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Some Criticisms by a Homeopath.

Some healthy people are made sick by Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--I read in the coming in contact with rhus toxicodenWORLD, page 142 of the April number, an dron, but a billionth part of a drop of the article by W.C. Cooper, M.D., on Thera- tincture of rhas tox, taken into the peutic Philosophy and Hypermedication, stomach, will remove all of the morbid in which the doctor says some very good symptoms of rhus poisoning in 24 to 48 things, especially on hypermedication. hours. The doctor lays down nine propositions Arsenic, ipecacuanha, antimonium tart. which he calls axioms, some of which I or lobelia will produce vomiting, yet there wish to examine and see if they are axioms. is seldom a case of vomiting that one of Webster defines an axiom, “ a self evident these remedies will not cure when given truth, or a proposition whose truth is so in minute doses. evident at first sight that no process of Therefore Axiom No. 2 is not a self reasoning or demonstration can make it evident truth. plainer.'

Axiom 6. “A drug's capacity for doing Axiom 1: “No morbid effect can be dis- good when indicated is invariably less sipated except by removal of its cause." than its capacity for doing harm when Now let us examine Axiom No.1 and see if not indicated." it is a self evident truth.

Perhaps this is true. Case No. 1: A horse kicked A. on the Now if the doctor can give us some abdomen; the morbid effect was perito- rules for finding the indicated remedy, nitis. Removal of the horse's feet did not and tell us how many remedies may be cure the morbid effect. Hot applications indicated at the same time in any given with appropriate medication did cure. case, we will be greatly obliged to him.

CASE 2: B. was in perfect health. He In order that you may understand what I was working very hard one very warm mean, let us turn over to page 150 of THE day, so that his clothes became wet with World above quoted, to Dr. C. Lowell's perspiration. A visitor came and he was favorite prescriptions for neuralgia. In called from his work. He sat under a regard to the first favorite prescription large live oak tree which made a good I will only say that I never heard of a shade, for an hour. While there, a chilly homeopathic tincture of cimicifuga before. coast wind began to blow and he took cold. I don't know what it is, and I thought I Two hours later he had a chill and the was well up in homeopathy. The third morbid effect was pneumonia. The con- favorite prescription is the one to which ditions around the patient (the cause) were I wish to call attention. removed, but this did not remove the mor- B bid condition of the patient. Aconite and

Phenacetin bryonia dissipated the morbid effect.

Acid salicylic Therefore Axiom 1 is not a self evident Soda bicarb. . truth.

Green tinct. bryonia gtt. viij Axiom No. 2. “What will make or tend Green tinct. rhus tox gtt. j to make a well man sick will make a sick Glycerin

. 3iij man sicker."

Aqua. Now if this be true all medication is not Now what I want is a rule by which I only useless, but injurious, for there is no may know that all of these seven remedies drug which will not make a well man sick. are indicated at the same time and in just In fact all that we as homeopaths know these quantities. If some doctor don't about the curative power of drugs we have answer this question to my satisfaction, I learned by observing the sick-making shall just go on prescribing my single power of drugs, i. e., by noting the morbid remedy which is similar to the symptoms symptoms which drugs produce on healthy of the patient. people. Similia similibus curantur is our I am glad to agree with the doctor on infallible law of cure.

Axiom No. 8. There is no such thing as If a person is sick he has a certain class a drug tonic. What is usually given to a of morbid symptoms. If we can find a patient as a tonic is to the patient just drug which will produce in a healthy per- what a whip is to a tired horse; nothing son a totality of symptoms exactly similar more. Yet the professors proclaim and to the morbid symptoms of the patient, the books teach tonics, and the people dethat drug, given in minute doses, will mand tonics. W. E. ALUMBAUGH, M.D. surely cure him.

Vacaville, Cal.

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More Obstetric Experience.

pains, rigid os, etc., she gave birth to a Editor MEDICAL WORLD :—While thank- dead child, but which had not been dead ing the brethren for their criticisms of my more than forty-eight hours, judging from “ obstetrical experience”, publisht some its appearance and her statements. The months ago, I want to speak of two cases placenta was adherent, and when peeled I have had since then.

off, it was almost impossible to get the No. 1. Colored, apparently healthy, uterus to contract. I don't know why she five or six para, had been in labor so long did not die; nor do I know that any medthat the colored midwife in attendance ication had much effect. I could not enuhad gotten scared. Upon careful examina- merate everything given her, but I detion I found the vaginal canal absolutely pended more on strychnin than anything closed, about two inches from the orifice. else. She was attending to household I could get nothing from the history as to duties in three weeks. how long it had been so, but the adhesion

H. C. SANDERS, M. D. would not yield to strong force used by Stantonville, Tenn. the examining finger. The external part of the vagina was normal in appearance.

July 12, '99 I sent for two white men, and while one

Mr. John Smith, of them administered chloroform, and the other assisted me, I separated the adhered

U O ME walls, using such instruments as needed. Several ounces of thick dark To date dark colored fluid escaped as soon as an

* * Twenty * * Dollars. opening went thru, proving that the closure had been complete. Labor ter- An early settlement is requested. minated favorably in a short while. The

Dr. W. T. S. Vincent. membranes seemed to be unusually tough, having to be torn after labor was far ad- The above has proven a good collector vanced.

for me.

I got it up some time since and In spite of all precautions in the way it has become popular here. They don't of tampons, etc., but which I could not have to look twice at it to know what it superintend myself, when last examined

DR. W. T. S. VINCENT. the cervix had adhered to the raw surfaces Jacksonville, Fla. of the vagina, and the uterine cavity was continuous with the vaginal canal, and Pain in Wrist.-Case for Diagnosis. the upper portion of the vagina was very Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- A

WORLD-A young much contracted, and the walls thickened. lady, age about twenty years, tall, spare, So far as general health is concerned, and of nervous temperament; occupation, recovery good.

dressmaker. A few years ago her right No. 2. White woman about thirty-five; wrist commenced to trouble her, feeling as had several children; large, somewhat tho she had sprained it, altho she had no fleshy; had till lately enjoyed excellent knowledge of injuring it. Later a severe health. Had menstruated regularly and pain developt on the ulnar side just anterhad no idea she was pregnant till she felt ior to styloid process. Usually it did not movements of the child. Saw her first extend more than an inch or so up the some weeks before delivery, when there wrist or toward the little finger. Occawas some swelling of limbs and face, and sionally the whole arm will ache. The an anemic appearance. Of course I ex- painful spot near the process


very tender pected to find the urine loaded with albu- to the touch. min, but there was not a particle, nor For perhaps two years these attacks of anything else abnormal with it that I pain would occur only at menstrual could discover. The general condition periods, lasting a few days. She also grew worse and worse till she could not suffered a great deal from dysmenorrhea; lie down only for a few minutes. The otherwise her health was very good. anasarca and palor increast till it was A few months ago she came into my alarming to look at her. When labor be- hands, and the two last monthly periods gun the pulse was a hundred and thirty- have been nearly painless ; but the writs five, the temperature below normal, and pain is as bad as ever, and is constant bebreathing bad from the edema of the lungs. tween menstrual periods. After much delay, owing to inefective Treatment has never seemed to benefit


it in the least. Is it neuritis ? and what any for years, altho he suffered continu. will be best treatment? A bandage snugly ally. He remained here a month, and applied seems to give greatest relief. when last seen, the openings were entirely

Case II : May 17th, I was called to see a closed. married woman, mother of two children, Mr. C., age 68, ruptured on both sides one a babe a few months old. Two weeks for 35 years. The left ring was 11 inch previous to my visit she had an attack of and the right 2 inches in diameter. He sore throat for which another physician received 14 treatments on each side, less was called once.

than a week apart. He has remained Since that illness she had not felt as practically cured, but wears a light supwell as usual, but kept about her work. port when doing hard work. I found throat inflamed, tonsils enlarged, Mr. S., age 66, ruptured on right side and partly covered with exudate. Deglu- 17 years, left side 3 years. Right ring tition was painful.

was 2 inches, left ring 1 inch in diameter. Temp. 1021°, pulse 130, severe pain in The hernia caused him so much trouble head. Bowels loose and stools very offen- that he had given up business entirely.

These symptoms continued to in- At the beginning of treatment his health crease in severity for three days, when was so poor, and the structures so weak they began to subside. The exudate ap- and flabby, that it did not appear possible peared only on the tonsils, and there was to more than give him relief. Fortunately, no bad odor to the breath at any time. the hernias were entirely cured, his health

Without giving final out-come of this improved, and he continued to dispense case, I wish the Editor and other mem- with a support or truss till the time of his bers of the WORLD family would diagnose death, last winter, of pneumonia. this case as they would do if called to They were all able to continue their treat it.

usual pursuits during treatment, but Whitehall, Mich. DR. L. W. KEYES. quicker results could be secured by having

[A tight bandage giving relief to the patients remain quiet for a day or so after wrist suggests a localized inflammation, each treatment; but the majority of people to which rest gives relief. There was prefer to continue at business, even tho probably a local injury, and complete rest, it may require a longer time. perhaps with counter irritation, is indi- The fluid used in the above cases bas cated. If this does not lead to recovery, been discarded, as it requires too many inperhaps there may be local pressure. If jections. Am now using the following so, recovery cannot come until this is re- formulæ, which require from 1 to 10 treatmoved.

ments, all depending on the variety and The character of the exudate would size of hernia, and fluid used, the former determine the diagnosis of the throat being the stronger : case-Ed.]



Kreasote (beechwood) mij The Injection Method for the Cure of Hernia. Zinci sulphas .

gr. ij Editor MEDICAL WORLD :—There ap- Fld. ext. hamamelis

m XXX pears to be a general impression among Glycerini

m xxx physicians that the injection method is M. S.-Inject 2 to 3 minims once or only applicable to recent and small hernias. twice a week, when reaction has disap

To show that such is erroneous and also peared. to show its special adaptation to persons advanced in years, a few cases of patients Sulpho carbolate of zinc . gr. XV over 65 years of age, who were treated in Alcohol 1893, will be mentioned. Furthermore, M. S.-Inject 5 to 10 minims once or all had the worst form of direct scrotal twice a week. hernia, and none had been able to secure Simplified directions for giving the treata truss that would retain the rupture ment are as follows: previous to undergoing treatment.

1. Be sure that patient is wearing & Mr. B., age 70, ruptured on both sides support or truss that will retain the hernia. since birth. The hernial rings were over 2. Determine whether hernia be direct two inches in diameter. He had become or indirect. so discouraged in his efforts to secure a Have patient in recumbent position and satisfactory truss that he had not worn thoroly reduce hernia. An ordinary hy.

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podermic syringe with a strong 1 to 1} in. doses of this mercurial frequently in nearly needle is all that is required.

all the inflammatory affections. So greatly Press left fore finger directly over ex- does the pathology of the present day ternal ring, into ring and canal if it be in- differ from that of the past; so completely direct. With syringe in right hand, pene- we now dominated by the damaged trate integument directly under left fore- tissue theory of inflammation, and by the new finger into canal and follow canal, deposit- views as to the rôle of microbes in most ing fluid while withdrawing needle, taking inflammatory diseases ; so fully are we care not to strike the cord.

persuaded of the truth of the modern docIf direct, deposit fluid along edge of ring. trin of the natural evolution and selfAfterwards distribute fluid by gentle rub- limited nature of all acute diseases, and of bing. The addition of a hot water bag will the necessity of husbanding the vital rehasten absorption and allay any discom- sources, that the very idea of antiphlogistic fiture produced. There is no danger of treatment belongs almost with that of general peritonitis, as many suppose,

when witchcraft to the superannuated notions of the treatment is properly given.

the past; while the true antiphlogistics I again state that the results in 95 per are recognized to be such means, medical cent. of all cases of reducible hernia can and surgical, as restore the damaged vital be included under one of the following di- properties of the inflamed part of the visions:

organism generally, and antagonize and 1st. Cases in which the hernial rings can combat microbes and ptomains. From be entirely closed, but require an occa- this point of view, the belief of our predesional treatment afterwards to retain them cessors were not justified by the facts. in that condition. This class is composed They saw patients get well from grave inof persons debilitated by age principally. flammations and fevers, and they attrib

2d. Cases in which the hernia can be uted the recovery to medicines which they permanently cured, but requires a band- had prescribed-an unwarrantable post hoc age or light support to be worn afterwards. ergo propter hoc conclusion. They, in short,

3d. Cases that can be permanently cured ascribed to the bleeding, the antimony and and all support may be dispensed with the calomel the favorable changes which afterwards.

belonged to the natural course of the disHernia and trusses frequently cause

ease itself. serious disturbances and unaccountable " There seems to be no proof that calocomplaints Most people enjoy better mel, when given in minute doses, whether health after being cured.

to oppose the formation and organization The pressure required to retain most of plastic exudations, or to stimulate the hernia causes absorption and weakness of secretive organs and promote elimination, the underlying structures; hence the ad- or to arouse the absorbents to greater vantage of being cured. In cases in which activity in removing inflammatory prodit is advisable to wear a support after treat- ucts, ever serves any real good antiphloment, pressure is not required for reten- gistic purpose. It does, doubtless, disturb tion, but only a support, to protect when the nutritive processes, and deglobulize those parts are brought into violent ac- the blood; it may even render the blood tion. C. FLETCHER SOUDER, M. D. · aplastic. Whether, however, this be a Philadelphia.

good thing in inflammatory disease, is not

proved. Nor can we even invoke the help The Decadence of Calomel.

of the known microbicide properties of the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Last Novem- mercurial, for there is no evidence that ber Tue World publisht my contribution calomel, when given internally in fracon calomel in typhoid fever. It seems fit- tional doses, has any such microbicide ting to follow it with the following extracts action.''

C. TEAL, M.D. from the Charlotte Medical Journal on the Linville, N. C. Decadence of Calomel: "Anyone who has kept notice of the

Dr. Roy Granbery, of Somerville, Tenn., progress of therapeutics during the past wishes to know what, in the opinion of fifty years cannot fail to have remarkt

the World readers, is the best treatment, that many remedies once much in vogue both internal and local, for gonorrhea. have largely gone out of use. This is to a certain extent true of calomel.

Dr. W. P. Brickley, of Anderson, Ind., writer : "I like "It was formerly the custom to give small

your progressive, aggressive, and open door style- a free-for


Case of Tetanus.

muscles are so weak that it is almost imEditor MEDICAL WORLD :-On the 13th possible to move the arm. During partuof June I was called to see a female child rition what can we expect from these dor. of five years, who was suffering with a mant muscles? Is it any wonder that swelling of the left arm, neck and jaw. forceps are so frequently needed to aid She had been vaccinated two or three these weakened and undevelopt muscles? weeks previous, and had fallen on the arm The apartment of the corset which is made off a stoop the 10th of June; the result for the reception of the mammary glands was acute tetanus poisoning. In the first is quite roomy, and in order to fill this place I cleaned the wound antiseptically vacant space pads are often inserted, and applied iodoform dressing. Then I which in yoath still continue to prevent prescribed camphor oil, to rub the affected the development of the breasts. part, and a laxative. On the following The result of this, if the woman becomes day the symptoms grew worse. Lock-jaw a mother, is artificial food as a whole or in had set in, the child was unable to move, part for the infant's diet. and secretion had stopt. On the even- The injurious effects of which I have ing of the same day the temperature rose spoken are slight as compared to the one from 103° to 107°, and was followed by I am about to consider. When in youth convulsions. When I found her in this the waist is clad in a rigid and non-elastic situation I prescribed chloral hydrate with garment, it interferes with the normal debromids, and applied ice to the head, and velopment of all of the inclosed organs. gave her an injection of tetanic serum. These organs are so restricted or crowded, The convulsions thereupon stopt, but one upon another, that it even interferes death followed the next day, June 15th. with their proper functions. We frequently

Moral.—Mothers should take care of see women, whose lung capacity is interchildren after vaccination and protect the fered with by corsets, faint in a close, illwound, and not leave it open, as in this ventilated room. The liver and stomach case.

H. ROSAHNSKY, M.D. encroach upon the intestines, which are Brooklyn, N. Y.

forced down upon the uterus and its appendages, pushing them down and restrict

ing their movements. Constipation also Evils of the Corset.

is caused. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Of all exist- The ultimatum: The woman imagines ing vices at the present time, there is none she is suffering from some serious female which affects the general health of an in- complaint. She now seeks a physician, dividual as does the one useless wearing relates her case. Often from undue modapparel of civilized women, the corset. It esty or for fear of offending his patient, matters not whether it is worn tight or the diagnosis coincides with the patient's loose, as it has the same injurious effects, imagination. differing only in degree.

Many an unnecessary examination of Even before puberty the young girl is young girls is made by the too aspiring clad in a " child's corset.” This garment gynecologist. His digital examination is short, but fits snugly around her thorax, affirms that she has a vagina and uterus; and thus interferes with the beginning then inspection thru a speculum reveals development of the breasts at puberty. the fact that the columnar mucous memThe very many poorly-developt breasts brane of the cervical canal is slightly difin women always remind me of the bar- ferent in color from the pavement epi. barous custom of the Chinese, who delight thelium of the vaginal surface of the cerin small and deformed feet.

vix. Diagnosis: Ulceration. Treatment: The “ child's corset” is later followed Local medication thru a speculum twice a by a tight, rigid and unyielding garment, week. Final treatment: Dophorectomy. extending from the middle of the thorax to I have no doubt that every reader can a point midway between the umbilicus and recall similar cases, altho none, I hope, the symphysis pubis. This rigid garment have witnessed the final treatment. prevents the proper development of the I have had several young girls who had muscles of the thorax and abdomen; in received local treatment, some wearing strength they resemble the muscles in an uterine supports, with no apparent benefit arm which had been splinted and carried and if any difference, growing worse. in a sling for an indefinit period of time. removed the support, prescribed a nerve On removing the splints from the arm, the tonic combined with a laxative, advised

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