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contraction, and if given all along during the enjoyment of life. The observance the delivery aids expulsion. One advan- of proper hygiene is of special importance tage of the mistletoe is that it acts on the to those in the evening of life, to the end fundus, leaving the os and cervix soft and that their last days may be spent in peace patulous.

and comfort. W. C. DARBY, M. D. I have had four slight lacerations of cer. White Cloud, Mich. vix, two of which I stitcht, two I did not. These last I toucht with stick caustic and

Case of Strychnia Poisoning. applied a tampon of subsulfate of iron, 50 Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I have been per cent. I am apt to talk too long on these very much interested in the discussion in points, so submit herewith.

THE WORLD on “lard as an antidote to Brodnax, La. BEN. H. BRODNAX. strychnin poisoning," so have decided to

report a case occurring in my practice. In Self Mutilation.

Dec., '97, J. P., white, a lad of 12 years, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--About two took from 10 to 15 grains of strych. sul., years ago I was called 7 miles in the with suicidal intent. When he was seized country. When I arrived I found a man with his first convulsion, a negro man about 35 years old who had castrated him- started on foot for me, a distance of about self, by cutting off scrotum and testicles, a mile, and when I reacht him, about an and throwing them into the yard. I askt hour and a half after the drug was taken, him why he did it. He replied, “I didn't I learned that an old negro woman, who want to be bothered with the things.” I was his only attendant after the man afterwards sent him to the insane asylum started for me, had given him about a half at Logansport. M. R. GODFREY, M. D. pint of castor oil and a teacupful of melted Michigan City, Ind.

lard as soon as she could after his seizure.

Nevertheless, when I saw him, he was in Hygiene For The Aged.

opisthotonos position, black in the face, Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Shall we eat jaws firmly set, sardonic grin, and had all to live? or vice versa? Surely not the the symptoms of the last stages of acute latter, particularly not after adult life is strychnin poisoning. As I could get nothreacht. If any possible exception obtains ing in his mouth, I hurriedly made a soluto this as applied to human physical tion of chloral hydrate and gave him a strength and development, it is with the hypodermic, and repeated until I had inyoung and growing child. However, sur- jected fully 100 grains before he began to feiting even with proper food is never ad- relax sufficient to swallow, when I gave visable during any stage of life. Aged him tannic acid and bromid by the mouth, people, after the activities of life have in a also a hypodermic of t gr. apomorphia. measure past by, should use especial care Emesis occurred in a few moments. I in relation to food, air and exercise. catheterized him and remained with bim The latter should be performed out of for three hours. No further spasms occhoice, and because of the pleasant assoc- curring, I left him and he made a good iations attending employment, practicable recovery. in moderation and for the love of it. I have thought this a remarkable case Proper and needful exercise stimulates on account of the time that had elapsed appetite and digestion and enables the from the time he had taken the drug until aged person to eat to live, in lieu of living I saw him, and have always believed that to eat, or going thru the ceremony of tak- the lard and oil given him saved him until ing food at regular intervals regardless of I reacht him. However, I think its action the demand of the system. But very little was only mechanical, by holding the drug food even if of proper quality can be di- that had not been absorbed in suspension, gested and assimilated by the aged except and preventing the rapid absorption ; but continuous physical activity is kept up. that it was being absorbed was proved by An excellent rule for the aged is, first to the terrific continued spasm he was having, never take food except appetite demands and I have no doubt that he would have it, second, never eat until appetite is fully been dead in a very few moments but for satisfied. While this rule is good for all, the timely and free use of the chloral it is especially desirable for the aged, and hydrate. its observance will be found to be an ex- I have learned to depend upon this cellent preventive of a sluggish liver, and above anything else in strychnin poisononsequent hypochondria, enhancing much ing, by my experience in one other case, where no lard was used, but of course com- The Rational Use of the Injection Treatment bined with other drugs: tannic acid, bro

of Hernia. mid, emetics, etc.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-From recent That lard is of undoubted value I think reports and inquiries, the injection treathas been clearly proved in your columns, ment is being earnestly discust. and I think it would be a good idea to ac- There seems to be doubt in the minds of quaint the laity with its value as much as some as to the permanency of the benewe can, as that is the nearest and most fit. It appears that others, also, have convenient thing for them to use before obtained a somewhat similar opinion from sending for a physician.

the article in which I opposed the treatI have omitted many minor details in ment of hernia under the plan “No Cure, the above case, so as not to take up any No Pay,” stating that the companies who more space in your valuable magazine than followed that plan failed, owing to their necessary. I am only a new subscriber, not giving satisfaction. Those companies and am certainly well pleased with The promist all patients that they would be WORLD.

J. H. MOORE, M. D. able to dispense with support after treatFair Play, S. C.

ment, and it is only natural that those who

were not able to do so should become Adjusting Fractures and Care of Same. dissatisfied. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Nothing in According to Malgaigue, the frequency my experience requires more judgment of hernia increases progressively from caution and experience than the accurate childhood to old age, when it reaches at adjustment of fractured bones, and reten- the age of 70, one man in every three. tion of the same till the fractured ends are This shows conclusively that, as one grows solidly united.

older, the resisting powers of the parts My recent results have been better than gradually become less, hence more liable during the first years of my practice. Some to rupture, and consequently there is less points may be of interest.

prospect of being able to dispense with all 1. Beware of putting up fractures too support with safety after any treatment. snugly.

Nature has not only ordained that the re2. Never put bandages next the skin sisting powers become lessened after reachunless you are looking for trouble.

ing the period of decline, but the construc3. The surgeon who never returns to see tion of individuals varies, the same as in how his fractured bones are progressing the different kinds of wood. For example, will have crooked legged men cursing him. an axe handle can be made of willow, but

4. Take plenty of time to set a broken it would require bracing to prevent it from bone; you haven't any more important breaking ; while one made of oak would business than that.

not require support. So too with those 5. Leave your patient comfortable if whose systems are similar to willow; the you possibly can.

hernia may be cured, but the natural dis6. Return as often as you think it neces- position remains the same, and to prevent sary to secure a union that you can be recurrence would require sufficient support proud of.

to overcome the natural weakness ; while 7. Profanity and rufness don't make a those with systems similar to oak will in surgeon.

all probability be able to dispense with 8. Massage and passive motion should support. be used as soon as safe, to avoid anchy- The importance of Mr. Birkett's relosis of joints and to get a useful limb as marks that “the practice of leaving cases soon as it can prudently be accomplisht. of rupture in the hands of mere tradesmen

9. Plaster of paris encasements are one cannot be too highly censured," is only of the most dangerous treatments in use. fully appreciated by those who have suf

10. Never discharge a case of fracture fered the torture which is sometimes till you know you have firm and complete caused by hernia, or by those who have union.

M. C. MARTIN, M. D. witnessed a large number of cases. Paxton, Neb.

The general method of simply referring

cases of hernia to a truss establishment C. L. Seymour, of Spanish Camp, Tex., writes: "I used to think that government ownership of railroads and the tele

certainly reflects discredit on the profesgraph was populistic' doctrin; but since I have been read

sion; but that such a condition of affairs ing your Monthly Talks I have come to the conclusion that it is right, especially in these days of trusts and other combina- exists, is due mainly to two causes ; viz.: tions. I will endeavor to have your Talks publisht regularly in our county paper.”

The majority of physicians consider a truss

the only relief obtainable; or, those who the entire scrotum. He has not worn supare not disposed to treat such patients port of any kind for the past five years, themselves, seem justified in hesitating to altho he is a hod carrier. refer patients to specialists. If all special- There can be no doubt of the usefulness ists would treat patients referred to them of this treatment, providing it be properly by other physicians only for what they given; but, to enable one to secure the were sent, confidence would soon be re. most favorable results, it is absolutely stored, and would prove mutually bene- necessary to individualize each patient and ficial.

be guided by the conditions present, and The results from the injection treatment not by the percentage of cures. It has in about 95 per cent. of all cases of reduc- been the means of restoring thousands to ible hernia can be included under one of a sound condition or in giving relief to the following divisions with an illustration those whose existence previous to treatof each:

ment was one continued life of misery and 1. Cases in which the hernial rings and torture, C. FLETCHER SOUDER, M. D. canal can be entirely closed, but require 1418 Diamond St., Philadelphia, Pa. on occasional treatment afterwards to re- [The trouble is that too much is extain them in that condition.

pected of this treatment, and when it fails Mr. W., aged 78 and feeble ; ruptured to do what is manifestly impossible, it is twelve years ; rupture most likely caused thrown aside as being worthless. Neither by general weakness. Previous to treat- of these extremes is justifiable. This is ment, four years ago, he had a scrotal rupt- caused partly by the extravagant claims ure which caused him much annoyance usually made by the advocates of this and suffering. Up to that time he had treatment. Dr. Souder asks that this been wearing a severe truss, but had not treatment be regarded just like other operbeen able to obtain one which would retain ations and remedies in the various departthe hernia when coughing or stooping. ments of the healing art. No surgical He received a few treatments, and since operation is universally successful, yet we that time has remained practically cured, do not think of throwing surgery entirely altho it is necessary to give a treatment aside. Quinin does not cure every case probably once in three months. He now to which it is given, yet no one thinks of wears a support with light pressure and is discarding this valuable remedy. Then entirely comfortable.

learn to properly give the injection treat2. Cases that can be permanently cured, ment for hernia, and do not make quackbut require a light bandage to be worn ish claims and promises, but as a candid afterwards.

physician quietly and with dignity comDr. W., aged 50; ruptured eighteen mand the confidence of your patients, and years; complete, indirect rupture, medium they will be duly grateful for the benefit size; hereditary predisposition. Previous that you give them by this treatment as to treatment the hernia would descend as well as by other kinds of medical services soon as he stood up unless supported, altho that you render them.-Ed.] ] he had been wearing a proper truss for years.

He received five treatments, but Practical Mitigation of Cruelty to Animals. after dispensing with a truss for a few Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-The article months he felt a sensation of weakness. on page 204 of the May WORLD on " ViviTwo more treatments were given, but after section That Arouses No Protest,” giving going without support for several weeks, the vast number of bungling and unnecesthe same feeling returned. Two treat sarily painful castrations of animals, apments were then given and he was advised pealed strongly to me. It seems to me to wear a linen bandage when riding a that the “societies” are prone to follow bicycle or exerting himself. Three years one line of thought, and overlook a great have past since he received treatment and many cruelties, whilst they follow some there are no indications of the trouble re- special hobby. turning.

Great stress is laid on the fact that it is 3. Cases that can be permanently cured, a fad for the “ tony” class to drive horses and able to dispense with support for an which have been dockt; and on the misery indefinit period.

endured by the horse during the operation, Mr. E., age 34; ruptured six years. and ever afterwards by being deprived of Previous to undergoing treatment he had this natural weapon against his great tornever worn a truss, and the hernia filled menter, the fly.

menter, the fly. This operation is with

out doubt painful, but the stump soon

confine themselves to the practical quesheals, and the immediate suffering of the tions connected with the prevention of animal ceases, if the operation is properly cruelty to animals, it seems to me that performed. Personally I think it a cruelty they would accomplish more good. But to cut off the tail of the gentle family horse; they do not do this, a tight check rein and and if every member of the medical pro- a dockt tail seems to be the stock in trade fession would consider a tailless, mutilated of these sentimentalists. horse a "kicker," and refuse to purchase The officers of some of these societies or drive the same, the example might be occupy a great deal of their time in giving emulated by others who are lovers of medical advice to the surgeon generals of "i man's best friend."

the army and


of the United States, There are other practices which are more and in championing the cause of the worthreprehensible than docking horses, and less British sparrow, whilst the real pracwhich are never toucht upon by our phil- tical work for the alleviation of the sufferanthropic friends. The S. P. O.C.T. A. I., ing of animals is being done thru the efforts some time ago, called the attention of the of the educated veterinary. The officers president of one of our "societies” to the of these societies seem blind to any except fact that thousands of horses are suffering gross and open cases of cruelty. If they because of the mutilation of their feet by would sympathize along practical lines, blacksmiths. The average blacksmith and not indulge in so much superstition, knows no more of the anatomy of the foot such as wearing sulfur in the shoes, or of the horse than he does of the location of carrying horse-chestnuts in the pocket for the garden of Eden. He cuts and carves frightening away disease, the medical prountil there is nothing remaining bearing fession would take more practical interest semblance to the normal foot. Look on your in their societies. public streets any day and you will see

WM. H. RUSSELL, M. D. horses who have been made cripples by Ipswich, Mass. the blacksmith. See them limp, or while standing, lift first one foot and then the

Medical Philosophy. other, in vain attempt to obtain one mo- Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I don't agree ment's respite from suffering. See the with Dr. Cooper in the April WORLD. contracted foot, and imagine the pain that His references to the opinions of certain this poor animal must suffer, until death eminent physicians as an argument to suscomes to his relief.

tain his views are no proof whatever of the The veterinaries are doing a good work uselessness of medicines. It is a notorious in trying to remedy this evil of mutilating fact that many so-called eminent men in the foot, but the average blacksmith is a the profession are the poorest practitioners pretty poor student; he follows in the foot- we have. steps of his master, and can give no reason I will admit that there are few physicians for the excessive cutting except that he who are capable of practising therapy in was taught to do it. If these societies are an intelligent and rational way, but that is so solicitous about the suffering of dumb no argument against the use of medicines. animals, why do they not try to prevent It is not that there is no indication for some of the remote causes of this suffering, medicines, but not to know what to give and as well as the immediate causes?

when to withhold, that brings medicine There is a law in Massachusetts which into disrepute. provides that whoever performs the opera- Every physician has had cases that he tion of docking a horse shall be liable to a has been unsuccessful with that have been fine of fifty dollars. If the society wisht easily cured by his neighbor, just because to stop this practice, why did they not have he knew what to administer. Medical a law past that every person having a knowledge is not classified. Every phydockt horse in his possession should be sician has facts from his own experience liable to a fine. If a poor fisherman is that are valuable and reliable, but he has found with a few lobsters in his possession, not all the facts. The whole trouble in he is fined five dollars for each and every many instances is that we are not able to one which does not measure a certain num- understand the conditions of each indiber of inches as prescribed by law. Was vidual patient and the indications for this docking law formed to favor a certain remedies. Some are more able in this line class?

than others. If [the officers of these societies would It is not necessary for anyone to injure

his patient by striking at unknown condi- break them up. That amount did cure tions. We would better be conservative them, and is not that better than to let until we can unravel the obscure condi. them run for weeks? The same heroic tions, and then, if necessary, pour in the treatment is necessary in pneumonia comshots hot and heavy. It is a good plan to plicated with malaria, and it will break study our cases well. Take a little time the paroxysms and shorten the course of and look them up each day.

the disease. We must not rush from one patient to Dr. Austin Flint's head was level when another, trying to do all the practice. he recommended veratrum to control the Some one else wants to live and work and pulse and salines and diaphoretics in roprovide for his family also. When I used bust individuals who had pneumonia. This to practise in the country, it used to get treatment will hasten the crisis in spite of me all “out of kelter” to get too much on all that may be said against it. In ashand. I always enjoyed doing a good thenic cases of course a supporting treatday's work without fuss and feathers," ment is indicated. This shows that routkeeping in mind all my cases, then after ine treatment has no place in medicine. coming home at night, sit down quietly We need not advise light medication nor and read them up, making preparation in heavy medication ; but use either as it mind for the morrow. This was solid becomes necessary. This is the only safe comfort; and after a good night's rest (if ground to stand on. I got it), to drive out next day with re- Columbus, O. S. C. DUMM, M.D. fresht mind and plenty of fresh ideas. I had many glorious successes. I am still

Gleet. studying therapeutics and I enjoy it and Editor MEDICAL WORLD:—Gleet is the ever shall as long as I follow the profession. sequel to gonorrhea. The gleet may not

“Light medication” is all right in some appear in full evidence till several months cases, but it won't do in all. We must be after the previous gonorrhea has been apprepared, if necessary, to give some very parently cured. Nevertheless, there has heavy doses. Many lives are saved by been a very slight mucous discharge nomen who dare to do heroic things. Be ticed in very mild cases; only in the sure you are right, then strike with a ven- morning, when, by gentle pressure on the geance. Many a time have I gotten dis- glands, a small bead of whitish mucus may gusted with light doses, and growing des- be forced out of the meatus. This is the perate, thrown in a few heavy shots that gleety discharge off a gleet sore on the accomplisht the object sought.

urethral membrane. We can't treat all patients alike. It is When this morning gleet mucus is closely provoking that we can't, but so it is and examined, it will be seen to be a soft scab we must submit and study the conditions that has come off a urethral sore. of each case and meet them accordingly. All gleets are associated with a striệt. The treatment laid down by writers for ure, the sequel to the gonorrheal inflammedical journals is practically worthless mation. Some are only slight, probably in a general way. They do some good in are slight elevation of cicatrical tissue. giving ideas, but any physician would be All strictures are not accompanied by very foolish to adopt them as a routine gleet. Only those strictures that are actreatment regardless of the clinical history companied by a sore have gleet. and conditions of each individual case. It After a gonorrhea has run a certain time is useless to think that any man can lay and is apparently getting well, if the disdown a specific treatment for any disease. charge continues losing the pus character, Every physician should be independent in it is caused by a forming stricture or one the way of meeting indications as they already developt. Many such cases are arise. Nothing else should be expected of made by the severity of the treatment, any physician.

Strong injections may cause a simple inNo medicine should be given unless there flamed spot in the urethra to take on is special need for it.. I contend that no ulceration. This then becomes the seat remedy that will cure or relieve is as bad a stricture, forming bands of cicatrical for the patient as the condition that it is tissue, narrowing the urethra and impeding given to relieve. For instance, last fall the flow of urine. Accompanying this is I had a number of very stubborn cases of the gleet discharge. In nearly all these malaria in which it took as high as 70 cases the doctor is doing harm. grains of quinin between the paroxysms to In some eases of gleet, the discharge may

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