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our will but Thine be done; we desire to leave him in Thy hand, and commend him to Thy mercies, and to the love and compassion of the blessed JESUS. O LORD, hear his prayers, and the prayers of all his friends for him; support him in his dying agonies; strengthen him under all his weaknesses; visit him with the strong consolations of Thy Holy Spirit, and receive him into the blessed society of saints and angels; there to love, praise and adore Thee for ever, through the merits of Thy beloved Son JESUS CHRIST the righteous. Amen.


O blessed LORD, who scourgest every son whom Thou receivest, let me not be weary of Thy correction. Give me such a perfect submission to Thee, the Father of Spirits, that this chastisement may be for my profit, and that I may thereby be made a partaker of Thy holiness.

I confess, O LORD, that I have deserved much greater punishments than I now feel.

O make me cheerfully and thankfully to bear my present pains; chasten me as Thou seest fitting; do with me what Thou pleasest here, so I may not be condemned in the world hereafter.

O CHRIST, who first sufferedst many and grievous things, and then enteredst into Thy glory, make me to suffer with Thee, that I may also be glorified with Thee.

O LORD God most holy, O LORD most mighty, O holy and most merciful SAVIOUR, deliver me not, I beseech Thee, into the bitter pains of eternal death.

O cast not off the bowels of Thy tenderest compas

sions, but, even as a father that pitieth his own children, be Thou so merciful unto me, Thy sinful but repenting servant.

O blessed HIGH PRIEST, who art able to save to the utmost them who come unto God by Thee; save me, I beseech Thee, who have no hopes but in Thy merits and intercession.

Suffer not, O my REDEEMER, my soul, which Thou hast purchased with the invaluable price of Thy own blood, to perish; but say unto me, I am thy salvation.

O dear JESUS, who humbledst Thyself even to the death of the cross for me, let that precious death of Thine sweeten all the bitterness of mine.

I believe that Thou shalt come to be my Judge.
I pray Thee, therefore, help Thy servant, whom
Thou hast redeemed with Thy most precious blood.
Make me to be numbered with Thy saints in glory

O receive me into that place of rest, where all tears shall be wiped from my eyes; where there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor pain.

O take me where I shall for ever behold Thy face, and follow the LAMB whithersoever He goeth.

Into Thy hands I commend my spirit, for Thou hast redeemed me, O LORD, thou God of truth.

O LORD, in Thee is my trust; O cast not out my soul.

O LORD, in Thee have I trusted; let me never be confounded.

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O ALMIGHTY GOD, our only help in time of trouble, look with pity and compassion upon me, now under Thy afflicting hand. Be Thou my stay and confidence under all my sorrows and afflictions, and suffer me not to sink under the weight of them, through any dejections or faintness of spirit.

Give me such an entire trust and confidence in Thy mercy, through the merits of my dear REDEEMER, that I may cast all my care upon Thee, and with cheerfulness commit myself into Thy hands, assuredly believing that all things shall work together for good to them that love Thee; and, O LORD, grant that I may be found such an one as, through Thy great mercy, may be entitled to the benefit of Thy gracious promises. Make me willing and ready to yield to Thy wisdom, and to prefer Thy will before my own; to be contented to bear what Thou pleasest, and to be eased of my burden in Thy time, which is always best. But, 0 LORD, however Thou art pleased to deal with my body, yet spare my soul, I beseech Thee, and deliver it from the bitter pains of eternal death. O take me not out of this world till Thou art reconciled unto me, and hast fitted me in some measure for Thy heavenly kingdom. Grant, O LORD, that whether I live, I may live unto Thee, or whether I die, I may die unto Thee; so that, living and dying, I may be Thine, through JESUS CHRIST, my ever-blessed SAVIOUR and REDEEMER.







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