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History, Folk-Lore, Mathematics, Literature,

Art, Arcane Societies, Etc.

“ Rich is that universal self whom thou worshipest as the Soul,”

(The VEDAS.)



S. C. & L. M. GOUL D.





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The nineteenth century closes with December 31, 1900, and that point of time also closes the eighteenth volume of this serial magazine. Each annual volume suggests how rapidly we pass along in the course of time, and we at the same time ask our. selves, what progress has been made ? When we make up the index to the volume, it is then that we realize the amount of information that has been gleaned for this annual volume. We certainly need a general index to the volumes and have promised one before now, but do not find the time to make one. Heuce, we will now make an offer of the last ten volumes to the person who will make and send us a full and complete index to these eighteen volumes, 1882-1900, and we will loan a set for the purpose to the one who will accomplish it.

Several requests have been made to reprint some articles and poems, and in a few instances we have done so, namely, the Theosophical inaugural address, the Poe poems, the Cleopatra poems, and some other short poems.

Some of the subscribers to the more recent volumes have furnished various questions and items that have already been published, and the questions answered in the earlier volumes. We have generally replied to such contributors by letter giving the references to the volumes.

We have ample material in stock for the new century volume, but this need not debar any patron from sending in more copy, as we shall have a larger variety of material to select from.

• Seize upon truth where'er 'tis found,

On Christian or on Heathen ground;
Among your friends, among your foes,
The flower's divine where'er it grows."

S. C. & L. M. GOULD, PUBLISHERS. MANCHESTER, N, H., December, 1900.


Abram and the firey furnace, tradition, 12 Composite magic square, Ousley, 356.
Agnostics, Universal Order of, 128.

Comtean school of Modern Times, R. I., 9.
Ahaz, dial of, Morrison discussion, 121. Comte's full name, 8.
Alliterative names, 38.

Confucius and Lao-Tze, 48.
Almanacs, 1, 2, 24, 25, 60.

Couriers, round bodies, lights, 34.
Almanacks, Poor Richard's, 1.

Cow Chace (The), author, John Andre, 194.
Almanacks, Poor Richard's, reprint, 2. Crooked coincidences, 12.
American Theosophical serials, 81.86*. Cyclo ideas of the Koran, 66.
American traveler, Daniel Pratt, Jr., 316.
Anabasis and catabasis, 330.

Daily duties, Herbert, 807.
Anagrams, 39.

David, Moses; Zaccheus, Zachariah. 257.
Answers to questioners, 80.

Dawn of 20th century, where ? 73.
Antony and Cleopatra, poems, 273.

Death of Edgar Allan Poe, poem, 111.
Antony and Cleopatra, titles of poems, 45. Decalogue of masonry, 70.
Apocalypse of St. Iohn, new translation, 93. Declaration of Principles, U. I, U., 99.
Arcane societies, 128, 158, 302.

DeMedici's published works, 262.
Astrological almanacs, 24, 25, 58.

Derzhavin, Gabriel Romanovich, 306.
Astrologers, real names, Zadkiel, etc., 270. Devadatta's Shooting, 259.
Astrological serial publications, in U. S., 58. Devil and Evil Spirits, 361,
Astrology and Franklin, 49.

Dial of Ahaz, Morrison discussion, 121.
Astronomy, books on meteoric, 20.

Dido, di do dum, pun, 43.
Astaonomy, Zetetic, 385.

Discovery of value of pi, 261.
Arithmetics, different systems, 14, 35. Dodecahedron, Icosahedron, remarks, 250.
Authorship wanted, quotation, 316.

Dove (The), poem, 113.
Azan (The), 367.

Dreams, bibliography, 43, 387.

Dreams, trances, visions, 71.
Basis of Religion, Franklin's, 4.
Ben Lomond, poem, Geo. B. Griffith, 800. Early chapters, Epsom's history, 309.
Blble, books in rhyme, 207.

Earth's annular system,

I. N. Vail, 86*.
Bible, Mary Stevens', 195.

Earths in the Universe, Swedenborg, 204,
Bibles of different religions, 77.

Earth stands fast, Schoepffer, 346.
Bibliography, Theosophical Am. serials, 81. Ebenezer, a snake, W. H. Huse, 413.
Bibliography, Walt Whitman's works, 271. Elementary Mathematics, Lagrange, 79.
Biblical questions, three, 57.

"Epic of the Starry Heavens," Harris, 406
Book of the Beginnings, 198.

Epigrams, cable, credit, lise, shirt, 307.
Books with odd titles, Etidorhpa, 210. Epitaphs, 216, 288.
Bowing, origin of, 18.

Epigram on Pope's Homer, 270,
Bowring, Sir John, 306.

Epsom, some early chapters, Burnham, 309.
Breathings (32), 239.

Eiernal Covenant, Brotherhood of, 129.
Birthdate, Muhammed-Quilliam, 270.

Etidorhpa (Aphrodite), book, 210.
Buddhist poem, Sighs from the Deep, 390. Evening Primrose (The), poem, 362.
Burns, Robert J., Man from Venus, 3.

Famous " Rides," 375.
Calendar of the School of Positivism, 9. Fancy and reason, 69.
Capital, Topeka, Charles M. Sheldon, 117. Fire Fiend, a Nightmare, Poe, poem, 104.
Card problems, 27.

Figure table, discovering one's age, 96.
Catwg the Wise, his monitor, 18.

First New England newspapers, 62.
Celsus and Paracelsus, names, 88.

Folk-lore of Maryland, 127.
Century calendar, 28.

Fond Recollection, poem, Currier, 308.
Chess, the game, and King Solomon, 62. Formal concept, by J. J. Van Nostrand,57.
Christ and Jesus, the names, 117.

Franklin and astrology, 49.
Christ hanged on a tree, 272.

Franklin, Benj. and Titan Leeds, 49.
Christmas, notes on, 19.

Franklin, Benjamin, Poor Richard, 1.
Christology, 85 pamphlets, appendix, April, Franklin's epitaph, 71.
Christ's seamless garment, 157.

Franklin's basis of religion, 4.
Christos, the anointed, 118.

Freemasonry and Social Science, Blitz, 133.
Christ, W., Homer's Iliad, 252,

Freenen and freedmen, 157.
Chylena (pseudonym),

Circle of immortality, 202.

Game of Chess and King Solomon, 62.
Cleopatra and Antony, poems, 273.

George Wither and his portraits, 266.
Cleopatra and Antony, titles of poems, 45. Gladstone's desideratum, Homer, 157.
Coffee, spelled “ kauphy," 388.

God, poem, translated by Bowring, 305.
• Come thou Fount of every blessing," 97. Gofre, John, letter of, (1754), 161.
Compasses from watches, 61.

Golden key and Freemasonry, 417.
Complicated relationship, 6.

Golden wedge of Ophir, 86*.

Hautontimorumenos, 347.

Light of Love, authorship, 191, 235, 359. “Have you lost Lenore ?" poem, 108. Lights, couriers, three round bodies 34. Heaven, how far away ? solution, 126. Lines, in Shakespeare, spoken, 72. "Heard ye those loud contending waves,"91. Literature, pseudonymous, 227. Hegel, Secret of, James H. Stirling, 74. Literary curiosity, the complete poem, 15 6 Hercules, organ of Olombia, 40.

Liquor problem, 25. Heretical remarks, 357.

Living Statues, poem, 372. Hermetic Brotherhood, 129.

Logarithms, invention, and systems, 10, 77. Historical sketch Isiac tablet, 340 341. Logarithms, power of, 109. Homer (poem), Walter Malone, 37.

Logic of prisms, 553. Homer's Iliad, by W. Christ, 252.

Lovely River and Lakes of Maine, 369. Homer's moly, 388. Homer's works, early edition of text, 160. Magic table, discovering one's age, 96. Homeric Club, meetings, discussions, 53. Magic squares, 25, 150, 254. Homeric Club, ninth anniversary, 249. Magnus Maharba (Great Abraham), 212. Homeric poems, Gladstone's desire, 157. Man from Venus (The), Robert J. Burns, 8 Homeomeria, doctrine, 97.

Man of Two Lives, Edward Syndeham, 124 Horoscope of Jesus Christ, 23.

“Man of wisdom, man of years," 345. House, horse, hours, spelling, 47.

Man of wisdom's various arts," etc., 345. How far away is the Moon ? 371.

Man with the Hoe (The), poem, 15. "How pleasant is Saturday night," 269, 345. Man With and Without the Hoé (The), 409. How to find Constellations, 258, 298, 345, 373, Masonic decalogue, 70. undefined, 69.

(411. Maryland folk-lore, 199. Huxley's epitaph, 269.

Mary Stevens' Bible, 195. Hygeia, city of health, 7.

Mathematics, De Morgan, Lagrange, 78, 70.

Mathematical symbols, uniformity, 74.
Icosahedron, dodecahedron, remarks, 250. Maximum n-gons, 389.
Ideal countries and cities, 7.

Memory of Past Births, Chas. Johnston, 86. Ideal Homes, Carl Michelsen, 233.

Meteoric astronomy, bibliography, 20.
If Christ Came to Chicago, book, Stead, 119. Mills, B. Fay, quotes from Parker, 123,
Iliad and Odyssey, early edition, text, 160. Miragea, a dreamed of city, 7.
Image of the cross, 346.

Mirage, King of, D. Willard, Miragea, 85. Imaginary and visionary countries, 7. Mississippi river flows up bill, 289, 345. Immortality, curve of, analogy, 202.

Mnemonics, biblical books, 207. Immortality of the Soul, I. P. Noyes, 41. Mocking Bird, legend, 217, 255. Incommunicable name, 140.

Mohammed and his religion, 64.
Indian summers, Parkman's, 164.

Mohammedan prayer, 43.
In His Name, In His Steps, two books, 119. Moly, in Homer, 388,
Inscription for a hospital, palimdrome, 13. Monitorial philosophy, 21, 180.
Inscription to book-borrowers, 300.

Monitor of Catwg the Wise, 18.
Inmost Center (The), poem, 384.

Moon's distance from the Earth, 371. Intelligence in nature, 39.

Mosaic poem, Sighs from the Deep, 408. Isiac tablet, historical sketch, 340, 341, Muhammed-Quilliam, birthdate, 270. Italics, book, 339. Intuition, 415.

Muse of Brotherhood, poem, Markham, 92.

My humble prayer to My Creator, God, 236. Jesus and Christ, the names, 117.

Mystics, Altrurian Order of, 128.
Jesus Christ, a Jupiterian architect, 3. Mystic Masonry, J. D. Buck's, 209.
Jesus Christ, horoscope of, 23.
Jesus, Secret of, J. H. Dewey, 205.

Names, alliterative, 38.
Jesus, Secret of, 0. B. Frothingham, 165. Names, Christ and Jesus, 117.
Jewel-bearing tree, 353.

Names, real, astrologers, Zadkiel, etc., 270.
Joseph Henry Stickney, H. W. Herrick, 223. Nazarene the word, 260.
Joshua Davison's Words and Deeds, 167. Nauvoo, new city, Mormon, 7.
June. Bug. poem, W. J. Long, 217*.

“Nearer, my God to Thee,"S. F. Adams, 98.

New Cosmogony, review, (McLennan), 218* Karma, 410.

New Flea (Supposed), Burnham, 254. King of the Mirage, D. Willard, 85.

New Mineral, 215.
Kings of England, in verse, 267.

Newspaper 800 years old, 39.
Koran, Summation of suras, verses, etc., 66. Newspapers, first New England, 52.

New Thought of God Newton, 317, 347.
Lamentations, book of, composition, 75. New words, universal science, 388.
Lao-Tze and Confucius, 48.

"Night has a thousand eyes," poem, 191. Last Days of Keats, G. W. Browne, 51. Nineteenth century, discussion in 1800, 28. Legend of the Mocking Bird, 217, 255. Northern Constellations, J. Green, 242. Letter of Col. John Goffe, (1754), 161.

Notes on Christmas, 19. Letter of Tobias Lear, Wash. Sec., 13. “ Not dead but rison," from Arabic, 288.

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