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U LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, who didst in the beginning create the heavens and the earth; who rulest the world by Thine unceasing Providence, and orderest all the affairs of men; who hast made us what we are, and hast appointed the time, and the place of our existence; we thank Thee for our creation, preservation, and all the blessings of this life;-We bless Thee, that Thou hast not made the wilderness our habitation, nor a barren land our dwelling-place; but that Thou hast placed us in the midst of plenty, and of enjoyment.

We also adore Thee, that Thou hast given us im mortal souls; and that Thou hast made Thyself known unto us, both by the works of Thy hand, and by the express revelation of Thy word. We praise Thee, that, while the heavens declare Thy glory, and the firmament showeth Thy handy-work, JESUS CHRIST hath also descended from heaven, and hath, still more, revealed Thy grace unto us. We rejoice that Thy power, and Thy greatness, and the excellency of Thy wisdom, and also Thine unspeakable love and mercy to the creatures whom Thou hast made, have been declared to us. We adore Thee for all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge which are in JESUS CHRIST; especially for the pardon of our sins through faith in His name; and for the hope which is laid up for us in heaven, through His Gospel.

But we desire to lament, O LORD, that we have not rendered unto Thee according to the greatness and

multitude of Thy mercies; for we have walked after the way of our own hearts, and have suffered Thine exceeding grace and goodness to be forgotten by us. Help us, therefore, with unfeigned sorrow, and contrition of heart, to acknowledge our offences against Thee. We confess our worldliness, and thoughtlessness of Thee; our coldness, and indifference in Thy service; our pride, our ambition, and our covetousness We also acknowledge and lament our too irritable tem pers, and angry passions, and our too great readiness. to justify ourselves and to find fault with others. We confess our indolence, our waste of time, and our frequent negligence in our employments. We confess, also, all the various sins of our tongues, our hasty, sudden, as well as flattering and deceitful words. We confess the want of purity and holiness, in our secret thoughts and imaginations. We now pray Thee, O GOD, to pardon our iniquities, for the sake of that Saviour, in whom Thou hast invited us to trust. And, while we exercise this faith, may we condemn ourselves on account of our transgressions; may we resolve to forsake them, and to walk henceforth in newness of life.

O God, strengthen us, we pray Thee, by Thy Holy Spirit, that we may not fall again under the power of our temptations; but that all our ways may be pleasing in Thy sight. O grant, that we who are hearers of Thy word, may also always be doers of it,-lest we fall into tenfold condemnation. May we remember Thine awful punishments denounced against the ungodly, as well as the glorious recompense of reward laid up for thos

who seek for it by patient continuance in weil-doing. May we, therefore, lav aside every weight, and the sins which do most easily beset us. May we be faithful and diligent; may we put on the whole armour of God; and may we fight manfully under the banners of our Saviour, against the world, the flesh, and the Devil; remembering, that to him that overcometh, He will give a crown of life.

Bless unto us the preaching of Thy word this day. Grant that it may sink into all our hearts; and may make us anxious to please Thee, and mindful of our latter end. And whensoever we may come to die, we pray that no terrors may then dismay us; but that we may have so repented of our sins, while we were in life and in health, and have so obeyed the voice of GOD in His Gospel, that, trusting in the mercies of Him who hath died for us, we may yield up our departing spirit to God who gave it, in the hope of a joyful resurrection to eternal life through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord &c.


ALMIGHTY, AND EVERLASTING GOD, we bless Thee for Thy great goodness, in creating, and preserving, and redeeming us; and for all Thy various mercies, from our birth unto this hour. We adore Thee as the Author of all things; but, especially, as our Father and our friend, the GOD of our lives, the source of our hopes, and the giver of all spiritual as well as temporal good.

We desire to praise Thee, on this Thy holy day, for the gift of JESUS CHRIST Thy Son; by whom we obtain pardon of sin, and all things necessary for our eternal salvation. We thank Thee, that He hath descended into this our world; that He hath set us an example by His holy life; hath made atonement for us by His painful death; and, by His resurrection from the grave on the third day, hath given assurance, that He is able to raise our bodies from the dust, and to exalt us to His own right hand in the Kingdom of Heaven.

We pray Thee, O LORD, to impress deeply on our minds these great and solemn truths, that we may not forget them amidst the cares and occupations of the world; but may be daily reminded of our Christian privileges, as well as of the duties to which we are called. Convince us of the vanity of the world, of the shortness of life, and of the unspeakable importance of eternity. Save us from indifference, and thoughtless ness, and levity; as well as from wickedness and sin. Purify our hearts by Thy Holy Spirit; and teach us

habitually to remember that Thou seest our secret thoughts, and requirest truth in the inward parts.

Pardon, we pray Thee, the multitude of our sins in times past, our pride and vanity, our covetousness and worldliness, our anger and passion, our indolence and negligence, our too careless performance of the duties of our station, and our want of Christian kindness and of brotherly love. Pardon, especially, our forgetfulness of Thee, our GOD: for how seldom have we thought of Thee; how coldly have we worshipped Thee; how little have we honoured Thee as we ought! Thou hast caused us to abound with the good things of this life :— Thy hand hath protected us :-Thy goodness hath raised us, when, through sickness, or calamity, we have been brought low and the knowledge of Thy mercies in JESUS CHRIST hath been added to all Thine other blessings so that we are under peculiar obligations to love and serve Thee, and to praise and magnify Thy holy name. O LORD, forgive our ingratitude to Thee our great Benefactor; and enable us to trust in JESUS CHRIST, for the remission of every sin, as well as for the acceptance of those imperfect services which we would offer up unto Thee.

We pray Thee O LORD, to send Thy blessed Gospel over the world. May the nations hear the joyful sound; and may Thy kingdom come; and Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Bless the labours of Thy ministers in every place. Fill them with zeal for Thine honour, and with love to Thy name. May multitudes in this land repent and believe; and may the spirit of true religion both revive among ourselves, and

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