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walk in Him. May we excel especially in thost, tem• pers, and abound in those works, which His Gospel has required. May we be full of meekness and patience, of kindness and forbearance, of benevolence and charity. Being established in the love of GoD, may we also love our neighbour with a pure heart, fervently. Let us not have a name to live, while we are dead; or possess only that faith which is without works, and can profit neither ourselves nor those around us; but let us abound in all the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus CHRIST, to the praise and glory of God.

We also beseech Thee to bless unto us the events of Thy providence and so to order all things, during the remainder of our lives, that they may issue in ou eternal good. We know not what a day may bring forth. O sanctify unto us our prosperity, and our adversity; our sickness, and our health; and whatever may be the vicissitudes which Thou art pleased to send, may we consider them as coming from Thy fatherly hand, and never repine under them. May we maintain a cheerful and contented mind; and being reconciled to Thee our God, may we enjoy peace within ourselves, and be in charity with all men.

These our imperfect supplications we humbly present in the name of JESUS CHRIST Our Saviour.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, who knowest all things, and understandest the secrets of every heart, suit Thy mercies, we pray, to our necessities; and grant unto all the members of this family such things as Thou seest to be most needful for us.

We pray Thee especially to bring our hearts into full obedience to Thy Gospel. Take away from us all pride, impenitency, and unbelief: all undue love of this present world, all inordinate affection, and every evil inclination. Take from us every thing which opposes itself to the knowledge of Thy truth: and is contrary to the Spirit of Thy grace.

May we humble ourselves as children in Thy sight. receiving, in sincerity and simplicity of heart, the various doctrines of Thy word. Give us, also, grace to maintain a Christian spirit, and to abound in every good work. May we be patient, and contented, thankful for our lot in life; praising and blessing Thee for all our providential as well as spiritual mercies; imploring the continuance of Thy favour; and jealous over ourselves, lest, by any evil habits which we indulge, we draw down Thine anger upon us. Make us strict in our integrity, sincere in every word, faithful in every trust, diligent in every duty, amiable in every temper of our lives. May we be zealous to do honour to the cause of Thy Gospel; and thus to recommend the religion of CHRIST.

O teach us to exercise all those virtues which shone

so brightly in our LORD. At the same time, may we remember our exceeding sinfulness; and thus learn to bear with all the various infirmities of others. Give us grace, also, to testify, on suitable occasions, our abhor rence of evil; and give us courage and integrity to exhort one another daily, lest any of us be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin; and teach us, in the spirit of love, to serve and edify one another.

And now, O LORD, wherever on this day we have failed in the performance of our duty, and in the exercise of any Christian temper, or wherever we have in any respect offended Thee, we implore Thy pardon, in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

Take us under Thy protection this night; may we be safe under the shadow of Thy wings; may we com mit ourselves to Thee, in peace and comfort; may the Gospel be our consolation, in our lying down, and in our rising up-may it be an ever-present source of happiness to us :-may it lighten every trial, and reconcile us to every disappointment. May there be no place or time, no situation or circumstance, when the satisfaction, which it imparts, shall entirely leave us: but, being under its blessed influence, may our hearts be ever filled with thankfulness; and our lips, with praises.

We ask every blessing, in the name of JESUS CHRIST our only Saviour and Mediator

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c


Great and GLORIOUS GOD, we adore Thee for all Thine infinite perfections! Righteous art Thou in all Thy ways, and holy in all Thy works! We are weak and helpless, sinful and guilty, exposed to danger on every side; and in continual need of Thy gracious assistance.

Grant unto us a due sense of our dependence upon Thee; and enable us to lie down to rest, exercising faith in Thy divine power, and in Thy never-failing goodness. We desire to remember, that Thine eye seeth us wheresoever we are; that Thou art about our bed, and art every where present, with us. O Lord, pardon, for JESUS CHRIST's sake, the sins which Thou hast seen in us this day. Many are the offences which we continually commit: for we are, by nature, prone to evil; and our own hearts too often deceive us. But we desire to trust in the all-powerful mediation of Thy blessed Son; who died for our sins and rose again for our justification; and who ever liveth at Thy right hand to make intercession for us. O LORD, grant unto us peace with Thee, and a cheerful hope of being finally made partakers of everlasting life. We beseech Thee to give us Thy Holy Spirit, to comfort us; and also to dispose us to every good work.

Let us not return to sin, nor love the ways of ungodliness. Let us not allow ourselves in any of those things which Thou hast forbidden ;-but let us mortify

all our corrupt affections; our pride and vanity; our anger and passion; our selfishness and worldliness. Let us put on, as the elect of GoD, mercy and loving-kind ness, and tender compassion towards all men. Let us follow the example of our Saviour's lowliness and meekness, of His holy zeal, His constant beneficence, His love to the bodies and souls of men. Let us daily improve, through Thy grace, in every Christian temper; and let us exercise ourselves in repentance for whatever we have done amiss.

Accept our thanks, O LORD, for the mercies of the past day, and for all Thy goodness during our past lives. We bless Thee for every gift which Thou hast bestowed upon us; for every deliverance which Thou hast wrought out for any of us from pain and sickness, from sorrow and from danger; and for every event which Thou hast caused to work for our good. Be with us, we pray Thee, to the end of our days. Bless to us all the estates of life through which we pass; make us humble in prosperity, and patient in adversity; grateful for all Thy temporal mercies; but especially for Thine unspeakable love in our redemption through JESUS CHRIST.

We commit to Thy gracious care all our friends and relations. May we live in peace and harmony with them all; bearing each other's burthens, helping each other's infirmities, and ministering to each other's temporal and spiritual good.

Have compassion on the children of this family. Save them from the follies and dangers of youth, and make them obedient in all things. Prepare them for

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