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Ask not the caule why lullen spring 18. At Totterdown bill there dwelt an old pair

385 As lately at a rural fair

? 481A twelve-month and more I had courted young 170 As May in all her youthful dress

190|At Windfor, where Thames glides fo softly 259 As my cow I was milking just now in the vale 69 Aufpicious spirits, guard my love

60 As now my bloom comes on apace

65 Awak'd by the horn, like the spring deckt A soldier, a soldier, a soldier, for me 408 Awake, my charmer, my Rosalind, wake

263 As on a summer's day

.266 Awake, my fair, the morning springs As once a gentle red breast took his ftand 405 | Awake, thou blithsome god of day

165 As on Fay's banks I wandred in search 191 Away, let nought to love dilpleasing

164 As o'er the lawn young Sandy tripp d. 80 Away to the field, see the morning looks grey 4 As o'er the varied meads I ftray

290 A wonder! a wonder! a wonder! I'll fhew 369 Afpafia rolls her sparkling eyes

196 A wretch, long torturd with disdain 314 As paffing by a fhady grove 266 A youth, adorn'd with every art

49 As porter Will along Saint Paul's did move


B Afist me, all ye tuneful nine 129 Bacchus,.god of joys divine

354 Allift me, every tuneful bard 181 | Bacchus, yove's delightful boy

2.323 As the birds on every spray 297 Bacchus, one day gaily Ariding

1 346 As the Thames' filent stream crept pensive along 198 Banilh'd by your fevere command

chu191 As through be fields I chanc'd to stray 56 Beat on my heart, eyes pour your tears 404 As through the grovę I chanc'd to stray 164 Beauteous nymph, approve the flame : 159 As tink'ring Tom through ftreets his trade did 313 Beauty and mufic charm the soul

167 As t'other day in harmless chat

114 Before I saw Clarinda's face, As t'other day milking I sat in the vale 96 Before the moon's er purpling light 167 As t'other day o'er the green njeadows I past 71 Behold, faireft Pbæbe, yon garden so fair 144 As t'other day young Damon came 385 Bebold from many an hoftile fhore

234 A Swain, of love despairing 283 Behold, my love, the rofy morn

233 A sweet-Scented beau and a fimp'ring young cit 19 Bebold on Lethe's dismal ftrand

388 As wit, joke, and humour, together were fitting 353 Behold on the brow the leaves play in the breeze 370 As you mean to set sail for the land of deligbt 430 Behold the swee. flowers a'ound At a filent evening hour

385 Behold this fair goblet, 'twas cared from the 359 At Cyntbia's feet I figh’d, I pray'd 198 Believe me, dear aunt

82 At eve with the woodlark lireft

298 Believe my sghs, my tears, my dear 139 A thousand charms the lover sees 39 Belinda, with affected mien

166 At noon, on a sultry fummer's day 2661 Beneath a bower of blooming máy

267 At once I'm in love with two nymphs that 119 Beneath a cooling fhaec

267 A triling song you shall hear 354 Beneath a fragrant myrtle shade

32 At Saint Ofytbe, by the mill 224 Beneath this grove, this filent trade

72 At setting day and rifing morn

70 Bestow your attention on this little fong 391 Attend, all ye shepherds and nymphs, to my lay 158 Bid me when forty winters more s

322 Attend ye ever tuneful swains

190 Billy Brifle scorns to rank with those flimsy 404 1ttend, ye nymphs, while I impart

70 Blab not what you ought to smother sen, 96 he close of the day, when the hamlet 372) Bleft as th’immortal gods is hostage foot of a hill in a neat lonely cot 91 Bleft with thee, my soul's dear treasure caceful midnight hour

362' Blithe, blithe, as feather'd fong tertate 1 213

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Blithe Colin, a pretty young fwain
33 Chloe brik and gay appeara

235 Blizhe Jacky, yovog and gay 71 Cbbe's the wonder of our fex

196 Blow, blow, thy winter's wind 386 Chioris, yourself you fo excel

234 Blow, ye bleak wiods, around my head 267 Colin, one day in angry mood

393 Boaft not, mifaken fwain, thy art de 64 Come, all ye hepherds of the plain

393 Bratswain, pipe up all hands, boy

323 Come, all ye youths, whole hearts een bled 194 Breathe foft, ye wiads, be calm, ye skies 141 Come, all you jolly Bacchanals.

325 Bright Cyabia's pow's, divinely grcato 366 Come, all you young lovers, who wan with 173 Bright dawos the day with rofy face

6. Come and crown your Billy's wihes 404 Bright Sel is sei un'd, the winter is o'er oi 61 Come, cheer up, my lads, 'uis to glory we fteer 334 Bright was the morning i

154 Come, Clio, come, and with thee bring 201 Bring, Pbæbus, from Parnafjian bow'rs 200 Come, Golin, pride of sural fwains

53 Brisk wine and women are 348 Come, come, bid adieu to fear

375 Britons, attend, I fing in mersy lay '18gir Come, come, my dear girl, I must not be deny'd zoi Burit clouds and tempests roar! 235 Come, come, my fair one, let us stray

297 Busy, curious, thirty fly

383 Comé, come, my good shepherd, our Aocks 298 By a cool fouqtain's flow'ry side 767 Come, dear Amanda, qait the town

151 By a whirlwind perhought } through Æthef.: 351 Come, dearest. Nancy, bless my eyes By Cbreift and St. Patricky goiog bome fate -335 Çome, dear idok of my fancy By dimpled brook and fountain brim 321 | Come, give your attention to what I unfold 144 By bim we love offended you.

ion Come, hafte; my Pbillis, hafte away, By love too long depriv'd of reft,

1286 Come, halte thee, my Pbillis, I pray 269 By moffy beak and dow'ry plain

72 Come, hafte to the wedding, ye friends 391 By my lighs you may discover 38 Come hither, my country 'Iquire

391 Bx fome I am told

335 Come, hope, thou queen of endless smiles By the dew-besprinkled rose 128 Come, jolly Braccbtis, god of wine

374 By the grily circling glass and

348 Come, liten and laagh at the times By the lade of a grove at the foot of a hill igo Come, listen, ye fair

393 By: the fode of a team at the foot of a hill 366 Come list to me, ye gay and free

384 By the side of the (weet river Tayt

1192 Come, live with me, and be my love 381 By Tweed's clear fream as late 1 Aray'd. 56 Come, my faireft, learn of me

251 с

Come, my galant soldier, come. • Een a beart i het is burning with grief 197 Come, my Silvia, come and blefs Can love be controul'd by advices 141 Come now, all ge social powers

320 Can lovely Delia thiJi perhit. 223 Come, Pbæbus, and tune thy soft lyre.

233 Can thea a look create a thought

20oCome, Roger and N.ll, come Simkin and Bell 339 Can the shepherds or nymphs of the grove | 167 Come, Rosalind, ob ! come and see

146 Cait, my love, thing eyes around

313 Come roufe, brother sportimen Cease rawhide ye winds, to blow

54 Come, rouse from your trances, Cease, cease, bsape eafing tears

116. Come, shepherds. we'll follow the hearfe 272 Ccafe, gay fęducers, pride to take

30. Come, ling round my favourite tree Feafe, rode Boreas, bluft'ring railer 358 Come, take your glass, the northern lass 1?G Celia, hoard shy charms no more

201|Come then, pinih, peevis lover Cdia, too late you would repent.





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Come, thou queen of pensive air
2691 Delia I lov'd, a willing fair :

197 Come, thou rosy-dimpled boy -238 Despairing beside a clear treat

9.274 Come, ye hours, with bliss replete. 124 Did ever swain or nymph adore

247 Come, ye party-jangling fwains. 325 Did not tyrant custom guide me

on 50. Come, ye sportimen so brave 5 Did you see e'er a shepherd, ye nymphs

#67 Confider, fair Silvia, ere wedlock 226 Diftant hie thee, carping care

325 Confider, fond shepherd, how Açeting "121 Does the languid roul complain. wa

94,248 Constantia, see my faithful Naye 138 Down the bourne and thro' the mead

379 Contented all day will I fit by your side 315 Do you hear, brother sportsman, the found Contented. I am, and contented will be 332 Drink to me oply with thine eyes

202 Corinna cost me many a pray's


E Could I each fault remember, 212 E’er love did firft my thoughts employ

33 Cruel Cupid, why distress me,

35. E'er Phæbus did peep on the fresh-budding 139 Cruel Strepbon, will you leave me 42 E'er round the huge oak that o'crlhadows

1364. Cupid, god of love and joy

147 E'er the primrose or cowlip.could blow. bis Gupid, god of soft perfuafion 119 Ev'ry bliss that hear'n can give

135 Cupid, inftruet an amorous Swain

...234 Ev'ry morcal fome fav'rite pleasure puofucs 16 Cupid, thou waggith, artful ony 238 Ev'ry nymph and thepberd bring

202 Cyntbia frowns whenever I woo her 3.235 Extinguish the candles

1353 Cypridn goddels take the lyre. 5.252

* D.

Fair and soft, and gay, and young 1.195 Dame Nature in forming a creature fo fair 124 Fairer than the op'ning libiesze Damon, if you will believe me

68 Fairest daugher of the year

93,7289 Dainon, would you know the passion 34. Fairest ife, allises excelling

il 21393 Daphniseftood penfive in the thade

275 Fair Hebe I left with a cautious design Daughter sweet of voice and air

301 Fair Hetty my heart has enchain'd Dear Chloe, come give me sweet kiffes 143 Fair Iris I love, and I hourly lie a F.137 Dear Chloe, wbile thus beyond measure 125. Fair is the swan, che ermine white + Dear Colin , prevent my warm blushes

61 Fair Kate Islov'd, but the unkind. Deares Danion, do not fy me

84 Fair Kitty, beautiful and young D:arest Daphne, turn thine eyes,

299 Fair Kitry's charms young Johnny took 1021 398 Dearest Kitty, kind and fair 159 Fair Sally lov'd a bonny teaman

374 Dearest youth, why thus away.

73 Fair Semira, lovely maid Dear Kuthleen, yru, no doubt 399 Fair Venus left her blett abodes, they say:

302 Dear madam, when ladies are willing 182 Faithless Damon's turn'd a nové

82 Dear Nancy fir'd my articfs breaft

202 Fanny, fairer than a flow'r

b. 176 Dear Sally, thy charms have undone me 169 Farewell all the joys which of late I poffe ft 4: 1232 Dear Sally, whilst poetic dreams,

212 Farewell, Ianıbe, faithless maidi, qis. Dear Silvia, hear thy faithful (wain 247 Farewell, my Paftora, no longer your fwain 1.143 Dear smiling Kitty's to my mind,

163 Farewell the smoaky town, adieur des December is the month.

23 Farewell to Lochaber and farewell my. Jean : 176 Deelare, my pretty maid

151 Farewell ye green fields and fweet graves. 139 D winter limps away

262 Farewell ye love enchancing (hades | 1 $277 ait, ye virgin powers

39) Far (weeter than the hawahora biopma! -..

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Far fwifter than light my love fies

73 Gay Aatt'ring bepes ha fancy warms Fill me a bowl, a'might bowl

321 Genteel is my Damon, engaging his air Fill, O goddess, fill my breast

269 Gentle breezes waft him over Fill I your glasses, banish grief.

340 Gentle Damon, cease to woo me Fire flies your eyes

366 Gentle gales, in płty bear ». , 103 Flate'sing hopes our mind deceiving

šo Gentle maid, ah! why fuspect me Flow, murmusing river flow

277 Gentic Maepherd, Cooth my sorrow Flow. thou regal purple ftream

*335 Gentle youth, oh! tell me why Fly, fly, to yon vale, other pastimes pursuel": 174 Gently stir and blow the fire. 3. Fly, soft ideas, fly, that neither tears 42 Gently touch the warbling lyre

Fly Twiftly, ye minutes, 'til Comus receive 335 Give Isaac the nymph who no beauty
Fly swift, ye minutes, hafte 'away

4223Give me but a wife, I expect not to fiod. Follow a fhadow, Rill it Aies you

1223 Give round the word, dismount, difmount For ever, fortune, wilt thou proveo

igo Give the toast, my good fellow
Forgive, fair creature, form’d to please 204 Go, and on my truth relying
Forgive, ye fair, nor take it wrong! *. 26 Goddess of eafe teave Letbe's brink.
Fr me, ye fajr a wreath has wove.

203 God save.great George our king Por Pbillis I figh and hourly die

222 Go, gentle breeze that tans the grove For safety my flocks seek the plain

$ 274 Go, go, thou false deceiver i Forsaken my pipe and my crook:

*258 Ga high, go low, in every frate For the brook and the willow

402 Go, naughty man, I can't abide you Fortune's hke a right or lip shoe

404 Good Damon, if you will you may For twice twelve-month's had Harry fued 104 Good mother, if you ple se you miy For various purpose serves the fair

59 Good people all, both great and final! Free fron forrow, free from ftrife

301 Go, perjur'd youth, thou foe to fruth Free from the bustie, care, and Atrife

177 Go, plaintive sounds, and to the fair Friendship is the bond of reafon : 7!

*213 Go, rose, my Chloe's borom grace From ali unealy passions free o.'

*194 Go, seek fome nymph of humbler lot From College I came in

162 Go, tuneful bird, that glads the skies From flow'r to flow'r the butterfly

60 Grant me, re powers, a calm repose
Ecome morning 'tilly night, and wherever I go 80 Grave fops my envy now beget
Fon Popkos, famid of old, I come's!"; 316 Great Cæfar, once renown'd in war
From place to place forlorn I go

50 Great Love, I own thy power supreme From filent Shades and the Elyfin groves 394 Guardian angels, now protect me From soft deluding cales of loven

From sweet, bewitching tricks of love - f":171 Had I a beart for falhood fram'd
From the coort to the cottage convey 17 Had I but the wings of a dove
From the face of the footbe mists

136: Hail, Burgundy, thoa juice divine
From the man that I love tho' my heart . 49 Hail, Greenwich, crown's with soft delight
Fsom tyrant laws and cukom freets

335 | Hail, politeneis, power divine Full of dreams of bright beauties" vong 161 Hail, thou source of thoughe divine *

{-73 Hail, Windsor, crown'd with lofty tow'rs Ceint the delirpetive wiles of man **132 Hail, young spring, ine earth adoroing Gay Damon loog Audied my heart . * 25 Happy hours, all hours exoelling.

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gay mdad,


701 32 58


Happy the man whose with and care : si 262 How can I again believe you
Hark away! 'tis the metry ton'd horn 2 How can you, Jovely Nanny,'thas orvelly
Hark! for sure I bear the horns melodious
13 How chearful along the

261 Hark! from that cottage by the filent Atream 17 | How cruelly fated is woman to woe? 17. Hark! bark !, jolly.sportsmen, awhile 21 How fair is my love

206 Hark! hark !o'er the plains what glad tumults 315 How gentle was mv Damon's air Hark! hark! the joy-infpiring horn i How happy a lover's life paffes

203 Hark ! hark !. 'tis a voice from the tomb 284 How happy a fate does the' milter poffefs Hark! hark yel how echoes tbe horn in the vale 5. How happy thould I be with either Hark! the.birds begin their lay

279 How happy was I Hark! tbe hollow.groves resounding

19 How happy was I my bliche Fotky Hark! the horn calls away

Ś How happy were my da, s till now
Hark! the horn falutes the east

How hard is my fate : .. 1
Hark! the huntsman's begun to found 16 | How heavy the time rolls along
Hark! the loud tuning horn bids a

17 Haw impartial our art is Hark! tis I, your own true lover.

149 How imperfed is expreffion Harle, hatte. Amelia, gentle fair

196 How litde do the landmen know Hatte, heav'ni nine, ne mukesh afte 222 How oft, Louisa, hatte ihou laidas.

*763 Hifle, Lorenzo, hither fly: 159 96 How pleasant à failor's life paffes

385 Have ye seen the morning fiky

278 How pleas'd within my native bow'rgs Hear me, blooming goddess, hear me

136 Haw pleasingly glided the day Hear me, ye nymphs, and ev'ry swain * 205 How pleasing's my Damon, how charming Uc comes, he comes, the hero comes 355 How prone the bolom is to figh

395 Hence with care, complaint, and frowning 339 How loftiglides the ftream the gay meadows Hence with caution; hence with fear 177 How Hands the glass around Jobs

323 Hue's to the maiden of bashful fifteen 322 How sweet are the rofes of June asso Her hair is like a golden clew

226 How swee' a torment is to love 4 Iler sheep had in.ciufers crept close 277 How slicet is the wordland with fleet hound He's as tight a lad to see to

99 How sweetly (mells the timmer green?" He, who a virgin's heart would win

blow sweet che freihing'gales of springs His form by nature's band was caft

372 Huih povery. breeze, tzt nothing more
Hit! hist! I hear my mother call. 96 Huih, ye birds, your amorous tales
Ili her, Pbabus, turn your eyes
Slither turn thy wandring eyes.


1 am a jolly huntiman Hiiher, Ventis, with your doves

I am a poor thepherd undone , Honeftlover, whosoever

394 I am a young maid llope and fear alternate sifing.

383 1 am a young fhepherd, the pride of the plain s IST Hope, thou source of every blefing 381 lam a young virgin, who oft has been in die o Haw blet has my time been a

330 I am marry'd and happy with wonder How bled the maid whose borom.

30 Ianthe, the lovely, the joy of many plaio How blithly all the live-long day: .

l'alk not beauty quite conpleats How blithe way I each morn to see

28 I could never luftre fee a w blithe within my native wild. 247 1 crave not Gyge's boundless powitan. 322

rrimful of nothing's the life of a beau 380 I do as I will with my fwain:





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