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O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, our Creator, Preserver, and Benefactor, we desire to thank Thee for all Thy past mercies; at the same time beseeching Thee to give us Thy continual grace, and to pour down Thy blessing upon us.

We pray Thee to conduct us by Thy merciful providence in our passage through this life; to defend us amidst our many dangers; to save us from every trial, which we are too weak to endure; and so to order all the circumstances which befall us, that we may not be overpowered with difficulties, nor overwhelmed with temptations, which may come upon us unprepared.

Preserve us, O LORD, from day to day, and from year to year. Give us grace to hate sin, and to avoid those societies and employments, which would lead our hearts from Thee. May our eyes be opened to see the wickedness around us; and may we carefully abstain from all conformity to the sinful customs of this evil world. But when we reflect on the many hindrances to our leading a Christian life; when we contemplate our temptations, both from within and from without; when we look back to the past instances of our weakness, and forward to the yet untried scenes of danger and of difficulty, through which we may, each of us, have to pass before we leave the world,-on Thee, O LORD, and on Thee alone, are we ied to trust; and to Thee do we lift up our daily prayer, for grace to pre

serve us in the paths of righteousness, so that we may end our days in peace.

O LORD, grant unto us, this day, Thy Holy Spirit. Keep alive in our souls the sense of spiritual things. Impress us with a recollection of the great truths which we have been taught. Fill us with a knowledge of those doctrines of Thy Gospel, which Thou hast appointed to be the means of delivering man from sin, and of preserving him in the ways of holiness, in the midst of an ungodly world.

Enable us to walk worthy of the LORD throughout the day which is now before us. May we be obedient to Thy will, submissive to Thy providence, and ever thankful for Thy mercies.

Hear, O LORD, and answer these our prayers; forgive us also our numberless transgressions, and accept our imperfect services, for Thy mercies' sake in JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, whose creatures we are, to whom our prayers are constantly addressed, and whom we daily profess to serve, bestow upon us Thy grace, that we may yield up to Thee our hearts, and place our delight in acts of obedience to Thee. We beseech Thee so to strengthen our faith, and to animate our hearts with Thy continual love, that we may be enabled to triumph over those temptations to which we are exposed. Give us Thy Holy Spirit; turn us from the love of sin, if we are in any measure inclining to it; and put into us such an ardent desire to please Thee, that we may be always employing our time and talents in Thy service. We desire to acknowledge Thy right over us; we are bound to honour Thee by all we do, and to seek our Maker's glory.

We thank Thee, O LORD, that besides our obligations as creatures to the great Author of our existence, Thou hast added the most affecting motives to win us to obedience. We are not our own: we are bought with a price. Thy Son hath died to save us. He hath suffered on the cross, that we might be free. He hath given his life a ransom for us; that He might constrain us by the greatness of His love, to give up our powers to Him. Grant, therefore, O LORD, that we, being daily mindful of what our Saviour hath done for us, may show that we are sensible of our obligations, by the habitual readiness of our minds to do and suffer all things which Thou shalt appoint for us, or in any wise require of us

Enable us, O LORD, this day to deny ourselves, that we may live unto Thee. As the redeemed of the LORD, may we abstain from sin, and flee from every snare. May we be holy in all manner of conversation; awfully impressed with a sense of Thy holiness, knowing that we are called to become pure in heart, if we hope to see God. And help us to contend with the iniquity of the world around us. Let us not yield to its influence and example; but let us consider ourselves as passing on to a better country; accounting it our great concern to escape from the snares which now surround us; to make sure, each of us, our own salvation; and to be doing good, before we die, with the talents committed Thus may we pass the day which is now before us; and, when the hour of our death shall come, may we then have abundant proof, that we have walked by faith, and not by sight; and that we shall be numbered with Thy chosen people, in glory everlasting.

to us.

We present these our imperfect supplications, in the name of JESUS CHRIST Our SAVIOUR.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY AND EVERLASTING GOD! we acknowledge ourselves bound by innumerable obligations, to praise and adore, to love and serve Thee. From Thee we have received our being. Thou art our constant preserver, and bountiful benefactor; the source of every present enjoyment, and of all our hopes. Thou hast, in Thine infinite condescension, been pleased to look down with pity on our fallen race; and freely to offer salvation to us through JESUS CHRIST. We adore Thee, for the promises of Thy mercy and grace, and for the joyful prospect of eternal life, so clearly revealed in Thy holy word. Impress our minds, O LORD, with that deep sense of the important truths made known to us, which shall regulate all our thoughts, and words, and actions.

But while we celebrate Thy goodness to us, we have cause to be ashamed of our conduct. We have great reason, O LORD, to be humbled before Thee, on account of the coldness and insensibility of our hearts; the disorder and irregularity of our lives; and the prevalence of worldly affections within us. Too often have we indulged the tempers which we ought to have subdued, and have left our duty unperformed. O LORD, be merciful to us for Thy Son JESUS CHRIST's sake. Produce in us deep repentance, and a lively faith in that Saviour who hath died for our sins, and risen again for our justification.

And may Thy pardoning mercy be accompanied with

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