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In submitting this my annual report as school superintendent of Yamhill county, Oregon, for the year ending May 7, 1892, I have but few general remarks to make at this time, as a written report will follow this in a few days.

Looking back over the past twenty years spent in active school work in this county, ten of which were spent in supervision of the public schools of this county, I see much to encourage all who are interested in educational affairs. In 1872 a teachers' institute was almost uuknown in Yamhill. At that time it was difficult to hold an institute of three days' session. In 1891 a normal institute of two weeks was held with an attendance of 103 active working teachers, and in addition local meetings have been held in various parts of the county and all well attended. Popular lectures for the masses have been given, and a general interest in educational work is manifested. In 1872 not a school-room was comfortably seated. In 1892 thirty-four school buildings aggregating forty-eight rooms, are furnished with patent desks, many of them single desks of the latest and best. Now, when teachers are employed, contracts are signed ; wages are better for the county school teacher than formerly; teachers make more complete reports of schools ; clerks' reports are more accurate ; more months of school are taught during the year. The log school house and rough board walls are numbered with the past, and upon every hand are seen evidences of progress and educational work.

The average standing of the teacher of today is fully abreast of the times, and with a corps of good efficient workers in a grand cause led, throughout the State by one known so well for his zeal and efficiency, the educational outlook for Oregon is indeed bright.

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