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Third Edition revised. THE STORY OF OUR FATHER'S LOVE, told to children ; With Four Illustrations. By M. C. M.D. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth, price 3s. 6d.

Extracts from Notices of the First Edition. “The book throughout is expressed with admirable simplicity and force ; we have seen nothing of the kind that we have liked better,

and it really fills a great want. This simple, clear language is one of the most difficult of attainments, and Mr Evans possesses it in an uncommon degree."-Spectator.

Is it possible to write Theology for Children? No one will doubt it who will read the pretty little book by Mr Mark Evans. It is a book far above the common run of religious books for children, and written by a cultivated man who knows distinctly what he means, and knows also how to say it plainly.”—Guardian.

His aim is to make clear to a child's comprehension the message of the Gospel. Of the method which the author has pursued in attempting to realise his object, we can speak in the highest terms, it is one full of careful analysis and tender appeal ; and while eminently calculated to interest children, is certainly no less likely to touch their hearts and help them to a better appreciation of the grand eternal verities of the Christian religion."-Nonconformist.

We have nothing but the warmest and sincerest commendation for this admirable little work. Parents who gather their children about them on Sunday evenings for religious teaching will find this volume exceedingly useful and profitable reading, as well for themselves as the little ones. We wish it a wide circulation."-Literary World.

"A few words from the preface to this interesting volume will explain its drift. • Human relationships,' says Mark Evans, 'are sacramental in the education of the young.

The author has tried to make God and Christ real to children,' and has presented. in most simple and familiar language, the deepest mysteries of revelation and the sweetest promises of God. Notwithstanding the extreme simplicity of these pages, we fancy that there are many children of an older growth who will heartily thank Mark Evans for his sweet, holy, gentle words."- British Quarterly Review.

“ He thoroughly understands how to talk to children. Anything more winning than the style and language in which he writes we have never seen.

It is not childish; far, very far from it, but it is simple, clear, and flowing, and at times rises to real beauty. We could quote passage after passage to shew the singular power with which Mr Evans makes the New Testament narratives real.”Church Sunday School Magazine.


HOLD USE, compiled exclusively from Holy Scripture, and arranged liturgically. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth, price 25. 6d.

Is admirably adapted to supply a want which is felt in many a family. All the prayers are expressed in the very words of Scripture, and while

they breathe a spirit of devout reverence and of sober and earnest piety, they are withal so catholic in tone and sentiment that no Christian, be his theological opinions what they may, need hesitate to say “ Amen” to every sentence they contain. As a manual for family or private worship this little volume cannot be too highly recommended. -Scotsman.


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“To yield the religious sentiment, reasonable satisfaction, is the problem of
problems at the present hour."-Professor Tyndall's Belfast Address.



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The rights of translation and reproduction are reserved. PRE FACE.

No Preface to this book seems called for, save a word apologetic for the title page.

If I could imagine myself able to provide reasonable satisfaction for the religious sentiment in the nature of man, a study of the past history of mankind would serve to do away with the illusion. That no man has been found who could offer this satisfaction to his fellows, and that how to do this, is confessedly "the problem of problems at the present hour,” makes me believe the problem is insolvable by man.

But it is worth enquiring, whether whereas for our other faculties full and sufficient provision has been made, it is only to the religious sense, that reasonable satisfaction has been denied.

With this much ground for crediting its existence, it would be natural to seek it in the same direction as that from which other satisfaction comes—that is to say-close at hand. It is there, among our immediate surroundings, in the Home Life common to

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