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May we thus be brought into the true liberty of the children of GOD; and serve Thee without fear, in holiness and righteousness, all the days of our lives.

Hear, O LORD, these our prayers; and supply both our temporal and spiritual wants, for the sake of Jesus CHRIST, our blessed Saviour.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY AND EVERLASTING GOD, we kneel down to thank Thee for Thy merciful care and protection during the past night; and we beseech Thee now to let Thy blessing rest upon us. Help us to begin the day with the solemn dedication of ourselves to Thy service: and then to go to the duties of our several stations; with an earnest desire to do every thing in Thy fear, and with a view to Thy glory.

We beseech Thee, O LORD, to establish us in the great doctrines of Thy Gospel; may we be grounded in the faith of CHRIST crucified for us: may that history which we read in Thy holy word, of our Saviour's coming down from heaven, to live as our example, and to die as the Atonement for our sins, affect us deeply, and have its full influence upon us: may it excite our warmest gratitude to Him who died for us: may it in

spire us with hatred against sin: may it elevate us above the fear of wicked men; and may we learn to take part with our suffering and despised Lord. May that zeal to save us, which He showed, awaken, in each of us, a concern for our own salvation; and may it be the chief desire of our hearts to be made partakers of all the benefits both of His death and of His glorious resurrection.

But since we are by nature so prone to evil, and so little disposed to spiritual things, we pray Thee, O God, to purify our minds from all sinful and vain desires, by the powerful efficacy of Thy grace. O LORD, grant unto us Thy Holy Spirit. May it dwell within us, as a spirit of purity and holiness, a spirit of truth and of wisdom, of peace also, and love, and of holy joy, and consolation. May we pass this day in the thankful remembrance of Thy mercies, and in the diligent performance of Thy commandments. May no evil thoughts, no angry tempers, no distressing doubts or fears disturb us. May we serve Thee our God; and live peaccably with all men. May we be kind, and humble; patient and thankful; and sober-minded, and temperate in all things. May we fulfil the duties of the day; and may we lie down at night, praising Thee again for all Thy goodness; and committing ourselves with holy confidence, to Thy mercy.

We ask these blessings, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our only Mediator.

Our Father, &c.

The gruce of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY AND Everlasting God, on whom all Thy creatures every where depend for life, and breath, and all things; in whose favour all their true happiness consists; and whose wrath is insupportable! we, Thy creatures, whom Thy hand hath made, and whom Thy bounty hath supported, kneel down to acknowledge the Author of our being, and to pray for Thy blessing upon


We lament, that we are by nature so prone to evil; and that, amidst the many gifts bestowed upon us, we so seldom lift up our thoughts to Him who is the giver. Every night, Thou again refreshest us with sleep; and every morning, Thou renewest Thy various mercies to us; giving us health, and strength, and talents for Thy service, and affording to us fresh opportunities for our usefulness in the world.

We pray, that, as our days pass away, we may be improving the time, which is allotted to us. May we gather wisdom from Thy sacred word. May we diligently attend on the means of grace: and may we la bour, each of us, as Thy faithful servants, in our several callings.

We pray Thee to impress upon us a deep sense of the importance of eternity. May we be looking continually to the end of our course; and, remembering how soon all in which we here delight, shall have passed away for ever, may we prepare to give up our account of all things done in the body; and, day by day,

may we have our conversation in heaven; moderating our affections towards the things of this world, and living here below a life of faith in the Son of GOD.

And now, O LORD, whatsoever may be that employment which Thy providence allotteth to us, may we fulfil it as in Thy fear, and with a view to Thy glory. And wheresoever we are this day, be Thou present with us to bless us. May Thy Spirit enlighten, strengthen, and direct us. May we fall into no sin; nor run into any kind of danger. We pray, especially, for grace to conquer those sins which do most easily beset us. Thou knowest, O LORD, our several infirmities. O give us grace to be careful and circumspect. Let us avoid every approach to our former temptations: and let us renew our repentance, with unfeigned sorrow, and contrition of heart.

Hear us, we now beseech Thee, in these our imperfect supplications. Forgive us all our past transgressions; and grant us grace for the time to come.


which we ask for the sake of JESUS CHRIST Our Lord.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY GOD, by whose will we were created, and by whose providence we have been sustained, by whose mercy we have been called to the knowledge of our Redeemer, and by whose grace whatever we have thought or done, which hath been acceptable to Thee, hath been inspired and directed,-vouchsafe unto us, this day, Thy blessing. Strengthen us for the performance of the duties now before us. And, since Thou hast ordained labour to be the lot of man, and knowest the wants and necessities of all Thy creatures, bless, from time to time, our several endeavours and employments. Give us, this day, our daily bread. Feed us with food convenient for us. If it be Thy pleasure to cause us to abound with the good things of this life, give us a compassionate spirit, that we may be ready to relieve the wants of others: but let neither riches, nor poverty, estrange our hearts from Thee: nor cause us to become negligent of those treasures in heaven which can never be taken from us. circumstances of life we may be be cheerful and content. In our affliction, let us remember how often we have been succoured; and, in our prosperity, may we acknowledge from whose hand our blessings are received.

And, into whatever brought, teach us to

And do Thou dispose us all, most merciful God, so to remember our sins, that we may be brought to true repentance, and unfeigned sorrow, and contrition of soul. Strengthen our faith in JESUS CHRIST Our Lord;

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