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Ontario into the same condition. Ameri- 4. Having never advertised at all, I cans do just as well in the medical profes- have a right to a say on advertising. Let sion as do their cousins, and if they labor them advertise if they wish. If they can under more disadvantages, much more cure hernia and goiter I am willing they credit is due them.

should, and follow what methods they 2. Yes, it is right to confer the doctor- choose in making it known, provided they ate on dentists and vets—that is, if it is mind their own business. proper to confer the doctorate on any pro- 5. For a person to write the name of his fession at all. Originally, the title meant alma mater every time he supplies a few preceptorate, and it was especially in de. lines to the medical press, is to my view mand for bishops and priests, and also too puerile for an American. The two college professors. Master meant nearly best medical writers of the present age in the same thing, but was applied to literary America have no titles at alī, and I someand art preceptors. Even now a priest is times think I would exchange all my titles not made bishop without receiving a doc- for their ease and facility in producing intorate. There were many grades among structive themes. If it is necessary to priests and lawyers, but not so many find out a physician's career, Polk's Reg. among physicians ; so that the titles of ister can be found almost everywhere. those grades adhered to the former, and 6. Diploma mills, so called, were the the doctorate to the latter. It is true legitimate outcome of medical college there were three classes of medical men: rivalry, as well as of sectarianism. I do physicians, surgeons and apothecaries, not think the grievance was nearly as bad and all practised medicine. In Britain as supposed. The different sects and colthese titles are in common use, but when leges were trying to outdo one another and people are in a great hurry, they sputter

swamp one another by sheer force of numout the term * doctor." The Editor's bers, and in their breathless anxiety they remarks on this subject are very sensible dragged into their drills a great number of indeed, and his sentiments are also mine. persons who were not born for such desThe term as now used is, at best, a mis- tiny. The nuisance has greatly abated of nomer, and philologically it would apper- late, and that by reason of such canditain more to a school ma’m than to a dates getting their eyes open. medical man. Its present application 7. I do not believe that there are as among the public is a matter of fate and

many Universities in this country as uttterly beyond our control.

Quercus tells us. Many are extinct for 3. It would appear that the limiting of want of support. We cannot control their the licensing power to State Boards is number. J. G. A. DAVIES, A.M., M.D. preferable to the loose way that here and

Cana seraga, N. Y. there prevails, but not according to the Ontario methods, as Quercus suggests. There is disagreeableness enuf already, In reply to “Vermonter,” Aug. WORLD, even in the model States, such as Illinois page 338, Dr. W. F. Ball, of Mantua, O., and New York. An independent man recommends the following prescription : has nowhere to go except to the woods ! Regular medicine does not seem to exist,

R except in the individual, and corporate

Fl. ext. of green berries of saw pal

oz, ij bodies are bound together on fads, medi- Fl. ext. of green stigmata maydis . . oz. j cal, sectarian and political. Even oste- Fl. ext. ignatia amara

dr. i opathy shows the symptoms. Quercus

Fl. ext. salix nigra .

oz. j wants to silence osteopathy. That is not

Add port wine (in which has been

dissolved one dram of soluble ciright. Let osteopaths have free way, as

trate of iron) to make . . oz. viij long as they mind their own business. This ungovernable hankering for interfer

Mix. Write: A teaspoonful with each

meal and before retiring. ing with and controlling somebody else is the curse of the land on both sides of our

The chief element in this, he says, is great boundary line. I have no acquaint- the tincture of green saw palmetto berries. ance with any osteopaths; I have seen The ripe berries will not do. The tincture some of their writings, and it seems to me of the green berries is green in color, and that, if they had the power, they would will, he says, “increase the size of the follow the rule of the others, and stamp mammary glands and ovaries, and give around and persecute.

tone to the pelvic organs."

metto .

Quiz Column.

constitutional disturbances, as headache Questions are solicited for this column. Communications

and loss of appetite. The attack subsides not accompanied by the proper name and address of the in a few days and she feels quite well unwriter (not necessarily for publication) will not be noticed.

til another such attack comes on. Family The great number of requests for private answers, for the in- history is very good. Circulatory and res

formation and benefit of the writer, makes it necessary for us to charge a fee for the time required. This fee will piratory systems are normal; mucous be from one to five dollars, according to the amount of research and writing required.

membrane somewhat paler than normal;

menstrual function, normal; bowels inEditor MEDICAL WORLD :- - What is a clined to constipation. I prescribed pil speedy and good treatment for severe laxatonic, and instructed her to call at my sunburn ?

office when one of the attacks described I was among the mountains and saw occurred. On July 15th, she presented children from the city burned so badly herself with both cheeks swollen, of a from going bare-legged that they could purple color and hard on palpation. Line hardly move. On the seashore here, of demarcation between diseased and bathing.masters, bare-legged, have been healthy skin was well markt; temperature so badly burned as to be unfit for duty for 100.4° F.; pulse, 108. Prescribed a calomel nearly a week.

purge and mild febrifuge mixture and covWhat is the proper treatment for toad ered skin with powdered starch. I have stool poisoning? Emetic, followed by no doubt but that this is a case of facial what?

erysipelas. I would be very grateful for Ocean Grove, N. J. D. F. EASTON. any treatment which would prevent the

recurrence of such attacks.
Nova Scotia, Canada.

J. M. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :—Can you or some of your readers inform the brethren ? as to the plant “Holarrhena Antidygen

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- What effect dinica,'' which Buchanan & Co., of 24 E. does mind reading or the practice of Fourth St., N. Y., claim as the basis of telepathy have on health ? I have been their “Tincture of Kurchicine" ("highly consulted by two subjects. Can you sugozonized”) and which they say is “de. gest literature treating specifically? signed to supersede veratrum, aconite and Como, Miss.

Thos. HUNTER. jaborandi in the treatment of fevers and We wrote this query to Sydney Flower, inflammation” and more especially where editor of the magazine, “Suggestive malaria is present. They are also ex- Therapeutics,” who answered as follows: ploiting it as the remedy to overcome the “Dr. Hunter's question is too indefinit alcohol, opium and tobacco habits. Please for us to answer specifically. He does publish the enclosed. Some laymen have not say whether he refers to mind reading got hold of the stuff and are pretending to without contact, which is most fatiguing, cure cases named, with such success as or mind reading with contact, which is you might guess. They diminish dose all merely muscle reading." right, but when the final wrench comes they need medical treatment.

Prof. Schenk's Method a Failure. Florida.


A short time ago Prof. Schenk, of Vien[See Gould's medical dictionary, which na, promulgated his method of determining says, on page 1621, “Wrightia (after the sex of any given conception by modiWilliam Wright, a physician and botanist fying the nutrition of the mother. At that in Jamaica) a genus of apacynaceous time we stated in these columns that it shrubs and trees. The bark of Wrightia would not prove reliable. Now the proantidysenterica (or Holarrhena antidysenterica) fessor is suffering deep disgrace in his own of India, is highly valued as a remedy for country and thruout Europe on account dysentery. Unofficial.”—ED.]

of the signal failure of his method. The

senate of the University of Vienna inEditor MEDICAL WORLD:— Miss L. M., vestigated his claims and his methods of aged 20, clerk, consulted me on May 15th obtaining patients and past a vote of seand gave the following history : During vere censure. Many of his aristocratic pathe past year she has had an attack about tients are clamoring against the deception every month of swelling of both cheeks, practised upon them. Yet his theory, which is of a purple color and hard to the while not by any means perfect, is in the touch. This condition is accompanied by line of scientific truth.-Medical Council.


32 fluid ounces, in which the sodium and potassium salts are to be dissolved.-Western Druggist.

[In our issue for November, 1897, we began republishing the formulas for the leading advertised nostrums. We do this believing that physicians have a right to know what the people are taking, and that they ought to know in order to ad. minister proper antidotes if called in case of an overdose, which often happens, particularly with the various soothing syrups given to children. Back numbers can still be fur. Aished to those who wish the series complete. 1

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Mother Siegel's Curative Syrup. The following is given as approximating the proprietary preparation: Fid, ext. blue-flag

fl. dr. 9 Fld. ext, culver's root

f. dr. 9 Fld. ext. stillingia .

f. dr. 9 Fld. ext. taraxacum

A. dr. 9 Fld. ext. butternut

A. oz. 3 Fld. ext. wintergreen

fi. oz, 1 Fld. ext. golden-seal

A. oz. 1
Fld. ext. wahoo.

A. oz. 1
Fld. ext. black cohosh

Al. oz. 2 Fld. ext. gentian

f. dr. 3 Aloes

av, oz. 1} Tincture capsicum

A. Oz. + Fld. ext. sassafras

fi. oz. 2 Borax

av. oz. 2 Diluted hydrochloric acid ft. oz. 8 Syrup

pints + Water enuf to make .

gal. 1 Western Druggist.

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Hood's Sarsaparilla Blood Purifier. To our knowledge no formula for Hood's Sarsaparilla has ever been publisht, but there is little doubt that it contains potassium iodid and senna. The following formula is typical and ought to give satisfaction:

Fld. ext, sarsaparilla Cc 125
Fld. ext. rumex

Cc 125
Fld. ext. taraxacum

Cc 125 Fld. ext. senda

Cc 60
Fld. ext. podophyllum Cc 30
Potassium iodid

G. 30

Cc 250

Cc 200

Cc 125
Oil sassafras

Cc 1.5 Oil gaultheria

Cc 1.5 Oil fennel


1.5 Water enuf to make

Cc 2,000 - Western Druggist.

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Green's Nervura. The Thesaurus of Proprietary Preparations gives the following: Coca.

av. oz. 2 Damiana

av. oz. 2 Gentian

av. Oz. 2 Potassium bromid Sodium salicylat Dandelion

av. oz.

2 Alcohol .

8 Glycerin

4 Water enuf to make

32 Grind the vegetable drugs to powder ; add the alcohol and glycerin with an equal measure of water; macerate 24 hours, then percolate, adding enuf alcohol and water in the proportion given to make

A. oz. A. oz. fl. oz.

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It is composed of -
Very thick mucilage of quince

...300 parts,

40 parts. Sulfo-carbolate of sodium.... 20 parts, The mucilage is prepared with rose-water, or the completed preparation is scented with it, and if the finished preparation should not assume a


8 oz.

pink tinge of itself the same can be given with a very short duration are sufficient to arrest the little eosin or carmine red. This preparation is most inveterate discharges." The absence of made by Falke & Co., 418 Elm St., St. Louis, mineral astringents and caustics, tho not exMo., and is stated to be, in the circular around pressly stated, is intimated in the circular which it, a new and most elegant preparation for chapt accompanies the preparation. This preparation hands or any roughness of the skin, and for in- comes in an oval flint-glass bottle with white veterate obstinate eruptions, black-head, and embossed paper wrapper, covered with small pimples.-New Idea.

green prints of monograms of G. C., and with a

cut of the matico plant in green on the label, BAREEL'S INDIAN LINIMENT.

The bottle contains five fluid ounces of an aroTake of

matic liquid, having a light bluish tint. Exam

ination shows it to contain copper sulfate in soTr. capsicum

1 dr.

lution, in amounts not far from f of a grain to Oil origanum

the fluid ounce. It is difficult to say just what Oil sassafras.

of each oz.

plant has contributed the odor. Certain it is, Oil pennyroyal

however, that it is not due to the matico pure and Oil hemlock.

simple. The matico, if it contained any of it, Alcohol..

.1 qt.

has undergone a considerable change of physical -New Idea. and sensible properties. The odor is somewhat

suggestive of a rose-water which has stood a BARKER'S BONE AND NERVE LINIMENT.

long time and undergone decomposition. A satFor Man or Beast.

isfactory and valuable substitute for it could be Cures Rheumatism, sprains, bruises, chilblaips, made by distilling about one-half to one fluid etc., etc.

dram of fluid extract of eucalyptus globulus, We have made an examination of the fore- with water sufficient to obtain five fluid ounces going liniment and find it to be essentially a of distillate, and then in this dissolve four grains liquid petroleum product, containing large quan- of sulfate of copper.- New Idea. tities of camphor and turpentine, and with smaller quantities of oil of tar and probably oil

HAINES'S GOLDEN SPECIFIC FOR OPIUM HABIT. of thyme. The bottle is square and deeply paneled and holds two fluid ounces of a dark colored Take of fluorescent liquid. The following formula, ac- Ba erry-root bark, powdered....16 oz. cording to H. W. Snow, makes a preparation not Ginger, powdered.. to be easily distinguisht from the original :

Capsicum, powdered

1 oz. Take of

Oil of tar

f. dr.


1 f. dr.

Take of-
Oil of turpentine..

2 fl. dr.
Tin filings

1 oz. Franklin oil (black oil, lubricat

Fern root..

oz. ing oil) sufficient to make.... 2 fl. oz.


oz, -New Idea, Ext. jalap..

.1 dr. BRO


Sulfate of potassa..

Honey to form an electuary. According to L, H. Gardner's analysis, made A teaspoonful every three hours for two days, in our laboratory, this preparation has the fol

then substitute the following: lowing composition :


2 scruples. Take of

Sulfate of potassa

2 scruples. Scammony

1 scruple. Calcium carbonate... 71 per cent.


Make into an electuary with honey and give
-New Idea. the same dose as the preceding.-Secret Nos-

trums and Systems. CALDER'S SAPONACEOUS DENTINE. L. H. Gardner, who made an analysis of this

METZ'S BALSAM. preparation in our laboratory, states it to be :

Metz's Balsam, which is quite popular in some Take of

sections of the country, it is said is prepared as Calcium carbonate... .56 per cent.

follows: Soap (by difference)... .44 per cent.

Take of Perfumed with oil of wintergreen.

.70 gr.

.10 gr.

} 29 per cent.

-New Idea.
Linseed oil.....

180 parts. Olive oil


Oil of laurel berries.

30 parts. Manufactured solely by Messrs. Grimault &

Turpentine (oleo-resin). ... 60 parts. Co., 8 Rue Vivienne, Paris, France.

Melt by a gentle heat and add : The invaluable plant called matico, a native Powdered aloes...

8 parts. of Peru, possesses extraordinary preventive and Powdered verdigris. astringent properties. A few injections each of Powdered white vitriol.... 6 parts.

.12 parts.

.350 gr. .130 gr. 45 gr. 5 gr.

Pour into a bottle and add :

ceived about 300 letters, and got rough estimates Oil of juniper ...

.15 parts.

of the results of the injections in about 3,300 Oil of cloves..

4 parts.

cases. Mitchell commenced with a mixture of Mix by shaking.

one part of carbolic acid to two parts of olive It is used as a dressing for ulcers, boils,

oil, but he gradually varied from his first method, wounds, etc.

and at length, as I am informed, he partly aban

doned the injections and adopted the plan of MITCHELL'S EYE SALVE.

tearing the interior of the piles to pieces by angu"A certain, safe, and effectual remedy for

lar needles set in bandles. He probably met sore, weak and intlamed eyes. Prepared only by

some of the dangerous accidents which have ocE. Taylor, chemical works, Rochester, N.Y."

curred in the injection practice and changed to This preparation consists of a small quantity of

the needles on that account. His disciples, bow. oxid of mercury, and a considerable quantity

ever, persisted, and in their hands the injections of oxid of zinc, disseminated thru a fatty base,

were varied in numerous ways. One of the itin. seemingly lard, stiffened with a little white wax.

erants wrote us that he had tested "every causWe offer the following as an efficient substitute:

tic in the vegetable and mineral kingdoms," but

that he came back to the carbolic acid as the Saxolin, snow white White wax....

best, “and the stronger the better.” The excipOxid of zinc

ients generally used were oil, glycerin or alcohol,

to which water was sometimes added. Carbolic Oxid of mercury Oil of lavender...

10 drops.

acid was generally, but not always, the active

ingredient, and the strength varied from twenty Melt the white wax and saxolin together, and to one hundred per cent. We were disappointed stir constantly while cooling. As soon as the on the whole in the results. Altho there were mass begins to solidify incorporate the oxids many beautiful cures, thirteen deaths were reand oil of lavender,-New Idea.

ported to us out of about 3,301 cases, besides a

large number of dangerous abscesses, sloughings, MOREHEAD'S MAGNETIC PLASTER

and in some cases prolonged and terrible pain, or Is said to be composed of tar and extract of desperate shock, the latter being probably from belladonna, of each equal parts.

embolism. In a number of cases very dangerous

hemorrhages occurred, presumed to be from the MITCHELL'S SYSTEM OF TREATMENT OF PILES.

spasmodic grip of the sphincter bursting the thin

walls of a pile, squeezing out the clot, and let. In the year 1871, there lived in the village of ting loose the floodgates of the hemorrhoidal Clinton, Illinois, a young physician named veins, which, above the verge, have no valves. Mitchell. His practice was small, and afforded The itinerants varied greatly the strength of him superabundant leisure, which he employed the fluids used. The weak solutions acted more in devising a new treatment for piles. Being a mildly than the others, but they often failed of good thinker, he soon conceived the idea of cure. The strong preparations almost always treating hemorrhoids by the hypodermic injec- cured the piles, but they produced a multitude of tion of a mixture of olive oil and carbolic acid. cases of abscesses and sloughings. The Michigan

Having tried his plan upon an old farmer of itinerant above mentioned states that he prethe neighborhood, he accomplisht a triumphant ferred positive results, and always sought to cure. The old farmer was delighted and garru- cause the piles to suppurate or mortify, and to lous, and the young doctor was needy but am- that end he preferred carbolic acid, and the bitious, and the two made a sort of co-partner- stronger the better.” Some of them use the ship, the old farmer attending to the advertising acid at a strength of only three per cent. and while the young doctor received the patients and others as high as ninety-five per cent. Regular punctured their piles and their pockets with his physicians were for a number of years wholly at hypodermic syringe. Kowledge of their methods a loss to account for the success which these spread. Certain itinerants began to sell the itinerants obtained. Our own discovery of the secret to others, pledging them to secrecy in secret resulted partly from the indiscretion of a turn, and binding each to practice only in the "specialist," who exemplified the saying, in vino district for which he had purchast the right.” veritas, and partly from the information obtained Two men in Chicago are said to have paid $3,000 by a Chicago druggist, who furnisht the same for the exclusive secret "right” to a certain por- man and others their solutions. We publisht tion of Illinois, including their city. Flocks of the knowledge thus obtained simultaneously in itinerants bought the secret of each other, and five prominent medical journals, and as a result traverst the country in every direction until were shortly in receipt of hundreds of letters their hand-bills fluttered on the shores of the from persons of all classes, with reports of thousPacific Ocean. In the year 1876 one of the quacks ands of cases, and the results, both good and revealed to us his method, and by taking meas- bad, of the method. The sale of "rights” ceast ures adapted to the purpose, we found that his quickly. The sums paid for exclusive rights, in information was correct. We then entered into

a limited district, were from $1,000 to $1,500. correspondence with a considerable number of

-Andrews's Rectal and Anal Surgery. the itinerants, some of whom seemed willing to make a clean breast. We also communicated with a rge number of regular physicians who

OLIVE BRANCH. had observed the practice of the itinerants, and Olive Branch consists of powdered jequirity in some cases had made use of the method them- made into suppositories, with cocoa butter or selves. In the course of this investigation we re- white wax,-Boston Journal of Health,

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