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Putting on one side all questions of mor- cause bubbles to rise and a froth to appear ality and regarding the matter wholly on the surface similar to its action on pus from the standpoint of health, it must be in other localities. This test is characterconfessed that abortion, conducted on a istic and reliable. large scale, is certain to sap the vitality In a recent case considerable difficulty and to impede the progress of any nation. was experienced in procuring a suitable - Pediatrics.

remedy to allay the disagreeable odor of a

After many trials a saturated soMichigan Law Prohibits the Marriage of

lution of sodium hyposulfite diluted with Syphilitics.

an equal quautity of water was found to

give the best results. A Michigan statute prohibits the marriage of any person who is afllicted with everlasting odor of iodoform may be thoroly

The peculiar disagreeable, penetrating, syphilis or gonorrhea. If the person bas masked by either the oil of rose, one had either disease at any former period, minim; the oil of rose geranium, four evidence must be produced that a cure minims; or oil of citronilla, two minims has taken place. What an opportunity to the dram of iodoform ; of these the oil for the expert witness! In commenting of citronilla, is by far the cheapest. upon the law the Jour. Am. Med. Asso., July 22, '99, says:

Quinin is a direct antagonist to the plas

modium of malaria itself, but is almost The law also provides that the wife can

useless against the toxin produced by it. testify against her husband, and vice

For this reason a case of malaria can not versa, and removes the privilege of medi

be cured by the use of quinin alone. Howcal secrecy in proceedings for this cause.

ever, in iron, iodin and arsenic we have The enforcement of this law will be noted almost a specific for this latter condition. with interest, and it is possible some im

In the treatment of prolapsus ani in chilportant new medico-legal question may dren, where the case is seen early, it may arise; the question of the curability and be relieved and usually cured, if, after the evidence of cure of these disorders may each evacuation of the bowels, when procome up in the courts. Considering the lapsus has taken place, the mother has frequency of these disorders, especially been instructed how to reduce the prolapgonorrhea, it would seem possible that

sus, and to inject a solution of from ten to there is danger of a serious diminution in thirty drops of the fluid extract of witch the number of marriages as a result of hazel in from two to six ounces of cold such law, and also that it might afford

water into the rectum. This is not new, possibilities of blackmail and inconvenient but it will cure the patient if persistently family complications.-Med. and Surg. carried out. Monitor,

The use of hot poultices of flax-seed,

mush, bread and milk, hops, etc., is fast Notes on Practice,

being replaced in the treatment of pneuThe average human system is capable of monia by the use of ice-bags. In young consuming about three ounces of whisky adults, whose previous health has been in twenty-four hours. More than this good, it is advisable to apply an ice-bag constitutes an excess, injures the system as soon as the diagnosis is made; if the and is thrown off unchanged by the ex

inflammation is severe, or both lungs are cretory organs.

affected, two or more may be used; if the In the treatment of facial and ovarian temperature be high, it is well to cover the neuralgia I have found no one drug that chest with them. As the fever is reduced, has given me such uniformly satisfactory they should be gradually withdrawn; if results as the tinct. of gelsemium. My the fever again becomes high, they should experience has been with ten drop doses of be replaced. It is not advisable to use Merrell's Green Root tincture.

the ice-bag as a routine treatment in very In chapt hands, lips, etc., and all old or very young patients. The ice-bag frosted conditions, it should be remem- does not take the place of, nor interfere bered that the comp. tinct. of benzoin, is with, the proper internal admirable remedy. Incidentally it Ther. Digest & Form. should not be forgotten that it is one of our best remedies in crackt nipple.

It is claimed that a vapor bath, producThe addition of a few drops of peroxid ing very free sweating, will cure hydroof hydrogen to urine containing pus, will phobia.

Medical Examination, Univ. of N. Y. for same Morphine antifebrine and stimulents.

Brandyes, wines and Egg Sups.

Ques. What is extrauterine pregnancy? Give 1. Give the causes of inflammation, Describe symptoms. the various stages of inflammation.

Ans. Extrauterine Pregnancy sometimes oc2. Define shock. Give its causes and symp- curs shortly after a Sexious intercourse. Or toms.

caused by a Sudden exposure from Cold, and the 3. Mention the different kinds of displacement Peariods Becomes unreagular. in fracture. In what directions does the line of Ques. Give the mechanism of labor. fracture extend in the case of the long bones ? Ans. Meachanisem of labor is a Slite Pain in

4. What is a dislocation ? Define the various the lower Parts of the abdoman Cavity Con. kinds of dislocation.

nected with the womb. 5. Describe periostitis.

Ques. How are poisoned wounds produced? 6. Give the causes of abdominal hernia. What Give treatment for same. are its common seats ?

Ans. Poison Wounds air Produced sometimes 7. What are the general characteristics of by Snake Bites, or Mad. Dog Bites. Wild Grape syphilitic skin eruptions ? Describe the mucous Vines. patch.

treatment, Carbolic Acid, tanic acid. Opium. 8. Give the differential diagnosis of malignant Morphine. Whiskeys or Wines. and non-malignant breast tumors.

With this astute learning as the result of 9. Describe the common forms of club foot. many years' practice, cannot we truly say, ezGive the treatment of one form.

perientia docet?-Charlotte Med. Jour. 10. What is harelip? Give the treatment of harelip. 11. Describe the preparation of patients for

Precocious Pregnancies. the administration of a general surgical anes- During the past summer the Journal of thetic. Give the treatment of possible resultant the American Medical Association conasphyxia and syncope.

tained several reports of precocious preg. 12. Under what circumstances should an artery be ligated in its continuity ? What in

nancies, as follows: struments are required for the operation.

CASE 1.-On January 20, 1889, I was 13. What general principles govern the diag

called to attend a case of confinement. On nosis of a tumor?

my arrival I found a girl 12 years and 10 14. Describe an approved method for the re- months old in labor. After a rather tedi. moval of foreign bodies from the ear.

ous but uneventful labor I delivered her 15. Give in detail a systematic method of digital and bimanual examination of the pelvic

with forceps of a twelve-pound boy. The orders of the female.

infant lived but a short time. The mother

had a normal puerperium. I am familiar Why Not Grant Him a License ?

with another case in which the mother The Memphis Medical Monthly is responsible

was less than 13 years and 6 months old. for the correctness of the following item:

I confined a girl in 1893, who stated to me There recently appeared before the Clay

that she had never menstruated and was County, Arkansas, Medical Examining Board less than 14 years old. This was afteran applicant for license to practice. This appli- wards verified by the mother. She had cant claimed to have practised medicin up to no hair on the pubes, no enlargement of within the last two years in the state of Illinois, and before going to that state had followed the

breasts, or other signs of puberty.-L. D. same calling for fourteen years in Kentucky.

Rood, M. D., Des Moines, Iowa. Thru the courtesy of the secretary of the board, CASE II.-I delivered a girl about June Dr. W. H. Hubbard, of Piggot, Ark., we have 1st, at the age of 12 years and 10 months. had the opportunity of examining the papers The baby weighed 73 pounds, and is now containing the answers to the board's questions, turned in by this experienced practitioner, and

doing nicely. The labor was normal in here submit a few of these, terbatim et literatim,

every respect; no forceps, no laceration as examples of the character of the whole.

and an uneventful puerperium. The girl Question. What is cerebral hemorrhage? Give had menstruated several times before imsymptoms, prognosis and treatment.

pregnation. She was not over developt, Answer. Cerebral hemorrhage is bleeding and really not fully developt.-W. Chrisfrom the womb; symptoms is a bearing down sinciation of the overies, of the vagina and a

TIAN, M.D., Indianapolis. Bleeding Sinciation from the womb.

CASE III.-In the personal history of a treatment. Ceep the Paitent as quiet as Posi- case I saw a couple of years ago, the girl bel, and Give quinia and Bor. Potach. Morphine. menstruated at 11 years and 3 months. Nutmegs, brandyes and sometimes a Coton Pill.

She immediately became pregnant and was Ques. What is appendicitis? Give one cause,

delivered at full term by a rather tedious Give symptoms and treatment in full.

Ans. Appendicitis is a Dease of febrile conde. delivery, of a large, well-developt child. ations of the systum. Symptoms is a tired and

Both mother and child did well. The heavey feeling. Drinking Sinciation, treatment father, at the birth of the child, was just

years old.-N. S. SCOTT, M. D., Cleve. (before the 15th), Since these dates land, o.

many other cases have been reported, CASE IV.-I recall a case in 1867, of the especially from the large cities; and fatal delivery of a girl ten days before she was results may be feared in the third and 12 years of age. The confinement was even fourth week. As a rule, tetanus is normal, but was followed by phlegnasia not fatal in ten days after the receipt of alba dolens in both legs. She had been the wound, although the fact has long brought up in a house of prostitution, and been known that the earlier the disease at the age of 8 years had commenced appears after the injury the more virulent coha bitation with boys. She menstruated and more rapidly fatal it is likely to be. It at 10, and at the time pelvis, mammæ and would thus appear that many of the pubic hair were well developt.—Dr. F. W., Fourth of July cases are instances of exPhiladelphia.

treme virulence. Several deaths, in fact, CASE V.-I delivered a negro girl of were reported in Philadelphia so early as twins, February 5, 1897. At 11 years of the 11th inst., and Boston reported one age she began to menstruate regularly; be- death on the 10th. This activity of the came a prostitute soon afterward, and was poison is doubtless due to the nature of delivered of twins at the age of 13 years,

the wound and (in many cases) to the 9 months and 5 days. Both children were carelessness with which it is treated. The females.-D. L. WILKINSON, M. D., Monte- wound in the vast majority of cases is in valle, Ala.

the palm of the hand or in the fingers, ANOTHER INSTANCE.

and is caused by the obnoxious toy-pistol

or the cannon-cracker. It is, therefore, To these from the Journal I will here add another case.

either a penetrating or a lacerated wound

—often both—and thus presents the most A Jewish woman lately brought her

favorable conditions for infection. Moredaughter to me for examination and treat

over, the hand of the victim is usually She was not quite thirteen years begrimed with dirt-especially from the old. There was extensive bilateral lacer

earth. The alarming fatality from lockation of the cervix. An operation was not allowed when it was learned that the jaw should impress upon the public the

extreme need for radical treatinent of lacerated condition would render the bear

these wounds—even the most insignifiing of children very improbable. The

cant of them. Tetanus is an infectious mother informed me that the girl had disease, due to the action of a microbe ; menstruated a short time before her and, altho one of the most fatal of eleventh birthday, and had been delivered diseases, is probably one of the most of a child when just twelve years and one easily preventable in many cases.

The month old. The child lived eight months and died of bowel trouble. The father of drained, as only a good surgeon or physi

wound should be thoroly cleaned and the babe was a milk dealer over sixty cian can do it, and never by amateurs or years old, to whom the girl had been daily according to household methods. Cautersent by her mother for the purchase of ization in these cases is a pernicious milk.—Wm. WESLEY Cook, M. D., of Chi- practice, because it makes a crust over cago, in Med. Observer.

the wound and thus prevents free drain

age. In other words it effectually imFourth of July Lockjaw.

prisons the microbes, and thus promotes Many persons must be impresst by infection. The bacillus of tetanus is said this time with the large number of cases to be anaerobic-it lives without air, or of tetanus that have been reported in the at least is killed by free air. Hence the newspapers as caused by wounds received necessity for cleansing and drainage. on the Fourth of July. The fatal results Finally, this bacillus is telluric—it inhave followed quickly, as a rule, upon the habits earth or soil. receipt of the wound. For instance, on The serum-treatment has so far not the 14th inst, there had already been re- proved reliable. Prevention is, of course, ported twenty-five deaths in New York better than cure; and this sad mortality City, and on the 15th inst. the

among boys and young men should tend papers in Philadelphia reported two coro- to put an end to some of the dangerous ner's inquests and three other fatal cases and irrational customs that are so popular for the preceding day. Pittsburg re- in the celebration of the national holiday. ported three fatal cases on one day - Philadelphia Medical Journal.



A Case of Triple Personality.

the fat preventing the proper drying of The Pathological Institute of the New the cord. The weight of the bathed York State Hospital for the Insane has children increast more rapidly than that recently reported a case of great scientific of the others, and no cases of eye infection interest with admirable practical results, from the water used in bathing the chil. occurring in the department of the institute dren were noticed.-N. Y. Med. Jour. devoted to psychology and psychopathology. The case is a remarkable one of am- Assistant Physician, Junior Grade, Governnesia, the patient being a clergy man, about

ment Hospital for the Insane. twenty-six years old, who fell out of a

The United States Civil Service Commission wagon, and, striking upon his head, became announces that on October 4, 1899, examination unconscious. When he recovered from the will be held at any city in the United States stupor, it was found that he had com

where the Commission has a board of examiners, pletely lost his memory, and that his per

for the position of assistant physician, junior

grade. sonality was lost with it. His mental

The examination will consist of the subjects condition was that of an infant, and in mentioned below, which will be weighted as the course of education to which he was follows: subjected, he developt a new personality, Subjects.

Weight. totally different from the old. He next 1. Letter writing

5 manifested the phenomena of alternating

2. Anatomy and physiology

16 personality, and awaking in possession of

3. Chemistry, materia medica, therapeuties 1

4. General and special pathology his primitive personality, and vice versa.

5. Surgery Neither personality was at all conscious of 6. Bacteriology and hygiene the other. The patient thus had two 7. Obstetrics and gynecology consciousnesses, which he possessed at different times, but between which there


100 was absolutely no communication. The

The minimum age limitation for entrance to

this examination is twenty years; the maximumi problem was how to unify the double consciousness. This was attempted by pre- The examination is open to both males and venting him from lapsing into profound females, but a separate eligible register will be slumber, keeping him in a condition be- kept for each sex. tween sleeping and waking, and the result From the eligibles resulting from this exami proved successful. As a consequence he

nation, certification will be made to fill two

positions in the government hospital for the developt a third personality, which was

insane, one from the male register at $900.00 per conscious of the other two personalities, annum, and one from the female register at and this finally filled every gap in his $600.00 per annum. memory. Dr. Van Giesen, the director of This examination is open to all citizens of the the Pathological Institute, naturally re

United States who comply with the require

ments. All such citizens are invited to appit, gards the case with great satisfaction, and

They will be examined, graded and certifed expresses the opinion that it shows a de

with entire impartiality and wholly without cided advance in the domain of psychology. regard to any consideration, save their ability as -Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. shown by the grade attained by them in the ex

amination, Shall New-born Babies be Washt?

Persons desiring to compete should at once

apply to the United States Civil Service Con. Schrader (Berliner klinische Wochen

mission, Washington, D. C., for Applicatiou schrift; Klinisch-therapeutische Wochen- Forms 304 and 375, which should be properly schrift) has investigated the effects of executed and promptly filed with the Commisbathing new-born children, in order to sion, settle the point as to whether the healing

To Remove the “ Smell” of lodoform. of the stump of the cord is influenced by that process. The treatment of the stump

To do away with the “ smell” of iodowas the same in all the one hundred and form that comes to the hands of the sur fifty cases. It was drest daily with geon, for handling the same, I find that to sterile gauze and dusted with a mixture of rub on, after use of soap and water, a tezone part of salicylic acid and four parts of spoonful of vinegar (found in every housestarch. The healing of the stump and its hold) does away promptly with the very separation took place in a more satisfac- disagreeable odor. – EDWIN RICKETTS.M.D. tory way in those children who had been in Lancet-Clinic. bathed. Dry dressings for the stump were found to be much better than oily ones,

Can you have better value for your moner than De Waugh's book on Treatment and WORLD one year for $5:

The Busy Doctor.

so dovetailed in time as to leave ample Occasionally a letter is received in margins, and at the same time always fit which the writer gravely says he is taking in the right places. so many journals he cannot read the half The man who hasn't time to read half of them, etc., the polite phrases being of the two journals he is taking is either framed as an excuse for discontinuing his fussing about a call he has to make or subscription, which is all right and in per- fretting because another doctor was called fect accord with the privilege of every where he expected to officiate as chief man who knows and attends to his own factotum. In either instance his hours business, with which there is no occasion are so jaggered that he has little or no whatever for argument. It serves, how- time to read, and that which he does read ever, as an introduction to the claim made is not remembered. that he has not time to read half the jour- Two things are never realized by the nals he is taking.

man who hasn't time; one is that there The time was, and is not so very far are even and exactly sixty minutes in back, when the ordinary general practi- every hour, and the other is like it, in tioner of medicine thought he was doing which he fails to understand in its true entire justice to himself, his profession bearings that there are neither more nor and his clients if he took a single medical less than one hundred cents in every dollar. journal. Conditions and times have The busiest men in the medical profesgreatly changed within the last twenty sion always attend the national, State and years. A medical education costs more local medical societies. They are the ones than twice as much time and money as it who read papers, take part in the discusdid then, and the literature of medicine sions and then attend all the social funchas quadrupled within that period. tions. Not once are they disconcerted by Friction and competition have increast pressing business engagements, a reason in a similar ratio, so that the men who for which is found in the fact that just at are ambitious to be at the front find them- that time affairs are so arranged that a selves obliged to purchase new and im- pressure does not come. proved instruments of precision, new The men who can't get off to attend such books, and to take more than one or two meetings are worried and perplext for medical journals. The man who has little fear some rival will profit by their absence, business is always the one most crowded instead of swapping time and business with for time, and the little business he has is such rivals, thru which both would proshis boss.

per and be better thought of. The world The men who do the most work and ac- is wide, and there are other pebbles on the complish great results always have time beach.-Lancet.Clinic. at their command, and always boss their business. They are rarely crowded, and Liquid Air in Medicine and Surgery. seldom in a hurry. Visitors are received The subject of liquid air in its applicaand made to feel a welcome that is not an tion in medicine and surgery has been intrusion, that time is easy, no fret or treated in a dispassionate manner by Dr. fidget; work is either going on or there is A. Campbell White in The Medical a timely rest. Such men take and read Record. The general properties of liquid from ten to twenty or more journals. air have already been described in the They don't pretend to read every article, columns of the Scientific American at but they carefully read those in which considerable length, says the Journal, so they are interested, and scan more or less that it is not necessary to dwell upon this closely the advertising pages. In the phase of the subject. latter many useful hints are found ; here In applying liquid to the tissues of the they find reference to the tools of latest body, Dr. White has used it in the form of pattern and design, hence do not pretend a spray and by means of a swab dipped to pass them by.

into a fluid. If a spray of liquid air is The known men in the profession are applied to the skin, the part at once bethe very ones who can be most easily and comes anemic and perfectly colorless. If successfully approacht for any given pur- the application is made only for a few pose, whether it be to write an article or seconds, the color as quickly returns and deliver a lecture, go on a journey or en- the skin is congested for some minutes gage in a new enterprise. Their engage- thereafter. Within much less than a minments are rarely pressing, and are always ute's time, by means of a spray, the part

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