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ALMIGHTY LORD OUR GOD, Creator of all things Judge of all men, who art also the merciful Father of all Thy creatures, we adore Thee for Thy great good ness, in providing not only for our temporal necessities, but also for the spiritual wants of our souls.

We thank Thee for Thy holy word, by which we are instructed in Thy will, and are made wise unto salvation. We thank Thee for all the means of grace which Thou hast appointed for our edification. We thank Thee, also, for these Thy Sabbaths, on which our thoughts are called away, from the cares and employments of this present life, to the consideration of those things which are eternal.

Grant, O LORD, we beseech Thee, that we may not neglect those great religious advantages which we possess; but may attend reverently to the truths which we shall this day hear; and worship Thee with truly humble and contrite hearts. Prepare our minds to receive the seed which shall this day be sown in them; and suffer not that we should give way to wandering thoughts, and to an indolent and worldly spirit. May we remember, when we are in the house of GoD, in whose service we are engaged; and whose word it is that we hear; and, when Thy Gospel is preached, may we be so awed by the terrors of the Lord, and so affected by the sense of Thy mercy, that we may lay to heart those things which we hear; and may none of us receive this grace of God in vain. And when we return

from Thy house, dispose us all to consider our ways Let us turn our thoughts to whatever hath been amiss in us during the past week :-let us implore Thy mercy in our secret prayers :—and let us read with care Thy holy scriptures.

O LORD, help us to consider how few are our days on earth; and how soon we may be called to give up our account of the privileges which we have enjoyed, and of the talents committed to us. We have only a short and uncertain life between us, and-eternal happiness, or misery. O let us now redeem the time ;before the day of our death shall come, and our sentence be sealed everlastingly. Let us make haste to obey Thy voice :-let us be diligent in endeavouring to know Thy will; and to understand the doctrines of Thy Gospel.

And to this end may Thy Spirit enlighten and direct us;-guide us into all truth :-save us from all ignorance, and blindness, and hardness of heart :-preserve us from those delusions which are fatal to the soul. Let us not speak peace to ourselves, when there is no peace; nor hope that we have an interest in CHRIST, when we have not repented of our sins, and have no true faith in His name. O LORD, produce in us sincere repentance. If we are yet living in sin, show us, we pray Thee, our danger; make us to understand both our own sinfulness, and Thy mercy; and lead us to that Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world.

Bless, we pray Thee, the ministers of Thy Gospel. Do Thou give great success to their labours. May they, by the word which they shall deliver awaken

those who are yet dead in their sins; and may they convince the wavering; and establish the weak; and comfort the feeble-minded; and raise up those who are fallen and may Thy true servants be built up in their most holy faith, and be made perfect in every good work.

Hear us, O most merciful LORD, in these our humble supplications, for the sake of JESUS CHRIST Our Saviour. Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY AND EVERLASTING GOD, who didst send Thine only Son into the world to die upon the cross, and to become a propitiation for sin, and hast promised to all who repent and believe in Him, that they shall be made heirs of eternal life;-grant unto us such humble and contrite hearts, that we, worthily lamenting our misdeeds, may be made partakers of that blessed hope, which is set before us in JESUS CHRIST.

We also beseech Thee to grant us Thy Holy Spirit, that we may not continue to transgress Thy laws, nor harden our hearts in unbelief. Turn us, O LORD, from our evil ways. Teach us, while we adore Thee for Thy redeeming mercy, to live to the praise of that Saviour who hath died for us. May we remember that

He, who descended from heaven to save us from condemnation, came also "to redeem us from all iniquity, and to purify unto Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works." May we have grace to walk according to His example, and to do whatever is pleasing in Thy sight.

We pray Thee to send Thy blessed Gospel over the world. Put an end to infidelity and atheism, to superstition and false religion, to heresy and schism, to ignorance and vice, and to war and discord. Let the nations of the earth receive Thy truth in the love of it; and being reconciled to Thee through JESUS CHRIST, may they live in peace and unity.

We also pray Thee to purify Thy professing church in this land. We would lament the iniquity even of our holy things; and would beseech Thee to strengthen the faith of Thy servants, and to enlarge their charity, that they, being examples of holiness, may lead others, who "see their good works, to glorify their Father which is in heaven."

We implore Thy blessing on all the faithful preachers of Thy word. May Thy grace both prevent and follow them; and may they eminently adorn, by their lives, that holy doctrine which they teach.

Look down in mercy on the rising generation. Put into the hearts of parents and teachers zeal for the spiritual good of those over whom Thou hast placed them. Give them wisdom from above, that they may know how to inculcate true and strict religion; and open the minds of the young, that they may receive instruction with a teachable spirit; and, as they grow in years,

may advance not only in useful knowledge, but in all virtue, and godliness of life.

And, finally, we intercede with Thee in behalf of the poor and the afflicted. Do Thou, who art the God of all consolation, provide for them. Send down help from above in every hour of their need; and turn their earthly trials and tribulations to their eternal good. Incline those who are in prosperity, to remember all who are in trouble. Teach as many as are rich in this world, to be ready to communicate; and those, who are strong, to bear with the infirmities of the weak.

Into Thy hands, O LORD, we now commit ourselves, and all who are dear to us; beseeching Thee to hear these our imperfect prayers and intercessions, for the sake of JESUS CHRIST, our ever blessed Redeemer.

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