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side, body, legs and feet, leaving the arms brain, I am not disposed to regard his out. I said to the man, “ Be calm; we will assault upon iron as tenable or just. Our punish you a little while, but for your physiologists teach that the blood is the good.” A man was put at each corner of pabulum of life. They give iron as one a thick quilt to hold it down to retain the of the principal and essential ingredients. steam; one to hold a pan for vomit, and The vitalizing elements of the blood must one to hold a pitcher of water, giving the not be permitted to undergo destruction, patient all the water he wanted, and he without renewal. Now, I would like to wanted it often. After one hour the pa- know of Dr. Cooper, how, when elimi. tient was stript in a warm room, body at nated, renewal is to be obtained, if, as he once bathed in hot water and dried under asserts, it is not assimilated when adminfriction, quinin dissolved in hot acidulated istered directly ; and that“ edibles do not water was added to a pint of red pepper contain iron, phosphorus, lime, etc., etc.," tea and rubbed over the body, and the the principal constituents of the tissues ? patient was covered up. On inquiry I Dr. Cooper's war on iron may be correct; found that patient's bowels had not moved and discussion and further investigation for several days. I ordered a basin of hot may demonstrate the wisdom of his posiwater, put in a tablespoonful of salt and tion ; but it seems strange that none of with a syringe I flusht the colon. Free the brilliant men of the century just closaction followed, patient exprest himself ing discovered that the administration of as feeling better; he lookt better.

iron is "malpractice.No calomel or any other disturbing or While I freely admit that scientific redrastic medicine, plenty of food as patient search is our only hope for the elevation desired. Hot water and salt injections of our profession from routine practice, I from day to day.

certainly deem it wiser to correct error by How was the cure accomplisht ? By

By gentle suggestion than by bitter denunciaeliminating the malarial poison from the tion. With the past very few years new blood, and also the bile which had reacht remedies, almost without number, bave the circulation. The sheet the patient been thrust upon a profession grasping layon was a deep yellow, and the eagerly after the most available ; and I patient's wife told me it had the form of can safely assert that when death seems the body, and it could not be washt out. near at hand, the new remedies are laid This is physiological practice.

aside, and old remedies—the standards of In ten days the patient was up and out. the past—are “ dug up" for the salvation Ten consecutive similar cases were cured of the patient and the reputation of the by the same kind of treatment.

physician. I have been in the practice since Bracken, Tex. L. V. WEATHER. 1862; and, having administered iron in

[It seems that in malarial hematuria the various forms, have realized very satispoison and bile in the blood are so ex- factory results-results that could not be cessive that in the effort to excrete the attributed to "6 associated elements" in same, small blood vessels in the kidneys the prescription. are burst, thus producing hematuria.


The greatest failure in the administraturning this tide to the skin, and there tion of iron and other remedies is, in my effecting a free out-let for the poison and estimation, in the physician, not the rembile, and aiding this cleansing process by edy. We well know that incorrect diagallowing cold water to be taken freely nosis suggests remedies not indicated, and into the stomach, the system is relieved Nature's burden is intensified instead of and the kidneys are saved. We hope that being relieved. this treatment will be further tested this Dr. Cooper's articles are the more infall in the south and south-west, and teresting by virtue of the fact of bis apreported.--Ed.]

parent earnestness—even if he is theo

retically wild on iron. I regard THE Dr. Cooper's Attacks on Iron.

WORLD more bighly for publishing such Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- I have been articles, as their tendency is to stimulate reading the iron-ical articles from the pen investigation and disseminate valuable of Dr. Cooper—a pretty smooth Buckeye thought.

L. B. MORROW. Esculapian--and I am simply inclined to Blackburn, Oklahoma. make a request-not an effort to answer. While I am quite disposed to regard bim

Can you have better value for your money than Dr.

Waugh's book on Treatment and WORLD One year for $5 ? as the fortunate possessor of an active

WORLD for four years for $3.

Home-Made Telephone,

touch walls in passing out. Follow same Editor MEDICAL WORLD :The following instructions for other end of line, draw 'phone will work well in all weathers to a wire taut and connect by twisting wires distance of one-fourth to one-half mile, together tightly. Where wires are suscare being used in avoiding contact with trees, roofs and abrupt turns.

Make box 10x10 inches, 3 inches deep, of inch clear stuff, bottom projecting 2








SECTIONAL VIEW OF DIAPHRAGM, WIRE & BUTTON. pended by poles or chimneys of intervening buildings or turn corners, suspend by

loop of heavy hemp cord. Signal call for inches below edge of box. Before nailing 'phone is made by rapping on button with on top of box, cut circular hole in top 8 knife-handle, pencil or finger, and can be inches in diameter. Panch small round heard plainly in adjacent rooms.

[blocks in formation]

hole in centre of circular piece of photog- Hoping this may be of use to some of raphers' tin or piece of sheepskin (wet) your many country readers, I am yours, 94 inches in diameter and stretch this over etc.,

L. E.WEBB. hole in box cover, tacking with small tacks Bourbon, Ind. around edge of opening, tacks (2 oz.) onehalf inch apart. Bore 2-inch hole in back

Doctors and Drunkenness. of box, for wire to pass into tin or sheep- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-People who skin diaphragm, and attach wire to loop would hesitate to ride behind drunken of a flat metal button put in small hole in railroad engineers place themselves in the center of diaphragm. Use ordinary steel hands of drunken doctors; and this, when broom wire and stretch tight; for long sober and more competent ones are at distances, two wires will work better than hand. one. Bore hole thru side of building for There are those who think that power exit of wire, and after nailing cover on should be given to revoke a diploma held box, attach same to wall with screws, by the physician who is addicted to drink. setting box at an angle so wire will not In my opinion, this would be the harshest


way to deal with him, and then not not unpleasant to take. If syrup be not wholly mitigate the evil. Revoking his

Revoking his desired, use tincture of ginger with water diploma does not save the doctor. He is or mucilage of acacia. The salicylate or peculiarly open to the temptation to use the sub-gallate of bismuth is a good subthat which he handles every day as stitute for the sub-nitrate.-Ed.] medicine. Something more far-reaching is needed in the way of reformation.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I wish to Now let us look at the other side. The

thank Brother Graham for his assistance doctor is a bread-winner, many regarding furnishing of an office (page another, holding responsible position before the public. Can you abrogate the

330). His article is very plain and to the right of the individual citizen to work at point. It is funny such advice is in no the only thing for which he may have book, while you can get all the assistance

you need regarding drug store fixtures. fitted himself? Like his franchise, it has

I wasted considerable money in an attempt been purchast at great cost. It is his

to fix up an office by not knowing how. inalienable right. Suppose we strike at the root of the matter for all concerned. My preceptor's office was his store.

I. A. ELLIOTT. Take two men engaged in their respective

Northumberland, Pa. calling before the State—one a doctor, the other a saloon-keeper-and you revoke the license (diploma) of the one because

Notes, Wise (?) and Otherwise. he drinks that which the other is licenst Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-1. Dr. W. L. to sell. The one, thru “brains stolen by Garrison, in the July WORLD, page 294, the drug,'' acknowledges having sent one asks for diagnosis and treatment of a case. of his patients into eternity; the other, I would suggest that he treat and cure the with or without brains, sends a whole case, then diagnose it. If he will try the multitude. But the State authorizes bim, following, I believe he will have a cure in so to speak, tho he might not plead guilty, a few weeks : like the poor doctor. Now, isn't it a nice R point to discriminate ? “Happy is he Ipecac . that condemneth not himself in that thing Bicarbonate of soda which he alloweth."


äā gr. ij Glenely, Md. DR. CHAS. GILBERT.

Resin of podophyllum .

gr. 1

M. Make four powders. S. One J. J. Taylor's Formula for Diarrhea.

powder every hour until all four are Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- In the 1894 taken. volume of The WORLD, page 281, you republisht, by request of Dr. W. S. Cline, powders than from tablets or capsules, as

He will get a better effect from the rhea. Dr. Cline also suggested that you

the ipecac will draw the patient's mind

from his abdominal to his oral cavity more publish it every summer during THE World's life. Itħink you have not publisht decidedly if the prescription be given in

the form of a dry powder. it since 1894. I suggest that it would be

After the mercury has acted well, start well to give it again, and also instead of the

the patient on the following: syrup of ginger, modify it as I have done

B by substituting a small amount of powdered ginger, so that it can be carried by

Copper arsenite. the physician and given in powder.

Strychnin sulfate
Wildwood, Fla.

Water to make

oz. iij [Thanks for the suggestion. Here is

M. S. Shake well before using. Take the formula :

one teaspoonful in a half tumbler of very R

hot water before each meal. Sub-nitrate of bismuth , . drs. iv

Direct also that no liquid be taken with, Pulverized nutmegs

before or after meals, except as above; let Prepared chalk, of each

drs. ij him drink water not nearer than two Sulpho-carbolate of zinc

grs. xij

hours before meals, and do not let him Syrup of ginger

. Ozs. iij

drink tea, coffee or alcohol in any form. M. Use shake label.

Finally, I hope Dr. Garrison will be able S. One teaspoonful after each passage. to report the case as “well” in the near This makes a thick mixture, which is future. Just why the copper arsenite and

gr. ss

[ocr errors]

gr. } gr. 8s


strychnin sulfate act better than strychnin grains to the ounce, is equal or superior to arsenite in the class of cases Dr. Garrison glycerin in relieving constipation. A so well describes I do not know, but the half ounce of this solution in a small, fact that they do act much better I do long-pointed, hard rubber syringe will know.

empty the rectum as soon as you can sit II. In the summer diarrhea of infants, down comfortably. A very weak solution cure them in two days, thus : (a) no food makes an excellent wash for all foul smell. for twenty-four hours. Allow them every ing sores, pus forming surfaces and cav. two hours the nursing bottle filled with ities. The solution should barely have a boiled rain-water which has been cooled slight tartness. Its action upon ulcers to 100°F.; (6) calomel, gr. 1-20, in dry and cancers is so benign, and its death powder, every hour until stools show its dealing powers to toxic germs so great, effect; (c) then give (for children under that I am inclined to believe that the hyone year) one teaspoonful of a solution of podermic injection of a saturated solution copper arsenite, gr. 1.100, in ten teaspoon- into a cancer, at its center and at several fuls of water which has been boiled, Re- surrounding points in its area, would peat this dose every hour for effect.

check its growth and kill it. I know a III. In adults, failing to get expected cancer doctor who does kill cancers of the reaction from any drug, give copper ar- uterus by injecting some solution into senite, gr. 1-100 an hour before giving the their substance thru a very long needle, specific drug.

but I was unable to find out what he used. IV. Does no one know answer to the He has cured many unmistakable uterine question in May, 1899, WORLD, page 204 ? cancers in this way, so that there was no viz.: “ What is · Vril,' handled by S. G. further trouble from them or evidence of Armstrong, Berrien Springs, Mich.?" their existence. I would suggest trials of

V. Please send me three binders for the bi-chloride solution, and of citric acid, WORLD and extend my subscription to and of the juice of the green leaves of the 1901, for inclosed remittance.

common garden rhubarb, the juice of the Hyattsville, Md. V. L. PERRY, M. D. leaves being stronger than that of the

stalks. Cancer is becoming so common it Citric Acid.-Gonorrhea.-Induction of Pre- behooves the profession to use every effort mature Labor.

to find a eure. A fortune awaits the disEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-The thera- coverer. Present remedies do not suffice. peutical values of citric acid are not so For obesity, a sour solution of the acid, generally known as I believe they should say fifteen grains in a tumbler of water, be. Lemons are of great aid in combat- effervest with soda bicarb., taken three ting malaria, often curing stubborn cases times a day, will pick the superfluous flesh that resist the ordinary antiperiodics. off fast; or take the juice of a lemon in The diluted juice is a most excellent com- the same way. For dysentery, flush the plexion beautifier, dentifrice, and mani- lower bowels with plenty of water, slightly curing material. All destructive bacilli, acidulated, every three hours or oftener. toxic germs, and microbes of infection and For gonorrhea, an injection of hydrozone, contagion are said to rapidly lose their pot. permanganate or citric acid in proper vitality and die if exposed to lemon juice, solution, during the first day or two after or even if fresh lemon peel is suspended its discovery, will kill the gonococci and over the liquid containing their culture. the disease. I have aborted gonorrhea

Citric acid, the therapeutical constituent several times with each of these remedies, of lemon juice, possesses many valuable and cured cases of longer standing with properties in a medical sense, besides its them. refrigerant quality, so useful at picnics A woman physician in Chicago, who is and religious festivals under the name of famous for "regulating” females without lemonade. It is a lovely antiseptic and an operation" (see "Medical" advertisedisinfectant, not having the disagreeable ments in Chicago daily papers), and who odor of carbolic acid and iodoform, nor professes to be the only person in America the staining properties of the permanganate using this secret Berlin method, inserts a of potassium, but is equal to either in its pledget of cotton soaked in a saturated power to destroy obnoxious smells and solution of citric acid in glycerin, into the promote a healthy condition of the affected os uteri, filling the cervix, and claims intissues.

variable success without any subsequent A solution of citric acid in water, twenty trouble, the embryonic sac coming away


entire in one to three hours. A few small the cold, opened its eyes, and had a lively crystals of the acid, ten to twenty grains, expression on the face; the faintness had left inside the os by means of a placer or left. I had the child for three hours in carrier, will do effectual work. A catheter the blanket and then rubbed with alcohol. with the tip cut off and a blunt wire I also had its nursing stopt, and prescribed plunger answer. The acid irritates the the white of an egg in a pint of cold water, muscular coats of the uterus by its absorp- one or two teaspoonfuls every two hours tion, and occasions rythmic contractions for two days. In case of fainting spells as in labor. The same effect obtains in appearing again, I told the mother to rethe rectum when the diluted acid is used peat the cold wrappings for two or three for constipation.

days. In the next 24 hours the child had Altho glycerin empties the bowel, it is been wrapt at least five times. On the not efficient to produce that effect on the third day I found that the fever had deuterus, a half dozen suppositories and a clined, faintings, diarrhea and vomiting half pint of the fluid having been used had stopt, so I allowed the child the breast simultaneously between the walls and sac every three hours. The fourth day I was without accomplishing the desired results. informed by the mother that her child The New York Lancet, of June, 1898, has was in good condition, having improved a very interesting resumé of the glycerin greatly. Similarly were treated by me methods of inducing labor. Elastic several cases of cholera infantum with like bougies of glycerin were inserted, six

H. ROSAHNSKY, M.D. ounces of the fluid injected; and the Brooklyn, N. Y. cervix packed with plugs soaked in it, and still labor did not ensue, and another in

A Curious Remedy for Enuresis, jection of glycerin had to be given. Dr. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-A patient Saft used the swimming bladders of fish, of mine was suffering from enuresis. I filled with glycerin by means of a catheter tried all and every known remedy, but after insertion in the uterus, with perfect failed. A month after I called to see the satisfaction, and no ill effects to the pa- patient and found him completely cured. tient, the bladder being carefully inserted He told me an old woman had taken him between the uterus and the fetal mem- in hand, giving him three plates of soup branes.

daily made from boiled field rats, and beThe induction of premature labor is now fore the treatment was up he was comso often a matter of necessity for the well pletely and permanently cured. being of the mother that any information

SARSFIELD CASSIDY, M. D. on this subject is valuable. Intra uterine Adaminaly, N. S. W., Australia. injections of any fluid, the insertion of bougies, etc., artificial dilation, and punc

Doctorates, Universities, Etc. turing the sac are all methods associated Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

The seven with more or less danger. The natural questions of Quercus in the July number dilation by the descent of the pointed sac, call for some further notice. and its expulsion entire and unbroken 1. The “ National Central” and “ Westduring the early months of gestation, leave ern Universities,” of Chicago, and the no cause for apprehension, and in the Indep. Med. Coll., of Indianapolis, are later months greatly assist the physician not to be found in the standard registers. in securing safe recovery of the patient. Possibly the names are misquoted. If Jos. H. SANBORN, M. D. there are such institutions, we yet cannot

decide on their merits without careful Treatment of Cholera Infantum by Cold knowledge of them. People have liberty Wrappings.

in this country to start such institutions, Editor MEDICAL WORLD :—Being called and one may be as good as another at the to a house by a mother whose child was beginning, but to maintain and perpetuate sick, I found it to have the following them is a serious undertaking. Like the symptoms : The temperature was 105°, no flowers of the field, they do not all bear lung trouble nor convulsions, but it had fruit. It stands to reason that they can. diarrhea and fainting spells every ten not all flourish or even live ; and there minutes. I therefore concluded that it can be no success without capital. Querwas a true case of cholera infantum. cus makes some international comparisons; Moistening a blanket with cold water, I that is idle, for the old country is a field wrapt it around the child, who, on feeling already gone to seed, and has drawn young


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