosophers, philologists, literary critics, and historians to consider two questions normally kept separate: how is erotic experience understood in classical texts of various kinds, and what ethical judgments and philosophical arguments are made about sex? From same-sex desire to conjugal love, and from Plato and Aristotle to the Roman Stoic Musonius Rufus, the contributors demonstrate the complexity and diversity of classical sexuality. They also show that the ethics of eros, in both Greece and Rome, shared a number of commonalities: a focus not only on self-mastery, but also on reciprocity; a concern among men not just for penetration and display of their power, but also for being gentle and kind, and for being loved for themselves; and that women and even younger men felt not only gratitude and acceptance, but also joy and sexual desire.

* Eva Cantarella
* Kenneth Dover
* Chris Faraone
* Simon Goldhill
* Stephen Halliwell
* David M. Halperin
* J. Samuel Houser
* Maarit Kaimio
* David Konstan
* David Leitao
* Martha C. Nussbaum
* A. W. Price
* Juha Sihvola


Acts Identities and the History of Sexuality
Philosophers Respond to a Cultural Dilemma
Good Wives in Greek Tragedy
The Erotics of Shamelessness
5 The Legend of the Sacred Band
6 Plato Zeno and the Object of Love
7 Aristotle on Sex and Love
A Roman Conjugal Love Story
11 The Incomplete Feminism of Musonius Rufus Platonist Stoic and Roman
12 Eros and Aphrodisia in the Works of Dio Chrysostom
13 Enacting Eros
Cultural Conflict and the Gaze in Empire Culture
Constructions of Gender and Desire in Ancient Greek Love Magic
Major Historical Figures Discussed

8 Two Women of Samos
9 The First Homosexuality?

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Martha C. Nussbaum is the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago. She is the author of numerous works, including Women and Human Development, Cultivating Humanity, and Upheavals of Thought.

Juha Sihvola is a professor of history at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He is the author of Decay, Progress, and the Good Life? and Hesiod and Protagoras on the Development of Culture, and the editor of Ancient Scepticism and the Scepticist Tradition.

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