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apply the solution on one side of a woolen solution, powder, capsule or pill. It is cloth with an ordinary paint brush, and very unpleasant to the taste, and if given dry thoroly before a hot fire; then apply a in fluid form should be in syrup of licorice second coat on the same side and dry as at or rhubarb, as these cover the taste. I first; when the splint is perfectly dry after often give it in capsule with bismuth. the second coat, dash it into cold water, Several coated pills on the market are which tempers it and the splint is ready satisfactory, especially Upjohn's, which for use.

are coated with keratin. I have given My way of dressing the limb is : Hold many thousands of these 24 and 5 gr. pills the splint before the fire until soft; place a and never had one to disagree. For chillayer of absorbent cotton on it and apply dren I usually give sulfocarbolate of lime to the limb and bandage.

or soda, unless the case is a severe one, Edw. T. WILLLIAMS, M. D. when I use the zinc in the form of Abbott's Brockwayville, Pa.


"Every day I am getting letters asking Excellent Prescriptions for the Treatment of me the composition of the neutral mixtTuberculosis.

ure. At present I am using this formula : INTERNALLY.

B R.

Sodium sulfocarbolate. 1 dr. Iodin (scales)

Sodium carbonate

1 dr. Creosote (beech wood)

iij min.
Wine of ipecac

1 dr. Guaiacol (Merk's)

. j min.

Tincture of hydrastis 6 dr. Syrup hypophos. co.


Aromatic syrup of rhubarb, Malt vel pepsin et pancreat.āā 3 ss.

enuf to make

.6 oz. Mix the first three ingredients with a Dose: A tablespoonful every two hours little alcohol and add to that the re- for an adult; children in proportion.” mainder. Directions :- Take the above three times

Doctors' Rights. a day in good milk after food,


ception of a few of the larger cities, the R.

prescription-writing physician is a curiosOil pinus sylvestris


ity. The druggist claims that greed has Oil eucalyptus


prompted the physician to dispense his Fl. ex. benzoin co.

own remedies; and the physician claims Menthol..

. 3ss that the druggist forced him to do so, Creosote (beechwood).

zj which is perhaps nearer the truth. The Mix.-Directions: Use two teaspoonfuls druggist, tho too honest to substitute or in half-pint of boiling water and inhale the

use unreliable preparations, succeeded in fumes for ten minutes, three times daily. lobbying thru and obtaining class legislaIn the evening disinfect the sleeping a part- tion granting him special privileges which ment with the same before retiring. brought him into direct opposition to the DIET.

physician. Not content to sell drugs,

notions, and to compound prescriptions, Use mostly fatty and nitrogenous foods. Food should be taken at least every three

without improving his qualifications he

had laws framed for his special benefit, so hours, and as much as can possibly be di

that to-day he has added a full line of gested should be eaten.

cures of his own manufacture, which he GENERAL.

advertises liberally; and this law allows Daily walks and light exercise.

him to recommend and sell what he may San Francisco, Cal. E. A. FERREA. think necessary. In other words, he can

do the nice office work of the physician Administration of Sulfocarbolate of Zinc. and escape all the hard, disagreeable work,

A subscriber who wishes to begin the which he kindly lets the physician have. use of sulfocarbolate of zinc in his prac- All this he enjoys without ever troubling tice, particularly for the gastro-intestinal himself to study the diagnosis or treattroubles of hot weather, asks what form ment of diseases. Not satisfied yet, they is best to use. We sent the query to Dr.

discriminated against the physician by Waugh, who replies as follows:

denying him the right to register as a “Sulfocarbolate of zinc may be given in pharmacist or engage in the legitima sale of the very articles which he is fitly only spell Nation with capital N, but let qualified to prescribe, and which he uses us teach others to do so. daily with safety and satisfaction to the Ill.

W. A, S. public. This is not only a violation of [We are sorry to remind the Doctor that good public policy, inasmuch as it restricts we have no National Board of Health nor competition without cause, but it is also a National Pare Food Commission. We violation of the fundamental principles of should have both, and if all physicians our Government, which demands that would adopt the suggestions above made, everyone enjoy every privilege which he we might soon have both. Physicians are is qualified to enjoy, and is supposed to citizens, and they should make their influmake no restrictions except where the ence as such felt in their community and public good makes it necessary.

State and in the Nation.-ED.] Here again, however, our enterprising friends have over-reacht themselves, and An Injection Fluid for the Treatment of also the limit of public safety, by securing

Hernia. privileges which they are not qualified to Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Having had enjoy and which they most certainly

certainly letters from all parts of the United States abuse. Where is there a physician who in regard to my injection treatment for not been compelled to engage in a

hernia, I will publish the same for the conflict with the grim monster, the case benefit of all. Several years ago I semade hopeless by the unwise ingestion of lected Lloyd's thuja, and have been using some druggist's depressing fever powders it ever since. I use the thuja in normal or headache cure, to say nothing of the solution-no boiling; it is a powerful remnumerous cases where his cleverly-adver- edy. The first case was a double indirect tised, tho useless and harmful remedies, hernia. I inserted the needle until it was have been taken till the opportunity to free in the canal, then injected a few drops obtain relief is past? Mast we suffer the at a time. I then invaginated the scrotum consequences and never once condemn our

with the end of my finger, and rubbed the friend, the druggist? Sball we sit idly by fluid well around the ring. This was six and see this ruin go on?

years ago. He went to heavy bridge work, If a pharmacist is to be allowed to pre- and several days ago he mentioned to me scribe, let us see that he be required to how free he was from hernia. qualify himself to do so. If a man puts a Repeat every 12 or 14 days, if necespatent medicine upon the market, let us

sary. If the cord is punctured, an indorequire him to tell the truth about it, ration will appear, but no harm will be which of course would require that he done, and it will pass away in a few days. file his exact formula with our National This treatment is just the thing in chilBoard of Health or Pure Food Commis

dren. I have used it successfully in 24 sion, and that he confine his advertise

cases. ments to statements that are consistent Some cases in men (5 out of 36) come with its ingredients. If every physician back after a year for me to give them an. will use his influence persistently,


other “ shot.” A case of double indirect gardless of party lines, we can soon secure hernia claimed no benefit, but he only the abatement of all these nuisances, wanted to beat me out of my fee. I made and the enactment of uniform national

him cough for twenty minutes with no laws sufficient to regulate all these

return of the hernia. He had not seen matters.

the tumor for two years, tho he was plowFirst we must refrain from asking for ing corn and doing other farm work. any legislation not actually necessary for However, this treatment will not cure the public good. Next we must systemati- all cases. Cases in which the ring cannot cally oppose all legislation which fails to

be closed by a powerful remedy like thuja, grant each individual all the privileges as some cases of large direct hernia, can: consistent with his qualifications and the not be cured, but may be benefited. Cases public good; and also insist that no man for cure by this treatment must be selected or class of men be allowed privileges which with reasonable intelligence, but almost he or they are not qualified to enjoy with

all, or perhaps all, cases can be benefited. out endangering lives, health or other

Valentine, Neb.

J. C. DWYER. interests of society. Wake up, brothers, and let us follow the Dr. C. Percy Kent, of Kent Island, Maryland, writes:

"Could scarcely do without THE WORLD, and your Monthly example of our worthy Editor, and not

Talks are excellent."

grs. xiv

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q. s.

q. s.


Formulas for Hernia Injections. System of Therapeutics, vol. iv., page Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-In the April 885). number of THE WORLD you ask for fluid On April 12th, the day before the onset injections in treatment for hernia. I send of the acute attack, Miss E. T., age 16, you the following formulas which one who called at the office. Her father's sister claims to know says are correct :

had died of subacute Bright's disease. Her

father is weakly, but mother seems quite THE HEATON SOLUTION. B

healthy, having borne eight children. The Ext. quercus alba

daughter resembles her mother. She bad Fld. ext. quercus alba . Ziv

a cough which had lasted several months,

anorexia, lassitude and inability to study M. DE SOUCHET'S RUPTURE CURE.

efficiently. Her weight had fallen away B

nine pounds in February, and she had reFld. ext. castanea


gained three pounds to date. The tongue Fld, ext. juglans


was pale and indented by the teeth, pulse Acid carbolic

gtts xx

100, temperature 991. A specimen of Glycerin


urine was askt for, to be sent later. M.

Early the next morning I was sent for.

I found rapid respiration, pain in the THE FIDELITY CURE. B

region of left kidney, urine scanty and Fld. ext. ergotæ .

high colored, pulse 130, temperature 103,

nausea and vomiting. THE MILLER TREATMENT.

Urinary examination showed acid reac

tion sp. gr. 1036, albumen about #, sugar Fld. ext. quercus alba

none, and a pinkish deposit. D. T. STANLEY, A.M., M.D. Examination of chest failed to account Detroit, Mich.

for the condition of pulse and tempera

ture; only a few indefinite rales over about Acute Bright's Disease.

two square inches in right lower lobe. No Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I use this chill, no pain in chest. title for the case that I relate, as it is A compound cathartic pill (U. S. P. somewhat elastic, including a variety of 1890) was given, and three or four doses conditions as described by Strumpel and of elaterium, grain, produced several other authors. Loomis in his “ Practice” watery dejections. Patient was also wrapt says that we cannot have a case without in a blanket wrung out of hot water which edema or dropsy, and later says (p. 559): produced copious sweating. “ If the patient has headache, some fever, April 14. The temperature was 104, more or less edema, nausea, and perhaps pulse 144, respiration 36; sputum somevomiting, with scanty, high-colored urine what rusty, probably indicating some of high sp. gr. containing epithelial, small broncho-pneumonia, tho auscultatory signs hyaline or blood casts, it is certain that were still slight. acute Bright's disease exists." My case Urine past about two ounces at a time, had all of these symptoms, except the probably eight ounces in a day. edema (and it might be that this was pre. I used a liquid antipyretic, which has a vented by the drastic action of elaterium good taste (the family is inclined towards at the start). But if you prefer to call homeopathy), which produced a decided this acute albuminuria, I am quite willing. effect upon the temperature. Also aconiThis subject is interesting to me, because tine 1-134 (my first use of this), one every there was another case in the neighbor hour. Rochelle salts, one dram every two hood under another physician which was hours, until three or four passages. During rapidly fatal. A young woman (age 21) the next four days there was a gradual imwith nearly complete suppression of urine provement in the febrile symptoms. Piloof low sp. gr., death from uremic poison. carpin was used, one dose of } gr., aftering.

wards 1-32, enuf to keep mouth and skin The point'I desire to make is to abstain moist. A second sweat bath was given from diuretics at the beginning; and I about the fifth day, and the patient seemed would like to read a little discussion about very weak after it. the use of calomel, as Waugh (Treatment Her father then thought her appearance of the Sick, page 251) seems to differ with so much like his sister's, just before she N. 8. Davis, Jr., on that point. (Hare's died, that he suggested council. I called

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11 gr.

gr. 1 gr.


gr. 1. gr.

in another physician of our village, who pride is a great hindrance to scientific advised calomel in Bartholow's mixture, progress, and unfortunate is the man who an eight-grain powder every hour; also is burdened with it. All great men have sodium sulfocarbolate (a thing to which I become great only by the most patient and had called his attention some months be. persevering effort, doing the same thing fore). That evening, about 11 o'clock, I over and over again a dozen times or had an extra call, and found patient suffer- more, if necessary, to reach a satisfactory ing intense pain from biliary colic. A result. Many men who write for medical small quantity of chloroform, by inhala- periodicals write too much ; it would be tion, relieved the colic, and chlorodyne better for writers as well as readers if they tablets were left to relieve pain if it re- would write less and better. On the other curred.

hand, many of our best practitioners do Next morning lumps of thick bile were not write for publication at all. They found in the stool. On April 18th we se- would serve both themselves and their cured a trained nurse from Galesburg. profession if they would report an occa

She knew that antipyretics in general sional case, or present their experience were depressing, and therefore omitted along a certain line or with a particular giving that. Her written record showed drug. But it should be done with the temperature 102 at 9, 103 at 1 and 104 same thought and care, and the same conat 5 p. m., when I called.

cern for a satisfactory result with which The formula is this in each dram : the conscientious surgeon approaches an R

important operation. Acetanilid

However, there is room for discussion Salol ..

concerning the above case. The attending Phenacetin

physician's diagnosis is, as he has named Caffein

the article, "Acute Bright's Disease." Tartaric acid

Perhaps some will think that the pneuSodium bicarbonate

monic element was really more important

in the case than the Doctor seems willing This was given, one dram every two

to admit. Do you remember the case of hours, and we had no further trouble on

" concealed” pneumonia reported by one that score. This nurse was a great help of our Connecticut subscribers a few years to my patient, and I always like to employ ago? The physical signs were nil, while if .

the clinical history was typical, suggesting keep track of my patient's condition bet

that the consolidation must have been in ter with one visit a day than I could be

the center of the lung tissue, with sound fore with two.

tissue both front and back. The question On April 24th the urine was clear of is, was there more of this feature in the albumin, sp. gr. 1020, and patient made an

case than the writer of the article seems uninterrupted recovery.

willing to admit? No pain was present Illinois.

W. B. G.

in the case of pneumonia above referred [The above is a good example of a clear to, because the pleura was not involved. and logical report of a case, and the diag- But the attack was ushered in by the nostic and therapeutic lesson stands out usual chill, which was absent in the above clearly. I wish to take our readers into case. The above case is rather an intermy confidence, that still another lesson esting one to study, and the more we may be gotten from the above. This case study it the more inclined we are to agree was first reported in a scattering, illogical, with the writer of the article.-Ed.] indefinite and incomplete manner, evidently due to lack of time for careful ar- A Commendation of the Lobelia loflata, and rangement, reflection and looking up of

Condemnation of Mercurials as Medicines. authorities. In this form the report had

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I like your no scientific value. I returned it to the liberal principles, both medical and politiDoctor, explaining why, and suggesting cal. They are truly in accord with the how to present the case so it would be trend of American thought in the most helpful to other practitioners. Usually intelligent circles, both medical and politi- . such suggestions are not received in the cal. They are also genuinely democratic. spirit intended, and hence come to naught. Democracy is American; aristocracy is The above report illustrates how well it foreign. I have but little respect for the pays to be willing to “try again.” False latter unless it be that of brains and learn

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ing, and this kind is generally the most as well as thruout the capillary system, democratic of all. It knows enuf to thereby aiding-in absorption and the realize its own fallibility, and hence is elimination of all the waste products and graceful and tolerant, truly democratic. tomaines of metabolism. As a general Such is the character of THE MEDICAL rule its administration should be with WORLD, and all such attract the sympa- stimulation. It relaxes and the stimuthetic affection of the truly democratic. lation forces on circulation to the rapid

In consequence of this sympathy I am elimination of all waste products and the induced to write this article, which I am universal cleaning out of the system. sure will be tolerated by you and your The physician who understands its phyreaders, whether approved or not. Indeed, siological and therapeutical effects and the I do not write it for approval, but for the counteraction of these, is always its master, earnest consideration of the medical as he is of other potent agents, and can brotherhood. I will try to put afloat upon use it to the untold advantage of his the great ocean of human thought some patients, and also to the increase of his suggestions for future consideration as reputation as a "good doctor." well as some, I trust, for the immediate Its various preparations will be found practical benefit of the profession.

in the American Dispensatory, but I now 1. I desire to call attention anew to one wish to commend specially two of these, of the most useful of our remedies which the compound tincture and the extract. I believe is not so highly appreciated as it For those of your readers who may not should be. It is the Lobelia Inflata. For have this Dispensatory in their library, I fifty years I have used this remedy almost append the formulas: every day, and I know its value and desire

Tincture Lobelia Compound. to induce my medical brethren to use it

B more freely and not to be afraid of it.

Lobelial (herb) There has been so much prejudice against

Bloodroot. the use of it, because it was the “ No. 1°

Skunk cabbage root medicine of Samuel Thomson, and there

Wild ginger root. was so much erroneous teaching about it

Pleuri y root that many medical men fear to use it.

each in moderately fing powder, one But this opposition to its use in unreasonable and unwarranted. All the harm that

ounce; water, one pint alcohol, three can come from it is that which will follow pints or q. s. Make a tincture by macerathe abuse of any potent remedy. It is not

tion and displacement to the amount of

four pints. poisonous; that is, it will not corrupt the blood or leave any injurious effect behind

The extraet is prepared by my own it, as do the inorganic poisons. It is in formula, as follows: the same class as the belladonna, aconite, B veratrum, nux and others-potent but Powd. lobelia seed

1 lb. not poisonous remedies; that is, they

Hot water (not boiling) 2 qts. do not corrupt the blood or leave organic

Alcohol (commercial) disease behind them. Like electricity,

Acetic acid they will kill if pusht to the killing point, Make an infusion with the water and but never will they, like mercury, arsenic acid and strain when cool; to the residuum and antimony, corrupt the blood, soften add the alcohol and macerate in a warm the tissue of organs, or produoc all, or any, atmosphere for six days with frequent agikinds of strange and unaccountable forms tation, then turn all into a percolater and of disease. Its therapeutical, or rather obtain three pints of tincture. Mix with physiological, effect is primarily that of the infusion and evaporate in vacuo to a relaxation of all muscular tissue, and the pultaceous extract. antidote to this is stimulation and con- In pneumonia or pleurisy in their earliest striction which Thomson produced by the stages, that of congestion, cover the patient use of capsicum and vegetable astringents warm in bed, with hot applications to the like bayberry bark. This effect is in the feet and a cold compress to the chest or highest degree serviceable in all high grade side and give a tablespoonful of this tinctfevers and inflammations. It loosens, ure in a cup of hot water, or simple herb opens up and enlarges the blood-vessels tea as hot as possible, every quarter, half and thereby equalizes the circulation, pro- or whole hour as may be necessary until motes the free flow of blood to the surface free perspiration and free emesis follow,

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3 qts. 1 oz.

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