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O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, who understands the secrets of every heart,-who art also a God of infinite perfection and purity, and claimest not only the outward service of Thy creatures, but requirest truth in the inward parts,-we sinners, who in thought, word, and deed, have offended against Thee, desire most humbly to confess our sins, and to implore Thy merciful forgiveness.

We pray Thee to assist us by Thy Holy Spirit, to know wherein we have sinned against Thee. Give us a deep conviction of the necessity of seriously examining ourselves, and of comparing all our ways with the standard of Thy holy law, that we may thus become acquainted with our transgressions: and, freely con fessing them before that God whom we have offended, may obtain perfect remission, through our Lord and


O LORD, we acknowledge that forgetfulness of Thee, and that rebellion of our hearts against Thee, which have been the cause of so many disorders in our lives. We have not honoured Thee as God: but have set up our own will as our law; choosing to follow our own vain imaginations. We have neglected Thy written word; we have not duly attended to the instructions of Thy ministers; we have been careless under the means of grace; and little anxious to improve the sabbath to our spiritual edification.

Thou hast called to us by many dispensations of Thy

providence, often reminding us of our latter end. Thou hast shown us the vanity of all our earthly hopes; and hast taught us lessons of wisdom, both by the mercies, and by the afflictions, and all the various trials and disappointments, with which Thou hast visited us. But we have too often repined at Thy dispensations, instead of profiting by them; and have complained of our condition in life instead of turning our thoughts to a happier and better world.

Or if Thou hast multiplied our comforts, how prone have we been to place our chief happiness in these, and not in Thee, who art the Giver! How many and various have been our sins, both secret and open, from our youth until this time! How many have been the sinful thoughts which we have indulged; of which Thou, and Thou only, hast been the witness; for which also unless they are repented of in this world, Thou wilt call us to account in the Day of Judgment! How many rash and angry words, also, have we continually spoken! How often have we injured our neighbours; judging harshly of others, while we hope to be judged mercifully by Thee;-not willing to forgive, though we ourselves hope to be forgiven!

We would confess, O LORD, the ungodliness of our hearts and lives, and the frequent impatience of our spirits. Thou hast appointed our lot in life, and hast ordered all things concerning us: but how little have we adorned the stations in which Thou hast placed us! -how unfaithfully have we employed the talents entrusted to us and how soon have we been weary in well-doing!

We pray Thee, O LORD, to make us duly sensible of all the sins, whereby we have offended against Thee; and give us grace to repent and turn to Thee; and to believe in the name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST; and to walk in newness of life. We thank Thee, that, on each returning sabbath, there is forgiveness preached to us in our Saviour's name; that we are encouraged to confess our sins; to renew our repentance; and to call upon the LORD, our God. And, O LORD, grant unto us, together with the pardon of our sins, the aid of Thy Spirit, that whatever truths we have heard this day, may make a serious and lasting impression; and that whatever sins have been this day brought to our remembrance, may be repented of and forsaken.

May we be enabled especially to contend against those sins which have most easily beset us. O LORD, bless us in the ensuing week. May it be spent in a manner worthy of our Christian profession, and of these our supplications unto Thee. Be Thou our counsellor and guide, and our defender in whom we trust. Do Thou guard us throughout the week from all dangers: and continually keep us in all our ways. Do Thou maintain Thy grace in us; and bring us at length to Thine everlasting kingdom, through our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD, our Heavenly Father, we beseech Thee to accept the worship which we have rendered unto Thee on this Thy holy day. Give Thine abundant blessing to all the means of grace; and impart unto us a full conviction of those doctrines of Thy Gospel which have been delivered to us. May they not only excite our fears and hopes, while the sound of them is yet in our ears; but may they be engraven on all our hearts, by the power of Thy Holy Spirit.

Thou hast favoured us with and great many advantages. Thou hast given us Thy sabbaths. Thou hast enlightened us by Thy holy word. Thou hast sent us ministers instructed in Thy truths, and hast multiplied our opportunities of edification. Thou hast removed from us many obstacles which others meet with in their heavenly course and hast made our way plain before us.

We bless Thee, O LORD, for these unspeakable mercies; but we would rejoice with trembling; knowing that unto whom much is given, of them shall much be required. O LORD, grant unto us Thy Holy Spirit; to enlighten our darkness, to strengthen our weakness, and to supply all that is wanting in us for our spiritual necessities, and for the everlasting salvation of our souls.

We beseech Thee to manifest to all our hearts the abounding grace and love of CHRIST, that we may be delivered from slavish fears, and may advance with cheerful and willing steps in the way of Thy command

ments. Give us that hope, which is the anchor of the soul, sure and stedfast. Vouchsafe unto us that most excellent gift of charity, without which we are but as the sounding brass, and the tinkling cymbal. May we more plainly perceive, and more often reflect on, the cause of our having so imperfectly obeyed Thee in times past:-O GOD, we have not loved Thee,-and, therefore we have not served Thee,-as we ought. Our hearts have been too cold, and insensible ;— CHRIST, OUR SAVIOUR hath died for us; but we have remained little affected by all that He did and suffered for us.

O do Thou impress upon us those all-powerful doctrines of Thy word which are able to draw our hearts to Thee and especially, may redeeming love, that great theme of the Gospel, be the favourite subject of our meditation. And grant, O LORD, that, having learnt to love Thee for Thine unspeakable mercies in JEsus CHRIST, and having obtained an interest in His salvation, we may have the consolation of trusting, that we are safe in life, in death, and in eternity. May we pass through all the future scenes of life, secure from the sins by which we have been overcome; and having surmounted some of the trials which once threatened us, may the recollection be an encouragement for us to trust, that we shall, in due time, triumph over them all.

Give us such a deep sense of our obligations to our blessed Saviour, and such a stedfast hope of immortal life through Him, that no temptations may prevail over us. May we be occupied, whenever we may have seasons of retirement, by the hope of heaven, and the love

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