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Bless especially the children of this family; may they be trained up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord; may they be submissive and dutiful in all things; may they live in harmony and love, one towards another; may they be kept from the contagion of the world; and, after a life of holy obedience to Thy laws, may they all be made members of Thy blessed family above.

O LORD, pardon the infirmity of these our prayers: and answer us, not according to what we either desire or deserve, but according to the riches of Thy grace in JESUS CHRIST; for whom we bless Thee, and to whom, with THEE, and the HOLY GHOST, be all honour and glory, world without end.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, Father of mercies, from whom we derive the temporal comforts which we enjoy, and to whom we owe the blessed and glorious hope of everlasting life, we desire to render unto Thee this our evening sacrifice of prayer, and praise, and thanksgiving. We acknowledge Thy goodness to us during the past day; and we beseech Thee to continue to us Thy gracious protection during the darkness and silence of the approaching night. Thou art ever present with us. Thou sustainest our lives, though we see Thee not. Thou art our protection in all dangers. Thou art our support in trouble; our guide in difficulty; our best consolation in time of sickness; and our only refuge in the hour of death.

We pray Thee to increase our trust and confidence
inee. Deliver us from the love of this changeful
and u ertain world. Strengthen our faith in the great
promises of Thy Gospel; and grant that, having com-
mitted ourselves to Thy mercies in JESUS CHRIST, we
may find in Him continual rest, and

We beseech Thee, for His sake, to pardon whatever
sins we have this day committed against Thee. Al-
though we profess to know Thy word, and to live in
obedience to Thy will, in how many things do we con-
tinue to offend. We are often slothful in the perform-
ance of our duties: we fail to watch against our pecu-
liar temptations; we yield to the evil example of those
around us; we gratify our pride: we indulge

our evil

tempers; we renew our sins, to the great disquiet of our souls. O LORD, forgive, for JESUS CHRIST's sake, the offences of this day; and pour out upon us Thy Holy Spirit; that we may become more stedfast and zealous in Thy service, and more diligent in every good


We commit to Thy gracious and fatherly care all those for whom it is our duty to pray. Have compassion on our dearest relations and friends. Supply their various wants through the riches of Thy mercy in JESUS CHRIST.

Bless our President, and all who are in authority; and give them wisdom to fulfil the arduous duties to which they are called.

Be merciful to all who are in sorrow. Look down with pity on those who suffer through the calamities of war; on prisoners and captives; and on all who are destitute and oppressed. Bestow Thy special favour on Thine afflicted servants; and cause their earthly troubles to issue in their eternal joy.

Have mercy on the young: may there be never wanting in this land a seed to serve Thee; and may those, who shall come after us, obtain from Thee an increase of light and knowledge, as well as of faith, and hope, and love; that the fruits of righteousness may abound; and the excellency of Thy Gospel may be more and more manifested in the world.

We present unto Thee these our imperfect supplications, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our LORD.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


Almighty and everlasting God, by whose power we were created, by whose providence we are sustained, and by whose grace in CHRIST we are made heirs of eternal life; we desire to bless Thee for all Thy mercies, both temporal and spiritual; and, especially, for Thy goodness to us on the day which is now past.

We thank Thee for our food and raiment; for our various comforts and enjoyments; for our freedom from pain and sorrow; and for our deliverance from many of those temptations which are common in the world. We bless Thee, also, for the religious advantages which we so abundantly enjoy; for the light which shines around us; for the various means of grace; and for the gift of Thy written word.

We desire, at the same time, to confess our numberless sins. We have trespassed in thought, word, and deed we have done that which we ought not to have done; we have left undone that which we ought to have done; and our only hope is in Thy mercy. Pardon, O LORD, for CHRIST's sake, all the evil which we have committed on this day. Forgive whatever pride and vanity we may have indulged: whatever anger and passion, whatever fretfulness and impatience, we may have betrayed; and whatever evil thoughts we may have harboured in our minds. Pardon, also, the various sins of our tongues, by which we so often violate the law of charity towards our neighbour. We plead the merits of JESUS CHRIST, Thy Son; and we would

rejoice, that there is this great Mediator between God and man, through whom there is perfect remission of sins for all those, who, with penitent and contrite hearts confess their trespasses against Thee.

And grant, we beseech Thee, that we may endeavour continually to amend our lives, and to walk in the way of Thy commandments. Put within us Thy Holy Spirit, that we may turn from every sin; and may delight in doing the will of our heavenly Father. Make us humble and lowly, kind and benevolent, and fruitful in every good work. May we follow the example of our blessed SAVIOUR, who went about doing good; and, remembering how short is the time of our sojourning here on earth, may we use all diligence both in serving others, and in making our own calling and election


We desire, also, before we lay down to rest, to commend to Thy grace and Thy care all our dear friends and relations. We beseech Thee to protect them from all evil and to grant unto them all things convenient for them; and, when they shall have experienced Thy favour here, to bring them to Thine everlasting Kingdom.

Bless the children of this family:-strengthen them, that they may resist sin; may overcome the world; may deny themselves; and bring forth fruit in their lives to the praise and glory of Thy name.

And, finally, we implore Thy blessing on our President and country, [on our Congress,] our magistrates, our ministers of the Gospel, and all orders of men among us. Teach us to fill up our stations with fidel

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