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sense that we must say that “

versation is in heaven.” (Phil. iii. 20.) Fourth Lesson.

Very differently to what is theirs. For The Lesson is taken from the Sermons

they are there actually, where we are of St. Bernard, Abbat [of Clairvaux,]

only in desire; they in very presence, (2nd for All Saints' Day.)

we only in thought. DEARLY beloved brethren, since we

keep on this day the memory of all the Saints, that memory so joyous

Seventh Lesson. and so worthy of all our thoughts, it seemeth to me worth the while, the

The Lesson is taken from the Holy GosHoly Ghost helping me, to address to

pel according to Matthew (v. 1.) our kindbindulgencies the remarkan u pon At that time in Seeing on the multitudies

; that happiness which all en

JESUS went up into a mountain, joying in blessed restfulness, and that and when He was set, His disciples came final consummation they are awaiting: unto Him. And so on. It is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that if we thus solemnly

Homily by St. Austin, Bishop [of honour them, we should follow the en

Hippo.] (Bk. i. on the Lord's Sermon. sample of their conversation; if we pro

Ch. 4.) claim them so blessed, we should strive Wherefore, if we reckon up the Beaour best to reach the same blessedness; titudes as ascending steps, the first is if we are well pleased to hear them the fear of God; the second, godliness; praised, we should be bettered by their the third, knowledge; the fourth, firmprayers.

ness; the fifth, counsel; the sixth, un

derstanding; the seventh, wisdom. The Fifth Lesson.

fear of God pertaineth unto the lowly,

as it is said : “Blessed are the poor in WHAT

HAT is it to the Saints that we should praise them? What to

spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heathem that we should glorify them?

ven,"—that is, it is for them that are What is this our Feast to them? What

not puffed up, for them that are not are honours on earth to them whom,

proud, as also saith the Apostle : according as the Son hath faithfully

not highminded, but fear,” (Rom. xi. promised, His Father is honouring?

20,)—that is, “ Be not puffed up.” GodWhat are our eulogies to them. They

liness pertaineth unto the meek; for are full. Verily, dearly beloved bre

he that seeketh after a godly sort, hothren, of our goods the Saints have noureth the Holy Scripture, and when no need, and our devotion toward them

he findeth therein that which he doth doth nothing for them. Our honouring

not yet understand, he blameth not the their memory hath to do with ourselves

Scripture, nor gainstandeth. And this and not with them. Would ye know

is to be meek. Therefore is it said here: what it hath to do with us? In me I

“ Blessed are the meek, for they shall confess that at their remembrance I

inherit the earth." feel kindled a vehement longing, yea, a three-fold longing.

Eighth Lesson.

KNOWLEDGE pertaineth unto them Sixth Lesson.

that mourn,

learnt from the Scriptures amid what IT is a common saying that, “Out of ills they are entangled, even in those sight, out of mind."

The memory

things which once in their ignorance is a kind of sight, and to think of the they affected as being good and useful. Saints, is to call them up before the Of such is it said : “Blessed are ye that mind's eye. Such is our portion in the weep now.” (Luke vi. 21.) Firmness land of the living, but it is not a little pertaineth unto such as hunger and portion, if love, (as it ought to do,) be thirst after righteousness. These are joined with remembrance; it is in such they who toil bravely, animated by the

i Quod non videt oculus, cor non dolet.




longing for that joy which is caused by real blessedness, and striving therefore to wean their love away from so-called joys whose origin is merely earthly and fleshly. Of them is it said: “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness." Counsel pertaineth unto the merciful, for our only way of escape from the horrors of our own guilt's punishment is that we should forgive even as we hope to be ourselves forgiven, and should help others as much as we can, even as we would fain be holpen in that wherein we can ourselves do nothing. And of such as so do, it is said : "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy" from God.

Ninth Lesson. UNDERSTANDING pertaineth unto they whose clear eye can see that which the fleshly eye hath not seen, neither the ear heard, peither hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive; and therefore of them it is said: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Wisdom pertaineth unto the peacemakers, even unto them in whom all things are well ordered, and passion no longer maketh insurrection against reason, but all things are subject unto human common sense, even as the same again is made subject unto God. And of such is it said: “Blessed are the peacemakers.” But for all these forms of blessedness there is one and the same reward, although diversely named, and that reward is the kingdom of heaven.

of Constantinople.] (On the Mar-
E that wondereth with reverential

, he that hath oftentimes on his tongue praises for the glory of the righteous, let such an one copy their holy lives and their righteousness; for if any take pleasure in the work of a Saint, he ought to take pleasure in serving God as that Saint served Him. If he praiseth the Saint, he ought to imitate him, and if he is not ready to imitate him, he ought not to praise him. Let him that praiseth another make himself worthy of a like praise, and if he be in admiration of the Saints, let his own admirable life reflect the holiness of theirs. If we love the good and leal because they are good and leal, let us not forget that we can be what they are, by doing as they did. Fifth Lesson.

to others, when we see what they of old time did without any ensamples before them, so that in them who copied not others, but set ensample for others to copy, and in us who copy them, and in them which take ensample by us, Christ may be glorified in His holy Church, Thus from the very beginning of the world there have been the harmless Abel who was slain, Enoch who walked with God, and was seen no more, for God took him, Noah who was found righteous, Abraham who was tried and found faithful, Moses who was the meekest of men, Joshua who was chaste, David who was gentle, Elijah who was accepted, Daniel who was holy, and the three Children who were victorious.

Sixth Lesson. THE Apostles, the disciples of Christ, Confessors taught of them fight right manfully, the noble martyrs triumph, and the Christian army armed with the armour of God, ever prevaileth in warfare against the devil. All these have been men of like lealty, divers warfarings, and glorious victories. And thou, O. Christian, art but a carpetknight, if thou thinkest to conquer without a fight, to triumph without a struggle. Nerve thyself, strive manfully,

NOVEMBER 7. Seventh Day within the Octabe of

All Saints. All as on the Feast, except that the Antiphons are not doubled, and the following.

FIRST NOCTURN. Lessons from Scripture according to the Season.


Fourth Lesson. The Lesson is taken from the Sermons

of St. John Chrysostom, (Patriarch


AT ,

hit hard in the press. Consider thine eye is clear to take in the things eterengagement, look to thy state, know nal.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, thine arm, even the engagement which for they shall see God.”

To the peacethou hast taken, the state wherein thou makers it is given to be in the likeness art come, and the arm wherewith thou and image of God, for these are the perhast enrolled thyself a soldier.

fectly wise, created anew in the image of God, by the regeneration of the new

· Blessed are the peacemakers, THIRD NOCTURN.

for they shall be called the children

of God." The foregoing are forms of Seventh Lesson.

blessedness which we believe can be The Lesson is taken from the Holy Gos- thoroughly attained in this life. The pel according to Matthew (v. 1.) Apostles, for instance, did, we believe,

attain them. As for that entire change that time: Secing the multitudes, into the likeness of Angels, which is

promised us when this life is done,-no and when He was set, His disciples came words can set it forth. unto Him. And so on.

Ninth Lesson.
Homily by St. Austin, Bishop [of
Hippo.] (Bk. i., on the Lord's' Ser-


secuted for righteousness' sake, At the first step in blessedness is

for their's is the kingdom of heaven.” set forth, as was behoven, the kingdom

In this eighth word, which returneth

back again to the fountain-head and setof heaven, the realization of the perfect

teth forth the perfect crown of human and highest wisdom of the reasonable soul. Thus is it said: “Blessed are the

blessedness, is contained perchance a poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom

[mystic) connection with the fact that of heaven,"'--as though it were said :

it was upon the eighth day that the “The fear of the Lord is the beginning

old Law commanded that circumcision of wisdom.” Then unto the meek is

should be performed, and that it was given an inheritance, as the legacy of

upon the day next after the Sabbath a father to dutiful children. “ Blessed

(being the seventh day) that the Lord

rose again, the day whereon He so rose are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Thirdly, there is comfort for

being thus the eighth day, [had a week such as mourn, knowing what they have

contained more than seven days,) and lost, and what encompasseth them.

the first day (as a matter of fact.] There “Blessed are they that mourn [now],'

is perchance also a connection with the

fact that we observe eight days [being for they shall be comforted.” Fourthly, the hungry and thirsty are promised

from the Lord's Day whereon He rose that they shall be filled, a refreshment

to the Lord's Day in White both inclufor the strugglers for life, and for the

sive,] in honour of the creation of the

And yet again there is perweary. "Blessed are they which do

chance a connection with the number hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

contained in [the name of] the Feast of

Pentecost, (which is, being interpreted, Eighth Lesson.

" the Feast of the Fiftieth-Day."'). For

this number of fifty days is reckoned MERCY is proclaimed unto the mer- [from that of the offering of the Sheaf ,

at the Passover] by counting (seven taken the true and best counsel how to weeks, that is to say,] seven multiplied obtain from Him That is Mightier than by seven, which is forty-nine, and they what they that are weaker than thereto adding one, which joined with they obtain from them.

6 Blessed are seven maketh eight, and so making full the merciful, for they shall obtain fifty. And thus borne backward to our mercy” from God. Unto the pure in fountain-head, the day whereon the heart it pertaineth to see God, for their Holy Ghost was sent down, we are borne

The introduction of this word “now,” not in St. Matthew, shows a confusion with Luke vi. 21.

new man.

see us delivered hence, and disentangled from the nets and snares of things temporal, and put us back into the Garden of Eden, and into the kingdom of heaven. Is there any in a far country but is quick to make his way to his Fatherland? Was ever any in haste to make his voyage homeward, but longed for a fair wind, that he might the sooner embrace his loved ones ?

Fifth Lesson. TE reckon Paradise to be our home;

unto the kingdom of heaven, and inherit the earth, and are comforted, and are filled, and obtain mercy, and are made pure, and are set at peace. And when we have thus been perfected within, we bear for truth's and righteousness' sake any troubles that may come upon us from without.

Vespers are double, and exactly the same as the First Vespers of the Feast, with the following Commemoration of the holy Crowned" Martyrs.

Antiphon. For their’s is the kingdom, &c., (p. 830.)

Verse. Let the Saints be joyful in glory.

Answer. Let them sing aloud upon their beds.

Prayer. GRANT. We beseech Thee, 0 Almighty

God, that we who know Thy glorious witnesses to have been in their testifying leal toward Thee, may feel, now that they are with Thee, that they are in their prayers pitiful towards us. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.

triarchs for our kinsmen. Why should we not make haste and run, to see our home, and to greet our kinsfolk? There are a great many of those we love waiting for us there-father, and mother, and brothers, and children, there in great company they await us, they who are sure now never to die any more, but not yet sure of us. O, when we come to see them and to embrace them, what gladness will it be both for us and for them ! 0, what will be the brightness of life in that heavenly kingdom where there is no more fear of death, but the certainty of living everlastingly! 0, what consummated, 0, what enduring happiness!

Sixth Lesson.

NOVEMBER 8. Octave of the feast of All the


Double. All as on the Feast, except the following.


Apostles, there is the jubilant fellowship of the Prophets, there is the countless army of Martyrs crowned for victory in strife and in suffering. There triumph the virgins who by noble selfcontrol have tamed the desires of the flesh and of the body. There are repaid with mercy the merciful, who by feeding and gifting the needy, have wrought righteousness, have kept the commandments of the Lord, and have exchanged heritages upon earth for treasures in heaven. Tbitherward, dearly beloved brethren, let us eagerly run, with such as these soon to be, unto Christ soon to come, let us be fain.

Lessons from Scripture according to the Season,



Fourth Lesson. The Lesson is taken from the Book

upon Death," written by the holy Martyr Cyprian, Bishop [of Car

thage.] DEARLY beloved brethren, we should

keep well in our mind and thoughts that we are living here meanwhile as strangers and pilgrims. Let us hail that one of the many mansions, which will

Seventh Lesson. The Lesson is taken from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew (v. 1.) T that time,

atay which will see us each at home in Aflesus went up into a mountain,

and when He was set, His disciples came unto Him. And so on.

not tear the Body of Christ, which is the Church.

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Homily by S. Austin, Bishop [of

Ninth Lesson. (For the Holy Hippo.] (Bk. i. on the Lord's Ser

Martyrs.) mon.)


the persecution under Diocletian “Blessed are ye,” saith the Lord,

four brothers named Severus, Seve" when men shall revile you, and per

rian, Carpophorus, and Victorinus, boldly secute you, and shall say all manner of

refused to worship the gods, and were evil against you falsely, for My sake. lashed with whips loaded with lead until Rejoice, and be exceeding glad : for

they gave up their lives for Christ's great is your reward in heaven.” If

Name's sake under the strokes. Their any be seeking under the name of a

bodies were thrown out to be eaten by Christian the pleasures of this world and

the dogs, but as they remained unthe possession of temporal goods, let

touched after a long while, the Chris. him bethink him that our blessedness

tians took them away, and buried them is inward, even as the mouth of the in a sand-pit upon the Lavican Way at Prophet saith concerning the soul of the

the third milestone from the City, hard Church : “The King's daughter is all by the grave of the holy martyrs Clauglorious within.” (Ps. xliv. 15.) With

dius, Nicostratus, Symphorian, Castorius, out, she is reviled, and persecution and and Simplicius, who had suffered under evil-report are her promised portion.

the same Emperor, because being exAnd yet for these very things, great is

cellent sculptors they could nowise be her reward in heaven, as indeed is felt brought to make figures of idols, and in the hearts of the sufferers, at least of

when they were brought to the image of such as are able already to say: “But

the Sun to do reverence to it, they had we glory in tribulations also; knowing

said they would never worship the works that tribulation worketh patience; and

of men's hands. For this reason they patience experience; and experience, were thrown into prison, and when after hope ; and hope maketh not ashamed many days they were still found of the because the love of God is shed abroad same mind, they were first lashed with in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, Which

scourges armed with hooks, and then is given unto us. (Rom. v. 3–5.)

soldered up alive in leaden coffins and thrown into the river. There is in the

City of Rome a Church called that of Eighth Lesson.

the Four Holy Crowned. Their actual

names were long unknown, but aftersuffer such things is not in itself wards made manifest by God. In this

Church are honourably buried the them for Christ's Name's sake not calmly bodies of these four, and also those of only but gladly. There are a great many the other five; and a Festival is held heretics who mislead souls under the in their honour upon the 8th day of name of Christians, and they suffer such November. things plentifully, but they are cut out from the reward, for it is not said only At Lauds a Commemoration is made “ Blessed are they which are persecuted, of the Holy Martyrs. but “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake.” Where Antiphon. Even the very hairs, &c., there is not sound faith there cannot be (p. 835.) righteousness, for “the just shall live Verse. Be glad in the LORD and reby faith.” (Heb. x. 38.) Neither let joice, ye righteous. schismatics promise themselves any of Answer. And shout for joy, all ye that reward, for as righteousness cannot that are upright in heart. exist where there is no faith, so neither can it exist where there is no love. And Prayer as at Vespers. schismatics have no love, for “love worketh no ill to his neighbour,” (Rom. Vespers are of the following, from xiii. 10,) and if they had it, they would the Chapter inclusive.

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