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There are not in France as in England, possessors of immense property who yield up to several persons the enjoyment of a small share of their land, either to explore for their own account as a plain farmer, or, to form there an establishment, or to raise up an habitation built at the expense of the taker, for wbich a rent is yearly paid during a term which changes from ten years to five hundred.

But in coming to pay the landlord the agreed price, the taker is often obliged to reclaim, and discuss indemnities or damage and interest submitted to the judgment of a court of justice composed of a single judge and his register.

The painter Wilkie has put in his picture personages whose expression and carriage are subject to a great change, he has not neglected to describe at the extremity a room where those who have paid their full account eat and drink al the expense of their Lord Paramount who is always very careful to have them comfortably treated, so that these good people may have a point of content in their journey.

Wilkie was only twenty one years old when he performed this painting, in which he supports the fame he had already acquired from bis blind Fiddler, and village Politicians.

The origiual picture belongs to count Mansfield; it was engraved by M. A. Raimbach.

Breadth, 3 feet 2 inches P' height 2 feet 1 inch P

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Nous n'avons pas en France, comme en Angleterre, des persondages possédant d'immenses propriétés qui cédent à beaucoup d'individus la jouissance d'une petite portion de leur terre, soit pour l'exploiter à leur compte comme simple fermier, soit pour y former un établissement, ou y élever une habitation, construite aux frais du preneur, et pour laquelle il paye une redevance annuelle pendant un temps, qui varie depuis dix ans jusqu'à cinq cents ans.

Mais en venant pour payer au propriétaire le prix convenu, le preneur a souvent à faire des réclamations, à discuter des indemnités, ou des dommages et intérêts, soumis au jugement d'un tribunal composé d'un seul juge et de son greffier.

Le peintre Wilkie a place dans ce tableau des personnages dont l'expression et la tournure sont très-variées ; il n'a pas négligé de faire voir dans le fond une salle , ou ceux qui ont soldé leur compte, boivent et mangent aux dépens du seigneur suzerain, qui a toujours soiu de les traiter convenablement, afin que ces braves gens puissent trouver au moins un point de satisfaction dans leur voyage.

Wilkie n'avait que vingt-un ans lorsqu'il exécuta ce tableau, dans lequel il soutint la réputation qu'il s'était déjà acquise en donnant son Joueur de violon aveugle et ses Politiques de village.

Le tableau original appartient au comte de Mansfield ; il a élé gravé par M. A. Raimbach.

Long., 3 pieds ? baut., 2 pieds ?

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Who does not remember in bis youth having played at Blindman's-Buff, and who does not also recollect, that, if the uneasiness of the poor blind buff often affords an opportunity of great glee, the multiplied enticements of the company produce yet a greater cause of merriment. The painter has admirably well hit the spirit of the play, for in describing the poor Buff endeavouring to lay hold of a tall fellow lying close on a bench already crowded with people, be shows us a little girl who falls upon the ground, so as to be out of arm's length. A lad, on the contrary, appears to be willing to detain a young girl endeavouring to rise to run away, and this struggle may be the cause of her being taken. A boy, to help the flight of the group attempts to seize the buff by the skirt of his waistcoat, whilst in the front is a young man kneeling and endeavouring to draw the attention of the player in order to puzzle him. Two other young men have laid bands on the handsomest young lady in the company, trying to push her towards the buff, that she


be catched. Farther is to be seen some little children, who, thinking to be in a great want of screening themselves, run very fast, whilst no one thinks of them, a third child is just fallen upon a dog.

A long article might be necessary to set a just value on this beautiful picture, the engraving of which is so greatly esteemed that it not only offers the composition, but the delicacy of expression and almost the coloring of the master. This picture was painted for King George the fourth, and engraven according to his orders by Raimbach. Breadth, 3 feet 2 inches ; Height, 2 feet i inch.

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