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warfare when the rights of the Yank are liquid air with remarkable success in two considered infringed on.

cases of erysipelas. In the Australasian, a weekly printed in Dr. White is eminently correct when he Melbourne, before me, I read of Dr. L. L. advises the greatest possible care in the Smith being fined £50 and costs for un- use of this new agent. He gives a very duly practising medicin without a license timely caution which it will be well to in Hobartown. Dr. Smith is an old and heed. With the Doctor I fully believe reputable physician, graduating from that in liquid air we have a most extraBellevue, New York. DR. ALLIS. ordinary therapeutic agent, not only in Chicago.

minor surgery, but in medicin, more es[We are under the impression that the pecially in the reduction of fever. I am skill of American dentists is quite gener- now experimenting in that line, and will ally recognized abroad.-Ed.]

report thru THE MEDICAL World, if such be your wish and that of your subscribers. Ratler, Tex.

W. K. GRAYSOX. Experiments with Liquid Air.

[What did you inject the pile tumors Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Having prom- with? If with liquid air, it is interesting, ist to report results obtained by further as perhaps this has never been done beexperimentation with liquid air, I here. fore; but if with carbolic acid or some with give results obtained : Mr. M., age other agent ordinarily used to annihilate 45, case of protruding piles, from which the tumors, the liquid air was only a local he was suffering severely. I was deter- anesthetic agent, the cold preventing pain mined in this case to make use of liquid from the injection. air as a matter of experiment. After a We would be pleased to learn of your thoro cleansing and antiseptic treatment further experiments.-ED.] of the protruding mass, I took a breast pump and applied to the tumors, thus

Carbolic Acid in Burns. bringing them further down, and with the Editor MEDICAL WORLD : Brother Atfurther advantage of a slight elongation, kinson, on page 423, October, '99, WORLD, making it an easy task for further opera- asks a question or two. It is so long since tion; then with a soft sponge saturated I have said anything about the matter, and with the liquid air I saturated the mass so many new devices have sprung up for thoroly ; after doing this I waited awhile, the treatment of burns and colds, that perand again used the liquid air by spraying haps a sort of review might be interesting. with atomizer. After operating thus and In 1881 I burned my thumb with hot sol. as the final procedure in the case, I made der while mending a tin vessel. Wife use of hypodermic injection of tumors. went for some carbolic acid to put into Result, annihilation of the mass of piles water to hold my thumb in. While she with very little pain comparatively-very was gone for the water I took the bottle, gratifying and satisfactory results.

uncorkt it and dropt some of the acid CASE II.-Called in great haste to the on the burn and spread it around with the bed-side of Mrs. N., aged 36, said to be cork. My idea was “if a little will do dying with uterine hemorrhage. On my good, much is better.” To my surprise, arrival I found the woman in a truly fear- the surface burned turned white and pain ful condition, and I had no time to lose in instantly ceast. No water was used. this case, to save the life of the patient. Some time after that, wife's mother scalded In this case I again used liquid air by her foot. The skin from the entire upper sponging it freely over the abdomen. surface came off with the stocking. The Result, contraction of the uterus and raw surface was coated over with two or prompt arrest of the hemorrhage. I put three layers of the full strength acid, with the patient on the use of bovinine in the effect of instant relief of pain. A wine; rapid convalescence.

light cotton covering and one thickness of CASE III.- Mr. P., age 50. Ulcerated bandage to keep from rubbing was all the sore leg. In this case, after thoroly dressing used, and the white pelacle cleansing antiseptically the sores, I used peeled off in a few days with a new skin and am using the air by spraying with at- under it. omizer, and as a dressing using bovinine. An engineer scalded his arm with the The patient up to the present time is doing trial valve of his engine. He was treated well.

in the same way, with the same results. I would here remark that I have used Also another engineer was badly scalded

on thigh; same treatment, same results.

Doc. About this time, 1893, I saw an article by Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Has it been Dr. Oscar H. Allis, of Philadelphia, on the your fate to be addrest as "Doc"? If so, uses of carbolic acid, but he said nothing what were your feelings? Did you not about full strength acid on burns. I wrote

I wrote experience symptoms resembling such as him; asking if he knew anything of it. He belong to angina pectoris? Anyway, a hureplied that he did not, and wisht me to miliation such as you never expected to send him any items I had. I wrote out experience? I mean you who have been my experiences up to that date and sent it taught to regard our profession as it really to him. He was kind enuf to read it be- is, one of the most honorable, most learned fore the Medical Association of the city. and dignified, and who, after many years It was copied quite largely and I received of hard study and necessarily much exa good many letters asking further par- pense, have secured the title of Doctor ticulars. Also one or two from doctors from our best universities or best medical who tried it with success. One of them colleges. If not really insulted when so said, “it seemed so cruel to paint a raw, addrest, you are placing reproach on your agonized surface with fire, that he could profession by not reproaching your defamer, not believe it.” So, taking his blow-pipe who certainly, if you make such cases and alcohol lamp, he blew a flame across much study, entertains no respect for you, the back of his left hand, burning a place and is never your friend except in bartwo inches by one-half inch, and painted rooms, or at horse races, or in low comthe place with the acid, full strength, with pany. Mark it and report. He is the entire relief in five seconds. So he used it curse of our profession, of society, the since frequently. Judging from letters breaker down of everything that is good; from various sections, I think it is gener- he is the never-pay, the material from ally conceded to be an instant cure of all which blacklegs and scoundrels of the the unpleasant symptoms.

deepest dye are made, the full-fledged or Dr. Allis gave as the explanation of the embryotic Socialist. He is a despiser of action of the acid, that “it formed an im- the majority of the laws, the dignity of pervious coating by a chemical combina- religion and gradations of society. He is tion with the serum (albumin), which a breaker-down of all that is noble in exudes, thereby, as it were, replacing the society. skin, rendering further absorption impos- If you are an osteopath, the receiver of sible.”

the M.D. degree from the Wisconsin EclecReports of its good work coming to me tic College, or of one of the several correfrom several surgeons located near mines spondence medical schools, duly chartered and factories, lead me to think the knowl- (so stated), whose advertisements have edge of its quick and good work is pretty appeared in the newspapers and even in thoroly recognized. As to the action of some medical journals, or if you possess the acid on well flesh, or flesh that has not the Doctorate in Hypnotism or some newbeen scalded or burned, its effect is really fangled Doctorate invented to please some Jike intense fire, and is dangerous, because idiotic minds, Doc then will strike you all then absorption does take place. Brother At- right. Yes if you are a V. S., or a L. D. S. kinson is right about the child, little over and are strutting with pavonian pride two years old, being cured by the applica- with the assumed title of Doctor, Doc,'' tion of the full strength acid to the burn there fits you all right. Would any sea or scald, it having pulled the coffee pot Captain, any officer bearing the honor of over on its breast and lap at the table. Captain in the British or American, French

Yes, alcohol, vinegar and sulfate of soda or German army, feel honored when adwill stop its work when taken internally, drest as “Cap"? Would the great Adand perhaps externally.

miral Dewey thank you for addressing him Brodnax, La. BEN H. BRODNAX, as Ad. Dewey?

Would you address a D. D., a D. C. L., a Every month I receive two copies of THE MEDICAL WORLD.

Philosophic Doctor, an LL. Doctor as Doc?!? However, I have distributed the extra copies to my medical Then why should we, lawfully entitled to friends, and as I have gone the rounds in about all the nearby towns, I thought I would inform you of the extras. our M. D. degree, be addrest as Doc? Are

I could not do without THE MEDICAL WORLD, as it is my constant companion in buggy, on railroad train, walking,

you to blame ?

JUVENAL. etc.; in fact, all the time. Long life to THE MEDICAL WORLD. [While we deprecate the familiarity inBrockwayville, Pa.


dicated by a member of the laity addressWORLD four years for $3.

ing a physician “ Doc," and while we

think that members of our profession The Wayne County (Michigan) Medical should repel such familiarity, yet our cor- Society was so strongly impresst by the respondent is too hard on all those who necessity of this measure, that it appointed say “Doc." Usually such have not had a committee of five to investigate the educational advantages nor refining sur- question. roundings, and do so thru ignorance, tho Circulars which have been sent to the they may be good, sturdy, honest folks, authorities in the different States and Terwith the best possible intentions.-Ed.] ritories met, to a great extent, with very

satisfactory preliminary replies. Epilepsy.-Ailments of the Season,

The blank contained seven questions of

which 5, 6 and 7 were the most important: Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-You will re

5. Would you be inclined to favorably member that I reported my son's case of consider the plan of entering into a state petit mal in April WORLD, page 160. I

of reciprocity with other States (or terriam sorry to say that he is no better, but tories) which have practically the same rather worse. He now has a seizure of regular epilepsy almost every night. I requirements for the license of practising

medicin as your State (resp. territory) wish to say to all who have written to me,

has? or taken any interest in the case, that I

6. Would you join in the efforts in workam extremely thankful to them from the ing out a memorandum to be presented to bottom of my heart. They have placed the legislative bodies of the different States me under lasting obligations to them.

with the view of introducing a bill as to However, my faith in the core of a malady the subject matter, and would your Seereof that character is fast fading.

tary co-operate with us? Well, the summer is ended and with it

7. Have you any suggestions to make? go the fevers and dysenteries so common

Answers have been received from thirtyin the hot months. My treatment for those

six States and three territories. ailments has been much the same as here. to-fore--the gulfo-carbolates, bismuth sub- Favorable answers to Questions or 6.. 34 nit., salol and good hygiene, and without Unfavorable answers to Questions 5 o 6. 0 the loss of a single one.

Favorable answers to Question 5..

Unfavorable answers to Question 5. Now soon will come the chilly winter

Ark., Cal., Col., Conn. months and the ailments common to them. No answers to Question 5. Now give us your past experiences in the

Ohio. treatment of such. I have had good suc- Not prepared to answer Question 5

4 cess in pneumonia and all bronchial

Ala., Del., Mass., W. Va. troubles with carb. ammonia, syr, squills, Unfavorable answers to Question 6

Favorable answers to Question 6

1 syr. ipecac, syr, wild cherry and support

Ky. ives. I like The World, as it keeps with No answers to Question 6.. the season, and it is not the organ of any

N. J., Penn. medical college or any supply house. It

Not prepared to answer Question 6 is a legitimate medical magazine, being

Ala., Ark., Del., Mass., Miss., W. Va. devoted to the profession, and not to sell- The unfavorable answers were accoming supplies. Enclosed find one dollar to panied by explanations which give hope keep her coming.

that the difficulties might be overcome Parker, Tex. J. T. WATSON, M.D.

which, at present, did not allow a faror

able reply. An Enterprising Medical Society.

We also met with approval and enrourEditor MEDICAL WORLD:—The idea of agement from other sources. The Wayne uniformity of the requirements for the li- County Medical Society takes the liberty cense to practise medicin thruout the to suggest that the medical press adrocate United States is an old one. The efforts the matter and systematically pay attenin this direction, however, seem not to tion to the details which might present have been accompanied by the desired re- themselves. We further suggest that the sult. After all appearances the time is matter be taken up by all medical societies come for taking further steps in this direc- in the Country, and as we are unable to tion. It is evident that the medical pro- reach all of them, we ask for your assistession regards the uniformity of the requirements not only as desirable, but as The Wayne County Medical Society absolutely necessary, for several reasons. solicits your co-operation and suggestions,



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for which kindly accept thanks in ad

Grape Juice. vance. E. A

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--As unfer32 W. Adams Ave. Sec’y or volwittee. mented grape juice is such a boon to many Detroit, Mich.

sick persons, I send this recipe which [Our editorial columns show that we makes the best article obtainable, regardhave repeatedly advocated progress to- less of cost: ward uniformity in the requirements of Take 20 pounds of grapes (Concord), medical practitioners for all parts of the wash before stemming, weigh after stemUnited States. We congratulate the above ming. Boil in 2 quarts of water until soft Society for its enterprise, and we hope enuf to strain thru a cheese cloth bag that other medical societies will follow its (about 10 minutes boiling); strain juice example.-Ed.]

and add 5 pounds of granulated sugar,

then boil again about 5 minutes, then botPneumonia,

tle. Keep bottles in a pan of boiling Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Last winter I water while filling; bottle in pints, seal had an unusual experience with pneumonia. tightly (beer bottles answer splendidly). A patient whose family was suffering from It will keep for years. This will make grip took pneumonia of the right lung, about 15 bottles. If this is inserted in which ended by crisis in four or five days, the November issue of The World, it will with a profuse perspiration and decline of do a lot of good, as it will still be time to temperature. The next day I was sur- get grapes. There is no article sold in the prised to find, at my morning visit, the stores that will excel, if equal the above. temperature up in the neighborhood of Serve with half water and cracked ice. 104°, and on examination I found the Philadelphia. “GRAPE JUICE." other lung implicated. Could this have been the result of collateral fluxion of

Pneumonia. Virchow? This was a case of what the

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I have been old writers denominated “typhoid pneu- a silent reader of your valuable journal monia,” now known as asthenic or nerv- for twelve years, but have never made an ous pneumonia, with markt prostration attempt on any journal with my pen befrom the beginning.

fore. However, I have seen so much This case finally recovered after a tedious lately on the treatment of pneumonia, and illness. His brother-in-law, who lived ten especially in the use of the lancet, that I or twelve miles away, came and nurst desire to give a few facts. him. When he went home he took the I have always bled in pneumonia, and same disease and died, and the same oc- in some cases received markt benefit; but curred to his wife. Query: Is this type of in others no benefit, to say the least. Finpneumonia infectious?

ally, in the winter of '98, I carefully obIs there not too much nutmeg in Tay- served 84 cases, and I found that about lor's prescription for summer complaint? seven-tenths of my cases were benefited Arcadia, La. J. ATKINSON, M. D. by bleeding to the extent that in taking

from twelve to twenty ounces of blood In a communication from Dr. J. M. (owing to age and plethoric condition the Hole, of Salem, Ohio, on reproduction, he temperature would be reduced from 104° says: “A gentleman friend of mine re- to 102°, and with proper treatment would markt to me recently that there are go no higher, and my patients would be in hundred legal rapes committed in our city a state of convalescence in from five to every night, the husband claiming that he eight days. But in the other three-tenths has a legal right.??)

bleeding did not affect the temperature We see such sentiments constantly in 'whatever, and they were from ten to medical literature, but no one is so bold as twelve days in reaching a state of convato speak up for the numerous men who lescence. Now I am not going to give you have wives that make sexual demands far the theory, but I will give you the indibeyond reason, leading to ill health on the cations, as I have found them, for bleedpart of the husband if he is so foolish as to ing. If I found the blood to be very try to satisfy. These cases are far more dark or carbonated, I obtained good renumerous than is supposed, but no sults ; if the blood was a bright scarlet seems to have the courage to mention color, I obtained no good results, to say them. Women are not all angels, nor are the least. However, I could not tell if men all beasts.

they were injured any by bleeding.



As to my general treatment, I usually Comments Requested on a case of Pneu. give calomel in small doses until the

monia. bowels move freely, then just enuf to Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--May I have keep up the secretions, and enuf fl. ext. the privilege of asking some of your readjaborandi to keep up a mild diaphoresis. ers their opinion of the following treatOf course we are liable to have complica- ment for pneumonia? A lady fifty-eight tions that must be met with our very best years of age was taken sick Thursday judgment, but we are not liable to have evening and called in a physician on Satmany of those if we will not get too badly urday morning, who diagnosed her disease frightened, and not jump at every sympa- as a "slight attack" of pleurisy. On thetic indication with a spoon in one hand Monday he thought it more neuralgia than and a bottle in the other. We should give pleurisy. Tuesday morning he said she Nature a chance. J. M. PRICE, M. D. had a "light" attack of pneumonia. Creighton, Ga.

Tuesday evening I was called in consulta

tion. I found the two lower lobes of the Nocturnal Emissions.

right lung hepatized, temperature 1010, Editor MEDICAL World:--There is no pulse 148, nose and lips blue, and respira. journal that reaches my office that meets tion gasping.

tion gasping. Her attendant said he was with so hearty a welcome as does The giving her quinin, one or two grs., and World. It is the doctor's help in time of Dover's powder, as much as a No. 2 capsule need. As one of the members of the loosely filled would hold, every four hours: World family, I desire the help of my strych. 1-60 gr. every six hours, and whisky brethren.

ad libitum. I advised a 10x12 in. Aly About the 1st of March, 1899, Mr. L. S., blister, to be followed by a hot corn mush a merchant about twenty-five years of age, jacket and renewed as often as it cooled; five feet five inches high, weight 125 lbs., also ammon. carb. grs. v, and ammon. iod. came to me for consultation, During grs. ii, at intervals of three hours; strychabout four years he had been troubled nia nitr. every six hours. The plaster with “night emissions” from three to drew finely.

drew finely. Wednesday morning her four times a week. Appetite gone, dis- temperature was 100°, pulse 124; respiraturbed sleep, inability to rest. I put him tion very much easier. I saw her again upon fl. ex. nux vomica, 2 min., three

on Thursday and urged the exhibition of times daily, and increast the dose until at sanguinarin in addition to the ammon. and present he is taking 4 min. three times iodin. I learned from the nurse afterdaily, with the result, a much-improved wards that the doctor had not only failed appetite, better sleep, and more nearly to adopt my suggestions, but had ordered rested when morning comes; also, the the mush jackets discontinued, and dry night emissions are at intervals of from hop leaves substituted, upon the plea that eight to sixteen days. The general health the “ wet mush might give her cold." He has greatly improved, but the emissions also directed the administration of t-gr. have not wholly abated. He claims no doses of morphin to keep her cough quiet self-abuse in any way, neither before por "as she was not able to raise the secretion since treatment. Now, what more would from her lungs.” She died the eleventh any one advise? I have another case of day. seven years' standing. What would any Now, Mr. Editor, as I know very little of the brethren advise to check the emis- about medicin, I hope some of the brethren sions ?

DR. A. J. LAW.

will comment on the above treatment, so Long Pine, Neb.

I may learn more. [An emission every eight to sixteen

JNO. B. BASKERVILLE. days is not abnormal for a man of twenty- Dublin, Va. five years in ordinarily good health. Indeed, he might have cause to feel uneasy if he did not have an emission about that

A “White Elephant." often. Matrimony would be a good thing Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I wish to for this young man, but if he should report a case of natural but not ordinary marry, he should not turn himself loose to labor. I was notified at 1 A.M., Oct. 6th, unbridled licentiousness within the mar- and I rode six miles in the cold, and reriage bonds, as so many do. Whether turned at 6 P.M. The mother was a blond, married or not, he should avoid lascivious having weighed 316 lbs. before impregthoughts, pictures and associations.—Ev.] nation; previous labor disastrous, four

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