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ered with phosphatic deposits and would

How to get Rid of Warts. soon have become the nucleus of a stone. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- In the De. The patient soon regained his health. cember number of THE WORLD, page 537, Milton, Del.


Dr. Mitchell wishes a cure for warts.
About fifteen years ago a gentleman in

this section, in good financial circumMorphin-Cocain Habit.

stances, had two very large warts, one on Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I desire to

the back of each hand. He said he had report thru the columns of THE WORLD, tried everything he could hear of in the what I consider a most remarkable case of

way of applications to get rid of the dismorphin-cocain addiction. I have never gusting excrescences, but had failed to acbefore had to deal with just such a case. complish his desire. I told him I thought

November 1, Dr. B. P. S., age 31, applied I could remove them if he would follow for treatment, giving the following history out strictly my instructions. He said he of his case : Some three years since, while

would and would give me five dollars if I making a night call some twenty miles

cured them without the use of the knife. across the prairies of west Texas, his horse Accordingly, I cut two round pieces of stepped into a prairie-dog hole, which are

thick felt, about the size of a silver halfexceedingly numerous in that section of dollar, and in the center of each cut a hole the State, and the doctor was thrown

large enough to easily admit each wart. I violently to the ground, sustaining a frac

also fitted a cork into an ounce bottle, and ture of the tibia. This was set in a bungle- in the end of the cork which went into the some way, and he was confined to his bed

bottle I inserted a small feather tip, about for quite a time. While in this condition,

While in this condition, two inches long, so that when the cork he unfortunately contracted the morphia was withdrawn the little feather came out habit, and later on added cocain.

with it, charged with the contents of the This man would take a quantity of bottle. His instructions were to paint the morphin and cocain and envelop them in warts every night when going to bed, a pledget of absorbent cotton. He would place the pieces of felt over them and chew it for quite a while, and then replace bandage lightly, or draw on an old pair the old chew with a new one, keeping this up of loose gloves. The felt is to keep the entire day and far into the night. At the bed clothes or bandage from absorbing the time treatment was begun, he was tak- the stuff put on. He followed my direcing not less than 60 grains of morphin and

tions, and in a month there was not even from 60 to 100 grains of cocain during the

a scar nor sign of a wart to be seen ; twenty-four hours.

neither has he had any since. I deprived bim completely of all his

Now, what do you suppose the bottle was morphin and cocain, and placed bim on

filled with ? Simply castor oil colored with treatment at 9.30 p. m., November 1.

a few drops of tr. cochineal and a few After 48 hours he was entirely free from drops of oil of citronella to give it an all desire for the drugs, and at no time did agreeable smell. I always use castor oil, he complain of any pain, nor did he suffer

but I presume some other oil would answer from any collapse.

the same purpose.

It seems to soften the At the time treatment was begun, he little horny tumors, and they apparently weighed 122 pounds. It has now been become absorbed if the treatment is only more than thirty days since his treatment, persevered in for a sufficient length of and I am just in receipt of a letter from time. him stating that at no time since taking

I think there is a dryness of the skin treatment has he had any desire for the that is partially the cause of their appeardrugs, and that he has gained 19 pounds ance, for those females who are accustomed in weight, and is attending to his profes- to dish-washing and to having their hands sional duties.

in greasy water don't have warts on their The remarkable features about this case hands. My plan of treatment may not are the great quantities of the drugs used,

succeed in every case, but I have banisht for a man who had been in the habit such quite a number of warts by the same a short time, the unique way in which means during the past twenty years. I he used the drugs, and the rapid gain in received the five dollars without scruple health and weight after treatment.

or diffidence. HARVEY M, MATTHEWS, M. D. I have been a constant reader of THE Corsicana, Texas,

MEDICAL WORLD for twelve years and

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would not like to be without it now, for it

That Thirtieth Dilution Again. contains a lot of useful information.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--The articles Wingham, Ont. J. E. TAMLYN, M.D.

on the “ Thirtieth Dilution" in the No

vember issue of your excellent journal are How to Cure Warts.-Burns and Scalds.

very amusing. The writers seem as much Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Replying to puzzled as was a friend of mine, who was the query for a cure for warts, would say a graduate of a State university, on being that success may attend the use of one told by his medical preceptor to take half grain of magnesia sulfate, given four times drop doses of a certain acid. The order daily. In addition, saturate each wart was unintelligible to him, and be asked night and morning with the strongest acetic how in the name of Satan he could do it. acid, rubbing freely with castor oil when

“Put one drop in two spoonfuls of water this dries off. This has never failed with and take one of them,” was the very curt me.

answer. And so with these much puzzled The best domestic remedy for burns and physicians, who are wondering where the scalds, always obtainable in emergencies, water comes from to make the thirtieth is the application of the white of an egg. dilution. Please leave the lakes and beaten to a foam and mixt with a tablepoon- the oceans alone as there is an internaful of lard. If it is at hand, add five

tional law against diverting water-courses. drops of carbolic acid to this. This is the We will make the thirtieth dilution of nux best thing possible for immediate use. vomica tincture, for example. The drug If you want the best thing possible for

power of this tincture is one-tenth to begin general treatment, a dressing which will

with. Take twenty-nine half dram vials prevent scarring and give immediate with nine drops of distilled water or alcorelief, use one dram of bismuth subnitrate hol in each one: sum total of vehicle 261 to an ounce of vaselin, with five drops of drops, or about one-half an ounce. One carbolic acid. First wash the surface drop of the tincture makes the whole set with a solution of one dram of either soda of potencies, without any waste, and you biearbonate, powdered borax or boric acid,

can have your choice from the second to to one pint of tepid water. This adds to the thirtieth, without yelling for water. the cleansing and comforting part of the Are these potencies efficacious ? Ask the treatment. Squeeze this liquid from either thousands of sincere, earnest, intelligent a sponge or a cloth upon the burn as you physicians who have used them. elect. E. B. SILVERS, M. D.

Rahway, N. J.

Omaha, Neb.
Warts Treated Homeopathically.

A Liniment Formula.
Editor MEDICAL World:- Dr. C. F.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I read in the
Mitchell, in the December number of The
World, asks for a cure for warts. Where

December World an inquiry for the formthey come in large crops, ferrum picricum,

ula of a liniment. The following, if not 3 x trituration, in two or three grain doses, quite the same, will be equally as efficient will prove to be the best remedy. This for any external application for pain with peculiar action of the drug was discovered

soreness. Apply freely; cover with dry, by Dr. Robert T. Cooper, of London, Eng.

hot flannel. Its application will always

give ease and satisfaction. land, and has been repeatedly verified.

Formula for
It does not seem of much use, save where

Brown's liniment:
the warts come in large crops. E. P. A.

Specific aconit,

Specific veratrum viride,
How to Cure Warts.

Carbolic acid .

ā ā drs. ij Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I notice in Mix. Add six drams of glycerin, shake the quiz column of The World a request

well to incorporate. for a cure for warts, by Dr. C. F. Mitchell. When employed for colic add two drams I have found the sodium ethylate solution of chloroform. the most efficient and least painful, and To make it more heating in some cases that it leaves the least scar. It should be add two drams of tincture capsicum. I applied with a glass rod.

have never known it to blister. W. L. CAPELL, M. D.

S. I. KNEPPER, M. D. Omaha, Neb.

Conklin, Mich.


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He says,

as soon

Quiz Department.

180 drops three times a day of the satuQuestions are solicited for this column. Communications

rated solution of potassium iodid. not accompanied by the proper name and address of the The patient came to me one month ago, writer (not necessarily for publication) will not be noticed

complaining of ulcers upon and around his The great number of requests for private answers, for the in- tongue, also one in the roof of the mouth. formation and benetit of the writer, makes it necessary

" the ulcers would heal under the for us to charge a fee for the time required. This fee will be from one to five dollars, according to the amount of large doses of potassium iodid, to return research and writing required.

as the medicine was reduced." Neuralgia in the Eyes.

He cannot eat well, owing to the salt in

food causing smarting. He wants to comEditor MEDICAL WORLD :-Permit me for

mit suicide. I put him on oleate of merthe first time to seek the assistance of the WORLD family. Mr. C.- forty-five drams, to rub one dram every night on

cury, ten per cent., the proverbial forty years old, has attacks of excruciating neu

different parts of the body. By mistake ralgia, starting in one or the other of the eyes, and extending to the other sym- alarmed, but it did him no harm.

he rubbed eight drams one night. I felt pathetically. He has been affected thus for the past twenty years. The spasms

After finding it did no harm, I ordered can be controlled by morphia, but I have

him to rub two drams every night, and also been able to discover no remedial agent,

take two grains three times a day of the altho I have tried almost the entire materia proto-iodid of mercury. I tried to salivate medica. The health seems otherwise good,

him slightly, but did not succeed. He with the exception of the presence of intes gained fourteen pounds in weight; the

ulcers looked better, and some healed, when tinal catarrh. S. F. SCOTT, M. D. Waukomis, 0. T.

a new crop around the tongue broke out.

The ulcers in the roof of the mouth look [The data is a little too incomplete in

better, but not healed. He looks healthy this case to give a decided opinion, but it seems advisable that the patient's eyes be

and is so every other way. Would be examined by a competent oculist in the glad to secure help in this case.

H. HAXSON, M.D. search for some lesion that would prove

East St. Louis, Ill. the exciting cause of the neuralgic pain. Eye-strain is often responsible for such

Potassium Permanganate and Opium Poisonconditions. Meanwhile keep the system

ing. up to par as nearly as possible, and use

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I would be intestinal antisepsis for the cure of the catarrhal condition.-ED:]

glad if some brother who has used potas

sium permanganate to antidote opium and Statistics Wanted of Hot-Air Apparatus.

its derivatives, would state the dose

required for the purpose, and how often Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Has any one

repeated. I have seen many articles on tried the Lentz hot-air bath for ring-worm

this subject, but do not remember that any scabies, weeping eczema, etc.?

of them told the quantity used. I am about to send for one of the instru

D. C. McCAMPBELL, M. D. ments and propose to try it in such and

Mt. Pleasant, Miss. similar troubles unless someone knows of good reasons to the contrary.

Don't send subscriptions on a postal card.
J, W. C. S. card and save us trouble. When you want THE MEDI-

CAL WORLD badly enough to pay for it, send the price A Peculiar Ability to withstand Mercurials.

and your order will be promptly filled. There is only

one right way to subscribe-do it in the right way. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-Please insert The postal card fraternity hare been increasing of late, this for advice. George B., aged 21, strong and they are a nuisance in an office conducted in a business physique, contracted syphilis eighteen

way. The humanitarian question is a different thing.

If you can't pay full price, send what you can and write months ago. He began treatment at once

in full, and you will not be overlookt. with a physician, and after some five months decided to change. He went to a Doctor, have you any points of interest in regard to pneu

monia? If so, let us have them for the next issue. physician whom I know to have had a

La Grippe is prevalent in many sections, and all points in great deal of hospital experience, who regard to treatment are of value. Don't neglect sending treated him for twelve months, during

your conclusions and experiences at once.

Can you have better value for your money than Dr. which time he gave mercury and the Waugb's book on Treatment and World until 1900 for $3? iodids, also different preparations thru Do not forget special offer of WORLD for four years for $.i. iodids, etc. The patient took as high as

Hope you will join our large and happy “family." It is it family of mutual helpers.

Sare your


[In our issue for November, 1897, we began republishing the formulas for the leading advertised nostrums. We do this believing that physicians have a right to know what the peo. ple are taking, and that they oughi to know in order to ad. minister proper antidotes if called in case of an overdose, which often happens, particularly with the various soothing syrups given to children. Back numbers can still be fur. nished to those who wish the series complete. 1

Benson's Celery and Chamomile Pills. A sample of Benson's Celery and Chamomile Pills submitted to Dr. Henry Leffman, of this city, for analysis, shows them to be composed for the most part of zinc oxid, with the addition of a small amount of organic matter of an undistinguishable nature, probably added for the purpose of giving a “taste" to the pills. The active ingredient is beyond doubt the zinc.

LITTLE HOP PILLS. “For headache, biliousness, weak nerves, dyspepsia, constipation, deranged liver and general debility.” Manufactured by the Hop Pill Manufacturing Company, New London, Conn. Weight of 12 pills equals 16 grains. They contain oil of peppermint, podophyllin, rhubarb in small quantities, and probably extract of colocynth. Sugar coated.

Allowing four or five grains for sugar coating,
we suggest the following as a formula closely
resembling the original :
Take of -

Ext. Colocynth.
Oil of peppermint

1 drop.
Ext, rhubarb....

..sufficient. Mix.-Divide into 12 pills and coat heavily with sugar.–New Idea.

.3 gr. .6 gr.

Take of -
Sulphur precipitated. .

1 dr. Lead acetate

1 dr. Salt

2 dr. Glycerin..

8 f1, oz. Bay rum.

2 fl. oz. Jamaica rum.

4 fl. oz. Water ...

16 fl. oz. -Secret Nostrums and Systems.

Take of -
Hydrarg ammoniat..

.1 part.
Zinc oxide.......

.3 parts. Must be thoroly incorporated in powder; sufficient glycerin and lard then added to make a stiff cream. For application to venereal ulcers.

-Secret Nostrums and Systems,

. 5.26 gr. 1.0.31 gr.

..0.68 gr.

There is a popular impression that the contin-

KASKINE ued use of bair restoratives leads to paralysis. In Is a preparation sold in small, flat, green-glass the light of the facts below it is not strange that vials, each containing about 20 grains of a white, lead paralysis is caused by these preparations, granular powder, freely soluble in water, of a

The following is taken from the report of Prof. sweet taste and without any odor. Claimed by C. F. Chandler to the N. Y. Board of Health : its manufacturers to stand "unequaled and un

rivaled in the world of science as the only mediMrs. S. A. Allen's World's Hair Restorer

cine that can destroy the germs that cause each One fluid ounce contains :

particnlar disease and restore perfect health." Lead in solution ..

Dr. Fr. Hoffman says: Lead in the sediment

“The chemical examination by the writer, of Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer

several vials of Kaskine bought from different

leading drug firms in New York City, proves the One fluid ounce contains :

fact that Kaskine is nothing more nor less than Lead in solution

.6.45 gr. granular sugar of the fine grain and grade as Lead in the sediment

used in homeopathic pharmacy, without even Ayer's Hair Vigor

any infinitesimal medication of flavoring whatsoOne fluid ounce contains :

ever.- Secret Nostrums and Systems.
Lead in solution ..
Lead in the sediment

Hoyt's Hiawatha Hair Restorative

Upon examination we find that it is in a white This is an ammoniacal solution of nitrate of glass, oblong, square-panel bottle, holding 23 silver, containing 4.76 grains of the nitrate in

fluid ounces of a rather turbid, deep pinkish-red one fluid ource. It contains no other metals.

liquid, with a sweetish, saline, aromatic taste,

the composition of which is as follows: Clark's Distilled Restorative for the Hair

Fl. ext. poke berries. .80 minims This preparation contains in one fluid ounce :

Fl. ext. sassafras..

40 minims Lead in solution

Liquid ammonia, caustic 5 minims L. Knittel's Indian Hair Tonique

Sodium bromide ..

Alcohol One fluid ounce contains :

fl. oz. Oil of peppermint

1 minim Lead in solution

Powdered cochineal Lead in the sediment

White sugar ....

3 dr. troy Chevalier's Life for the Hair

Water (-nough to make)

4 A. oz. One fluid ounce contains :

2.81 gr. ..0.08 gr.

0.11 gr.

..20 gr.

5.16 gr. 1.13 gr.

4 gr.

The bottle is enclosed in a straw-board pipe, Lead in solution

and wrapped in a thick, light-blue wrapper, upon Lead in the sediment

0.80 gr

which is stated Health is Wealthy with the

.0.22 gr.

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17 portrait of an old gentleman with clerical tie, cus Gunn; Frederick Treves writes of the organs high forehead, and sparse white locks. The of digestion, and other authors are Arthur Henswrapper states it is a sure cure for neuralgia, man, William Anderson, W. H, A, Jacobson rheumatism, toothache, headache, backache, and and Arthur Robinson, all of them recognized auall diseases produced by derangement of the thorities in the special branches of which they nervous system. A special guarantee is printed treat. The volume has a large proportion of colon the wrapper that it contains no morphine, ored plates, is cloth bound, an inperial octavo of opium, chloral hydrate or other poisonous drugs. 1274 pages, and is priced at $6. Another paragraph states that the contents of Dr. Milton P. Creel of Central City, Ky., in the bottle contain all the virtues of two pounds his capacity of railway surgeon and general surof the choicest barks and herbs.- New Idea. gical consultant, finds that the most intractable

forms of secondary anemia are those which follow Book Reviews.

upon severe injury where amputation is necesssary. In these cases he has failed altogether

with the usual iron preparations, which produce, “History of Prostitution.” Publisht by The

. Medical Publishing Company, 17 Ann Street,

obtain the best results he has now accustomed New York, N. Y. This is the celebrated work

himself to the employment of Henry's three of Dr. W. W. Sanger, re-publisht, with an chl ids, in doses of one to two teaspoonfuls three, appendix concerning the evil in New York at the

times daily after eating. He holds that the "7 present time. The original work of Dr. Sanger small amounts of mercuric bichlorid and arsenic was publisht in 1858, but as his work was thoro

chlorid add to the efficiency of the iron protoconcerning the subject up to that time, no revis- chlorid, and besides is most grateful to the palion is necessary. Dr. Sanger was a student,

ates of both children and adults. observer and philosopher, and treats his subject,

du lidee tho a difficult and a disagreeable one, in a digni- Current Medical Thought. Gill fied, scientific and elevating style. The book is a monument in its way. The history of prostitution is given from earliest times and in all

Earache-Its Importance. :) countries. It is a large octavo, 709 pages, good

Hinkel (Buffalo Med. Jour.) summarizes paper and type. Price, in silk cloth binding,

a good article in the following valuable $2.00.

It would be difficult to find a more compact points : 1. Earache, however slight, may little volume than Gould's Pocket Medical Dic- signify disease, that, neglected, may termitionary, nor one that more fully fulfills its raison nate in loss of hearing, even of life itself. d'etre. It is neatly bound in flexible leather, 2. Recurring earache in children is almost printed in clear type on thin, tough paper, always associated with lymphoid hypercontains 21,000 medical words, pronounced and defined, besides a large number of useful tables, trophy of the pharynx, depends on it, and etc. It is publisht by P. Blakiston, Son & Co., permanent impairment of the function of of this city; at the moderate price of $1.

the ear is prevented only by early surgical George R. Pilling & Son, of this city, are put treatment of the “ adenoids.” 3. Acute ting out the American edition of Prof. Aurelio inflammation of the middle ear may be Bianchi's lectures on "The Phonendoscope and Its Practical Application.” This is a neat cloth. frequently aborted if proper treatmentbound volume of 77 pages, well illustrated, in

mostly of a general sedative characterlarge clear type on heavy calendered paper. The

be administered early and with precision. price, 50 cents, by mail 55 cents, places it within 4. If relief be not obtained by the second the reach of all.

day, an expert examination of the ear The elegant little volume on "Suggestion,” by should be made, and proper surgical treatGeorge C. Pitzer, M. D., published by the St. Louis School of Suggestive Therapeutics at the

ment applied to relieve intra-tympanic moderate price of $1, takes a position occupied

pressure and possible involvement of the by no other hand-book in the field, and is well mastoid cells or intra-cranial structures. worth study by those interested in this large and Failure at this stage to obtain as exact growing art. "It can be obtained by addressing knowledge as possible of the condition of the author at St. Louis, Mo., and is a neat clothbound volume of handy pocket size.

the middle ear is criminal neglect. The second edition, revised and enlarged, Morris's Human Anatomy, is to hand from P. The Tongue as a Clinical Guide in Disease. Blakiston's Sons & Co., and like all the works from their press, is a marvel of typographic ex

A broad, pallid tongue, with a loaded cellence and completeness. The illustrations for base, says atony, and refers you to a want the most part have been engraved from drawings of action of the entire viscera, below. The made by special artists, and are generally from remedial agents would be cathartics and original sources. The department of osteology tonics, especially those mild but effectual was compiled by J. Bland Sutton, that on joints

in character. by the editor, Henry Morris, on muscles by J. N. C. Davies-Colley, on the circulatory system by

A shrunken tongue, pincht in expresW. J. Walsham, on the nervous system by H. St.



sion, indicates functional inactivity of diJob Brooks

gestion and reanires great care in choice

The eve is treated of by R.Mar.

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