A Sketch of the Early Settlement and Subsequent Progress of the Town of Peterborough: And of Each Township in the County of Peterborough

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Printed at the office of the Peterborough review, 1867 - 220 pagini

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Pagina 79 - King ! Long live our noble King! God save the King! Send him victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us ! God save the King!
Pagina 79 - Thy choicest gifts in store on her be pleased to pour, long may she reign. May she defend our laws, and ever give us cause to sing with heart and voice, God save the Queen.
Pagina 21 - Excellency, we labor under a heavy grievance, which we confidently hope Your Excellency will redress, and then we will be completely happy, viz: — the want of clergymen to administer to us the comforts of our Holy Religion, and good school-masters to instruct our children.
Pagina 191 - The spot chosen by them was one of great natural beauty ; but it possessed no other advantages, except an abundance of game, which was no small inducement to them. They spent several thousand pounds in building fancy loghouses and making large clearings which they had neither the ability nor industry to cultivate. But, even if they had possessed sufficient perseverance, their great distance from a market, bad roads, want of knowledge in cropping after they had cleared the land, lack of bridges, and...
Pagina 5 - ... in eight days, so much depended upon the success of this experiment, that I felt great anxiety until the trial was made, and I cannot express the happiness I felt at finding that nothing could more fully have answered our purpose, and that this Boat sixty feet in length, carrying an immense burden, could be more easily worked up the Stream, than one of half the size, carrying comparatively nothing. Now that I had opened the way to the Depot at the head of the river, there was no other difficulty...
Pagina 136 - I canna ca" this forest hame, It is nae hame to me; Ilk tree is suthern to my heart. And unco to my e'e. If I cou'd see the bonny broom On ilka sandy know'; Or the whins in a...
Pagina 11 - Peterborough, during which time perhaps 30 or 40 settlers and some with their families came in to see Mr. Robinson; and the manner in which they met him was quite affecting...
Pagina 79 - GENTLEMEN :—I thank you sincerely for the address which you have presented to me. " In the Queen's name I acknowledge the expressions of your loyalty to her crown and person ; and for myself I am grateful to you for this welcome to your neighborhood.

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