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hemorrhage and very much excited. 6. Will some of your contributors give a ordered vinegar in an apparatus for steam- sketch of several medical diploma mills"? ing, and had her to inhale fumes. The —and sketches of the doings of “universi. heinorrhage was stopt at once. As it is ties" named in first query? not my purpose to give the symptoms of 7. How many of the so-called Universiconsumption, but the effects of calcium ties in the United States, numbering 484, are sulfid, I will desist from further remarks worthy of being designated as universities? on the disease. Put patient on calcium Are 84 worth the honor?-considering that sulfid, with iron, phosphoric acid and there are only 100 universities, worthily so strychnin, which latter prescription did termed, outside the United States. not agree with her; so I changed to syrup Ontario, Canada. “QUERCUS." of hypophosphites comp. The lady's recovery has been remarkable to me, as I [Dental students have to attend college had no hope whatever of her getting well. almost if not quite as long as medical stuShe weighs now 128 lbs. and looks well. dents. There is much difference between

Case III: T. J. H., male, aet 30, white. a “hoss doctor” and an educated veteriCalled April 10, 1899. I found this man narian. But why should any profession be apparently in the last stages of consump- singled out, and its members called by a tion. Had been confined to his bed for title at all times and places ? There are three weeks; no appetite. Put him on many lawyers, clergymen and men in varcalcium sulfid, gr. 1, three times a day, to- ious walks of life as learned as even our gether with quinin, iron and strychnin. most eminent physicians, and they are Codein, I gr., every three hours to relieve called plain “Mr.” I have often wisht cough.' Soda hypophosphite, 1 dram in that physicians, dentists, veterinarians, tumbler of hot water in mornings to relieve D. D.'s, “professors,” etc., were called constipation. The man is now riding horse just plain "Mr.", just like artists, lawyers back and is gaining weight. Of course this and learned (and not learned) men in case is too recent to draw conclusions other walks of life. Architects, bankers, from.

John F. WATSON. editors, etc., can leave their business beBastrop, La.

hind them when they travel or go into

society; but medical men and some others Interesting Questions.

are labeled “doctor" (frequently degenEditor MEDICAL WORLD:—Will some of erating into “doc") wherever they go. the readers of this valuable journal answer What is the use of it? It was formerly the following questions in next issue? supposed to be desirable that physicians be

1. Is the work of such institutions as known for convenience in sudden need, "National Centraland “Western" univer- and they then carried a distinctive cane, sities, located in Chicago, and Independent and often a distinctive dress, long hair, Medical College, Indianapolis, in any etc. But now no high-minded physician sense honoring university titles ?

wants street brawl practice, and in case of 2. Is the bestowal of the Doctorate to serious accident or emergency all persons dentists and veterinary surgeops in any near by will lend their aid promptly and sense appropriate ? and is such dishonor- freely, unless it should be some" noodle" ing the title which graces the learned pro- M. D., who would rear back on his “ digfession?

nity” and wait to be “ called." There is 3. Would it not be better to limit the more egotism per capita, many times over, license of medical men to examinations by in the medical profession than in any other State Boards, modeled after the College of profession or calling; and this distinctive Physicians and Surgeons' rulings, of the title business is largely responsible for it. Province of Ontario? and to silence such A medical student seems to think that, as schools as those teaching osteopathy? soon as the degree, M. D., is conferred

4. Is it professional to announce for sale on him, he becomes a different order of thru medical journals, cures for goitre, her- humanity from the rest of mankind. This nia, etc.?

is largely because he is called “ doctor, 5. Is it not better considering the work doctor, doctor," on every hand, while of “diploma mills "') that each contributor those who have other degrees conferred on to The World or any medical journal in them-just as worthy, and frequently the United States be required to name his harder to get than M. D.-remain plain alma mater for M. D.--and for M. A., etc., Mr. The introduction of this custom was etc.?

unfortunate for the true interests of the

medical profession. Now that "doctor" Symphiseal Loosening.-Symphysiotomy. applies to dentists, clergymen, veterinar- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-A really lifeians, Ph. D.'s, and frequently to druggists saving procedure in medical, surgical or and patent medicine men, as well as to obstetric practice should become familiar M. D.'s, the reason for it being dropt as rapidly as possible to the great body of altogether is stronger than ever. It is practitioners the world over. In suitable now no more distinctive of medical men cases symphysiotomy saves life, both of the than the title “colonel,” in Kentucky, is mother and child. In a portion of these distinctive of a military man. I wish to cases one or both lives might be saved, almake it clear that in my opinion many in ternatively, by Cæsarean section, but at the classes above mentioned are just as enhanced cost and risk to both mother and worthy of the title “ doctor” as M. D.'s. child. This operation for enlarging the Henry Ward Beecher would never allow pelvic strait has only been practised in D. D. nor any other degree to be conferred America since 1892, and in that period on him. And Noah Webster tore up his nearly all these operations have been done diploma as he was leaving the college on in a few of the first-class hospitals of the commencement day. Some men are too East. The operation is a simple one, and big for such things. Usually small men seems adapted to general use when reare the most concerned about them. The quired. Practically, I have no large exmedical profession can go along and do its perience nor personal observation of symwork just as well and as worthily without physiotomy, but as I look back upon my a distinctive title as with one-and I think own obstetric record I feel sure that several better.- ED.)

babies might have been saved by it, and

at least one mother, whose baby died on Management After Labor.-Membranous

the third day after delivery from the ef

fects of forceps compression and traction. Enteritis.

In this case perhaps both mother and Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-In regard to babe would have been saved had the peltreatment after child-birth, during my vic arch been surgically “loosened.” short experience (5 years), I have kept In this situation it is the after treatment my patients in bed ten days, but have in

and not the operation which authorities structed them to get up after six hours to consider most difficult. I am reminded of void urine and feces, and also to sit up Trousseau's “Lecture C” on “ Loosening thirty or forty minutes at a time three or of the Pelvic Symphyses," a condition four times per day, after the first three which he declares to be rare, yet easily days. Have had in my own practice two remedied when known. “So little is it cases of sepsis, both of which I probably in- known,” he says, “that some of your text fected, as I waited on them the same day books on midwifery, including Cazeaux's after having been with another case of treatise, do not even mention it as a possipuerperal sepsis which occurred in another ble sequel of labor."

That this spondoctor's practice. Gave calomel purge, taneous loosening is possible I long ago and quinin bisulf., gr. iv; Ad. ext. ergot, learned in a very distressing case of a min. xv; tr. digitalis, min. XV every four prima para whose feet began to drag painhours. Curetted very lightly with dull fully during the last weeks of gestation, irrigating curette, and gave vaginal douche and whose nine-pound baby's head was of solution permanganate of potash every carried well down in the pelvic strait for six hours. Both recovered.

several days before labor began. The first Have had no case of weakness or disease stage of that labor was rapid, and then of pelvic organs following delivery, but on there was no time for preparations, but the other hand, my lady patients express the strong expulsive pains drove the head, themselves as “getting along better” than unrestrained and unretarded by the pubic when compelled by others to keep the re- arch, down upon the soft tissues of the cumbent posture for ten or more days. perineum, which were promptly ruptured Copper arsenite, gr. 1.200, corrosive by the onset.

by the onset. And this patient lay ten sublimate, gr. 1-100, every four hours, long weeks helpless in bed because her continued for from four to six weeks, will young physician and his more experienced cure that most intractable malady, mem- counsel did not know that she was suffer. branous enteritis.

ing from “loosening of the pelvic symF. G. PRIESTLEY, M. D. physes.” Then by aid of a properly Gravette, Ark.

applied pelvic support, she made a rapid recovery, and in subsequent labors did people on this principle of suggestion I not suffer any return of the symphyseal have no doubt. Every experienced phyloosening.

sician knows that a large number of his I have recently done a symphysiotomy patients may be cured in this way. The upon a woman who was suffering from relation between the mind and body is so chronic nephritis of specific origin. This intimate that whatever effects the one patient made a good recovery and was affects the other in some degree. The able to stand on her feet on the twenty- writer having been a college instructor in first day after the operation, and there psychology for years has endeavored to was no perceptible weakness or yielding give some careful attention to suggestion of the symphyses.

as applied to medicine, and I am glad to Recent statistics indicate that there see that the principle of suggestion is being should be no maternal mortality from this recognized more and more by the prooperation, and they show also that the fession as one of the elements in curing ancient fears of permanently maiming the very many patients. I am glad that we mother are groundless when modern have schools devoted to suggestive medimethods are employed.

cine. I am glad that many able writers DR. ARTHUR DeVoE. and careful thinkers are giving attention Seattle, Washington.

to this subject. When we are able to

give suggestion its proper place in medical Suggestion in Medicine.

practice we shall have greatly increast our Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-In the April usefulness as medical practitioners. number of THE WORLD, Dr. Potter writes Christian Science and Faith Cure, tho on on “ Christian Science as a Cure for Dis- the same principle, look at the subject eases," which causes me to say a few from different standpoints. The Christian things in connection with the subject. Scientist says to the sick man, “You are While agreeing with Dr. Potter in the not sick; you only think so. Now think main, I think some of his conclusions are that you are well and you will be well." drawn too hastily. I do not think that The man who believes in Faith Cure or the list of people whose names he gives Divine healing says to the sick man, who have died under the treatment of “You are sick, but God is able to heal Christian Science would prove that Chris- you. Now believe that he does heal you tian Science is a humbug; for no system and you are healed.” It is the same prinof treatment has ever been devised that will ciple running thru both these systems, and cure all patients placed under treatment, that is that when a man who thinks he is and the best physicians often find the sick is brought to think he is well, he undertaker on their track. I do not de- is well. sire to defend the doctrin of Christian The principal lesson that I want to draw Science in any respect, and believe as from this is that medical practitioners ardently as Dr. Potter, or any one else can, should carefully study the psychical elethat people are imposed upon by the teach: ment in the treatment of disease. They ings of this sect, and that thousands of should recognize that the state of mind of lives are lost annually that would be saved their patient will frequently have as much under the treatment of a skilful medical to do with his recovery or his death as the practitioner. But I like to look at every medicine administered by the physician. subject from an unbiased standpoint, and The physician who calls on his patient, if there be any good in it, I like to get that looks at his tongue, feels his pulse, takes much good out of it. Further, I do not his temperature and then writes a prebelieve that any theory has ever been re- scription and leaves it on the table, to be ceived by a considerable number of people cared for by the family, without saying unless it contains some element of truth. anything to encourage his patient or to The human mind is so constituted that it show any personal interest in the case, is will not accept a theory that is wholly not doing his whole duty to his patient nor erroneous ; at least the theory must have getting the best results from his prescripsome points that appeal to the mind as tion. This is the point I desire to impress. being very plausible.

“A cheerful countenance doeth good like Christian Science and the so-called Faith a medicine," and this cheerful countenance Cure are on the same general principle ; a physician should always carry with him, that is, they act on the principle of sug- and with it cheering words ; not simply gestion; and that they cure very many empty, random remarks, but, by carefully studying the principle of suggestion, he I have used the escharotic and think it should use and do and say the thing that is simply chlorid of zinc, which all know will help his patient thru the influence of to be the best remedy we have for that the patient's mind over his body.

purpose, except arsenic, which may be a Christian Science and Faith Cure are little more effective, but more painful and suggestion carried to the extreme, and dangerous. I think the sanguinaria and hence, as a whole, these systems are false galangal are no better than flour and and injurious to the people. But when water, starch, ulmus, and other articles the same principles of suggestion are care- used to mix the zinc into paste. Chamley fully incorporated with good medical now advertises a great improvement, treatment, then the patient will reap the whereby the remedy is entirely painless. greatest benefit.

So, while we may con- The great objection to Dr. Lutterloh's demn Christian Science and its theories as recipe is that the zinc is not used in a defia whole, let us profit by accepting any nite quantity-just "sufficient quantity," truth this system may contain, and put so the paste may be made weak and ineffithis truth to proper use, along with all cient, or very strong and terribly painful other principles of truth for the healing of -and painful it is even when weak in the people.

strength. That there is any remedy that D. T. STANLEY, A. M., M. D. will always kill malignant growths withDetroit, Mich.

out return, I do not believe. A Mr. Smith

is now slowly dying from a cancer, killed War on the Corset.

and removed by Dr. Chamley in San FranEditor MEDICAL WORLD :-I am glad to cisco last year, where Smith went for see your suggestion in the May World in treatment from this locality. regard to the “period necessary to keep My experience proves to me that electrolthe patient in the recumbent position ysis is the most certain, speedy, safe and after parturition.” The fact that the permanent remedy we have for external aboriginal woman, the Irish peasantry, cancers, epitheliomas and morbid growths and the poorer classes in our own land generally. and other civilized countries suffer less Anaheim, Cal. A. W. BICKFORD, M.D. than the ladies of fashion, is no criterion by which to govern our actions in the Convulsions Followed by Temporary Loss of matter. The explanation is, that the

Memory. above named are natural women. If the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Maj. R., 76 profession and all sensible people would, years old, weighing about 200 pounds, thru the medium of the press, medical and consulted me on Jan. 10, '99, in regard to secular, wage a ceaseless, truceless, and an inflammation of the glands of the right never ending war upon the corset and tight axilla. They were swollen, hard and painlacing, and upon that fruitful source of ful, and I thought were on the point of trouble, the fashion magazines and guides, suppuration, but in spite of the treatment there would, in the rising generation, be used, they remained in about the same con. but little for gynecologists to do, and not dition for two months, when on the mornhalf the asexualized women in the world. ing of March 15th he called at my office It makes us sad to see a thin wasp waist, stating he thought he had erysipelas on and a cadaverous looking woman. I hope the under aspect of the right arm. On this subject will be thoroly discust in your examination I found that the lymphatic excellent journal. G. W. Woods, M. D. vessels from a point just above the elbow Altonia, Texas.

to the axilla were inflamed. The peculiar

red lines were plainly markt over the Cancer Cures.

whole surface of the area affected. He deEditor MEDICAL WORLD :-The cancer scribed the pain as being constant and plaster or paste described by Dr. Lutter- severe. I cauterized the inflamed parts Ioh is known on this coast as Chamley's with nitrate of silver and advised a starch cancer paste, and was claimed to originate poultice made with distilled extract of in Texas. Dr. Chamley lived in Los witch hazel instead of water. Angeles and treated a great many cancers Next afternoon a messenger came for me and other morbid growths with a fair de. saying he had had a spasm and was dying. gree of success for a number of years, and As he lived less than a mile from my office, moved to San Francisco where he now is I reacht his home half an hour after he practising as a cancer specialist.

was first attackt, and found him lying with hands and feet contracted, especially fected area have reacht the brain ? those of the right side, his face flusht, could it have been a lymph clot? If neither breathing loud and stertorous, and pupils of these, what was the cause of the trouble? contracted. Thinking I had a case of cere- and how was he relieved? Who will solve bral hemorrhage, I gave him 1.150 grain the question of diagnosis for me? sulf. atropin hypodermically with a tablet I will state that he had no fever and at of digitalin, as his pulse, tho full and this time suppuration of the axillary strong, was intermittent. Ten minutes glands commenced and continued for six after I entered the room he had another weeks before it subsided. hard convulsion which lasted about five Reddick, Fla. B. P. Wilson, M. D. minutes, and for the next two bours the convulsions came at intervals of a few min- Reply to “Central California."-Flexible utes. I controlled them as best I could

Splints. with chloroform. One peculiarity of the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I see that convulsions was that the right side seemed “Central California" (page 200, May much more affected than the left; also his World) wants help. The patient, a man head was drawn backward until his shoul- 16 years of age, has lived in malarial disders were almost listed from the bed. tricts, etc. Now I would suggest such Finally at about sunset he became quiet as this for treatment: and had no more convulsions. His breath- Ꭱ. ing, tho still stertorous, had improved Dil. phosforic acid. .

3ij somewhat. I left him, promising to return

Tr. cardamom comp.

3iv in two hours, but before leaving I tested Tr. gentian comp..

. zij his extremities for paralysis, but found no Elix. lactopeptin

q. s. ziv indications of it.

M. Sig.-One teaspoonful, before eating, Upon my return I found him seemingly three times daily. in a quiet sleep, his breathing noiseless Second : and regular. I then predicted that when he awoke he would probably be conscious, Hydrargiri chloridi corrosiv. gr.j or partially so. An hour after my return Tr. Ferri chloridi .. . 3iv he awoke and called his daughter; then Acidi hydrochlorici dil

3iv seeing me he askt who I was and why I Ammonii chloridi pur.

3iv was there. His brother being in the room, Liq. arsenici chloridi

Zij he askt the same question regarding him; Aquae purae. ..

:. 9. 8. zvi hardly had he been answered before he re- M. Sig.–Commence with one-half teapeated his question as to me, and then as spoonful and increase slowly to one teato his brother, and kept this up for per- spoonful, after eating, three times daily. haps two hours, asking the same questions Now this looks like a shot-gun dose, but perhaps fifty times and each time having I hope he will find good results from this no remembrance of having askt them be- treatment. My opinion of the case is that fore. Next day his condition remained it is enlargement of the liver with inflammuch the same; while he recognized every mation of gall bladder. The bowels should one and seemed to be in every way en- be kept open with: tirely conscious, he seemed to have no Ꭱ. memory whatever.

Hydrargiri chloridi mit.. This condition had past off in about Pulv, ipecac sixty hours from the time he had the first Sodii bicarb. convulsion, which his daughter said was Sac. albæ preceded by vertigo, which troubled him M, To be taken at one dose. so much that she had to assist him to bed. As to surgeon's flexible splints, I will The first convulsion came on about five give what I have been using for some time minutes later.

past : Now I am at a loss for a diagnosis. I

R. have seen my share of cases of apoplexy or Pulv. borax.

2 drams cerebral hemorrhage in my twenty-three Castor oil

2 drams years' practice, and at first felt certain that Red shellac (gum) 1 pound this was a typical case; but after finding Alcohol ...

. 1! pints no paralysis, and his mind clearing up as Place the above in a salt mouth bottle or rapidly as it did, I withdrew my diagnosis. fruit jar and let dissolve. You will then Could a thrombus from the veins of the af. have a thick solution. To make the splint,

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