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overspread all nations. May CHRIST be preached, from the rising to the setting sun and may each of us endeavour to recommend those truths which we have been taught, that there may be no occasion for the enemies of the Gospel to blaspheme.

We would intercede for all our relations, connexions, and friends; especially, for those who are in sorrow, sickness, or trouble. Grant unto them those consolations which Thou only canst bestow. Put into their hearts a holy trust in Thee, and a sure hope in Thy promises. And may those, who feel that their infirmities come upon them, and that their outward frame decays, be enabled to believe, that, when earthly things fail, they shall have a building of GoD, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

Take us now, O GOD, under Thy gracious care this night. Let Thy blessing attend us and Thy good Spirit rest upon us. May the words, which we have heard this day, sink into all our hearts and may we, through the ensuing week, rise up, and lie down, at peace with Thee, and under a constant sense of Thy presence.

We offer up these our imperfect supplications, in tne name of JESUS CHRIST, our Mediator and Redeemer.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY AND EVERLASTING GOD, our Creator, and Preserver, and Redeemer, we would now enter into Thy sacred presence, under a deep sense of our weakness and unworthiness, and of Thine unspeakable greatness and majesty. We approach Thee, at the same time, as a GoD of goodness and mercy; for Thou hast made Thyself known to us in JESUS CHRIST Thy Son; and hast proclaimed pardon to every repenting sinner through faith in that sacrifice which He hath offered on the cross, for us, the guilty children of men. We desire to bless Thee for this strong foundation of our hope; and we would now address Thee in the full assurance of faith, renouncing all confidence in ourselves, rejoicing in Him who is become the hope of all the ends of the earth, and is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world;-who, having died for us, hath also risen again, and is now exalted at Thy right hand, where He ever liveth to make intercession for us.

We beseech Thee, O GOD, to accept for His sake, the imperfect worship which we have on this day offered up in Thy house. We implore Thee to bless to our continual good, the instruction which we have this day heard. Having been taught to know Thy will, may we be diligent to fulfil it. Thou hast given us line upon line, and precept upon precept; and hast placed us in the midst of light and knowledge. O grant unto us a true and lively faith in all the doctrines of

Thy holy word, and a spirit of unreserved obedience to them.

We pray Thee to make us diligent and faithful in all the occupations of life, to which in Thy providence we shall be called. Let us not live in indolence and selfindulgence; but let us endeavour to be useful in our generation. Let us be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. Let us walk in Thy fear from day to day; and in all things aim to please our heavenly Father. Make us to be the same in secret which we would wish to be in public. We beseech Thee to inspire us with a spirit of Christian kindness to all around us. Thou hast been very bountiful and gracious to us. Thou hast multiplied our temporal comforts; and Thou pardonest our numberless transgressions. O grant that we may follow the example of Thy beneficence; and that we may also be like Thee, ready to forgive. May we be watchful over ourselves, but tender towards the infirmities of others; full of meekness, and gentleness, and patience, and loving-kindness and charity.

Enlighten us, O LORD, by Thy good Spirit, that we may exercise every holy temper, and understand every part of our Christian duty. Strengthen us in our seasons of trial and temptation; guide us through all the difficulties into which we may fall; and bless us in all the scenes of life through which we may pass. If affliction should come upon us, inspire us with humble resignation to Thy will: Thou, O LORD, dost not willingly grieve the children of men; O visit us not in Thine indignation; but turn the mournful events of Thy providence to our spiritual and endless good.

Prepare us, by all the events of life, for our great and final change; for we know not how soon it may come upon us. May the appointment of Thy sabbaths, and the preaching of Thy word,-may every opportunity of holy meditation, and of public, social, and secret prayer,—and all the other means of edification, which we so abundantly possess, concur with the successive events of Thy wise and merciful providence, in so calling off our minds from this earthly scene, that we may be fitted for that everlasting state, on the borders of which we stand. May Thy good Spirit sustain and strengthen us in our last hours: when the shadows of the evening shall come upon us, when age and sickness shall arrive, and human help shall fail, be Thou, O LORD, the strength of our hearts and our portion for evermore; and let an abundant entrance be ministered unto us into the everlasting kingdom of our LORD and SAVIOUR.

With these prayers for ourselves, we desire to join our intercessions for others also. Bless our President and all who are in authority: [give wisdom to our houses of Congress ;] and inspire all orders of men with the spirit of cheerful obedience to Thy laws. Save us from public war, as well as from intestine discord. Bless every attempt to spread Thy true Gospel among the nations. Have mercy on all Jews, Turks, infidels, and heretics and so bring them home, blessed LORD, to Thy flock, that they may be saved among the remnant of true Israelites and crown with Thy continual blessing the labours of the ministers of Thy Gospel in our own favoured country.

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Have mercy on all who are troubled in mind, o whom Thou hast visited with any sorrow. Grant unto them peace with Thee, through our Lord JESUS CHRIST; and let the light of Thy countenance be more than a compensation for every worldly sacrifice to which they are called.

Be favourable to the rising generation. Keep them from the follies and vanities of youth; and let them learn to walk in Thy fear, and in the way of Thy commandments.

And, finally, we beseech Thee to take us all under Thy protection, this night. Grant unto these our frail bodies that refreshment which is needful for them; and enable us to lie down, exercising a holy trust in Thee, and having fervent charity towards all men.

We offer up these our imperfect prayers in the name of our blessed Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.

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