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such a tax did not afford sufficient revenue, let it mon the expression, “ It will not hurt you; be extended to proprietary medicins made in

I will give you just a little whiff of chlorothis country. But first tax the foreign-made

form (or ether).” We believe that many "products whose monopolistic makers want access jo our markets. If the markets are good, let

of us are guilty of indifference, to say the them pay for the privilege ; let them pay for the least, on this important matter. protection this government gives ; let them pay a [An elaborate article on local anesthesia, small portion of the immense profits extorted prepared expressly for_THE WORLD, will from the American drug trade, to help pay the

appear in next issue.- ED.) expense of this protection that they receive. But they go free under this wisely (?) planned law of ours.-The New Idea.

Dont's for the Treatment of Pneumonia.

Don't believe that acute pneumonia is Current Medical Thought.

a self-limited disease and will get along

without treatment as with it. Local Anesthesia.

Don't hug the delusion that fever in any It is strange that the profession pays so degree is a benefit to the patient. little attention to local anesthesia. So long Don't fancy that you can always tell as the element of danger from the anes- croupous from catarrhal pneumonia. thetic alone is so great, in general anes- Don't allow pain in the abdomen to draw thesia, this indifference is not justifiable. your attention away from the chest. FreProf. H. C. Wood tells his classes: "Re- quently the beginning of pneumonia is acmember, gentlemen, every time you induce companied by severe pain in the right general anesthesia, you take your patient groin, which may lead one to suspect the into the very valley of the shadows of onset of typhoid fever. death.” Nevertheless, we seem to be more Don't direct your treatment more interested in the discussion of the respec- towards the heart than towards the lungs. tive merits of chloroform, ether, and A.C. Don't fail to recognize the great influE., than in learning to be independent of ence of the brain and nervous system. any of them. Even so grave operations as Don't lose sight of the serious indication major amputations and laparotomies have of rapid and laborious breathing. been successfully performed under local Don't be afraid of applying ice to the anesthesia, and we are convinced that too chest in rubber bags. It will do no harm. often general anesthesia, with its attendant Don't fail to apply as many bags as are dangers, is chosen to the exclusion of the

necessary to cover the area of inflammalocal method.

tion. The arguments most often used against Don't think that you can get as good rethe local anesthetic, i. e., “bad moral ef- sults from a tub-bath or from cold general fect” and “added shock'

seem hardly to spongings as you can from the local applihave been borne out in the experiments cation of ice. thus far recorded. One of the most horri- Don't become alarmed when the ice profying experiences anyone can undergo is duces a sudden drop in the temperature to feel himself slipping slowly away from and think the patient is going into colconsciousness. Aside from the danger lapse. (not great, it is true, but undeniably pres- Don't fail to retain the ice so long as ent) in general anesthesia, is it not some- fever is present, and resolution has not thing to save the patient from the horror

taken place. of the primary stage, and the usual dis- Don’t omit to apply one or two ice-bags tressing nausea following the operation? to the head.

It is not rational to expose a patient to Don't overlook the beneficial influence the dangers of general anesthesia in order of strychnin in combating pneumonia. that a felon may be lanced painlessly, Administer 1-20 of a grain by the mouth when we have such agents as cocain, every three or four hours, and besides give eucain, and ethyl chlorid. The readiness the same dose hypodermically once or of the laity to submit to general anesthesia twice a day, until the system becomes on the slightest provocation is due to irritable. ignorance of the dangers involved. Most Don't omit the hypodermic injection of of us appreciate the gravity of administer. ļof a grain of morphin once or twice a ing a general anesthetic, but thru custom day to secure rest and sleep. have grown callous, and fail either to state Don't fail to administer oxygen by infacts to the patient, or to provide the rec- halation more or less constantly if the paognized agents for emergencies. How com- tient is cyanotic or short of breath.

Don't fail to bleed if the cyanosis and

New Remedies for Gonorrhea. dyspnea are not relieved by oxygen in- It may be interesting to our readers to halation.

note that Dr. Gravagna has made extenDon't lose sight of the great value of sive experiments with various new remetincture of capsicum in relieving great dies in the treatment of this disease. He nervous depression, delirium, dry black- finds that alumnol, protargol, argentamin coated tongue, picking at the bed-clothes, and argonin yield no better results than etc.; give it in from a half to one tea- the older remedies.- Rif. Med. spoonful doses in water every two or three hours, or oftener, in alcoholic pneu

Sure Cures in Mexico. monia.

Dr. Walker Ellis says that Mexico has Don't fail to give sodium salicylate, am- some unique laws affecting secret nosmonium acetate, potassium acetate, and trums. Down in the sister republic, it appotassium citrate, three grains of each, in pears, if a bald-headed man buys a bottle a dessertspoonful of peppermint water, of hair oil on which there is a label stating every three or four hours, if there is the that the preparation will restore hair on a least evidence of a rheumatic complica- bald head and it fails to accomplish the tion.

job, he can have the seller arrested and Don't overlook the important action of thrown into jail. Naturally, continues quinin in this disease.

the doctor, laws of this uature have a Don't fail to support the patient with tendency to restrict trade somewhat in the an abundance of nourishing food, such as patent medicin line, and some of the milk, freshly exprest beef-juice, etc.--Dr. prosperous concerns of the United States Thos. J. Mays, Philadelphia.

fight shy of Mexican soil.-Merck's Rep.

Cause of Pneumonia.

Tea and Rheumatism. Even in uncomplicated cases of pneu- Dr. Kellogg says the habitual use of monia physicians are not called upon to tea as a means of relieving headache is treat simply the pneumonia, but the without doubt an efficient cause of rheupatient suffering from pneumonia. At a matism in numerous ways. The writer given moment the tissues of a certain in- has met many persons who could not foredividual, for reasons in many cases not go the morning cup of tea or coffee withquite clear, become a favorable culture out suffering severely from headache and medium for the growth of a little plant, depression during the day. The thein or the pneumococcus. This little plant is caffein of tea has precisely the same effect present very often in the sputum of as uric acid, and hence has come to be a healthy individuals for long periods with- favorite domestic remedy for headache. out causing any untoward effects. Once When used habitually, however, as will it has taken root, as it were, its growth readily appear, the effect must be to cause depends on the continuance of the favor. a storing up in the body of uric acid and able tissue conditions that allowed the urates, thus laying the foundation for original implantation. Natural forces in chronic rheumatism and the various allied the body at once begin to react to pre- conditions which have their foundation in serve the human organism. It takes a the so-called uric acid diathesis or lithecertain number of days, usually five, mia.-Popular Science News. seven or nine, before the so-called critical period is reacht and nature's triumph is

The Passing of Alcohol. announced.- Medical News.

The past three years have witnessed a

great decline in the use of alcohol and a Cremation with Liquid Air:

change of opinion among the authorities in A crematory is being built for burning regard to it. bodies in liquid air. The corpse is to be The indications for its use are becoming placed in an open metallic receptacle, and more and more circumscribed and abridged, some ten gallons of the liquid poured on. tho it is, perhaps, more proper to say that In a few moments, as the nitrogen evap- the indications are now being recognized orates first, the oxygen can be ignited and and studied. In the years gone by it was will burn up the body rapidly and thoroly, customary to give alcohol, not for any avoiding all the unpleasant features of the special indication, but simply because the present method, saving much time, and patient was sick in bed, or only feeling reducing the expense.-Prac. Druggist. badly. It was a common remedy found in nearly every home, easy to take, not at all evitably becomes an alcoholic, even if te dangerous, having a decided effect, chiefly has never been in a state of drunkenness. upon the mind, in a very short while; it 5. Alcohol is a poison, the habitual ust also had a reputation, venerable by all an- of which, sooner or later, but nevertheless tiquity, of being the king of stimulants; unfailingly, impairs the structure of organs that by its use in a critical moment, men most essential to life; the stomach, thhad been snatched from the very jaws of liver, the kidneys, the blood vessels, ter death; that it was the one remedy to heart and the brain. give first and freely in all cases of accident. 6. Alcohol is an excitant, a stimulant.

To-day men are studying its composi- but not a strength producing agent. tion, its doses, its effect upon the heart, 7. It does not take the place of food. the nervous system, the kidneys, and the It creates a distaste for food. liver; king no more except it shall stand 8. He who frequently drinks alcohol or the test, for scientists and workers in the who drinks too much wine (more than a laboratory, with unsanctified hands and liter daily) is more susceptible to disease. indifferent hearts are analyzing this ruler If he becomes ill, his illness is always of stimulation which the people have set more serious. The habitual drinker is up. The end is not yet, tho it has been exposed to delirium tremens. shown that the feet are of clay.

9. Alcohol, by weakening the lungs Among the students of the drug it was prepares the soil for phthisis; many a first announced that alcohol was only a consumptive has been an alcoholic. Alcostimulant in certain moderate doses, after hol weakens tissue resistance. that it was sedative.

10. Among the children of alcoholic The report is now abroad that it is an parents are recruited the idiots, the epilepanesthetic and sedative in all doses, that tics, the mentally and physically dwarft, it has a primary stage of excitement, but according to the Medical Standard. is never truly stimulating.

Sir James Clark, in “ A Treatise on PulBut another reputation had alcohol some monary Consumption,” says that “ among years ago that it was an appetizer, a tonic, the causes of tuberculous cachexia, a fret assisting digestion, promoting strength, indulgence in alcoholic spirits holds an leading back with a strong hand reluctant important place; while this pernicious health. To-day there are men rising up habit is one of the most powerful means of to deny this, claiming in certain diseases debasing the morals of the people, and of of the gastric mucosa that it is even in- extinguishing the best feelings of human jurious as a medicin.

nature, it is no less effective in destroying And that which once we gave in place the physical constitution. There is good of food for the fever famisht body, must reason to believe that the use of spirituous now sit upon the shelf under suspicion of liquors among the working classes of the having beckoned on, rather than fought country is productive of consumption and back, the angel and the shroud. Scientific tuberculous diseases to an extent far bemen are even beginning to study the rela- yond what is usually imagined. The tionship of alcohol as a beverage and the blanched, cadaverous aspect of spiritliability to certain diseases or to a partic- drinker bespeaks the condition of his in. ular form of any disease.

ternal organs. The tale of his moral and Dr. Le Gendre, of Paris, has come to physical degradation is indelibly written the following conclusions:

on his countenance. The evil, however, 1. The abuse of alcoholic beverages does not rest here, for by destroying his predisposes to and aggravates most of the own health he entails on his unhappy offdiseases found in hospitals.

spring the predisposition to tuberculous 2. All alcoholic beverages are harmful. disease.” The most noxious are those containing Dr. Joseph M. Mathews, president of aromatic essences, for instance, absinthe the American Medical Association, writes and the so-called aperitive or aperient to the editor of The New Voice as follows: bitters.

“ It is the consensus of opinion of the 3. Alcoholic beverages are productive of medical profession that where a reduced most harm when taken upon an empty vitality of the system is brought about stomach, or when taken between meals. from any cause or condition, that said loss

4. An individual making a habitual use of tone of the physical body would induce of alcohol or of various liquors, or of too to a tuberculous disposition. In other much wine (more than one liter daily). in- words, that by the free use of alcoholic





spirits the physical body is brought to a

Chicago as a Medical Center. low standard of health, and would pre- If anyone doubts that Chicago is a great dispose the same to and produce a soil in center of medical activity, in fact, the hub the lung in which the special germ could of medical learning, let him consider these propagate rapidly."

figures furnished by the ever-busy statisThese things are only straws, perhaps, tician. but they show that a current of profes- There are in Chicago, all told, twentysional opinion has set in from the East five medical colleges, several of which and the time is coming when we will pre- number, however, not clast scribe alcohol intelligently, for certain super-classical—fifteen, perhaps, may be indications, in certain doses. As a bever- accepted as in good, or fair, standing. age, however, men will not cease from Hospitals and infirmaries there are enudrinking until they are given a new thirst merated forty-four, which does not include and a new throat.-- Charlotte Med. Jour, sanitaria, dispensaries and private in

stitutions of this kind. Fifteen medical How Americans are Fleeced.

journals are publisht in Chicago. But the In U.S.

In Canada most interesting part of these statistics is Phenacetin, per ounce $1.00 $0.20 that pertaining to the teaching corps conSulfonal, per ounce


45 nected with the medical schools of Chicago, Trional, per ounce.

1.50 1.00 which reaches the awe-inspiring number Chloralamid, per ounce


35 of over 1,000. The exact number given Salol, per pound ... 3.50 1.50 by our authority is 996, but that was for

The U. S. quotations are from Merck's the year 1898, and these are distributed as Report, and the Canadian quotations are

follows: Regular full professorships, 572; from one of the largest wholesale drug assistant professors, instructors and demhouses in the Dominion. - New Idea.

onstrators, 328; clinical operators, etc., We have been publishing facts similar 96. But this is the number for medical to the above for many months, and we

colleges in good standing (recognized by wonder if such pains are appreciated by the board of health) only, and so a goodly the profession. We lost an advertisement

number styling themselves professors of by so doing, but justice to American doc. medicin may be added to the above total tors is more to us than an advertisement.

of 1,000. The total number of medical

practitioners in Chicago being about 3,200, At the close of last year the number of gradu

it will be seen from the foregoing that ates was as follows:

every third doctor is a professor.- WestGeorgetown University

15 crn Druggist. California Medical College..

18 Creighton Medical


Prof. Roswell Park makes the startling Rush Medical

.107 Jefferson Medical.


prophecy that if for the next ten years Detroit College of Medicin

27 the present relative death rates are mainUniversity of Denver.

11 tained, in 1909 there will be more deaths Cincinnati College of Medicin.

11 in the state of New York from cancer Buffalo University


than from consumption, small-pox and Bellevue Hospital Medical


typhoid fever combined.-Chicago Clinic. Medico-Chi. of Philadelphia.

.179 Long Island Hospital Medical.

60 West Penn, Medical

Rational Treatment of Chronic Morphinism.

49 Miami Medical.....

16 I submit for your consideration a method Gross Medical

12 for the treatment of chronic morphinism Harvey Medical

16 which has been, in my hands, very satisOmaha Medical

13 Richmond University Medical.


factory, both to myself and patients. The Cleveland College of Medicin


principal advantage to be derived from St. Louis College of P. and S..

75 this method of slow reduction is the lessCornell University Medical

58 ened amount of discomfort to the patient. Johns Hopkins....

Usually there is no pain or diarrhea, no --Chicago Clinic.

vomiting, no profuse perspiration, no exIt is a most barbarous thing to suddenly duction must cease until the system has withdraw the morphin, as in the method had time to adjust itself to this new codescribed by Levenstein, and now called dition of things. With this lessened the Levenstein method. A patient with amount of morphin the secretions become knowledge of the symptoms which follow more active. The appetite improves: the sudden withdrawal of morphin who sleep, while not so profound, is yet more would then have the fortitude to place refreshing; in fact, every function of the himself under that form of treatment, body approximates a more normal concertainly must have the courage to face dition, except it be the heart. The heart. any event that one is liable to meet with which has for perhaps many years been in this life. The modifications, as de- constantly stimulated by the use of morseribed and practiced by others who have phin, now becomes weak and fastot withdrawn the morphin more gradually, irregular. However, this symptom will but yet have minimized the dose in ad- soon pass away under the influence of vance of restoration of the nervous system, small doses of strychnin or hydrastin. seem almost equally severe.

treme nervousness, and never anything DEAR DOCTOR TAYLOR :-Too much praise cannot be bestowed on your efforts in the " Monthly Talks" at waking

like a state of collapse ; in fact, there are the doctors to a sense of their influence and responsibility.

none of the severe symptoms, such as They, more than any other class, can direct the attention of the people in the right direction. So by all ineans keep up described by those who have written on the good work.

the subject of chronic morphinism. Gult, Cal.


In a few days the system will have so far Erlenmeyer says that the sum of the accommodated itself to the lessened suffering from the gradual reduction more amount that another very small reduction than equals the suffering of the sudden can be made. This and all future reduc. withdrawal. While, perhaps, this is true tions should be so small that the patient with a fixed rule for reducing the quantity is unable to tell when they are made. of morphin so much for each twenty-four The first point that I wish to emphasize hours, or if the reduction is conducted on the real key to success—is to keep the any plan that reduces the dose before the patient on just as small a quantity as is patient is prepared for the reduction, it is compatible with comparative comfort, and not true if the reduction of the amount of yet not to get his dose so small that he morphin is made only as the condition of will be in misery before the next regular the patient is so improved that his necess- hour for morphin. A patient should feel ity for the drug is lessened to the extent almost perfectly comfortable, so far as of the reduction made.

morphin is concerned, for three or four I always endeavor, and in 90 per cent. hours after getting his dose. I give the of the cases I am successful in so far re- morphin four times a day, at 7 a. m., storing the nervous system to its normal 12 m., 5 p. m. and 9 p. m. 1 divide the condition in advance of withdrawing the time in this particular manner for the sake morphin that the amount withdrawn is of giving the morphin just previous to not discovered by the patient. I never meals and bedtime. Patients will eat and withdrew the last fraction of a grain until sleep much better thereby. It is useless the quantity used is so small that the to ask a patient to take nourishment when patient is unable to tell the day he took he is needing morphin, and no one thing his last dose. It is easily understood that is more essential to an easy and , rapid the nervous system is in a most unfavor recovery than a good appetite. There are able condition for recuperation while the no drugs that can compare with plenty of patient is suffering for want of morphin. good food and sleep to restore the nervous He can neither eat nor sleep. He can system, and the patient can neither parnot rest easy in any place or position. take of the one nor secure the other when The effect of any drug that may be given too much of his accustomed amount of him as a substitute, or to quiet him while morphin has been withheld. withdrawing the morphin, is equally as Erlenmeyer condemns the gradual rebad and may be worse than that of duction severely. However, it is evident morphin itself.

from his description of the symptoms Nearly every patient, when he presents that, while the reduction extends over himself for treatment, is taking more three, four or more weeks, the reductions morphin than he requires to make him have been made in advance of recuper. comfortable. Some take two, three, oration. He says that during reduction four times as much as needed. The sur patients cannot recuperate, and convalesplus can at once be withdrawn and the cence is very tedious. This certainly has patient feel and be the better for it. not been my experience. I have recently When the largest amount has been with- discharged two patients, one of whom was drawn that can be and still leave the taking eight to ten grains of morphin a patient quite comfortable, then the re- day when he came to me, and weighed

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