Psychology of Time

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Simon Grondin
Emerald Group Publishing, 3 nov. 2008 - 368 pagini
Recent developments in the field of timing and time perception have not simply multiplied the number of relevant questions regarding psychological time, but they have also helped to provide more answers and open many fascinating avenues of thought. "Psychology of Time" brings together cutting-edge presentations of many of the main ideas, findings, hypotheses and theories that experimental psychology provides to the field of timing and psychological time. The contributors, selected for their ability to address various specific questions, were asked to discuss what is known in their field and what avenues remain to be explored. As a result, this book should point readers in the right direction and guide them to reflect on the various and most fundamental issues on psychological time. It offers a balanced integration of old and sometimes neglected findings and more recent empirical advances, all presented within the scope of the critical sub-fields of psychological time in experimental psychology.

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Chapter 1 History of Conceptions and Accounts of Time and Early Time Perception Research
Chapter 2 Methods for Studying Psychological Time
Chapter 3 Psychophysical Issues in the Study of Time Perception
Review of the Literature
Chapter 5 TimeBased Illusions in the Auditory Mode
Theory and Experiment
Chapter 7 Behavioral Analysis of Human Movement Timing
Chapter 8 Imaging Time
Chapter 9 Neuropharmacological Approaches to Human Timing
Chapter 10 Can Animals Cognitively Travel to the Past and Futurequest
Chapter 11 Developmental Perspectives on the Psychology of Time
Chapter 12 Timing and Remembering the Past the Present and the Future
Chapter 13 Nature of Time and Causality in Physics
Subject Index
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