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O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, enable us, we beseech Thee, to call upon Thee with humble and devout hearts. Let us not mix any worldly or wandering thoughts with the supplications which we offer up unto Thee; but let us remember, that we are now in Thy presence; and let us worship Thee in spirit and in truth.

We thank Thee, O God, for Thy mercy to us during the past night. We bless Thee for our renewed health and strength; and for the various comforts by which we are surrounded. And we desire now to dedicate again to Thee all the faculties of our bodies and of our minds, and to spend the day, which is before us, to Thy glory.

Deliver us, O LORD, from all the temptations of the day. Help us to resist the world, the flesh, and the Devil. Let us not be drawn aside to any thing which is contrary to our Christian duty, either by the propensity to sin which is within us, or by the evil example of those around us; but let us watch and strive continually, that all our ways may be pleasing in Thy sight. We confess, that we are weak, and helpless, and laden with iniquity. But do Thou, for our merciful Saviour's sake, have compassion on our infirmities; and give us grace snfficient for us in every hour of our necessity. O LORD, grant that we may thus be preserved from sin; and, putting our trust in Thee, may not be confounded. Give us faith in all the truths of Thy word; may we be daily warned by the terrors of the LORD, and invited

by Thy mercy. May we meditate on the awful punishments denounced against the wicked, and call to mind the reward which Thou hast promised unto those who please Thee by patient continuance in well-doing. And thus may we be prepared to make every sacrifice, to which Thou mayest be pleased to call us. May we cut off the right hand, and pluck out the right eye, when Thou requirest us to do it. And may we consider all our interests in this life as of no value compared with the eternal welfare of our souls. May we seek first the kingdom of GOD, and His righteousness; trusting that all things which are needful for the body shall be added unto us.


Pardon, O LORD, all our sins in time past; we pray mercy, in the name of JESUS CHRIST; and we bless Thee for this great Mediator; in whom we would place all our confidence and hope.

We ask every blessing in the name of the same Lord and Saviour.

Our Father, &c

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O Lord, GOD ALMIGHTY, infinite in power, in good ness, and in mercy, help us now to worship Thee with reverence and humility. Before Thee the Angels veil their faces. May we, therefore, approach Thee with a deep sense of Thine awful Majesty, and of Thy spotless purity and holiness; and may we so address Thee that Thou mayest hear our prayers, and pour down Thy blessing upon us.

We beseech Thee, O LORD, to grant us this day Thy Holy Spirit; that we may be strengthened to fulfil our several duties, and to resist the temptations which may come upon us. We call upon Thee, in the name of JESUS CHRIST; through whom Thou vouchsafest strength to the weak, and suppliest all the spiritual wants of the soul. Have compassion upon us, for our Saviour's sake; and give us grace to do whatever Thou requirest of us. O cleanse us, for His sake, from the stain of every sin, from pride, and envy, and malice, and selfishness, and uncharitableness; and make us meek, and lowly, and gentle, and kind, and forgiving. Let us not live to please ourselves, or indulge any eyil inclinations of our own hearts; but let us aim to glorify Thee, our God, and to do good in our generation. Thou hast appointed, unto each of us, our work in life. We pray, that we may have grace to fulfil, each of us, the duties of our several stations, with integrity and fidelity. May we remember, that, this day, Thine eye is continually upon us; and, while we think of Thee, may we

put our cheerful trust in Thee, and commit all our ways unto Thee, and be found in the fear of the LORD all the day long.


We desire to acknowledge Thy various mercies to We bless Thee, that Thou coverest our table with plenty, that Thou makest us to abound with the good things of this life, and causest us to go out and come in, in safety. O LORD, help us to use, with moderation, the gifts which Thou bestowest; and to maintain, while we enjoy them, continual thankfulness of heart.

Especially, we bless Thee for Thy mercies in JESUS CHRIST; by whom we obtain pardon of sin, and the blessed hope of eternal life. We beseech Thee, for His sake, to give us a right understanding in all things; that we may know how to walk so as to please Thee, and how to avoid all that is hateful in Thy sight. Guide us in all difficulties; and strengthen us under all temptations; and supply Thou our spiritual, as well as temporal, wants, for Thy great mercy's sake in JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, who hast safely brought us to the beginning of another day, we pray Thee to conduct us through the same in peace; and to enable us so to pass all the time of our pilgrimage on earth, that, when we go hence, we may be prepared to meet Thee in Thy heavenly kingdom. When we think of this life and its various temptations, when we look abroad, and behold the wickedness of the world, and then contemplate also the weakness and corruption of our nature, we might well sink through fear of the difficulties with which we have to struggle, and tremble lest we should fall under the power of our manifold temptations. But we bless Thee, O LORD, for that abundant grace which is treasured up for us in JESUS CHRIST. We thank Thee for all the motives, promises, and encouragements, afforded us in Thy gospel; and we would daily rejoice in it as the power of God unto salvation unto every one that believeth. We bless Thee, that Thy Son hath died a sacrifice for sin; and that the Spirit of Christ is sent to sanctify us. We, therefore, now pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit; that we may go forth to our daily occupations and trials, having the Lord for our righteousness and our strength.

Prepare us, we beseech Thee, for every duty of this day; arm us for every trial which may come upon us, Do thou sanctify us, O LORD, in body, soul, and spirit. May we now seriously devote ourselves to Thee; and may we be found walking in Thy fear all the day long;

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