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9. That unity of aims and methods is necessary to the economic and successful management of the school system of the State.

10. That a training secured in working with appliances chosen with a method constantly in view proves the most skillful.

11. That a teacher is not qualified unless he has an abundant means in store for illustrating the subject under consideration.


All persons of good morals and sufficient scholarship may enter the normal department at any time, but it is preferable that students should enter at the beginning of a term, or better still, at the beginning of the year. Those not sufficiently advanced to enter the normal department can enter either the preparatory class or model school.


1. The several counties of Oregon are entitled to free scholarships as follows, one for each Senator and Representative:





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2. Candidates for free scholarships shall be appointed by a Senator or Representative of the county in which such candidate may reside, and shall be at least fifteen years of age, of sound bodily health and of good moral character. Each person so nominated shall receive a certificate setting forth his name, age, health and character, and shall present the same to the president of the school, to gain admittance upon a county scholarship.

3. Every person seeking admission to the normal department of this school shall, under the direction of the president of the school, be examined in the branches of study, proficiency in which, by the laws of the State, is required to obtain a third-grade certificate excepting history, physiology, and theory and practice of teaching, unless he holds a teacher's certificate from a county superintendent. If found satisfactory in scholarship, and otherwise not disqualified, he may be admitted upon free scholarship by signing the following declaration:

I do hereby declare that my purpose in entering this normal school is to fit myself for the purpose of teaching, and that it is my purpose to engage in teaching in the public schools of this State.



Persons declining to sign such declaration, and non-residents of the State but otherwise qualified, may be admitted upon payment of regular tuition fees. Persons deficient in scholarship but otherwise qualified, may be admitted to the preparatory class or training school upon payment of tuition fees.

4. Persons admitted to the privileges of this normal school are expected invariably to comply with all the regulations established by the president for the guidance and direction of students; to observe such study hours as may be prescribed outside of school sessions; to recognize personal responsibility for the preservation. from destruction or damage of the school property, buildings and their appointments; and in general character, association and deportment, to evince worthiness to become recognized teachers and examples for the youth of the State.

5. No person shall be entitled to a diploma who has not been a member of this school for at least one year, nor who is less than twenty-one years of age, or, if a female, eighteen years of age, and who has not paid the required fee for said diploma, but certificates of attendance may be granted by the president to any person who shall have been a member of the school one full term, provided that in his judgment such certificate is deserved.


Persons wishing to attend the school should apply to a Senator or Representative for nomination, furnishing him the information Tecessary to enable him to make the required certificate in season for the examinations for admission. In cases of failure to receive

the nomination in time for the examinations, do not delay comir on this account, for the document can be forwarded to you at th school.


This department is incident to all first-class normal schools ar has been one of the leading features of this school during the pa year. Our student teachers are required to work in this depar

. ment, teaching classes and criticising the work of others. The i spector of practice teaching has supervision over this departme and students to graduate from the normal school must show a fa amount of ability to teach and to govern.

Students enter practice teaching when they have attained a fa knowledge of the principles of education and show an earnest d sire to perfect themselves in the profession. One term rightly use in the training school may do more for a teacher than sever years of school-room work without advice. The inspector of pra tice teaching visits the student teachers, observes their work; tak the class in hand to show how it is done and reports to the presidei any faults that are not easily overcome. The president meets wit the practice class once per week and visits their training classes < often as possible. Careful, conscientious and thoughtful work thus secured.

The pupils of this department are of the best element of the city Pupils who use bad language and those who are apt to disregar the best rules of discipline are not given admission to this depar ment. This department in our school is not only a practice schot for our student teachers, but a select school where parents may fet perfectly safe in sending their children. Here is avoided the cor tamination of those vulgar influences which are so often tolerate in a public school. The superintendent of this department is lady of large experience, and a most successful teacher. All th work will be carefully graded and under her close observatior The principles of the new education will here receive full attentior special care being given to the physical health, the intellectual ant the moral culture of those under her charge.


It is the aim of the teachers and of the government to lead th students to the willing co-operation in the right and the good. I is the fixed purpose of this school to teach the students to contro

themselves and to control others. The latter is impossible without the former. Students are urged to resist those impulses which a pose what reason teaches best. All are urged to do right; the law of rectitude is always binding, so binding that we ought never to depart from it.

It is taken for granted that each student who enters the school is disposed to do right and obey its regulations, and implicit trust is placed in his sense of honor and propriety until it is seen that he is ul worthy of our confidence. If pupils are not doing well, through wolence, negligence, or otherwise, their parents or guardian will be suformed of it. If this does not secure attention to studies a request. will be made for their withdrawal. Students who have bad habits are not encouraged to enter this institution, as it is in no wise a reformatory school.


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Junior year.

Senior year.





Iz perspective Lider Gemetry

Algebra History


Education as a science
English Literature
Practice teaching

20 10 40 20 10 10 10

Lary of Education.


1. School management and systems of education. Art of teaching and practice teaching.


3. Psychology and science of education.

Essays and dissertations upon educational subjects.


The preparatory work covers all the branches of study upon which students are examined for the normal department. Its purpose is to prepare students for the regular normal course. In this course much more attention is paid to correct habits of study, exact use of language, logical methods of statement, and copious illustrations, than to the acquirement of a mass of facts.

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