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No one will assert that there is a College of They know that, until very recently, any Medicin on the Gulf Coast such as Rush, one could have practised medicin (without or Bellevue, or Jefferson College, or Ann diploma, degree or any attendance at Arbor, and yet a few medical men with- medical college) in every State.

They out even local reputations, often better know that the requirements for matricu. ward politicians than medical practitioners, lation or admission to the study of medi. are enabled by law to close the doors of a cin at nine tenths of United States medical State to good and useful men in any com- colleges are really not equal to those demunity. We who are fighting these unjust manded for third class public school certifienactments, these blue laws of exclusion, cates. They have learned that until very demand a higher standard than now gen- recently there were many medical colleges erally prevails; place the standard where that required only two years' attendance the discoveries of the age demand it should for M. D. They are of the opinion that and must be, but let us have absolute many medical colleges are simply joint inter-state medical commerce, and we stock companies organized by sharpers. challenge any man, any set of men, or any They know Chicago is a medical center, State board of health to successfully com- such as is described on page 477 in Sovem. bat our position with sound arguments in ber World, and that from its ten schools harmony with our federal system, or in “ not clast as super classical" the output the interests of the people whom the law is large ;--that " fifteen schools are acmakes our medical wards. It is not now cepted as in good or fair standing." If nor has it ever been in the interests of they (the foreign doctors) know these facts advanced medicin and surgery to put up concerning medical laws and rulings in the a Chinese wall by States to exclude medi- United States, it is evident that their cal intercourse. The day will come when views and knowledge on these subjects such laws will seriously curtail the useful should influence and enlighten them and ness of such colleges as Rush and Bellevue those with whom they associate. The and Jefferson, when their students must ease with which the M. D. can be obtained either practice in Illinois, New York or from many United States medical colleges Pennsylvania. There should be no legal floods the schools with many very poorly limit to the centers of learning in America educated men, thus interfering with the or to their usefulness ; students who have honest work in practice of well educated honorably past such institutions should not men. The former, looking on practice in be insulted by being called on by some a business light, and not meeting with politico-medical state caudal appendage to success, frequently leave the practice to appear before that body or be barred out engage in the livery business, keep hotels. of the State; and in the bargain be fined etc., thus bringing reproach on the profes. by that body a fee of from $10 to $25, to sion ; for as the M. D. did not cost much enable them to requalify. The time has labor, many shekels or time to get it, it come to move on to Washington and de- was not lookt on as a great possession as mand a Federal Medical Law ; one worthy it is in European countries and in the of the age and in harmony with the fore- British colonies, where its possessor never most nation of the earth, its instincts and thinks of giving up the profession for which advanced learning.

he has workt many long tedious years. In S. EDWARD McCULLY, M.D. all foreign countries the requirements Topeka, Kansas.

are greater than those exacted by the

majority of United States medical colleges. American Doctors Abroad.

Universities alone give the M. D. degree Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--In reply to in foreign countries. Dr. Allis (November WORLD, page 463), A thoroly educated M. D. will not write: I most respectfully say: First. The best "An American doctor or diploma in the medical men of the world have frequently following countries are no good.” Oh! Do. heard of Buchanan's graduates as M. D's. No M. D. of Michigan University, Corneli. They have frequently heard of such schools Harvard, Rush, Jefferson or of six or the

"National," “ Independent." eight other medical colleges has so forgot- Wisconsin Eclectic Medical College,” ten his grammar. and several other similar institutions. Place each medical degree conferring inThey have heard that the doctorate has stitution on a level with such as are last been and is given in several other callings named ; let State universities alone gire where learning is not much demanded. the requirements for M. D. degree; require


a matriculation equal to the work of the ease), became anemic and developt a second year in Art's course, or B. A. cough and in every respect reminded me course ; abolish joint stock "diploma of her mother, as they were as much alike mills. Then foreigners will recognize the United as is possible for mother and daughter to States M. D.

be, in temperament and diathesis, as well Encourage the work of the Wayne as in likeness and general make up. County (Michigan) M, D's. who are trying Daughter's decline was gradual but so to get the profession out of the rut. When perceptible that I had given up all hope done, Dr. L. L. Smith (if he will read up),

of her recovery.

Her cough was severe will not be fined in Hobartown.

and expectoration abundant; loss of appeCANADIAN M. D. tite, loss of weight and loss of strength, [The Editor wishes to ask pardon for month after month, produced general allowing the above mentioned grammatical debility. Her condition was in every reerror to appear. It is his business to pre- spect highly unfavorable, especially so vent such errors from appearing. How after my diagnosis was corroborated by a ever, while the Canadians are the most microscopic examination, showing bacilli critical of the faults of others, yet as a rule in ber sputum. their manuscript is the worst that comes My hesitation to call the attention of to this office. Their writing, arrangement, the profession to her remarkable recovery rhetoric, and sometimes their grammar was caused principally by the fear that rank with the poorest that we have to deal the cure was not permanent. But it is with. The original manuscript of the now almost five years and she enjoys above article is no exception to this rule. better health than ever before, and the But the thought contained in the con- cure appears to be permanent. tributions from our Canadian friends is Eight or nine years ago I remember generally good, and more of it would be reading several articles in THE MEDICAL welcome. The criticism of our institu- World from the pen of Dr. N. B. Shade tions contained in the above article is in of Hagerstown, Md., who is now a resimost respects a wholesome criticism, and dent of this city. I was very forcibly despite the badly written manuscript, we struck with the originality of his arguare pleased to present it, feeling that we ment on the pathology of tuberculosis and are doing good by so doing.)

its causes, which led me to place my daughter under his care and treatment.

I know personally three physicians and My Daughter Cured of Pulmonary Tubercu

again as many laity in this city who have losis.

been cured of tuberculosis by Dr. Shade's Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-The fatality methods, and all these cases were diagof tuberculosis and the rapid strides during nosed consumption by Washington phythe last decade, made by the student of sicians. Let me say that Dr. Shade does medicin, is at this time occupying the at- not claim to have discovered a specific. tention of the profession, as well as at- If he did I should not have faith in him. tracting the intense interest of the whole All the cases cured that I have any knowlcountry.

edge of were cured in five to eight months. The medical magazines and the press My daughter began treatment in Novemgenerally are teeming with news and ber, 1894, and was discharged cured in opinions in regard to tuberculosis in both June, 1895, at the end of seven months, man and beast.

cough gone, expectoration had ceast enThat which interests me most is the fact tirely, her appetite improved and her of which I am convinced after years of weight increast. This is the kind of doubt, that tuberculosis must be a curable work achieved in Washington, D. C., withdisease, or my daughter would not be out a change of climate, which is remarkliving and well to day.

able. I feel it my duty to bring certain truths An investigation should be thoroly made to the attention of the medical profession, as to every particular in regard to his which I, as an old school (regular) phy- plan of treatment, which is undoubtedly sician hesitated in doing for several years. highly successful when compared to the

My daughter, who had contracted pul- statistics of other treatments of whatever monary tuberculosis in 1894 and had un- character. S. A. H. McKIM, M.D. doubtedly inherited the susceptibility Washington, D. C. from her mother (who died of said dis- We sent the above to Dr. Shade, request

[ocr errors][ocr errors]

ing an outline of the treatment pursued in

Quiz Column, this case, and he sends the following:

Questions are solicited for this column. Communications The first object in the treatment was to not accompanied by the proper name and address of the

writer (not necessarily for publication) will not be arrest malnutrition, which was accom

noticed. plisht by cleansing the alimentary canal The great number of requests for private answers, for the in

formation and beneħt of the writer, makes it necessary by flushing with a half gallon or more of for us to charge a fee for the time required. This fee wii warm water every other night. Then one

be from one to five dollars, according to the amount of

research and writing required. twentieth grain of hydrargyri chloridum mite was prescribed to be taken every

Treatment of Nevus. night until urine cleared up, and afterwards one-fourth grain of aurum chlor; the World readers give me some of their

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will any of idum was given daily until the mild chlorid of mercury was indicated again experience as to the best treatment of devi. by scanty or highly-colored urine, loss of medical or surgical ? My own baby, a girl appetite, etc.

of thirteen months, has three nevi, one I think she took the gold

on the ear, one on the shoulder, and one the most of the time after her secretions acted well and her liver and kidneys per

on the forehead in the middle of the anformed their functions tolerably well.

terior fontanelle. Help will be greatly A glass valve inhaler, which generates appreciated. I am very anxious to relieve

her of possible future disfigurement. ammonium chlorid and tar vapor, was prescribed, which she used thrice daily.

McKeesport, Pa. DR. FRIEDLANDER. The base of the inhaler contained aqua

[The only successful treatment for nevus

that we know of is by electrolysis. The ammon., distilled water and a few drops

treatment should be given by an expert of ol. tar. The top vial contained acid

electrician.- Ed.] mur. She took several tonics : Syr. hypophos

Care of Surgical Instruments. phites comp., Wampole's emulsion and tinct. gentian comp., equal parts in des

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Would some sertspoonful, doses after meals. After

of the readers of your valuable journal taking treatment for several months, she

state how they deal with their surgical intook three to five grains of hydrargyri struments after using them? I have had chloridum mite occasionally at night, and more than one instrument lose its lustre for many months took a half teaspoonful and show rust spots after carefully carryof a refined magnesia every morning on

ing out the best technic I know of. rising, in a cup of hot water, to flush the Suggestions from our able and versatile stomach and duodenum, which cleanged friend, Dr. Waugh, on this, which is after the folds and convolutions of the stomach all a very important matter, would be and bowels. Her improvement was very especially appreciated.

J. M. markt after four months, and gradually

Nova Scotia, Can. her health was restored, which seems to be permanent. NEVIN B. SHADE, M.D.

Is it Progressive Muscular Atrophy? Washington, D. C.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Having been

a reader of THE MEDICAL WORLD for eight Prolonged Lactation.

years and a practising physician for fifteen There are numerous cases of prolonged years, I wish to ask help from my brother lactation on record, one of the most re- M. D's. in diagnosis and treatment of markable of which is that reported by myself. Kenneday. In his case a woman had milk About two years ago I began to loose in her breasts continuously for forty-seven the use of my legs. They would tire years. The history of a case now in charge easily. My ankles would sprain easily. of the editor is as follows:

My general health was good excepting some Mary S., aged twenty-two, was pregnant anemia and emaciation. Soon I noticed for the first time at the age of seventeen, atrophy of anterior tibial muscles with and has had milk in her breasts continue foot-drop and abolition of patellar tendoously since the birth of her first child. reflex. Soon the anterior muscles of thigbs She has not nurst a child for two years, and also gluteal muscles began to atropby. but at times the breasts are much enlarged. Had muscular tremens of same and Her mother, after the birth of her last sometimes fibritory twitchings, especially child, had milk in her breasts continu- after exertion, also twitching of muscles ously for fifteen years.-Exchange.

of both arms. Am becoming weaker in

.3 oz.

left arm. Also have the twitching of

Formulas. muscles of back and abdomen. Yet my health is good. Have been confined to [In our issue for November, 1897, we began republishing the

formulas for the leading advertised nostrums. We do this invalid chair for eight months. My legs believing that physicians have a right to know what the peoare greatly reduced. Have

some dull

ple are taking, and that they ought to know in order to ad

minister proper antidotes if called in case of an overdose, pains in hip joints at night. Am tender which often happens, particularly with the various soothing

syrups given to children. Back numbers can still be fur. along the sciatic nerve for four or five

nished to those who wish the series complete. 1 inches near the hip joint. Am of late restless at night unless I take bromids. Formulas for the following are askt for : Family history clear of any nervous “De Lacy's French Hair Tonic."

“Sozodont." trouble, so far as I know. Never had any

“Alkavis.'' specific trouble. Was, until disease set in

"Absorbine." two years ago, a tolerable free user of

“Heiskell's Tetter Ointment." beer and whisky; also tobacco. My blad- According to the Western Druggist, the latter der and bowels are in perfect condition. is said to be simply cerate of subacetate of lead. Sexual powers greatly reduced. Eyesight perfect. Memory as good as ever. Have

Favorite Remedy. almost no pain except nocturnal dull pains Poke root

Mandrake of hips. Have done most of my work horseback, and have been exposed to all

Yellow dock

Of each 4 oz.

Sassafras kinds of weather. I am forty-five years

Blue flag and old. My mother died of phthisis at the Sweet elder flowers age of forty-nine. Extreme flexion of arms

Caraway seed... will cause cramps.

If any brother who Bruise all and add 1 qt. alcohol together with has had any experience with anything of

enuf water to cover. Let stand 4 days in a warm a similar nature will answer me person

place. Then stir all and strain off. To 1 qt. add

2 lbs. of sugar. ally, or thru THE WORLD, I will be under

Dose.-1 tablespoonful, 3 times a day. lasting obligations to him. I graduated

Scotia, N. Y.

FRANKLIN VEDDER. at the Missouri Medical College, of St. Louis, in the class of 1885.

Solution of Sulfur. .
L. C. NEIL, M.D.
Aldrich, Polk Co., Mo.

Griffith recommends that one ounce of lime [Read up

and two of sulfur, with a quart of water, be on progressive muscular

boiled in a porcelain-lined vessel for some twenty atrophy. If your disease is not in the

minutes. After standing, pour off the clear spinal cord, massage and passive exercise liquid. This is not a solution of pure sulfur, but of the affected parts would promise benefit; resembles those in the market. One to two also the vacuum treatment. The latter is ounces of this solution, when diluted, form a done as follows: A leg is put into a metallic

sulfur bath, and a few drops in a tumbler of

water make a sulfur water. Recently this solureceiver which is made to fasten air-tight

tion has been highly recommended as a cough about the upper part of the thigh. Then remedy.-M. Billier, in the Practical Druggist. a partial vacuum is produced in the receiver, and later steam may be introduced.

EDWARDS'S ALTERATIVE AND TONIC BITTERS. It is not difficult to understand that this

Take of treatment brings an increast supply of

Fluid extract of hops.......

.16 11. oz. blood to the limb, greatly improving its

Fluid extract of red cinchona... 8 fl. oz, nutrition. Such treatment is best gotten

Fluid extract of sarsaparilla.... 6 f. oz. in a sanitarium, which has suitable appa- Fluid extract of hydrastis...... 6 fl. oz. ratus and trained assistants.-ED.]

Fluid extract of podophyllum., 4 tl. oz.
Oil of wintergreen.

6 fi, dr. Oil of sassafras..

3 A. dr. We have all heard of the little boy who had to go to bed to Oil of peppermint..

2 fi, dr. have his shirt washt. When & companion who one day

Oil of lemon...

2 fl. dr. found him in bed exprest surprise at him having only one shirt, the boy in bed sat straight upright and said: “Do you Sugar..

6 lbs. expect a feller to have a hundred shirts ?!!


2 gal. Some doctors subscribe for only one medical magazine and think that they are thereby doing their full duty to them- Water, enuf to make..

.12 gal. selves in that line. What is a better investment for the price

Myers Bros.' Druggist. than a practical medical magazine? Can you think of any better in vestment? Suppose you pay $1 for a medical magazine, and only get time to read a quarter of them; out of that quarter vou will get information worth to you many

WISTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, times the yearly subscription price. You should make as many such investments as possible, and your list should in. This preparation is of a reddish brown color, clude as many different kinds as possible. The WORLD is unlike any other medical magazine.

having an odor of anis and sugar-house syrup.

Therefore you will want it, even tho you are taking fifty others.

It comes in an octagonal bottle, holding ten fluid

ounces of the solution. The wrapper is lithographrt in plain black on white. Examination showed it to contain a fluorescent principle, extracted from alkalin solution by amyl alcohol (wild cherry), an alkaloid soluble in amyl alcohol and precipitated by Mayer's reagent (probable presence of ipecac, tho opium may also be present), tartar emetic, coloring matter, oil anis, sugar-house syrup, and possibly other substances of less importance. The following formula makes a preparation which is substantially the same as the proprietary article: Take of F), ext. wild cherry....

1 fl. oz. FI, ext. ipecac...

2 ti, dr. FI. ext. squills.

2 tl. dr.
Tinct, opium..

1 dr.
Tartar emetic,.
Sugar-house syrup.

3 fl. oz.

6 . dr.
Sp. anis (1 in 8)....
Tinct. cudbear comp., X. F... 2 dr.
Water sufficient to make.

8 t. oz. -New Idea.

J'irodizef's Method.
Take of -

5 parts.

45 parts. Glycerin.

2,160 parts. Water....

.1,vo parts. Mix. To inject the body half of its weight of fluid is necessary.

Muller's Preserving Fluid.
Take of -

Bichromate of potash. ....2 to 2 parts.
Sulfate of soda...

i part.
Water to make.....

100 parts.

2 gr.

[ocr errors]

20 m.

Wickersheimer's Preserving Fluid. Wickersheimer's Preserving Fluid is most gen i erally prepared as follows:

For injecting. For immersing
Arsenious acid...... 16 gms. 12 gms.
Sodium chlorid..... $0 gms.

60 gms.
Potassium sulfate... 200 gms. 150 gms.
Potassium nitrate.. 25 gms.

18 gms.
Potassium carbonate 20 gms. 15 gms.
Water....... 10 liters. 10 liters.

4 liters. 4 liters.
Wood naphtha...... liters. liters.

-Secret Nostrums and Systems.

[blocks in formation]


PAINLESS EXTRACTION OF TEETH. As one of the great corps of "country doctors" who act in almost every capacity for their patrons, I submit the following formula as a local anesthetic for the almost painless extraction of teeth: Take of

Hydrochlorate cocain... 5 parts.
Crystal. carbolic acid..

6 parts.
Pure gum camphor....

6 parts.
95 per cent, alcohol, enuf to

....120 parts. Mix.

Inject one to three minims of this mixture with a hypodermie syringe deeply into the gum on the inner and outer sides of the tooth. Apply over the gum a piece of absorbent cotton wet in the solution. Wait four to five minutes. The gum can then be freely incised, and the tooth drawn with a minimum amount of pain.-J. Wilton Hope, M.D., in Va. Med. Monthly

EMBALMING. The following was given in Scientific American in 1878:

Saturate two pints of water with chlorid of zinc, and add one pint more of water and two pints of methylated spirit or alcohol. This amount is sufficient for an adult. Tie the injecting nozzle in the vein. If a catarrh bottle is used with long pipe the fluid will gravitate over the body; if not, slight pressure may be made, as by blowing in it. This makes the skin white and firm, but mottled for a short time.


Morell's Antiseptic Fluid. Morell's Antiseptic Liquid for general antiseptic and embalming purposes is as follows: Take of Arsenious acid....

14 parts. Caustic soda..

7 parts. Water ....

20 parts. Carbolic acid, to render fluid

after stirring opalescent. Add water enuf to make......100 parts.


FOR DRUNKEXNESS. Prof. Edmund Andrews gives the following in regard to this treatment in an interview publisht in the Chicago Daily News:

About three years ago a young physician in Chicago named Dr. J. L. Gray, who now has a sanitarium for the treatment of drunkenness and nervous diseases at La Porte, Ind., without any knowledge of what was being done at Dwight, began to treat drunkards by a combination of medicins, of which the principal in. gredients were strychnia, atropin, and the double

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