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years ago, resulting in dead child and dis

Memoranda Anatomica. location of the ischium, not repaired. I also had hour-glass contraction about the

Adapted from the French of Dr. G. J. Witkowski, by Chas. neck of the child; used twelve oz. each of

Everett Warren, M.D., Boston, Mass., for ether and chloroform, with slight effect, and only finally succeeded by using long radius of five centimetres and a depth of

The circumference of the breast has a forceps. I had to pull so hard that I slid a bed without rollers on a carpet with

five centimetres and the depth from the three other people against me besides the nipple to the base is five centimetres. (See

cut 1.) This can be memorized by conpatient, and found myself tumbling up against a log house, with instruments fly: necting it with a five-cent fare (fair.) ing across the room, and child squalling, with only head out. I recovered and pulled out with hands a boy two feet long and weighing ten pounds. The placenta was larger than a Russian sunflower, and there was a wash-basin of clotted blood. (.5¢

*5.6Did not make internal examination. Recovery was almost immediate. Boy showed signs of a beard and came clean. There were six gallons of water from mother. I made three calls since, and on second call used one dram of acetanilid in two hours, with brandy eight oz., and started the milk and lochial flow after being stopt, The transverse diameter (10-11 centithe result of the talking of too many gran- metres) is slightly greater than the vertinies on Sunday, until she had got their cal (10 centimetres). Remember in this directions and mine sadly mixt. But I got connection that all circular organs, with her to feeling lovely, and gave citrate the exception of the crystalline lens, have lithia (Warner's) to boy, which workt his a transverse diameter greater than the kidneys and produced immediate sleep. vertical, e.g., the cornea, the globe of the The patient is wonderfully full of electric eye, the tympanum, the breasts, the vermagnetism. Her hair snaps and curls tebral bodies, the pelvic inlet, etc. even under a bone comb; nearly wilted Usually the right breast is slightly me to comb her hair, and I weigh 200 smaller than the left. The left breast is trained weight, and can shock most people more voluminous than the right. This is when I wish. But white elephants are the case with a number of the generative all I care to handle. I found my limit organs, which are left-handed, so to speak; after over twelve years of practise among e. g., the left testicle descends lower than women as a gynecologist and accoucheur. the right; the neck of the uterus is directed I would refuse a 500-pound woman if I toward the left, and when lacerated, the found one.

tear is usually on the left side; the left We have a few people here in the 90- round ligament is longer than the right; years-old class, and one man 106, fat and the left spermatic vein empties into the never had a sick day. He lives on corn left renal vein, while the right enters the bread and side-meat, in a dirty hovel in a inferior vena cava. swamp. He can work in the field, and The nipple and areola are rose-colored looks like a healthy man of sixty; about in the young girl, but become brownish five feet and jolly. Name, Jacob Hush, during pregnancy; first having a coffee a blond.

and milk tint, then chocolate, and finally The World is a wonder. I sit up all having the hue of black coffee. The assonight and read it thru as soon as I get it. ciation of these beverages will suggest the

HENRY T. GRIME, M.D. change of color in the breast as it becomes

Chicago “Rush" '87 class. milk-bearing. Remember also that the New Carlisle, Ind.

young girl is a budding rose, but as she

blossoms into motherhood she fades, like Dr. C. F. TAYLOR :-Inclosed please find post office order the rose, which, in withering, becomes for $2.00, for which send me as many copies of “Rational brown and sere. Money" as you can afford to. They are taking well here. One man that I sold a copy to brought me a list of seven At the orifice of the apex of the nipple names that wanted a copy each. Jackson, Mich.

there are from 10 to 16 (the mean is 13)


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one will




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small orifices, the apertures of the lac- woman often sends a man to the devil and tiferous ducts. Look at the cut (2) and leads to the ruin of the woman. Remem.

ber, also, in connection with the ampulle that they are little bottles, and altho a child nurses at the breast, it may still be I truthfully said to have been brought up on (the bottle.

In its relations to other organs, the nipple of the right breast is about 3 centimetres above the limit of the liver, and the nipple of the left breast is about 3 centimetres above the apex of the heart. The figure 3 still persists and is recalled by the contour of the breasts.

Quiz Column 2

Questions are solicited for this column. Communications

not accompanied by the proper name and address of the notice that the silhouette of the breasts writer (not necessarily for publication) will not be

noticed. and a narrow velvet band around the neck

The great number of requests for private answers, for the in(Venus' collar) make the number 13. The formation and benefit of the writer, makes it necessary

for us to charge a fee for the time required. This fee wii diameter of the areola is about five centi

be from one to five dollars, according to the amount of metres. Remember the five-cent fare research and writing required. (fair) again.

A subscriber writes: “ What is a good The sebaceous glands of the areola are

treatment for nasal catarrh? voluminous, and form the mammillary plenty of receipts, but they are no good.”

I have tubercles of Morgagni, which increase in

Will not one of our practical brethren size during pregnancy and become the

take this subject up ? tubercles of Montgomery. Remember that the sebaceous glands become tubercles as Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I find it conT follows S, the alphabetical order form

venient to carry alkaloids in solution, viz., ing the clue. Notice, also, that the

strich. sulf., atropin, codein, morphin, initials of the distinctive names are the

pilocarpin, etc. A physician of ability same, and that both end with the same

doubted their remaining permanent in a sound, but I comes before Y.

fifty per cent. alcoholic solution.

He also The areola tissue comprises skin, sub

said that the alkaloids would crystallize areolar muscle, and more deeply-seated

on the sides of the bottle. Please inform veins describing an anastomotic circle, the venous circle of Haller. Remember that solutions of the above that they may

me regarding this, and how to prepare the first syllable of areola and Haller have

remain permanent. I find I can carry the same sound. The areola tissue also

much in little space. I do not wish them reminds one of the red, white and blue.

in tablet form, as I have found some very The skin is white, the sub-areolar tissue is

unreliable. W. M. HAYNES, M.D. red, while the venous circle is blue. The

Sherman, N. Y. skin and muscle are in layers, like the

[Will some of our pharmaceutical readstripes, and the circle is like the blue field.

ers please answer?-Ed.] The breast is composed of about 13 lobes, from 1 to 3 centimetres in diameter, with

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:— Will some 13 lactiferous ducts (galactophores) leading therefrom, dilating to form 13 sinuses apply to the gums before extracting teeth

one have the kindness to give a formula to (ampullie) beneath the areola and ending that will ease the pain and will not blister in the nipple thru 13 orifices. The figures

or make the mouth sore? 1 and 3, the contour of the breasts, and

Can anyone tell me what will remove the Venus' collar (Fig. 2) occur many times in the structure of the breasts. 13

grease spots from clothes and not have

the spot always show when dust gets lobes of 1-3 centimetres in diameter, 13

S. J. SMITH, M. D. lactiferous ducts, 13 ampullie and 13 orifices. Remember that the baker's dozen

University Place, Neb. allowed the thirteenth for the devil. When

on it?

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Inclosed find $2 00 the devil can't catch a man, he sends a

for World and three Binders. I have frequently Exposure of the breast by a noticed in THE WORLD your formulas for


3 gr. 1 gr.

8 gr. .12 gr.

.1 oz. .1 oz. .1 oz. .1 oz.

“Orange Blossom" and "Olive Branch.” I have tinge of brownish-yellow, slightly intersperst tried both formulas and they are decidedly “off,” with light brownish specks. Taste indifferently as in each instance patients complained bitterly sweetish and starchy, with slightly bitterish of burning and smarting._I also tried the R of after-taste. The microscope demonstrated crysDr. Newth in September WORLD, and find that tals of sugar of milk, intermixt with much the tannic acid will not mix with cocoa butter starchy matter, apparently rice; from the shape to make a suppository when heated. I would be of the fecula cells; some white opaque lumps and glad to receive the correct formula for Orange brown specks, which latter afterwards proved to Blossom, or a preparation which will act satis- be opium and ipecac. Reaction of watery solufactorily in such cases,

tion, which was slightly colored, proved neutral. Philadelphia. W. G. STEELE, M. D. The starchy matter representing the largest

contents of the powders suggests the following In my article in September WORLD, page 374,

formula: second column, 14th line from top, should read Take of plenty of water ingested," not injected.

Opium pulv. Philomath, Or.



Milk sugar

Rice flour

Mix and divide into 8 powders.- New Idea. [In our issue for November, 1897, we began republishing the formulas for the leading advertised nostrums. We do this believing that physicians have a right to know what the peo

ST. JACOB'S OIL. ple are taking, and that they oughi to know in order to administer proper antidotes if called in case of an overdose, Take ofwhich often happens, particularly with the various soothing

Gum camphor....
syrups given to children. Back numbers can still be fur.
aished to those who wish the series complete.

Chloral hydrate..

Sulf. ether
Information concerning “anidol” is askt for.
Also formula for the following:

Tinct. opium

. } oz. Oil origanum

} oz. "Dr Ludlum's Specific.”

Oil sassafras

oz. “Dr. D. C. Randall's Eclectic Balm.'


.} gal. “Gunn's Antiseptic."

Mix, “Haines' Specific" for opium or liquor babit. The formula for the latter is said to be as fol


Take ofBayberry-root bark, powdered....18 oz.

Skunk's oil

.. pt. Ginger, powdered .

Angle worms

Water Capsicum, powdered

pt. Mix.


.1 handful.

Simmer well together and strain. Apply to SIMMONS'S LIVER REGULATOR.

the cords. Take of

This was used by the Sweets, a celebrated Hepatica ..

family of Connecticut bone-setters.-Secret Nos

trums and Systems. Leptandra.. Serpentaria

1 02. Senna.

.1} oz.

TAMAR INDIEN. Mix. Put the ingredients into 2} pints of boil

Tamarind pulp....

.450 parts. ing water. Let stand 18 hours, then strain. Add

Powd. sugar

40 parts. pint of good whisky.-New Remedies.

Powd, sugar of milk

60 parts. Glycerin,

50 parts. SIROP GIBERT.

Mix and evaporate to the consistency of a soft Is a favorite French anti-syphilitic remedy, extract, then addand has the following composition :

Powd, anise..

.10 parts. Take of

Essence lemon.

3 parts. Biniodid of mercury.

Tartaric acid

3 parts. Iodid of potassium Simple syrup...

6 t1, oz.

Mix and divide into 100 boluses and roll in the

following mixture: Mix. Dose : Two teaspoonfuls given after meals,

Cream of tartar

5 parts. three times a day.

White sugar.

35 parts. -Secret Nostrums and Systems.

Sugar of milk.

35 parts. Tragacanth

2 parts. Tartaric acid


Powd, red sandal

.25 parts. Each powder weighs 0.195 grammes, or 3 Dry and put up in tin foil. grains. A white powder with the very slightest

-American Druggist.

.1 pt.

8 oz. 1 oz.

1 oz. 1 oz.

2 gr. .100 gr.

SCOTCH OATS ESSENCE. Recent analyses assert that a certain nostrum, yclept “Scotch Oats Essence," widely advertised as a wonderful nerve tonic, containing neither alcohol nor other harmful ingredients, is, in fact, loaded with 35 per cent. alcohol, and with two grains of morphin to each bottle. A more diabolical concoction could hardly be devised ; the crime is not merely obtaining money under false pretenses, nor simply a case of ingenious and wholesale robbery, but a devilish scheme for undermining the mind, soul and life of its victims, and this under the pious pretense of strengthening the body and restoring the jaded mind.

Take of

1 oz.

.1 oz. Wild ginger

} oz. Sassafras bark

1 oz. Gum myrrh..

1 oz. Lady's-slipper.

..oz. Capsicum.

.1 dr. Oil fennel.

.2 dr. Oil cloves...

..1 dr. Grind the drugs to a moderately fine powder, and mix with the oils and gum. Make an oblong pad to wear over the stomach. Used for general stomach disease. -Secret Nostrums and Systems.

A Batch of Formulas.

BY A SUBSCRIBER. I offer the following tried and successful formulas, which, if put up in neat packages and displayed, will meet with a ready sale and afford a good margin of profit to the maker: VAN'S ONE INCI IN ONE MONTH HAIB

GROWER. B. Napthol; hydrarg. ammon., aa. oz. av.; lanolin; vaselin, aa, 5 ozs. av.; m. et. ft. ung.

2. Bagoe's olive oil soap, 3 lbs. av.; alcohol, 14. fl. pts.; oil rose geranium, q. s.; m. et. ft. sol.

Each package should contain 3 ozs, soap sol and 1 oz. box ointment. Label. Use shampoo twice a week, drying hair thoroly, after which apply the ointment, rubbing in briskly with the hand for ten minutes. Retail, $1.00.

BOSTON FACE BEAUTIFIER. Boric acid, 1 oz.; alcohol, 8 fl.ozs.; rose-water, 8 A, ozs.

Put up in 2-oz. dark brown cartons, dead finish, with highly burnisht gold edges. Retail, 25 cts.

LICORICE COUGH BALSAM. Ammon, chlorid, 1 av. oz.; chloroform, 1 i. oz.; syr. tolu, 20 fl. ozs.; syr. licorice, 4. S., 1 gal.

Put up in 3-oz. black glass bottles without cartons and with a green and gold label. Use corks with porcelain cap. Retail, 25 cts.

IVORINE HAND WHITENER. Sulfurous acid; glycerin; rose-water, aa, 3 i.

Put up in 3-oz, white bottles with silver label. Retail, 25 cts.

IMPROVED COLD CREAM. Spermaceti, 2 ozs.; white wax, 2 ozs.; lanolin, 2 ozs.; oil almonds, 2 ozs.; rose-water, 4 ozs.; oil rose geranium, 20 drops; chlorophyll, q. s. tinety

Put up in 1-öz. wbite ointment jars. Retail, 2.5 cts.

NANSEN'S POLAR LOTION. Quince seed, } oz.; alcohol, 2 ozs.; boric acid, 30 grs.; menthol, 15 grs.; oil rose, 2 gtts.; water, q. S., 16 fl. ozs.

A cooling lotion after shaving. Put up in 2oz, bottles with white and silver label.

MAX'S HEADACHE STOPPER. Powd, acetanilid co., (N. F.), 3 grs.; powd. guarana, 7 grs. For 1 capsule.

Put up in round, gold boxes, with band similar to gold box chewing gum. '12 caps in a box. Retail, 25 cts.—The Spatula.

EDITORIAL NOTES. [Our correspondent has made some excellent suggestions in regard to the pushing of these goods, some of his ideas being very bright. His formulas might, however, be improved in some instances, and the names he has chosen do-not always apply. For instance, No. 1 is a dandruff remedy rather than a hair grower. To be sure, dandruff is a great cause of falling of the hair, but not the only cause by any means, and it is

The following is given as closely approximat-
ing the genuine article :
Take of-

Solution of phosfate of iron ......2 dr.
Solution of lacto-phosfate of lime, 4 dr.
Muriatic acid, sufficient, about....1 dr.
Elixir cinchona, from alkaloids....8 oz.
Simple elixir
Essence of bitter almonds ...... dr.

Carmine .... ......sufficient to color, Mix and filter. If the preparation does not remain clear, add a few drops of muriatic acid.

The solution of phosfate of iron is made as follows: Take of

Sulfate of iron
Warm water

.8 oz.
Solution of phosphoric acid ...

...4 oz. Dissolve the sulfate of iron in the warm water; add the solution of phosphoric acid and sugar, and filter.

The solution of phosphoric acid is made as follows: Take of

Glacial phosphoric acid .....
Warm water..

Nitric acid .. Dissolve the phosphoric acid in the water by allowing it to stand a few hours, stirring occasionally; add the nitric acid, and heat until no smell of it remains; then make up to one pint with water.-Secret Nostrums and Systems.

.7 oz.

.4 oz.

.4 oz.

8 oz.

8 oz. ..320 gr.

well to make a distinction. It is a good formula, made by a patented process; itself a patented and might be expected to accomplish good re- article so that even if one were to discover some sults. The substitution of the official soft soap other way of making it he could not lawfully do for the olive oil soap in No, 2 would not detract so; bearing a trade-markt name so that even if from its value, and would make it more pre- one should find a way to make it and could lawsentable.

fully engage in its manufacture, he would still No. 3, we think, would be improved as well as be hindered from doing so because he could not cheapened by reducing the alcoholic strength call the article by its own name. This medicinal one-half.

article costs, we will say, twenty to thirty cents Weak alcohol is more grateful and more ef- a pound to make. (We place it at this figure ective in such preparations. The popular witch because acetanilid, which is, like the rest of hazel extract is an instance in this line of the ef- these synthetic compounds, made from the basic ficacy of weak alcohol. Too strong alcohol is coal-tar derivatives used in the manufacture of liable to irritate and roughen the skin. The aniline dyes, can now be bought in the open hand whitener is a preparation we should feel a market at forty cents a pound, and we presume little afraid of, because of the tendency of sul- the manufacturers are not selling it at cost, as furous acid to change to sulfuric acid, then they are not prone to indulge in business to cause irritation of the skin and possible methods of that kind. Phenacetin, whose struchavoc on the clothing. Undoubtedly, when fresh, tural difference from acetanilid is very slight, it would do the work.

can probably be, and doubtless is, produced at The cold cream, we think, would make too about as low a cost as acetanilid.) It is sold on stiff a preparation to be popular in most sec- the American market at one dollar an ounce and tions. The rose-water could be increast to 6 ozs. at one-fourth that figure in Canada and other to advantage. Then with the substitution of countries. This article enjoys all the protection white paraffin oil (liquid petrolatum) for the al- that a powerful government can give it ; a promond oil, this would make a nice preparation. tection that the government under which it is

The “polar lotion" appears like an excellent manufactured will not give. Should one bring a formula. We should like to try some of it our- package of the genuine article, made by the selves. The headache stopper is all right, too, same house, from Canada, and pay duty on it, tho we must say that we have a little prejudice like any other chemical, he could still be severely in favor of the addition of a laxative to such punisht for attempting to sell it or make use of preparations. A little resin of podophyllum, or it in this country, because, forsooth, he did not leptandra, aloin, or something of that sort is buy it from the American agents. Suppose, good

instead, that a chemist should undertake to We trust that our contributor will not feel manufacture this article by a process of his own hurt at our criticisms. We simply wish to -it would not be a week before he would be in strengthen, if possible, his article, and to sug- the toils of the law, and the machinery of the gest such improvements as we may be able. - government would be put in motion to crush Editor The SPATULA.)

him. This is the kind of protection the article

in question receives. It is not an article made A Burning Shame.

in this country ; it brings not one dollar to the As if to accentuate the glaring inconsistencies hand of the American laborer-tho it takes of the present war revenue law, all that host of many dollars away; it does not give employment synthetic patented chemicals, of which sulfonal, to any number of Americans worth mentioning phenacetin and trional are representatives, are in any way. And yet, this medicinal article, now officially declared exempt from its pro- which is favored by the United States Governvisions. Perhaps no class of medicins more ment in every possible way, and ought therefore truly deserve taxation than these because of to be made to contribute toward the support of their high prices, their monopolistic source and the government, goes free, absolutely free, of their consequent freedom from competitive the war tax. regulation. And yet, thanks to the crudities of On the other hand, a simple mixture of tar an ill-considered piece of legislation, they go scot and wild cherry, which states on its label that it free. It matters not that they enjoy the three- is good for coughs and colds, made by the drugfold protection of process and product patents gist from a formula open to every druggist in the and copyrighted title; it matters not that they are land ; unprotected by patent or trade-mark; sold exploited for all manner of human ills as brazenly at a small margin over its original cost; not as ever was any Massachusetts sarsaparilla or under the control of any man or body of men ; Vermont celery compound; there is a peculiar neither receiving nor asking any favors or prosanctity about them that renders them free from tection from the government; this article is, taxation. Any druggist in this country who thanks to the wisdom of Congress, adjudged a puts up a few bottles of white pine expectorant, most proper subject for taxation, and the retail stating that it is good for coughs and colds, is druggist is mulcted accordingly. required by law to pay a fine for it of 2} per cent. Is it not a burning shame? We think so. of its retail value. It is true that the article is Consider the enormous profits made by the manuneither proprietary, patented or trade-markt-it facturers and agents of synthetics. They get must nevertheless bear the necessary revenue from sixteen to twenty-four dollars a pound for stamps or it is liable to seizure by the officers, goods that in all probability do not cost them and the persons neglecting to stamp it are liable more than as many cents per pound to make. to heavy penalties.

Ought not these goods to be taxt? We should Think of it! On the one hand a medicinal say that if a tax were to be placed on any one article controlled by an absolute monopoly ; class of medicins at all it should be on this ; if

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