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fluencing the mind, medicin might help, older readers of THE WORLD would give but the patient must take himself seriously their opinions on this matter of “overand earnestly in hand, and learn to con- crowding”, as they would be able to comtrol himself. He must favor his general pare the conditions that existed when they health in every possible way, and in help- began their practice with those that present ing to do this the physician can best serve themselves to the young man of to-day. his patient. Proper food, proper habits, Nova Scotia, Canada.

J. M. hygienic surroundings, etc., are necessary to make the body healthy and strong.

Formulas. Then the mind should rule supremely over

[In our issue for November, 1897, we began republishing the such a body, controlling every action and

formulas for the leading advertised nostrums. We do this function. This is the only way to get believing that physicians have a right to know what the peo sexual health and vigor. If case number minister proper antidotes if called in case of an orerdose,

which often happens, particularly with the various soothing one will practice self control he will soon

syrups given to children. Back numbers can still be fur. be able to continue copulation the normal aished to those who wish the series complete.] time before emission. He should begin

Formula for Coke's dandruff cure is askt for. by introduction and immediate withdrawal

Also formula for Dr. H. H. Dupew's injection without emission. Soon he will be able

cure for hernia. Also for “Brownfield's little to copulate longer without emission, but lemon liver pills," and for “medicamentum.” he should still continue to withdraw before the moment for emission arrives.

PARSONS'S PURGATIVE PILLS. After awhile he will be able to control Take ofemission until orgasm is produced in the Aloes female, which is the proper time for emis


Powd, colocynth. sion to occur. Resolution and practice


gr. along this line will soon give him control


gr. over himself. The wife should be in- Mandrake root. structed as to the object sought and how Oil peppermint..

. gr. it must be done, so she can give both moral Mix. -Secret Nostrums and Systems. and physical aid. Much of the above applies also to case

PIMPLE LOTION. number two. Good general health, cour

Take of -
Carbolic acid

1 dr. age, resolution and confidence are needed,


4 dr. rather than medicin. Don't worry about


2 d. OZ. a small organ. Such an organ properly Tannin

2 dr. used and controlled can give eminent sat- Alcohol

3 il. Oz isfaction to all concerned. Much more


..10 fl. oz,

Mix and dissolve. Apply night and morning. marital unhappiness and dissatisfaction

-Druggists' Circular. comes from the male organ being too large than too small. The entire secret lies in

PRICE'S PILE OINTIENT. the proper control and use.-Ed.]

Take of
English calomel ...

1 oz. Is the Medical Profession Overcrowded ?

Powdered opium..

Joz. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Is the medi- Pure carbonate of lead.

.1 lb. cal profession overcrowded ? and if so, Oxid of zinc....

1 lb. Olive oil...

2 lb. what is the remedy for this undesirable

Fresh lard (without salt).. .2 lb. state of affairs ?

Mix by trituration in wedgewood mortar. It Such is the question that many a strug

was put up in two-ounce gallipots,tied over with gling medical student or young practi- a bit of bladder, and was sold readily at $1, the tioner has forced upon him.

principal purchasers being river and flat-boat A leading Canadian daily, a short time men.-Secret Nostrums and Systems. ago, concluded that the profession of medicin was much overcrowded and went on

PROCTOR'S VERMIFUGE. to say that “ death from starvation of a Take of

Santonin few young practitioners, or their being

Fluid ext, of senna driven to commit highway robbery ” would

Fluid ext. of pink-root

2 oz. probably lead young men to take up me

Dose for a child two years old, one teaspoonchanical or agricultural pursuits instead

ful night and morning until purging takes place. of medicine. It would be interesting to Used to expel stomach worms from children. many young men, I think, if some of the

-Secret Nostrums and Systems.

.16 gr.

2 oz.

Take of -

4 parts.

.2 parts. Ginger.

.2 parts. Myrrh..

.2 parts. Make into a mass with mucilage and divide into 2.grain pills, of which about four dozen are put into each box.-Cooley.

within a fortnight the stern old gentleman not only acquiesced in the lovers’ marriage, but gave the bride a handsome dowry."

This article is put up in five-ounce panel bottles, poorly labeled, and it retails at $1.50 per bottle. Such an article could be put up for less than fifteen cents, including container, leaving by no means a small margin for the profit of its manufacturers.

According to our analysis, this wonderful agent has the following formula:

Potass, bromid...

1 oz.

20 minims. Water

5 oz. Dissolve and add oil cassia.. .10 minims.

-New Idea,

1 oz.

Take of -
Soap liniment, about

.1} oz. Tinct. capsicum, about.

oz, Water of ammonia, about

oz. Alcohol, about....

oz. --J. J. Pierson, Ph.C.

RANSOM'S HIVE SYRUP AND TOLU. Sold in white, square bottles containing 1} fluid Ounces. It is a yellowish syrup, next to odorless, and upon examination we find it to be composed about thus : Take of Fluid ext. squills ...

2 fl. dr. Fluid ext. senega.

.2 fl. dr.
Soluble essence tolu.

f. dr.
Tartar emetic.....
White sugar

.4 oz, av.
Water to make.

.4 fl. oz. It is readily prepared by rubbing the tartar emetic and sugar well together, adding the fluid extracts and essence of tolu, and then enuf water to make, after short slight heating and straining, 4 fluid ounces.

Each thuid ounce of the syrup contains 1 grain of tartar emetic.-New Idea.

.4 gr.

ROCHE'S HERBAL EMBROCATION. An effectual remedy for whooping-cough, without internal medicin.

This is the only discovery affording a perfect cure, without administering internal medicin, the difficulty and inconvenience of which, in all disorders particularly incident to children, are too well known to need any comment. The inventor and proprietor of the Embrocation can with pleasure and satisfaction declare that its salutary effects have been so universally experienced, and so generally acknowledged, that many of the most eminent of the Faculty now constantly recommend it as the only known safe and perfect cure, without restriction of diet or use of medicin.-Extract from manufacturer's circular. Digest asafetida.

.2) parts withOlive oil..

.60 parts, for some hours ; decant and mix the solution withOil caraway

.2 parts. Oil turpentine

.2 parts. And add a few drops of oil gaultheria.

- Western Druggist. On the wrapper enclosing the vial it is stated that the Court Circular says : “We find that so invaluable is it regarded by those who know most about the subject, that it is not lookt upon as a patent medicine, since so many medical men prescribe it, not only in England, but in all parts of the world, including the United States, where its healing power is universally recognized ; and we are now of the same opinion as those who, after a lengthened experience of its merits, pronounce it an absolute specific for this disease."--Secret Nostrums and Systems.


This preparation is intended to cure not alone fits and all nervous diseases, but also the defects of moral character. Below we give a few of their absurd statements:

“A bad temper can be treated just as successfully with a dose of medicin as a cough or a headache. Dishonesty in a servant need not be punisht by discharging him ; you have only to give him some of this marvelous medicin. If your son will not study his lessons, do not send him to bed early, or threaten him with more severe correction, but give him Dr. Richmond's Samaritan Vervine for one week, and he will become the most studious and diligent child in school. There is certainly no end to the benefits which this specific has conferred upon mankind. As a peace-maker it acts like magic. A wife who had for twelve years been abused and neglected by a morose and violent husband, askt the doctor what she should do. He told her to put every day a few drops of Samaritan Nervine in his coffee. She did so, and in a surprisingly short time the morose grumbler became a lamblike, effectionate, docile spouse. When so simple a remedy as this is at hand, there is no longer any reason why domestic discord should continue. A miserly father refused to sanction the attentions of a poor, but respectable young man to his daughter. The loving damsel surreptitiously inserted a few drops of the Samaritan Nervine into her father's coffee each meal, and


QUACKERY. The increast number of quacks and quackagencies in this city, appealing to victims of sexual troubles and venereal disease, and the boldness and offensiveness of their advertising methods, are working an injury which demands more than ordinary notice. In late years the older methods have changed, and from a business point of view, improved, and it has become the practice for these quacks to work under the

.10 gr. .10 gr.

guise of agencies or companies. They have and a serious public harm to those upable to "laboratories,” consultation-rooms, and most judge of their merits and honesty.—The Medical elaborate methods of advertising by circulars, Record. hand-bills, and thru the lower grades of newspapers. So complete is the system that there is

SAGE'S CATARRI REMEDY. hardly a young man or growing youth in the Take of city who does not get hold of some disgusting, Powdered hydrastis canadensis .. 162. or, to him, terrifying notice, picturing the hor- Powdered borax.... rible results of self-abuse and seminal losses, Salt..... Thousands are thereby frightened into a mental Ferro-cyanuret of iron... sufficient to color, state half approaching insanity. Many of them Mix. go or write to some of these advertising firms, The above is the formula of Dr. Sage, and put themselves under treatment until every spare sold by him to Dr. Pierce, of New York, for penny has been wrung from them, without, as a $500.00. The formula was given to me by Dr. rule, any good being done. On the contrary, an Sage himself, while on a visit to relatives in increase in their troubles often results, and even

Switzerland county, Indiana, two years ago. a permanent state of mental and nervous depres

-Dr. Hewitt. sion is brought about.

The young man, once in the toils of these unholy -agencies” is subjected to influences tend- Current Medical Thought. ing to keep him there. There seems to be a list kept of those applying at one place, which is cir

Abortion. culated among quacks all over the country. Consequently the once victimized party is in

Abortion is, according to the various constant receipt of new circulars describing the authorities, “the expulsion of the product virtues of new “pearls,” or pills, or special ap- of conception before the fetus is viable." paratus. Many of the circulars contain grossly Miscarriage is usually applied to an aborinaccurate descriptions and illustrations of the

tion after three months. That abortions sexual apparatus, the bladder, stomach, brain,

are becoming more numerous every day etc. etc. We have before us a specimen circular, depict

must be apparent to every practicing phying with equal force the despairing future of the sician. Their causes are so varied that it masturbator, and the unequaled virtues of a cer- is really amusing and at the same time tain suppository. It has also cheap wood-cuts

very provoking to the attending physician. of a “brainless child born of a masturbator," a

This peculiar state of affairs seems to hydrocephalic child with the same ancestry, and of a half-naked man behind the bars of a cage,

multiply during housecleaning time, one representing a person “made insane by self- woman claiming she was hanging curtains, abuse !" No words can tell the agony, the another lifting heavily, while others have shame, the despair, which such publications numerous and plausible excuses for their cause in a large class of half-educated youths condition. who get hold of them.

The methods which many women emA young man subsequently found to have a fine physique, no actual sexual weakness, and to ploy themselves have often been a wonder be suffering only from two or three emissions to me that they survived the operation, monthly, wrote to a physician : “Altho I am some using hat-pins, some crochet-needles, able to work, yet every day the constant thought lead pencils, pointed pieces of wood, and of my condition, my blasted and miserable life,

a case to which I was called recently, the is with me always, and keeps me in a constant despairing state of mind."

woman had inserted the nozzle of a DavidThis is the "state of mind” which it is the aim son's syringe and flushed her womb with of the quacks in question to produce to as large a quantity of hot water, and in this way an extent as possible. The more morbidness and got rid of a three months pregnancy. despair the more money in their pockets, for

When I saw the case she was in a pretty they fatten on the distress of their victims,

bad condition, having a temperature of IIere is the foulest possible prostitution of medicin, a systematized attempt to create disease,

104° F. and a weak and rapid pulse, with and then get money from it.

profuse hemorrhage. These individuals and companies do not con- These abortions are not always self-infine their practice to sexual troubles, but plaster flicted, old women and others having frethe telegraph poles and other places with announcements of "swift cures" for private dis- quently a hand in the matter, and fight

the cases along until finally a physician is eases," and send circulars advertising cures for all kinds of chronic troubles. Blanks are fur- sent for to carry the case thru. nisht, to be filled out with information regarding There are also certain physicians in our the person and the disease ; descriptions of how city, I am told, who make a specialty of to send urine by mail, price-lists for different

the dastardly work or business of commitsets of pills, or different courses of treatment, ting abortions for a consideration, and are also furnisht. In fine, these establishments have become a

seem to thrive in their illegitimate pracpublic nuisance for the intelligent community, tice. How these things can be carried on


without being noticed is deplorable. It is too one-sided and offers too much protecbad enuf if the act must be committed in tion in one direction only. order to save the life of the mother, but This is, of course, a little digression when carried on exclusively for monetary from our subject, but can be mentioned as reasons, it should be condemned in the a good point for all to observe. strongest language. It is unfortunate, Now, as to the matter of treating these however, that physicians are often misled abortions.

abortions. I have not the least doubt but by shrewd women to pass instruments in that nine-tenths of the ovarian diseases in diagnosing womb troubles and denying in our day are due to abortions, many of the most strenuous terms that they are which have been improperly treated. pregnant; of course, they well know when Before treatment, however, we may once a sound has been passed that an abor- mention some of the causes of abortion, tion is inevitable.

outside of those mentioned above, as due I once attended a lecture given in the to chronic endometritis and metritis, celUniversity of Pennsylvania by the late lulitis, disease of the tubes or ovaries, Dr. Goodell, in which he gave his experi- lacerated cervix and especially syphilis. ences in this manner: A patient, covered The treatment of threatened abortion with a white sheet, was brought before the should be by perfect quiet and rest, and class, and when Professor Goodell had such drugs that will diminish nervousness concluded some remarks upon the subject and weaken muscular contraction. The he had the woman placed in position for latter seems to be controlled best by examination. While this was going on, opium, bromid of potassium and chloral. Dr. Goodell happened to look under the Opium must, however, be given in large sheet and at once recognized the patient doses, as women about to abort seem to as having been before the clinic about a display a tolerance for this drug. Given year before. He simply made a digital in suppositories is probably the best examination and ordered the woman's method of administration. Viburnum withdrawal.

After she was taken out, ne prunifolium seems to be a specific in some said that this same woman fooled him once, but this time he was going to fool In inevitable abortion the best plan is

He said it was simply impossible to to empty the uterus as quickly as postell a pregnancy in its early stages, and sible, as delay is positively dangerous. that this woman had been shrewd enuf to The method of removing the contents of know this, and he having passed a sound the uterus with the finger is, in my opinfor diagnostic purposes, she aborted in a ion, in many cases, impracticable, for the few days. He concluded that this woman reason that it is too painful, and the finger was there for the same purpose the second is too short an instrument to accomplish time.

this, especially in corpulent women, and Professor Goodell took occasion then to without an anesthetic would frequently tell the students that they could not be too unnerve the patient. The best method is careful in making examinations and could to dilate, when indicated, and extract the be easily misled by shrewd women, who fetus or its remains. Hemorrhage must, seem to be equal to the occasion.

of course, be controlled, as may be necesOf course, in such cases the physician is sary, by packing, tamponing, etc., and placed in a very dangerous position. It

It the administration of ergot in dram doses would be a good idea for every physician, every four hours after the uterus has especially those who make a specialty of been emptied, and enjoining rest in bed diseases of women, to employ trained for several days, and tonics such nurses in their offices, and have them hear quinine, iron and strychnia, Blaud's mass the conversation and see the patient's with extract of nux vomica are among treatment, in order to protect themselves. the best. The bowels must be carefully There is constantly a set of women who watcht that they are at all times free. are bent on making trouble for the doctor, The treatment of cases in which an and, if they can, fleece him out of money abortion has been prolonged, and in such and ruin his reputation and practice. The cases in which the advice of a physician case against one of Philadelphia's most is invoked, is more radical. The treatprominent physicians some years ago, in ment of some physicians is to wait, while which he was fleeced out of $15,000, is a life seems to be ebbing away by profuse fair sample of what may happen. The hemorrhages, and septicemia playing rights of women in such matters is entirely havoc. They make no examinations on


account of the nauseating smell, which in in a certain quarter of London who reg. such cases is certainly sickening. But ularly practice as abortionists, and that why wait any longer and endanger the active steps are being taken to bring them life of the patient and risk the irreparable to justice. In this country, altho there damage likely to follow any degree of has been no great public scandal for a delay and procrastination ?

considerable time, the fact that abortion The uterus and the condition of the prevails to a large extent is well knowo. patient is now such that not enuf vitality Dr. Storer, of Newport, who has for many is left for nature to perform the work of years been an active anti-abortionist, refreeing them of the foreign and poison- ferring to the matter a few months ago, ous mass, and radical measures only are said: 6 Much has been written on the left to be invoked. As a prominent pro- subject from various standpoints, but fetal fessor once said in lecturing to the class murder still prevails, a dreadful monster in surgery, "Nothing is too menial for a that, wounded at one point, evinces but physician to do, provided he does not do fresh strength at others. The decrease it in a menial way," and I have often of the rate of increase still goes on.” It thought how true this expression is. I may then be taken for granted that the was told some time ago that a prominent practice is a common one. What are the doctor who was attending a lady, who reasons for this state of affairs, and what knew she was suffering from some womb means will most effectually put a stop to trouble, being askt if he did not think its continuance. The reasons are as clear an examination should be made, replied to read as an open book, and are simply that such things were so distasteful to that the well-to-do woman of the present him. This doctor was at once dismist day is, for the most part, averse to underfor his " distastefulness.''

taking the duties and responsibilities of My plan is to at once dilate the uterus, maternity, probably believing, too, in the if not already dilated, and with a douche majority of cases, that before the fourth curette begin emptying the uterine body month or thereabouts the fetus is but a of its offending contents, using a solution part of its mother and not endowed with of one to eight thousand or ten thousand separate life, and that, therefore, in proof bichloride of mercury. This usually curing abortion, she is not guilty of any lowers a temperature of 104° F. to nearly deadly sin. How to effectually prevent normal within a few hours. After curet- abortion is a most difficult problem to ting and flushing the intra-uterine cavity solve. With many women even the knowlwith a gallon of the above solution, pack edge that in undergoing an illegal operathe member thoroughly with an antiseptic tion, they were conniving at murder, gauze, cut about an inch in width. This is would not act as a deterrent, while it left to remain for about twenty-four hours, would be difficult to convince many more then it is removed and usually the result that in procuring abortion they were comis all that can be desired. Delay in these mitting a sin of any magnitude. The cases I am sure is the cause, as I have only course open would, therefore, seem already stated, of the majority of uterine to be to punish those who are detected in troubles, and they can all be avoided by the crime, with the utmost severity, the prompt action.-DR. J. M. BERTOLET, in path that is now being pursued in Eng. Maryland Med. Jour.

land, altho we agree with the following

remarks of the Medical Press: “ We Criminal Abortion Across the Atlantic and on trust, however, that the action of the This Side.

authorities will not be limited to the arrest This form of crime is very frequent in of medical men alone; the 'smart' women most parts of the world, and has been who seduce needy practitioners into regreatly in evidence of late in England, lieving them of the troubles of maternity where, within the past six months, there are equally guilty, and they should not be have been tried three qualified medical allowed to escape. If a few examples men for performing an illegal operation were made of these women it is quite with fatal results. One of these was sen- possible that the work of the abortionist tenced to seven years' penal servitude, would soon undergo a serious diminution." while another has just been condemned Altho the obstacles in the way of alto. to death. It is stated in a reliable Eng- gether preventing abortion are probably lish medical journal that the police have insuperable, yet some steps should be full knowledge of a ring of medical men taken to check its widespread practice.

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