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called good men, by the world, whom dis- nals are defective morally and mentally. ease has tested and shown to be good men They show moral anesthesia and lack and true, in fact, and others posing as power to resist criminal tendencies. Like lambs, from whom pain and fear, for such children and savages, they lack foresight men are always cowards, have stript off and are subject to ill-balanced impulses. the sheep's clothing and shown to be rav- Nerve exhaustion lies at the bottom of ening wolves; some—but the door bell degeneracy. Among the various types of rings, and I listen for the expected knock degenerates are the insane, paranoiac, imat my office door; there it is; little Dennis becile, idiot, epileptic, neurasthenic, hysshambles awkwardly into the room, and teric, as well as cranks, inebriates, tramps, as he fumbles his cap in his hands tells paupers, prostitutes, criminals, etc. These me that the old woman was washing and types revert into one another. For inhad a pail of hot soap suds in front of the stance, insane parents do not transmit stove and the old man didn't see it and insanity, but a depraved constitution which has put his foot in it and will I please may take another form of degeneracy come and see him. I don't think the old along the line of least resistance. The offman is seriously injured and the hot bath spring of the insane and criminal need may be good for his foot, but I must hasten not be insane and criminal, but may be to see him.

LEON NOEL. idiotic, scrofulous, or hysterical. A man Massachusetts.

may have moral anesthesia and still keep P.S. It was just as I expected. The

within the law and be a shrewd business old man was more scared than hurt, and man. The progeny of this man and a it's a pity he didn't put both both feet into neurasthenical woman will be defective, the pail and make a clean job of it. In and are as liable to be insane, criminals fact if he had fallen into a hogshead of and prostitutes as are the offspring of these warm water it would have been a good latter. In drunkards, paupers and prosthing, for the old man belongs to the class titutes crime takes the path of least resistof “the great unwasht.” But the old man

ance. 6. The real distance between the has thrown cold water on my reminiscent criminal and the hysterical offspring of ardor for the time, and as he is my last good parents is not great." patient he is a good one to finish with, When the habitual criminal gets out of

(Next subject by the above writer, “My First Office." In confinement he goes back to his old asnext issue.-ED).

sociates and surroundings. He lacks

power to resist criminal impulses, and the Castration of Criminals.

fear of castration would have as little Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-On page 419 deterrent effect upon him as upon an insane of the October World appears an article person. Familiarity breeds contempt of advocating the castration of habitual crim- punishment as well as other things. Casinals on the grounds : (1) of the great tration would probably make him more deterrent effects it would exercise upon revengeful. The death penalty had little them ; (2) that as like begets like,” it deterrent effect upon piracy, but the latter would to a large extent prevent the pro- yielded, in the course of evolution, to steam duction of criminals.

and rapid communication. This is an old plan and upon first sight Castration as a punishment will prove would appear effective, but closer study as ineffectual as harsh measures generally shows its uselessness (we will lay aside do among those of defective moral sense. the fact that it would probably be found If you castrate to prevent the production unconstitutional).

of criminals, you must include so many The habitual criminal is a moral degen- varieties of degeneracy that the punisherate, and is generally defective physically ment could not be enforced. as may be seen in defects of the ears, cran- We have a natural remedy in the fact ium, lower jaw, cheek bones, shifting eyes, that degenerates, owing to defective develetc. He has a low type of physique which opment tend to run out. his children inherit. The latter are more The law cannot make a man good. It often puny, scrofulous, sluggish, irritable, is impossible to convert an old fox into a violent, stupid and repulsive in appearance watch dog ; an insane man into a sane one; than are normal children. They are more a tomato-can tramp into an industrious prone to die of diseases peculiar to low artisan; a prostitute (during her sexual physical development, such as tuberculosis, activity) into an honest woman; or a connervous disorders, etc. Habitual crimi- firmed criminal into an honest man.

A great factor in lessening the number one, and some forms of insanity.

If epiof criminals and other degenerates is by lepsy were closely observed with its sexual improving their sanitary conditions. complications, the physiological effects of placing crowded unsanitary tenements by our remedy would dove-tail so nicely as to sanitary buildings is always followed by a awaken our most sanguine expectations decrease in crime. Proper regulations by that we might thus control a disease the State along this line will be of benefit, usually considered incurable. On these altho too much governmental control, by important subjects I expect to appear in a lessening their self-reliance and self-con

separate article. trol, two qualities in which they are al- The rape crime of the negroes now so ex. ready greatly deficient, would be injurious. tensively carried on, strikes terror to (I have quoted considerably from Talbot.) almost every white woman in the land. I Galesburg, Ill.

G. S. BOWER. am not in favor of burning or hanging

these human brutes; but simply arrest Castration as a Remedy.

them, let a cow-boy castrate them (as cowEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-The subject boys are expert in that line), and then of castration appears not to be fairly advo- turn the miserable wretch loose. They cated, or else kept on the background for would of course not repeat the crime, and political reasons. I will venture to say, if would think of no other harm to society, the subject was brought up for legislation, but each would have much to say of his theoretically every intelligent Solon would better feelings. approve it, but hardly one would be its I once rebukt a rapist, saying, if the advocate. This want of moral courage is negroes would not stop this crime on our to be deprecated, and is in the way to de- women we would have to “cut 'em." He prive us of many good laws.

exclaimed with horror: “I sooner die Our experience with animals proves its than lose my stones!” He said a great benign effects. We castrate animals for deal. What can we do with a brute that several reasons: it takes the devilment out cannot control his sexual desires ? All the of the sex, their nature becomes docile and laws in the land, mob law and all, will not can be turned to great general use. It will meet the remedy-except to do what I have the same effect on the human sub- have said. G. P. HACHENBERG, M.D. ject; not only that, but it will favor Austin, Tex. greatly a sedate normal mentality. Ac- [The above seems to be theory only. cording to what we know of eunuchs of We want facts, whenever they can be obancient days, it rather sharpens the intel- tained. In these days of exact require. lect. We may account for this from the ment, one fact goes farther than many effects it has on animal life. The intel- theories, however finely spun.-Ed.] lectual history of some of the eunuchs is about the brightest on record. I am

A Sure Sign of Death. almost tempted to say that it should be a Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- In the Octopart of a collegiate requirement in particu- ber WORLD, page 423, Dr. J. Atkinson lar on those of lean, consumptive diathesis, asks for a sure sign of death. I would and those whose thoughts are more on the say, after exhausting all other tests, try affairs of venery than on Latin and Greek. the following: Take a needle and make a I speak here of the lean consumptives. few punctures in any part of the body, Nothing stores up the tissues more readily preferably in the arm or leg; if after than castration. In some diseases, where making the punctures the hole stays open, only assimilation is at fault, it would do it is the surest sign that life is extinct. much good, and it may be accepted as a

Dr. JULIUS WESSELOWSKI. cure for phthisis, at least for the preven- Jewell City, Kan. tion of its propagation. The preliminary cause of pulmonary consumption is in a

Sign of Death. defective assimilation. Cough and other Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I see some distressing symptoms secondary one wants a test for death. The best one effects, and if fixt by a serious lesion, I know of is to make a funnel of a sheet would not be benefited by our heroic of bristol board about 12 inches in diamtreatment.

eter at the large end, the small end the There are nervous diseases that might size of the palm of the patient's hand. be greatly relieved by castration, if not Darken the room and place a bright light promptly cured.

Functional epilepsy for at the large end and the palm of the pa


tient's hand against the small end. If the body was warm and joints supple. In this hand shows black, death is indicated ; if last the tongue traction method was faiththe slightest pink tinge or shade shows, fully tried.

BEN. H. BRODNAX. life still lingers.

DR. ANDERSON. Brodnax, La. Carthage, Mo.

Seventeen Years' Experience with the InjecSure Signs of Death.

tion Treatment for Hernia. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-“Prof. Con- Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- Noticing the tenat (of Besancon) was recently lectur- recent communications in THE WORLD on ing to his students on asphyxia, and as a the injection method of treating hernia, I young girl had just died in the hospital of cannot but think that an experience of tubercular meningitis, the idea struck him seventeen years will be of some value to to go to the corpse and give a practical your numerous readers. lesson on the new method of treating by

In 1882, after an internship of one year traction on the tongue. What was his and a half, I entered the practice much astonishment, as well as that of his stu- prejudiced against the injection treatment dents, when after a few movements he saw of hernia. A few months after I lost a the respiration returning, the heart beat- case to Dr. Milton because I advised the ing and the face become colored. This radical operation, and he, Dr. M., told the phenomenon lasted three-quarters of an client that he could cure him without hour, gradually giving way. Death really going thru, as he exprest; it, a terrible existed; but the reflex action of the bulb operation. At the time I believed Dr. M. (a respiratory centre) had not totally dis- a knave; but to-day that very patient is appeared, and the traction had stimulated alive, well and strong and one of my best the phrenic nerve to bring the diaphragm friends. Dr, M. went to his reward some into temporary action. Failure of this ten years ago. resuscitating would appear to afford an That case set me to investigating, and I undoubted test for death."

now have a record of 317 injection cases (The above is from the Medical and and 22 cutting. Surgical Reporter for June 16, '94, page Of the cutting cases 15 were strangulated 870.)

and demanded immediate operation, and The method referred to is as follows: 7 were selected, believing that the openOpen the mouth and take hold of the ings were too large or tissues too much front part of the tongue with your fingers atrophied for the injection treatment. Of (covered with a rag), draw the tongue for the cutting operations the ages were from wards, and gradually let it go back, re- 32 to 73; deaths, 4; and a peculiar thing, peating the action 16 times a minute. Be those that died were the younger, the sure the root of the tongue is acted upon respective ages being 32, 32, 33 and 33, and drawn forwards. If the teeth are and one, 37, went insane two days after clencht, pry them open gently and insert operation, tore out stitches, then stabbing a piece of wood or a cork. Resist the himself with scissors, really died from efforts of bystanders to pour stimulants perforation of bowel by scissors as autopsy down his throat.

proved. Seventeen were successful as far This in reply to Brother Atkinson's as I know. query, p. 423, October WORLD.

Of the injection cases the ages ranged In my own practice I have, in such cases, from 3 months to 50 years, with the folnever given up as “ dead for sure,” until lowing results: complete failures, 82, comI can see the commencing discoloration of plete successes, 71, under observation from the back from settling of the blood to the 5 to 14 years, and one that Dr. Milton skin.

operated on in 1882. Recently I read that resuscitation of Eighty per cent. of my failures were my drowned men had been effected by the earlier cases and before I knew just what

tongue traction method,'' after they had to use, how often, etc. been under the water for eighty minutes, Of the following 164 my records show: or about one and a half hours. As to Lost sight of in less than 18 months 103, “rigor mortis,” a case was reported to me but so far as I know they were cured; 19 recently where the body was stiff within died from other causes; 42 have to wear ten minutes after breathing_ceast, and a support. Seven of the 42 wear regular had commenced before that. In another, trusses, and from letters received from the fifteen hours after apparent death the 42 during the past month, 22 state that

do so.

they believe they are cured and could dis- gave him one injection, and last Saturday, pense with the support, but are afraid to five months after injection, he informed

me that two months ago he discarded During the past 5 years I have made no truss, He had been afflicted for seventeen failures, but would not inject when patient years, and rupture came down almost was over 50 years old simply because so every day, but had never been strangu. many of the failures were over that age; lated before. but I firmly believe to-day that, with very Now for the injections. Useless to refew exceptions, I can do the work regard- cite the failures, for I've tried everything less of age, providing the tissues are not almost. If a child, or up to nine years of too thin from long use of truss. During age, no matter how long the hernia has the past six months I have had no oppor- been there, I use: B Quercus alba, A. tunity to inject on subjects older than 38. ext., boiled down in test-tube to one-half, I have now 9 cases coming in, some every of which I inject from two minims to ten. Althird day to every two weeks. I have used ways commence with the former, as I have almost every known method and at least found that no two cases react the same in 100 different ingredients and combinations, children, and if you start with the ten and have now three that I call my stand- minims you are very liable to set up a ards and have had no reason to change for startling local peritonitis—also cause an the past three years. In hydrocele I have abscess. Inject once per week for five or the past two years used 98 per cent. car- six weeks, and keep a button mold covered bolic acid, and in fourteen cases the one with tea lead over opening for three months. injection cured. Cases ranged from 6 Any mother can fix the band by a few months to 45 years of age. One little point words from you explaining what is to be in operating on hydrocele may save much accomplisht. Formally I had them wear perplexity. First introduce your hypo- the button mold six months but found three dermic needle into the tumor, then plunge sufficient. in the trocar about an inch from needle, For cases from nine to twenty-five the and after evacuating and withdrawing same thing, only boiled down a little more. trocar, you are positive that your injection If tube is graduated to tenths I boil is going into the sac.

down to four-tenths and add, after the first Have read THE WORLD for the greater or second injection, to every three M. of part of 10 years, and to the busy man I Q. A., one-tenth gr. zinc sulf. know of no journal that can take its place. In the older cases, say from twenty-five

Chadron, Neb. Rufus K. LANGSON. to sixty, I go back to the prescription for

[Upon receipt of above we wrote the children and add to every three M. of Q. Doctor as follows: “Practically all THE A. one-half M. of beechwood creasote. MEDICAL WORLD readers will be interested With adults I have them wear a support in your formulas that you use for the in- for six months, but find that most of them jection treatment of hernia. So please

So please throw away the support in from three to send them and we will incorporate them in five months. your article.” We here present the reply. I have no doubt but that others have -Ed.)

had just as good results and very likely DEAR DOCTOR:-Pleased to give you the better with other formulas, but surely in prescriptions in injections for hernia, and late years my record is almost perfect. so since writing to you have another case to that to-day I feel confident in curing just record. One, Judy Shelton, at this place, about every case. age 67. As his was a remarkable case--one I have a special needle made extra long, injection—I give it to you. Last April I somewhat similar to Heaton's, but as deliwas called to his house (he is the great cate as a hypodermic one, with no opening leader here of the Christian Scientists), in end, but two, one on each side, about and found him suffering intense pain from four lines from point. I also have a small a right scrotal hernia that had become aluminum tube that fits by ring over my strangulated seven hours before. The Chris- index finger, so that I can invaginate the tian Scientist people had “pow-wowed," scrotum and then pass needle thru tube and were still at it upon my arrival. I tried and into ring or canal. This is a great to reduce but could not, so got assistance aid, as I have found that to follow the and instruments ready to operate. At last finger with needle after pushing up thru moment, while everything was relaxt, did scrotum is very difficult, and you don't reduce it. One week after that time I know just where your needle point is. To go down from outside I never had any

An Arsenicophagus from Minneapolis. success.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-A doctor in I inclose check for $3.00, to renew my Minneapolis has recently favored me with subscription for four years.

a copy of his memorial to Congress, whereRufus K. LANGSON. in he relates that, “having amply eluci

dated and duly promulgated" a scheme Dominion Medical License.--Canadian for the arsenization of all mankind in order M.D.'s, Etc.

to prevent cholera, he is now ready to Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

prove his theory just as soon as Uncle Sam I. An effort will be made by several will put up the money to do so. The medical men who are M.P.'s, and other author of this old but newly trumpt-up disM.D.'s, at the next session of the Dominion covery is at least an ingenuous paranoiac, Parliament, to establish a licensing sys- and it is delightfully refreshing to read his tem for the Dominion of Canada. Such hitherto unheard of name placed by himis desired and long prayed for.

self beside that of such eminent patholoII. More than one-fourth of our annual gists as Virchow. output from the medical colleges ignore His plan is based specifically, he dethe examinations of the various provincial clares, on the well-known science of medical colleges (examining corporations), homeopathy. “I submit," says he, “beland seek homes in the United States.


ladonna is the similimum to the smooth no colleges grant M.D., they possess said shining scarlet fever of Sydenham, and degrees from our universities, McGill, of that arsenization vs. cholera, like bellaMontreal, and Trinity, of Toronto, being donna vs. scarlatina, is the similimum to the favorite institutions. McGill has the the condition mentioned. B. A. course united with course leading to A little way farther on he“ submits, M.D., requiring six years.

incidentally perhaps, that the application III. Matriculation at Canadian medical of his method is the obvious similimum to colleges does not consist in yearly money the smooth shining dollars of our Uncle payments. It is an entrance examination Samuel, and that these tests will most in English and classics, mathematics, etc., likely consume five years time and an anand is equivalent to the first year's course nual appropriation of $10,000." in arts.

Thinking that the readers of THE WORLD IV. Of McGill M.D.'s (1850 to 1900), might be interested, I"submit" the above one-sixth are dead, one-sixth live in the review.

HưLBERT FULLER, M.D. United States, the balance live in Canada. Chicago, Ill.

V. The requirements in New York State for admission to study of medicin,

American Doctors Abroad. dentistry and veterinary subjects are iden- Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-An American tical; and to qualify for M.D., the degrees doctor or diploma (in a therapeutic sense) in dentistry and veterinary medicin, it is in the following countries are no good : noticeable that the greater number of Russia, Turkey, Persia, India, Australia, schools require four years in medicin, and New Zealand, Egypt and Africa. In three or two in dentistry, and two for V. S. China or Japan any old thing will be suf

Query. Should not the requirements for ficiently good, as you will never get a matriculation for M.D.'s be greater than patient. Nothing goes but English, Irish for dentists and vets? Does not the pub- and Scotch diplomas. lic believe M.D.'s to be educated men ? There is a conservatism (I may say a If so, why require such poor qualifications prejudice) existing against the American for admission to our profession? Is this in any capacity, which is akin to hatred. the origin of "Doc" ?

The presence of the “Yank," as the VI. An agent of a New York medical Americans are called, would not be for a journal, who said he was a doctor, called moment tolerated by the rough element in on me recently. He said: “Down South any of the Australasias. But his tried they swear by the

a medical and trusted ally, the Irishman, espouses journal whose editor, in answer to many the cause of the Yank; a fight ensues, queries, recommends remedies in which he which is fierce and warlike a la John L. has moneyed interests. This journal is Sullivan, and the Englishman invariably not an Eastern one—it could not live East. comes off second best. Such battles are Almanacs take its place here and great drug often serious and of frequent occurrence house publications. 6 ROCHESTER.” but the Irishman is interminable in his

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