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ORANGE BLOSSOM. Claimed by its proprietors to be a positive cure for all female diseases. The article is in the form of a vaginal suppository. Our analysis shows it to be about as follows: An oblong body, about one inch long, by one-half inch wide and one-half inch thick, weighing full two grams (31 grains). A single fold of heavy tin foil surrounds and encloses a light, grayish-yellow, unguentous mass, of a rancid, fatty odor, and astringent, metallic taste. The reaction very acid. The constituents are: Sinc sulfate ...

1 dr. Alum.... Cocoa butter.

3 dr. White wax... Oil sweet almonds

.14 dr. Ext, henbane.

-New Idea.

Take of-
Olive oil.....

4 dr. Spermaceti

.1} dr.
White wax..
Melt together, and add gradually, under tritu-
ration in a warm mortar, to the following in fine
powder, and thoroly mix:

White preciptate.
Oxid zinc
Acid benzoic.
Morphin sulf.
Oil rosemary

$ gr. Finally stir until cool, and preserve in a well covered vessel,

.20 gr. .30 gr.

2 gr.

Å gr.

,15 gr.


Current Medical Thought.

1 gr.

Take of -

12 parts. Tinct. aconite.

.12 parts. Tinct, capsicum.

4 parts. Tinct. pyrethrum.

2 parts. Vil cloves.

2 parts. Camphor

2 parts. Dissolve the camphor in the chloroform, then add oil of cloves, and then the tinctures. The venerable Dr. Parsons, in sending this formula for publication, says: “I cannot expect to remain much longer in this world, and I want the profession to know the value of this local anes. thetic."-Southern Dental Journal.

Conclusions of the Yellow Fever Com

mission. The report of the Commission appointed by the President in 1897 from the Marine Hospital Service staff to investigate the nature of yellow fever was made public by Surgeon General Wyman, August 18. The Commission was composed of Surgeon Eugene Wasdin and Past Assistant Surgeon Geddings, both yellow fever experts.

The conclusions of the Commission are summarized as follows:

First. That the micro-organism discovered by Professor Giuseppe Sanarelli, of the University of Bologna, Italy, and by him named "bacillus icteroides," is the cause of yellow fever.

Second. That yellow fever is naturally infectious to certain animals, the degree varying with the species ; that in some rodents local infection is very quickly followed by blood infection, and that, while in dogs and rabbits there is no evidence of this subsequent invasion of the blood, monkeys react to the infection the same

[blocks in formation]

as man.

Third. That infection takes place by ACTINA.

way of the respiratory tract, the primary Prof. Flavel B. Tiffany, of the University

colonization in this tract giving rise to Medical College, this city, says the extensively

the earlier manifestations of the disease. advertised "Actina” has this composition :

Fourth. That in many cases of the Menthol crystals...

.1 dr. Alcohol...

.] dr.

disease, probably a majority, the primary Ether sulf..

.i dr.

infection of colonization in the lungs is Oil mustard.

..2 dr, followed by a "secondary infection” or a Sponge sufficient to make

.1 oz. secondary colonization of this organism Or

in the blood of the patient. This secondMenthol crystals

.1 dr. Ether hydrobromic

.1 dr.

ary infection may be complicated by the Oil mustard...

.2 dr.

coinstantaneous passage of other organ. Sponge suflicient to make

isms into the blood, or this complication -Kansas City Med. Index. may arise during the last hours of life.

Fifth. That there is no evidence to PETIT'S EYE SALVE.

support the theory advanced by Professor The formula for this old and popular remedy Sanarelli that this disease is primarily a is as follows:

septicemia, inasmuch as cases do occur

.1 oz.

in which the bactillus icteroides cannot manufacturers of these so-called "catarrh be found in the blood or organs, in which cures.” The former has at least the credit it might be deposited therefrom.

of telling the world, by the brazen inscripSixth. That there exists no causal rela- tion at his door, that they can obtain tionship between the bacillus “X” of destruction within; while the latter, with Sternberg and this highly infectious dis. serpent surreptitiousness, secures its vicease, and that the bacillus “X” is fre- tim by the fattery of hopt-for relief. quently found in the intestinal content of Can anything more despicable be imagined normal animals and of man, as well as in than that a human being, endowed with a the urine and the bronchial secretion. certain business capacity, should allow

Seventh That, so far as your Commis- his sordid desire for gain to so far blunt sion is aware, the bacillus icteroides has or completely obtund all his sense of never been found in anybody other than right, justice, happiness, honor, sympathy one infected with yellow fever, and that and propriety, that he would suborn all whatever may be the cultural similarities his energies and efforts to the advancebetween this and other micro-organisms ment and sale of an article so certainly it is characterized by a specificity which terrible in its results ? is distinctive.

Nor can we entirely excuse from all Eighth. That the bacillus icteroides is culpability the druggist who retails the very susceptible to the influences injurious article in question. He is not ignorant of to bacterial life, and that its ready control its nature or composition, tho doubtless by the processes of disinfection, chemical they ease their consciences by the claim that and mechanical, is assured.

they do not know the exact formula. Ninth. That the bacillus icteroides We must, as physicians, lend our efforts produces in vitro, as well as in vita, a to creating a healthier sentiment, even toxin of the most marked potency, and among the druggists. This is an old, old that, from our present knowledge, there gong, I know, and I imagine some of our exists a reasonable possibility of the readers will wish for something fresher. ultimate production of an anti-serum more But I do assure you no subject can be potent than that of Professor Sanarelli. more important, or imperative, because,

while fraught with dreadful, fearful, awful Cocaine Addiction.

possibilities, it is yet in its infancy, and Another case in this city is reported can therefore be more easily and effectthru the daily press of a young man who ually throttled. It is a question how became a veritable cocaine fiend simply much the good exceeds the evil opium and from the use of one of the numerous morphine have done. We hope it may "catarrh snuff's" on the market.

never come to be a question in the case of What can be said of him who know- cocaine. -The Chicago Clinic. ingly, yes, maliciously, compounds a remedy and places it on the market con

“ Immaculate Conception." taining such proportions of cocaine ? The Quarterly Medical Journal for July, knowing, as he must, that the drug has quoting from the Review of Reviews, says no real curative effect, and that the relief that Mr. J. G. Frazer contributes the first obtained can be only temporary, and as part of an article on “ The Origin of Towell that the after results, aside from the temism ” to the Fortnightly Review for formation of a habit, cannot be otherwise April. It is based chiefly upon the book than injurious to the membranes, and by Mr. Spencer and Mr. Gillen on “The directly antagonistic to a possible cure Native Tribes of Central Australia,'' which subsequently by any legitimate and pro- has just been publisht by Messrs. Macfessionally honorable means.

millan. Mr. Frazer says that the book We are not relieving ourselves, at this contains a full description of the most extime, of a screed directed against patent traordinary set of customs and beliefs ever remedies. Such is not the inspiration of put on record. The natives, whose custhese words. But that this particular type toms are described by Messis. Spencer of remedy is a most dangerous one, and and Gillen, are so devoid of what may be does deserve our most eloquent and most called ordinary common sense that, altho persistent denunciation, there can be no they suffer severely from frost at night, doubt.

they have never yet learned to use the We have more respect for the proprietor furs of the animals which they kill, as of the lowest "grog shop" than for the clothing. . They huddle naked around

little fires, into which they frequently roll into the world. A people so ignorant of when sleeping, and burn themselves. the most elementary of natural processes Even this, however, is a less extraordinary may well rank at the very bottom of the illustration of their difference from the savage scale.-N. Y(Med. Jour. rest of mankind than is to be found in their theory as to the propagation of the In August issue we publisht Mr. Markspecies. Mr. Frazer says: “They have ham's famous poem, "The Man with the no notion that mankind is propagated by Hoe.” The medical reason for presentthe union of sexes-indeed, when the idea ing it in these pages was explained. Of is suggested to them they steadfastly re- the many parodies on this poem, perhaps ject it. Their own theory to account for the following is the best. Heredity somethe continuation of the species is suf- times plays as prominent a part in this as ficiently remarkable. They suppose that in the other; and also, doctors know that in certain far-off times, to which they give the alcohol babit becomes a disease,

and the name of `Alcheringa,' their ancestors when that stage is reacht, it should be reroamed about in bands, each band con- garded and treated as a disease instead of sisting of members of the same totem a moral obliquity : group. When they died their spirits went into the ground, and formed, as it were, spiritual store-houses, the external mark of which is some natural feature, generally a stone or tree. Such spots are scattered all over the country, and the ancestral spirits who haunt them are ever waiting for a favorable opportunity to be born again into the world. When one of them sees his chance he pounces out on a passing girl or woman and enters into her. Then she conceives and in due time gives birth to a child, who is firmly believed to be a reincarnation of the spirit that darted into the mother from the rock or tree. It matters not whether a woman be young or old, a matron or a maid, all are alike liable to be thus impregnated by the spirit

THE MAN WITH THE LOAD. -altho it has been shrewdly observed by Bowed by a weight of fiery stuff, he leans the natives that the spirits on the whole Against the bitching-post and gazes 'round ! exhibit a preference for such women as

Besotted emptiness is in his face,

He bears a load that still may get him down. are young and fat. Accordingly when a

Who made him dull to shame and dead to pride, plump damsel, who shrinks from the

A thing that cares not and that never thinks, burden of maternity, is obliged to pass one Filthy, profane, a consort for the pig ? of the spots where the disembodied spirits Who loosened and let down that stubbly jaw ? are supposed to lurk, she disguises herself

Whence came the scum adhering to those lips ? as a withered old hag and hobbles past,

What was it clogged and burned away his brain ? bent up double, leaning on a stick, wrink- Is this the thing the Lord God made and gave ling her smooth young face, and mumbling To have dominion over sea and land ? in a crackt, wheezy voice, ‘ Don't come to

To love and to be loved ; to propagate

And feel the passion of Eternity ? me, I am an old woman.' Thus, in the

Is this the dream He dreamed who shaped the opinion of these savages, every conception suns is what we are wont to call an immaculate And pillared the blue firmament with light ? conception, being brought about by the Down all the stretch of Hell to its last gulf entrance into the mother of a spirit apart

There is no shape more hideous than thisfrom any contact with the other sex.

More tongued with proof that Darwin didn't

knowStudents of folklore have long been famil

For where in all the world of brutish beasts iar with notions of this sort occurring in Is one from which this monster might have the stories of the birth of miraculous per

come? sonages; but this is the first case on

His blood flows in the frail, disfigured babe record of a tribe who believe in immacu

O'er which the pale, heart-broken mother bends. late conception as the sole cause of the But what to him are those hot tears she sheds, birth of every human being who comes What cares he for the taunts his children bear,

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The hungry cries they raise ; their twisted limbs? parasites ; pat hological

parasites ; pat hological anatomy; inThru this dread shape the devil boldly looks, ternal pathology ; hygiene and medical And in that reeling presence mocks the world !

pathology of children; therapeutics and Thru this dread shape humanity is shamed, Profaned, outraged, dragged down and brought Materia Medica ; neurology; mental disto scorn

eases ; dermatology and syphiligraphy Made to inhale fumes from the slime be spews (which two also furnish the matter of a And hear him jest at Virtue and at God.

special Congress held separately). O masters, lords, and rulers in our land,

3. Surgical Sciences -general; surgery Must this foul solecism still

children; urinary surgery; opthalmology; Be tolerated in an age when men

laryngology; rhinology ; otology; stomaGra:p power from the circumambient air

tology. And speak thru space across the roaring gulfs ?

4. Obstetrics; gynecology. Must this vile thing be left to wed at will

5. Public Medicine-medical jurisprudAnd propagate his idiotic spawn, A shame upon the age in which we live,

ence; military medicine and surgery; A curse on generations to be born ?

naval medicine; colonial medicine. O masters, lords, and rulers in our land,

All propositions relating to the work How may ye hope to reckon with this man"?

of the Congress should be submitted to How get along without the vote he casts the Executive Committee before the 1st When there are public offices to fill?

of May, 1900. Each section Committee is How will it be with candidates when he

charged with the organization of its own No longer hangs upon the reeking bar Prepared to fight, to stab, to murder, and

programme-hearing of reports, discus

sions of questions, various communicaTo vote for him who furnishes his drinks? S. E. Kiser, in The Chicago Times-Herald.

tions. The discourses pronounced at

the two general assemblies and the section The Thirteenth International Medical reports are to be published in the proCongress.

ceedings of the Congress. French is the The programme of the Thirteenth Medi- official language of the Congress for all cal Congress, which will be undoubtedly international relations; but, in the genthe largest and most important of the hun eral assemblies as well as in the different dred or more Congresses officially recog- sections, German and English may also nized during the Exposition of 1900, has be used. now been issued. The date of the Congress The following members from the United (from the 2d to the 9th of August, 1900) States have so far been designated for has been chosen so as to allow its mem- reports; Jacobi, of New York, on artificbers to attend, before or after, other allied ial lactation and the use of sterilized milk; Congresses of Practitioners, (on Medical D. Bulkley, New York, syphilis and asEthics and on Hygiene). The object of the sociate infections; Taylor, New York, Medical Congress is, moreover, exclusively causes of generalized infection in blenhor scientific

ragia; Ashurst, Philadelphia, radiography All doctors of medicine may become in the study of fractures and dislocations; members of the Congress on payment of Bradford, Boston, treatment of Pott's the subscription fee—25 francs. The disease (beginning phase and formation French Committee and the other National of gibbosity); Christian Fenger, Chicago, Committees may also present for member conservative in renal retentions; J. W. ship scholars of known reputation. The White, Philadelphia, remote results of opcard of membership is necessary for shar- erative treatment of prostatic hypertroing in the privileges of the Congress. phy; De Schweinitz, Philadelphia (opthalEach member will have a right to the mology) comparative value of enucleation summary of the proceedings of the Con- and operations proposed as substitutes; gress and to the printed reports of the Bosworth, New York, pathogeny and section to which he belongs.

treatment of suppurated ethmoiditis; The Congress has been divided into 25 Montgomery and Baldy, Philadelphia, sections arranged under five principal surgical treatment of cancer of uterus; groups :

Lagarde, lesions from rifle balls of mini1. Biological Sciences-descriptive and mum caliber. comparative anatomy; histology, with The president of American committee embryology and teratology; physiology, is Prof. Osler, Johns Hopkins University, with biological physics and chemistry. Baltimore. 2. Medical Sciences-general and ex

If you will send $1 nour for World for 1900, we will send it perimental pathology, bacteriology and

to you for the remainder of 1899 free.


First International Congress on Medical who are no longer liable to military Ethics.

service. An important congress on

Medical 2. Relations of the physician with indiEthics is to be held for the first time dur- viduals: with his patients, dispensing ing the Paris Exposition of 1900 under the chemists, trained nurses, midwives, manupatronage of the French Government. facturers of surgical appliances, etc., This congress should be carefully distin- questions concerning medical practice by guisht from the long establisht Inter- unqualified persons. national Medical Congress or Congress of 3. Relations of the practitioner with his Medicine. The two associations neither medical colleagues (medical deontology), conflict with each other nor do double consultation, clinics and medical instituwork. For this reason, and for the con- tions, locum tenens, the sale of practices; venience of members who may wish to relations between medical practitioners of take part in both congresses, the dates of different nationalities ; professional medimeeting have been so arranged that one cal societies and the formation of medical immediately follows the other. The con- uuions to defend the economic interests of gress on medical ethics will open its ses- the profession; other societies of medical sions on Monday, July 23d, and close the following Saturday. The Congress of 4. Questions relating to mutual aid and Medicine opens on Thursday of the next assistance among members of the profesweek and lasts until August 9, 1900.

. sion, such as insurance in case of illness, The French title of the new congress a fund for old-age pensions, and help for aptly describes its scope—“ Professional the widows and children of medical men. Medicine and Medical Ethics (Deon- The papers to be submitted to the contologie).” It is essentially a congress of gress are of two kinds: Reports which practitioners and appeals especially to will be printed and distributed before the national, state and county medical asso- opening of the congress (the manuscripts ciations. It will also concern directly of these reports must be handed into the professors of medical jurisprudence and committee of organization before the 1st all who are interested in the economic and of January, 1900.) ethical details of the profession. Besides Communications (in French, German, the general and section sessions, important or English) which should be presented to lectures will be provided. Only physicians the committee in summary form before the and the legal counsel of medical associa- 1st of July, 1900. The words of the Lontions are admitted to take part in the dis- don Lancet of May 6, 1899, may be applied cussions as active members; their sub- to the United States ; “ This is a unique scription fee is fifteen francs. The wives opportunity of placing on record an acof active members and medical students count of what has been accomplisht in will be admitted to the sessions of the England, which would stand side by side congress on payment of a subscription of with the descriptions of what has been ten francs. Representatives of the Press achieved on the Continent and appear in may ask for special admission cards. The the official report of the congress, thus meetings will not be open to the general constituting a lasting and important page public, and the section sessions will be held in the history of the medical profession." in the halls of the Medical Faculty.

In Germany the ministry, which has medThe subjects of discussion will be divided ical affairs under its supervision, has up among the four sections: 1. Relations brought the congress officially to the notice of the physician with the state and organ- of the various medical unions, which are ization depending on it, and the laws to choose representatives authorized to regulating medical practice ; relations speak in their name. The Brussels and with organizations not depending directly Vienna faculties contribute important on the state; medical service in respect to papers. The Secretary General of the public assistance and charities, poor-law, Committee of Organization is Dr. Jules public and private hospitals and medical Glover, 37 rue do Faubourg Poissonniere, charities; the position from the economic Paris. point of view of medical officers of health

I admire the conduct of THE WORLD. Its spicy originality, and other sanitary functionaries; relations

unique and practical plan of presentation of its subject mat. of medical practitioners with the judicial

ter, and especially the length and breadth of its basis, which

latter constitutes a vis a tergo, so to speak, that propels it far authorities; and finally, the utilization in and near, and ensuring a stability that means success untime of war of the service of medical men

qualified in the vast medical tield you cover.-C. H. HEFFEN. GER, M.D., Sykesville, Md.

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