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the truths taught them into an honest heart, and be ever followers of that which is good.

[May the servants of this house bear continually in mind that Thine eye is upon them; may they be faithful in all things; and live in peace one with another.]

Bless our Rulers, and country. Give grace to all ministers of Thy Gospel. Have pity on the poor and the afflicted; and make it the daily business of all our lives to minister to the sorrows and wants of others, and to abound in every good work.

We present these our humble and imperfect supplications, in the name of our Lord and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD GOD, our Heavenly Father, we beseech Thee now to deliver us from all wandering thoughts, and to enable us to worship Thee in an acceptable manner, through JESUS CHRIST our Lord

We pray Thee, O GOD, to pardon all the sins of this day. We confess, that we have not served Thee as we ought; but we desire to lament both our negligences and our sins; and we would seriously resolve, that, by

Thy grace assisting us, we will endeavour continually to amend our lives, and to walk more conformably to the precepts of Thy holy word.

Pardon whatever pride or vanity we have this day indulged; whatever angry words we have spoken; and whatever sinful thoughts we have harboured in our minds. Forgive our want of sufficient tenderness of conscience in the performance of those duties in which we have been engaged. Pardon, especially, that want of love both to Thee and to our fellow-creatures, which causes us to live so much to ourselves, and to do so little either for the benefit of others, or for Thy glory

We pray Thee, O LORD, to give us hearts more devoted to Thee; and more dead to sin, as well as to all the things of this world. Teach us to know how frail is our life; and how short may be the time of our sojourning here; and how awful may be the account, which we shall have to give of all things done in the body, as soon as we shall be called hence. O let us lie down, night after night, as those who know not whether they may not lie down to rise no more. May we repent daily of our sins;-may we be accepted of Thee through JESUS CHRIST our LORD: and may we resolve, by Thy grace assisting us, to bring forth all those fruits of righteousness which are by Him to the praise and glory of GoD. O save us from a barren and unfruitful faith; by which we do but the more miserably deceive our own souls. Give us that true peace of mind which they alone possess, who love Thy law: and save us from that hope of the hypocrite, which shall perish when GOD taketh away his soul. May we be

living a life of purity, and holiness, of watchfulness, and self-denial, and of diligence in every good work.

O LORD, take us now under Thy care, both pardoning our sins, and accepting our imperfect services on the past day.

We implore Thy special protection on the children of this family. Save them from the temptations of this vain and evil world. Watch over them during the weakness and inexperience of their youth, and prepare them for the duties to which Thy providence shall call them.

And bless with us all others who are dear to us; and make us to lie down in perfect charity with all men.

We ask every blessing in the name, and through the merits, of the great Mediator and Intercessor, JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O ETERNAL GOD, Father of men and angels, who hast established the heavens and the earth in a wonderful order, causing day and night to succeed each other: —we make our humble address to Thy divine majesty, begging of Thee mercy and protection, this night and for ever.

O LORD, pardon all our sins, our light and rash words, the vanity and impiety of our thoughts, our unjust and unkind actions, and whatever we have done amiss this day, or at any time before. O GOD, our souls are troubled through the remembrance of our past transgressions and we are daily exposed, through the frailty and sinfulness of our natures, to every new temptation, which of ourselves we are not able to resist. We, therefore, earnestly beg of Thee to give us a great portion of Thy grace; such as may be sufficient and effectual for the mortification of all our corruptions: that, as we have formerly served sinful desires, so now we may give up ourselves to Thy service, in all the duties of a holy life.

Teach us to walk always as in Thy presence and put into our souls great love to Thee, that it may become our chief employment to promote Thy glory, and to root out all habits of sin; so that, in faith and purity, we may wait patiently for the coming of our Lord Jesus.

Into Thy hands we now commend ourselves: praying Thee so to bless and sanctify our sleep unto us, that it may be a refreshment unto our wearied bodies;

to enable us the better to serve Thee. And whether we sleep or wake, live or die, may we be Thy servants.

We also beseech Thee, O GOD, to send down Thy blessing on all our dear friends and relations. Bless them in their persons, in their families, and in all their undertakings; and dispose them to advance Thine honour, and to live to Thy glory.

Be Thou a father and a friend to the children of this family. Let Thy providence lead them through the dangers, and temptations, and ignorances of their youth, that they may not run into folly, nor give way to any unbridled appetite. Be pleased so to order the events of their lives, that, by a good education, and by prudent counsel, and, by Thy restraining grace, they may be trained up to serve Thee, in the midst of an evil generation; and, after an useful and holy life may come to a peaceful and happy death; and may be made heirs with Christ in the glories of His heavenly kingdom.

Look down with an eye of favour on the whole Church of Christ. Have compassion on Thine afflicted servants. Give them increase of faith, and patience, and hope; and, in Thy good time, give them deliv


And, O Thou who willest not the death of a sinner, have pity on the multitudes who walk not in obedience to Thy commandments. Turn them from all their sins, so that their souls may be saved in the day of JESUS CARIST. Support also the weak; establish the doubtful and wavering; succour the tempted; and raise up those who are fallen; and teach us all to have com


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