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Don't give any opiate. It dries up the

It dries up the veratrin gr. 1-134 and digitalin gr. 1-67, secretions-just the thing you don't want. every fifteen to thirty minutes, to effect, It does not, never did, and never will help and then often enuf to maintain it, with a cough, and it does not secure rest - sulfocarbolates enuf to deodorize the stools. physiological rest. Its exhibition will The patient will be well in forty-eight always diminish the patient's chances. hours in a large per cent. of the cases, and

There are a number of other important the balance will be much better. In the don'ts, but my space is exhausted. If I asthenic type use strychnin arsenate gr. have written in a rather ex-cathedra style, 1-134 in place of the veratrin, and witit has been done to avoid periphrasis, ness the same result. With the above only that.

method, as a rule, the cough does not Cleves, 0.

W. C. COOPER need treatment. :: [Some things are worth repeating. Par

The movement for uniformity of the reticularly is this true of ideas different from quirements for license to practise medicin the prevailing ones. We will venture ought to receive the support of all men. that perhaps many thousands of our read- I would suggest in Dr. Law's case of ers, as they read the above lines, will wish nocturnal emissions, that he investigate that they had Dr. Cooper's treatment of the condition of the urethra, urine and pneumonia before them. We will ask the intestinal tract, tho I can't see what there Doctor to kindly give us his treatment in is abnormal about a seminal emission two full for pneumonia, for next issue. Pri- or three times a month if the man's testivately he writes us concerning the results cles are in working order at all. of his treatment of pneumonia, but he does

I should say that the case of pneumonia not give permission to publish the same, detailed by Dr. Baskerville got a trifle too because they are too good to be believed. much opiate for the best good of the phyWe will ask him to allow us to publish sician, tho such treatment is very profithis results in next issue, along with his able to the undertaker. Still one must treatment.-Ed.]

only use his best judgment as to the

drug indicated. However I would never A Castrated Young Man.-

:-“Doc."— Treat expect to accomplish anything from doses ment of Pneumonia.- Nocturnal Emissions. given six hours apart. My idea of treat

Editor MEDICAL World:- My experi- ment can be summed up in a few words: ence with castrated individuals has been Given a case that may be expected to drag limited to one case. When I was a small along for weeks, the medicin may well be boy, one day a lot of us were jumping administered in doses five or six hours from a spring board down on some hay on apart, because the action of the drug must the barn floor. One of the boys came be chronic to do much. But in an acute down in a sitting posture and a stick ran disease like pneumonia the medicin should thru the scrotum and lacerated both be given “ early and often,” like the ward testicles. The boy was about fourteen or "heelers" vote “de gang," in order that fifteen years old at the time. He grew up acute effects may be obtained. a slender, weakly fellow and married the New Windsor, Colo. E I. RAYMOND. most beautiful woman in that part of the State; had no children and died at the

Castration for Crime,-. Doc." age of twenty-eight of consumption. I Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In commenam aware that this case is of no value ting on Dr. Hachenberg's article, on page statistically.

460 of November WORLD, you ask for facts. I cannot agree fully with “ Juvenal ” Well, here is one: Ab ut thirty years in his criticism of the people who call me ago three men were castrated in Blue • Doc.” Some of the best friends I have Earth County, Minnesota, for seduction, ever had or ever expect to have, have and for several years afterward that county called me “Doc.” I admit that being had almost complete immunity from that addrest as "Doc" by some people is ex- crime, and the men who were operated tremely unpleasant; but to resent it on were strictly virtuous when last heard would be bad form, in my opinion. I from. Castration will do more than the believe it would be much better to abolish death penalty towards abolishing crime. the title altogether and stick to plain “Juvenal'' (page 465) has a wrong "Mister."

idea of “ Doc,'' and a large bump of self The season for pneumonia is at hand. esteem. Four-fifths of my patients call ”ut the sthenic cases on aconitin gr. 1-134, me “Doc,'' and I do not have convulsions



or heart failure over it either. They are dermatitis, eczema, favus-like discharges honest, hard-working people, who pay and crusts, and the problem of treatment their doctor bills promptly, without and cure becomes a decidedly complex grumbling, and who would not do any of the wicked things “Juvenal” tells about, The idiosyncrasy of the patient also and most of them never go into "bar enters into consideration as well as in

or bad company" but do go to herited, constitutional or acquired vices church. When I was supposed to be and powers of resistance. In a score of drowned, several of them riskt their lives similar cases similarly treated, some will to recover my body from the water during recover in a short time, others less a winter gale on the Gulf of Georgia. promptly, and a few prove so obstinate as Would “ Juvenal's” patients do as much to exhaust one's patience. Sometimes for him? Admiral Dewey is spoken of as these obstinate cases are benefited by apThe Old Man” by every man on board propriate tonic or specific internal treathis ship. He knows it and does not re- ment. sent it, for it is a term of endearment, and But when the disease once gets firmly the men who use it would fight and die for rooted in schools, children's homes, and him. I have not got any of those fancy eleemosynary institutions where large diplomas “Juvenal” speaks of, but just numbers of children are herded together, a plain every day one from the University the cure of tinea tonsurans is altogether of Minnesota (Regular); but as I also hold another matter. Only those who have had a Sea Captain's commission, I know experience with it in such places can have whereof I speak, and I want no better any just conception of what a task it is to evidence of the love, honor, and respect get rid of it. The two unsightly and disof my patients than to hear them say when gusting plagues of children's institutions I enter the house,

66 we're all right now, are sore heads and sore eyes. One is about thank God; here's Doc."

as repulsive and difficult to cure as the W. A. KING, M, D. other. Blaine, Washington.

Some experience in an institution for

children with which I am connected will Tinea Tonsurans.

illustrate distinctive features of the disease Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-From time to as seen at its worst. time infallible cures for tinea tonsurans, In the institution are nearly 400 boys or ringworm of the scalp, appear in medic and girls, ranging from two to twelve years cal journals. Those who recommend them of age. About five years ago there was redoubtless have entire faith in them. This ceived into the institution a child with a faith, however, is usually born of a very slightly suspicious trouble of the scalp. limited experience with the disease. In- The examiner leaned to the side of pity, dividual cases in private practice, with permitting his sympathy to, dominate his hygienic surroundings, may usually be better judgment, hoping doubtless that the cured in a short time. Even where there trouble would not prove a serious one.

several uncomplicated cases in But from this one case followed over five family, prompt cares may be expected. years of anxiety and trouble, and hundreds

For this purpose, almost any good pa- of dollars of extra expense. rasiticide, with or without epilation, proves In a short time there were several cases effectual. The most used are corrosive of ringworm of the scalp, all traceable to sublimate, naphthol, oleate of copper, this child. These were isolated, oleate of mercury, acetic acid, aqua calcis, treated, and apparently cured. Soon aniodin, pyrogallic acid, preparations of other crop appeared, to be treated in like sulfur, chrysarobin, resorcin, and salicylic manner. Then more cases appeared, and acid. No one of these remedies will cure some of the cured ones relapst. The in all cases. It is a rule of “cut and try.” utmost care was taken in regard to indiIf one fails after faithful trial, try another. vidual towels, bedding, especially pillows,

Tinea is not always the simple affection clothing and belongings, and the battle that shows itself in a few characteristic raged with victory almost in sight, only to spots. From scratching, from irritation, meet partial defeat, until at last the disand particularly from the use of too strong ease secured a firm foothold in the instiremedial applications, the skin is plowed up tution. and made ready for other “vagrant Special nurses were employed, eminent germs to take root in, so that we have dermatologists called in council, the most



approved methods of treatment pursued, hemorrhage. The usual means, both inbut the tinea had come to stay. For two ternal and external, were used to restore or three years the institution was never her, but to no avail. Finally, transfusion entirely free from it.

of blood was decided upon. With the aid The problem was, not how to cure indi- of our local druggist, we improvised an vidual cases, but how to make them stay apparatus which answered the purpose adcured, and how to prevent further spread mirably. We got two glass tubes two or of the disease. The characteristic advice three inches long with one end of each of one specialist was When you have re- smooth enuf to insert into the vein. The duced the number to the last half dozen other end of each we connected with a obstinate cases, cut their heads off if you gum tube twelve or fourteen inches long. would get clear of the disease." And he We were now ready for the operation, was not so very far out of the way.

but no one of the family or friends present About two years ago the most thoro isola- was physically able to supply the desired tion was decided on. A separate build- blood. The need being urgent, my son, ing was secured, and sixty-seven infected Dr. Evans M. Free, had his arm bandaged children removed to it. They were pro- and with his own hand opened a vein and vided with special nurses and attendants, inserted the glass tube into it. Then I and all needful appliances.

opened a vein in the patient's arm, and The main building was thoroly washt, when the blood ran thru the tube, dispellscrubbed and disinfected, and all the ap- ing all air, I introduced the other end of pointments freed from every suspicion of the tube into the vein in the patient's arm. taint. Fifteen more cases of the disease The effect was prompt and gratifying. The appeared, and these were also sent to the circulation was soon restored, consciouslazaretto-making in all eighty-two cases ness returned, the cold hands and feet betreated there. As fast as they were cured came warm again--in short, her life was they were returned to the main building. saved. I have been in practice fifty

The great majority of these cases were years, and do not remember ever having soon cured, but at the end of six months a

seen a case like this reported. For this number of " stragglers" remained-fit reason I have mentioned the details of the subjects for Dr. Blank's decapitation procedure, which, however are simple, and method.

I see no reason why others could not easily Then the special hospital was abandoned, do the same under similar circumstances. and the few stubborn cases domiciled by Stewartstown, Pa. J. L. FREE, M.D. themselves for further consideration.

For a year past these intractable cases Nasal Catarrh ; Climatic and Medicinal have been under the particular care of an

Treatment-Notes. eminent specialist, and it is not safe to say Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- A call is made to-day that the pesky disease is fully eradi- in last WORLD for a good treatment for cated. A casual visitor might not see any nasal catarrh. There is no cure for this evidence of it, but the doctors know that prevalent disease that equals change of it is lurking about ready to show itself climate from the locality where the disease when vigilance is relaxt.

was acquired to opposit climatic condiIt is not my purpose to commend any tions. If the disease is acquired in a cold, special mode or line of treatment, for the dry locality, a change to a warm, moist, or remedies already mentioned, either alone, sometimes to a warm, dry climate, is very or in combination, or in succession, will good treatment, and a change in the generally prove satisfactory in isolated opposit direction, i. e. from warm or cases; but I simply desire to illustrate foggy to dry cold climate, is usually what the disease may do and become effective. where there is abundant material to work IIere in South California we have a great on, and isolation difficult to enforce. many immigrants, tourists, and health 83 St. Mark's Ave., BENJ. Edson, V.D. seekers, a majority of whom are afflicted Brooklyn, N. Y.

with various catarrhs. nasal, pharyngeal,

bronchial, gastrie, vesical, vaginal, etc., Transfusion of Blood.

and the climatic change is very beneficial Editor MEDICAL WORLD) :--Mrs. A. W. in a large number of cases, and more deT., who had been confined to her bed about cidedly benefical if the proper selection of eight days, became greatly prostrated on locality is made. There is great diversity the evening of October 13th from a wasting of climate here, from the damp, breezy


coast, thru the various grades of orange, chronic or chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. apricot, walnut, and vine lands, back to. In such cases I usually thoroly cleanse the hot, dry interior, and on up to the the mucosa with warm salt water or cañons and pine-covered slopes of the Dobell's solution, then apply tinct. benzoin Sierra Madre mountains. Those who are comp. entirely thru to the pharynx with fortunate enuf to get into the right local. cotton on a probe. If the nares are closed ity, in accordance with the law of oppo- by hypertrophied turbinates or a general sites briefly defined above, are generally hypertrophied mucosa, I aid the benzoin much benefited if not cured of nasal and by negative galvạnic electrolysis with an pharyngeal catarrh especially, and helpt in ordinary steel needle, with a light current most catarrhs.

until surface looks a little pale or white, Usually the cañons and pine covered sticking the point of needle in three or slopes of the mountains are the best at four places, and working back at subsean elevation of two to three thousand feet, quent sittings as the swelling subsides but the dry elevations are not always best, and makes room to get further back. as witness a typical case:

Scabs and crusts I soften with vaselin My brother, Rev. L. F. Bickford, came and remove with wash and cover raw to California during the "boom" and surface with acetanilid and bismuth located at Pasadena, where I then resided. powder. He and his two sons had nasal catarrh, I give a tonic and alterative treatment acquired at Lebanon, Mo., in the hills internally and have patient spray nose and north of the Ozark Mountains at quite an throat with : elevation and quite cold in winter. He

Zinc sulfas, and I expected that the warm dry air of Colorless hydrastie, Pasadena, at the foot of the mountains, Fl. ext. hamamelis, would soon cure them, but at the end of a Aqua dest. year they were no better. He then moved The strength of the preparation to be to Westminster, in Orange Co., six miles determined by testing, as some can bear from the beach and thirty feet above high much stronger solutions than others. If tide, where you could taste the salt in there is much fetor I add creosote; if the every breath and drip with fog every nose is rather dry with little discharge, I second morning, and in a year they were omit zinc and use liquid vaselin with oil all well. They had found the opposite to atomizer. I get better results from weak the air of the Ozarks. He is now Presi- soothing sprays than strong, irritating dent of Glen Rose College on the upper solutions. Of course I ring the changes Brazoo in Texas, another opposit to the on treatment to suit the case, spraying fogs of Westminster, and he remains free with eucalyptol, listerine, witch hazel, from catarrh.

liquid alboline, and changing from iodid Not every sufferer from catarrh potass. to iodid arsenic for a more tonic change his climate, most sufferers must alterative. stay at home; then“ what will they do to With a faithful application of such a be saved ?'' I confess that after I have treatment, varied to suit indications, I corrected all the secretions that need cor- generally give much relief and sometimes rection, enjoin correct habits, and tone cure the catarrh ; at least until the patient the vital forces, I am prone to prescribe a "takes cold” again. chlorid of sodium solution for cleansing This is my say”; and if you are innose and throat and carry the victims over undated with “sure cures” and scientific till hot weather again when they are expositions from the catarrh doctors and usually better till changeable weather in eminent specialists, you can drop this the fall. But that will not do for all cases, crude affair into the waste basket.

are great sufferers from fetor, Dr. Smith asks what will remove grease ulcers, impeded breathing and constant spots and dirt from clothing. My wife droppings into throat, hawking and cleans my clothes and her skirts, etc., gagging making life a burden. They must with a decoction of quillaia, or soap bark, have treatment, and so what will we do and does it clean too, so that by turning for them. This all

This all depends on the and pressing they look like new (if not character and stage of the disease, whether too much worn) and do not gather dust acate or chronic, atrophic or hypertro- readily. This is the next best to taking phic; but we will suppose the patient has clothes to your tailor for renovation. the most frequent form, that of either I remember an inquiry some time ago for


as some

a remedy for red spots on trousers made bones were absent. The brain was about by dribbling urine. On most kinds of the size of an egg, and rested on the base goods there is no remedy but recoloring, of the skull. The eyes were large and but a good preventive is to alkalinize the glassy looking. The child moved the arms urine.

and legs for a few seconds after delivery. A. W. BICKFORD, M. D. This monster weighed eight pounds. Anaheim, California.

As there was no carpet on the floor and

the floor was tight, I scraped up part of the A Case of Hemicephalus, with an Excess of amniotic fluid, thus securing five and oneAmniotic Fluid.

half gallons, and estimating the amount Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-October 15th, that escaped at one to two gallons, there I was hurriedly summoned to see Mrs. M. could not have been far from seven gal. I was met at the gate by the midwife, who lons of amniotic fluid. informed me that Mrs. M. was going to The placenta was large and cord short. have twins; that everything had gone all The woman made an uneventful recovery. right until two hours before, when the Curlew, Iowa. F. L. ADAMS, M. D. pains suddenly stopt, and that she had been unable to reëstablish them, altho she had given whisky, hop tea, had burned

Local Anesthetics; Agents and Methods. feathers under the bed and had her drink a Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-The fact that little urine. As she had exhausted all her the ingestion of certain drugs per orem favorite remedies, she had lighted her pipe would produce mental stupefaction and and sent for counsel.

physical torpor has been known from the I found Mrs. M., 39 years old, multi- dawn of authentic history. Mankind have para, in twelfth confinement. She was of ever been physical cowards, and altho à nervous temperament, medium height, fanaticism, pride, or exceptional will-power and Irish-American. She was resting may have enabled individuals to control quietly in bed and said she felt no incon- the manifestations of physical agony, they venience except a little short of breath. have dreaded and abhorred pain. She stated that she had noticed nothing out Hence the virtues and vices of agents of the ordinary until the end of the fifth capable of annulling physical and mental month, when the abdomen began to dis. suffering have been “Sung in poetry, retend very rapidly ; at the time that I was hearsed in prose" from time immemorcalled the waist measured sixty-four inches. able. It would seem that man has known I could determine nothing of the position alcohol since he has known himself. llys. of the uterine contents on account of ses (850 B. C.) sought the temporary obliv. this immense distention ; by digital exam- ion of his woe in the lethal power of ination I found that the bag of waters nepenthe. Christ, on the cross, was tenwas presenting, and the parts nicely sof- dered “gall," a common custom in such tened.

executions. Ancient Chinese history exI at once gave a ten gr. dose of quinin tols hashish. sul, and a hypodermic of 1.20 gr. strych- Larrey, after his campaigns, suggested nin sul. After twenty minutes I had her refrigeration as a local anesthetic. Mesmer. step upon the floor, and in two minutes in 1776, produced insensibility to pain by the pains promptly returned and she took hypnosis, in a number of minor and major to her bed; the pains continued and were surgical cases. Morton, in 1846, and strong and regular.

Simpson in 1817 made the first public recI then ruptured the bag of waters and ommendation and use of ether and chloroto say that every one present was sur- form as anesthetics in surgical operations. prised would only mildly express it. The These agents at once became popular with water shot up my coat sleeve like a stream both laity and profession, but in a comfrom a fire engine; and as the bed had paratively short time professional enthusibeen prepared with an oil cloth with a asm was arrested by the reports of many sheet covering, the water ran on the floor sudden deaths which had occurred under in a stream.

the influence of these drugs. When, in The child was delivered spontaneously. numerous instances, neither the disease The body and extremities were well de- nor the operation could be held as ai tual velopt, the neck was very short and thick, causative factors in the sudden dissolution, both the parietal bones, part of the occip- investigations were instituted; notable ital and the upper portion of the frontal among which was the Hyderabad commis

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