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The Medical World

The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge ; the only knowledge that has
life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs

like dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops off the stones.-FROUDE.

The Medical World

season was unusually exhaustive, with appropriate treatment, etc. Please refer our editorial department for last June and see if you have any suggestions or improvements to make.


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jects connected with medicine, whether PHILADELPHIA, PA.

the laity think that doctors want to have opportunities offered them to exploit their

cures, or whether there is the hope of VOL. XVII. JUNE, 1899.

No. 6.

obtaining a fact of therapeutic value in some future crisis of the questioner is an

unsolved and unsolvable question. All ALLIED PRINTING TRADES

we can say is that the fact exists that UNION


when a doctor goes out to spend an even-
ing, when he meets a friend in the street,

when he attends divine service and pauses June Practice.

for the usual moment of converse afterIt is said that “history repeats itself.” ward, when he is waylaid in the house of "I doubt the exact accuracy of this state- some patient, or even when he is consulted ment, for civilization is a more or less con

in his office he is made the target of many stant growth, with a set-back now and pertinent and impertinent questions, as, then, and here and there. But there are “Awfully busy just now, doctor?'' annual repetitions in the practice of medi- "Much sickness at present?" " What's cine, as the same season comes again and good for a cold, doctor? or again. For example, June is here again, really think the dead can be raised to and its demands upon you will be about life, doctor ?all askt with a faith in the same as last year. Instead of repeat pleasing that is childlike and bland. ing what we said last year, we refer you It is to be deplored that the occasional to it in order to refresh your memory. young doctor will yield to the temptation Our consideration of the diarrheas of this to display his knowledge both of disease



Do you

and statistics, and will respond with pointed to the fact that the mysterious "words of wisdom” to these silly ques- “Husa" grew “in the morphin bottle" tions. The older man is content to grunt rather than in the everglades of Florida. noncommittally and look wise, but the The evidence, however, was not in a shape new fledgeling sometimes swells with to admit of publication, so we let the mat. importance and gives views and ideas that ter drop; and we have noticed nothing may possibly impress the listener, and further on this subject in our exchanges then again, may not. But at any rate,

But at any rate, since until recently. such utterances are probably the source of Fortunately the investigation of this some of the fearful and wonderful news- subject was forced, as explained below, paper medicine relating to abstruse experi- upon Prof. John Uri Lloyd, of Cincinnati, mentation with animals and men, wonder- a prominent eclectic authority and a very fal feats of surgery and astonishing cures,

skilful chemist. His full report was read with which we have lately been edified. before a joint meeting of the Cincinnati

Medicine is one of the most dignified of the Section of the American Chemical Society callings to which a man can devote himself, and the Cincinnati Academy of Pharmacy, and should be held on this high plane. and is publisht in the April issue of the All effort to popularize it by “talking Medical Gleaner, of Cincinnati, from shop" cannot fail but result disastrously which I select the following quotations: to both the profession as a whole and to "Naturally, this conspicuity brougbt orders the indiscreet talker. It requires special for Husa to dealers in American drugs and plant



However, since such a thing as training to fully understand all the bear

* Husa’ is unknown in trade, the Lloyd Library ings of matters upon which idle questions

was askt to give its habitat and description. are askt, and without this special technical

And lastly, since ‘Dr. Winthrop' used the name

eclectic in connection with his wonderful distraining misconceptions are apt to arise. covery, it was natural that from the study I have In whist Cavendish says, "When in doubt,

made of eclectic medicines, I should be impor

tuned, both by pharmacists and by physicians, play trumps ;” and in medicine a like

for information on this subject. This accounts aphorism may be made: “When quizzed, largely for the interest I exhibit in bringing

‘Husa' before this Society. I have before me say nothing.”

a mass of correspondence on this subject, which

I shall answer as follows, giving some informa“ Husa.”

tion to those concerned."
"To sum up,

Husa' is said by About a year ago an article appeared in

Dr. Winthrop' to be an undetermined plant (unthe Texas Courier-Record of Medicine, known to science), found by two pluned bird by "W. W. Winthrop, A. M., M.D.," ex

hunters and gathered by them by the boat load.

My investigation of Husa,' as sold by its distolling in extravagant terms the virtues of coverer to his professional patrons, is to the “Husa" as a remedy for snake bites and

effect that 'Husa’ is a liquid containing large

amounts of sulfate of morphin, some salicylic the opium habit. This article was quoted acid, some alcohol, water, glycerin and coloring and editorially commented on by the New matter, probably burnt sugar.York Medical Journal. Then quite a num

“I would define 'Husa' as follows: A solution

of sulfate of morphin to be administered under ber of journals noticed the matter, THE the name · Husa,' and only by physicians. It is WORLD among the number. On account

sold to physicians at the rate of $10 for about 234

grains of morphin. In support of this view, I of the large circulation of THE WORLD,

offer the foregoing testimony and submit hereand the enterprising character of its read- with the morphin obtained from a 25 cc, of each

liquid. Until I am furnisht with a new plant ers, the writer of the article received many

containing morphin to the extent found in these inquiries concerning the mysterious plant. experiments, I shall accept that ‘Husa’ is a con

coction." For this reason he wrote further to THE WORLD, perhaps wishing further free ad.

Drug Prices. vertising. His letters were very skilfully Please see the article in April WORLD, and artfully worded. We had certain page 139, entitled “Drug Prices Here and investigations instituted which finally Elsewhere." We publisht the list sent by . the Farbenfabriken of Elberfield Co. with articles, but to like conditions of purity, out question. In this connection the fol. etc., and also to like quantities, as large lowing letter from Jos. R. Perry, Ph.D., quantities can be purchast at a cheaper M. D., Manufacturing Pharmacist, of In- rate than small quantities. In obtaining dianapolis, Ind., will be of interest : the prices in this city, we were given the 6 Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I was sur

prices for the commercial grade in most inprised to see in your valuable and very in- stances, rather than the “chemically pure”: teresting journal, a comparison of prices grade. between Germany and the U. S., showing We wrote concerning this question to a the U. S. prices to be much higher than

friend in New York who has spent his life those in Germany for the same class of articles. Now, my dear sir, with all due in the drug business, and the following is respect to your editorial acumen, I must quoted from his letter: say that you have been wofully deceived,

“Take, for example, benzoic acid. I can as the goods in your list can be purchast show you price lists where the article in the U. S. for less money than in Ger.

ranges from 70 cts. per lb. to over the price many. I obtained quotations from the

you quote-depending upon what the acid is Indianapolis Drug Co., a wholesale house derived from ; while at the same time I can here. You should be able to get better show you invoices of Merck's benzoic acid (lower) prices in Philadelphia.

from the gum—the pure article—at less JOSEPH R. PERRY.

than the foreign price you quote. In the We made inquiries at one of the leading

same way I could pick out other articles

on the list." wholesale houses here, and the information substantiated Dr. Perry's report in the main. In the following table, the first

The Importance of Leukorrhea, or “ Whites." column is Dr. Perry's, the second the re

Probably few women, married or single, sults of our own inquiries here, and the

but have at some time in their lives. third and fourth are the figures reported to

the discharge known as “the whites.” So us by the New York firm mentioned, as accepted has become this proposition they were publisht in April World. They among both the laity and medical men, are arranged in this way for convenience that but little attention is paid to its occurof comparison.

rence save to indicate to the patient the need of the use of some one or other of the nostrums lauded so highly for the cure of the symptom. This attitude has probably arisen from the fact that the occurrence

of the symptom is generally passt over Bromin......

by the physician in his search for the cause (alcium carbonate. Albumen, egg..

of diseases, unless there exist other strong Alum.. Boric acid.

indications of ovarian or uterine trouble. Hydrochl. acid, 200. Benzoic acid

It is very rarely that a doctor is consulted Tannic acid

for the "whites" alone, and still more Pyrogallic acid. Ac. acid, glacial, 99 5 P.C. Oxalic acid.

rarely that in such event he makes a thoro Gallic acid..

examination. He usually depends upon Hydrocyanic acid, 2 p.c. Hydros, acid, fuming..... Vitric acid, sp. gr., 1.41...

some routine formula for a douche, and Phosph. acid, glacial.. Aceton, C. P...

too often assures the patient that the matChloroform. Ether...

ter is of little consequence, and that Caffein.. Cocain hydrochlorate..

improvement will soon follow. This state Apomorphin..

of affairs is greatly to be deplored, and Atropin..

this medical attitude is probably responsiIt must be borne in mind that compara- ble for the fact that so many cases of tive prices should apply not only to like uterine disease reach the point of malig

Prices ay
Prices as

furnished Prices as furnished by
furnished by a promi. The Farbenfabriken of
by Jos. R. nentwhole- Elberfeld Co., of Xew
Perry, Ph. sale drug. York, and published
D., Indian house of in April, 1899, issue of
apolis, Ind. Philadel. THE MEDICAL WORLD.



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nancy before they are diagnosed and A Definit Standard of Strength for Drugs

Leukorrhea may either occur before or

Sometimes a tall and vigorous stalk proafter menstruation, or following cold, duces only a small ear.

Some soils profatigue or irritation. In such event it is duce much wheat and little straw, and very slight and transient, the result of other soils produce much straw and little local irritation. Occasionally cases begin- wheat. The same truth applies even more ning thus without apparent importance, generally to plants used in medicine. develop a chronicity of the symptom, with For example, cannabis indica bas always backache and dragging, tenesmus, bearing- been considered a drug of uncertain action down, etc. Many women become accus

-sometimes baving little or no action, and tomed to these conditions and seldom com

sometimes acting with unexpected promptplain, this often because of a nervous fear ness and energy. This difference is due of an examination, which also is frequently simply to a difference in strength of differobjected to by their husbands, and also ent lots of the drug. Calomel is always often from a feeling that it is simply a

the same strength because it is a definit condition common to all of the sex, and

chemical combination, and any disturbdoes not need remedying.

ance of this definit combination would The danger from the establishing of the change its nature entirely. Quinin or chronicity of leukorrhea is not, however, morphin are also always definit for the the chief thing to be considered, but the same reason, tho these are definit organic fact that so many malignant diseases are combinations, while calomel is inorganic. characterized by discharge that to the But different lots of opium differ widely in woman would present no other character their morphin strength. The separation istic than that of "whites," possibly a of active principles, as quinin from cinlittle more offensive than usual, but still

chona and morphin from opium, was a - whites." In this fact, thus briefly al- great step in advance. However this is luded to, lies probably the reason that so

not possible or practicable with many many cases of cancer and other malignant drugs. disease go on to a point where operation The Pharmacopea does not lead. Recis merely palliative and presents little ognition by it comes only after recognition hope for a permanent cure or lengthy re

has become quite general unofficially. In lief.

the last revision of the Pharmacopea It would seem therefore the duty of a (1890) three drugs (opium, nux vomica physician to refuse to accept the patient's and cinchona, were “standardized.”'

" As diagnosis in cases where there exists a

the Pharmacopea is revised every ten vaginal discharge, and to insist upon years, let us hope that the committee of examination, explaining, if necessary, the

revision will, in 1900, do all it possibly can possibility that this discharge may indi

in the direction of definiteness of standard cate malignancy, and that he does not care in tinctures, extracts, etc. to have the responsibility of the case unless he can make a sure diagnosis. An Danger Lurks in “ Headache Powders.” effort should be made to educate women The advent of the coal tar derivatives to comprehend that leukorrhea is not a created a new era in medicine. A class of trivial, but possibly a very serious condi- remedies that would relieve pain as if by tion. Examination in such cases should magic, and without producing the bad efalways be made with the view of deter- fects of opium and other drugs usually remining possible malignant disease, and lied on for the relief of pain, soon became considering the gravity of the possibili- popular with the profession. Unfortunately ties, should be very thoro.

this popularity soon spread to the general

public thru the prescribing druggist. Now TOLEDO, May 18.-Mathias Steingruber, who such items as the following (from a Pitts- comb, on a farm in Jackson township, near Fos

is living with his grand nephew, Percy W. Holburg paper) are appearing in the news- toria, fought in the Mexican War as a member papers :

of a cavalry regiment. In a charge at the battle

of Resaca de la Palma his horse stumbled and As a result of three deaths from head

fell, throwing him to the ground and paralyzing ache powders in this city, recently, the his spine. Since that time his mind has been county authorities have taken a decisive clouded. He has always insisted that he was step against this free and unguarded use. only 21, and was going to vote for Taylor for To-day the Coroner's jury rendered a President. verdict in the case of Mrs. Celia Butler,

The other day he was struck on the head with who died Sunday, twenty minutes after a piece of wood from a buzz saw and lost contaking a headache powder, recommend- sciousness. When he revived a peculiar exing that caution notices be printed on all pression was noticed on his face, as if he had just headache powders containing coal tar awakened from a long sleep, and he has since derivatives, and that a State law be en- recovered his lost senses. acted to enforce the same. The jury When he went to Fostoria to-day the first urged that in the absence of any law all question he askt was, “What are all those wires druggists should warn customers as to up on the poles for?He was greatly astonthe danger of taking such powder.

isht at the electric cars, and could not find Quick and magical relief of a severe head- words to express his wonder when he saw a girl

on a bicycle. As he climbed into a wagon to go ache leads to a repetition of the dose upon home he remarked, "I guess that the world has the least occasion, and also to neglect of got so far abead of me, that I will never catch up

with it." the doctor, and neglect of proper rules for living. Thus the apparent blessing is a

Alcohol an Antidote to Carbolic Acid. danger in disguise. Habitual use of these

Dr. Seneca Powell has discovered that cardiac depressants can only lead to harm, alcohol will counteract the effects of carand occasionally, as shown by the above bolic acid. Rub strong carbolic on the news item, death follows their use. It has skin and follow with alcohol, and the been loudly claimed that these “ headache effects of the acid is entirely antidoted. powders” are “harmless.” Such prompt He suggests the administration of alcohol and powerful remedies cannot be harmless, for carbolic acid poisoning. He cures eryand the people should be protected from sipelas by one application of the pure acid, this danger.

just long enuf to whiten the skin, then

follow with alcohol. More Strange than the Rip Van Winkle Legend.

The anonymous annoyance has been Recovery from long existing mental ab- slightly increasing lately. Our rule is not erration by a blow on the head has occurred to notice, and certainly not to publish, so many times that it is scarcely a rarity in anonymous communications. Our wish is medical annals; yet such cases are always to give a fair and reasonable hearing to interesting. The following case is of un

all, but the man that does not sign his usual interest, not only from a medical,

name to his communication does not debut from a sociologic point of view: It

serve a hearing. However, your name distances the far-famed but legendary 20 need not necessarily be publisht, but it . years' sleep of Rip Van Winkle. It is

must be known to the Editor. more like a grave which was covered over previous to 1850 suddenly opening, and its

Extensive measurements of school chil.. occupant being dazed and bewildered by dren in Switzerland seem to prove the inthe many strange sights that meet his won

teresting and curious fact that the tallest dering gaze. We often say, if the dead

children are born in summer. could arise, what would they think of the many changes of the last half century? In

A busy doctor doesn't want to be bothered to send a dollar the following newspaper report we have, rate of four years for $3. This is a saving of both time and

money to our busy patrons. We have received a greater practically, a case of this kind :

number of four-year subscriptions this year than ever before.

for THE WORLD every year. For this reason we establisht the

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