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12. What are ptomains ? Mention food 1. Differentiate neuritis from myalgia. stuffs, the ingestion of which occasionally

2. Describe the symptoms of yellow causes ptomain poisoning. fever.

13. What is sewer gas? How dɔes the 3. Give the diagnosis of gastric ulcer. inhalation of sewer gas in large quantities

4. Give the symptoms resulting from affect the system? paralysis of the phrenic nerve.

14. Of what import is heredity as a 5. Differentiate acute bronchitis from factor in disease ? Illustrate. croupous pneumonia.

15. What are the reliable sources of a HYGIENE.

pure water supply? 1. Name the kinds of food and the quality of each for the daily use of a nor

Medical Superstitions. mal man, 2. What do you understand by the “dry

To cure a goitre, rub in oil from a lamp, earth system as applied to excrementi. especially from a lamp that has burned by

a death-bed. tious matter? 3. What is the best method of disposing

For gout, wear a copper ring made from of the bodies of those who have died of

a coffin nail, or carry a snake skin, potayellow fever ?

toes, chestnuts or the tooth of a mole, or a

dried toad. 4. Describe the several methods of puri

For alcoholism, drown an eel in brandy fying drinking water.

5. State the results to animal life, of the and make the drunkard drink it. combustion of fuel in a room without

For impotence, drink a glass of mother's

milk. chimney connection, or other ventilation.

For stomach trouble, beer poured over a University of the State of New York, Exam- red-hot horseshoe is helpful. ination Department-Medical Examina- To cure warts, rub the wart with a potato tion, Physiology and Hygiene.

and give the potato to a pig. (Answer any ten of the questions on If a child is puny or low in vitality, bore this paper, but no more. Check the num

a hole in a young tree, at exactly the ber (v) of each one of the questions you height of the child. Drive a plug into this have answered).

hole along with some hairs of the child's 1. Describe ciliated epithelium and state head. The belief is as the tree continues where it is found most abundantly. What

to grow so will the child. is the function of ciliated epithelium? Freckles may be removed by washing in

2. Describe the placenta and its mem- water contained in a hollow stump tree branes. Give the functions of the placenta. successive mornings before sunrise. -Char

3. Make a division, arbitrary or other lotte Med. Jour. wise, of food stuffs, giving an example of each variety

A Royal Woman Doctor. 4. Give a description of the act of deglutition, and mention the muscles brought

Queen Amelia, of Portugal, has recently into action in swallowing.

graduated as a doctor of medicine after 5. What is asphyxia? How is asphyxia pursuing a five years' course of study. produced? What are the causes of death Her first patient was her husband, King from asphyxia ?

Charles I, whom she has been treating for 6. Describe (a) chyme, (b) chyle. obesity.

7. Give the process of coagulation of blood. Describe a white blood-corpuscle.

The Treatment of Alopecia Areata. 8. What is the average number of respirations per minute in a healthy adult cal Journal, November) reports a case of

Dr. Joseph Sprangenthal (Buffalo Mediperson? Give in cubic inches of air the

this obstinate affection successfully treated average respiratory capacity of a healthy

by the following application: adult. 9. How is bone nourisht? Give an ex


Bichloride of mercury . 20 grains ample of the development of bone.

Glycerin .

4 drams 10. State the function of the anterior

Eau de Cologne

18 ounces spinal nerve roots. How is this function

M. proved ? 11. Give illustrations of morbid reflex

“Under this treatment not action.

only did the baldness cease to spread, but

He says:

fine downy hair began to spring up all

I prescribed and went home, when, to my horror, over the bald patches. This at first was

I missed my thermometer. Next day I called white, but finally the growth became more

again, and the old lady informed me that she had

passed a beautiful night, and was feeling_just vigorous, the pigment returned, and in

splendid. She said that the little machine I left about twelve months after the commence- under her arm had worked like a charm. I imment of the disease the patient had fully mediately removed it; and as she thought it recovered.-N. Y. Med. Journal.

would be useful to have in the house, I sold it to her for $10. A practical physician should always

be alert to turn an honest penny. An Extensive Tuberculosis Sanitarium. The following news.item is interesting :

Classification of Causes of Death. A traet of 10,000 acres at Fort Stanton,

A pamphlet containing an exposition of the New Mexico, has been turned over to the Bertillon classification of causes of death has Marine Hospital Service as the site of a been issued by the American Public Health sanitarium for the cure of consumption.

Association. This association, comprising the The plant to be erected there will have all sanitary officers of Canada, Mexico and the the appliances known to science for the

United States, unanimously recommended the

general adoption of this system for mortality cure of this fatal disease, and will have

reports at its last meeting, as did also the conferthe further advantage of the dry air of its ence of State and Provincial Boards of Health of location. It should, and doubtless will, North America. The system is used in France settle the question whether the medical and is making progress in Europe and in South science of to-day is able to actually and

America. It is hoped that it may meet with

general adoption all over the world in time to radically cure consumption, and, if it es

begin the mortality statistics of the next century tablishes that fact, similar institutions for on a uniform basis. To this end an International the use of the great army of consumptives Commission of Revision, representing all the in this country will soon follow in satis- countries desiring to employ the classification, factory numbers. Statistics show that

will meet in Paris at the time of the Internatuberculosis, in its various forms, is al

tional Congress of Hygiene and Demography in

1900. The several National Commissions constiready on the decrease in the United States,

tuting this body are engaged in ascertaining the and there is ground for hoping that, under wishes of the registrars and users of mortality the intelligent treatment of modern phy- statistics of their

respective countries in regard sicians, it will eventually become, from one to the changes which shall be made in the presof the most dreaded diseases, one of the

ent form, and the present pamphlet is issued least feared.

chiefly for this purpose. It will be sent, free of expense, to all persons desiring it, and the advice

and suggestions of all sanitarians, pathologists Confessions of a Quack.

and physicians generally are earnestly solicited.

Requests for the pamphlet and for other informaNo. 1.

tion on the subject may be addressed to Dr. A man wrote to me, many years ago, stating Cressy L. Wilbur, Secretary of the U. S. Comthat he was of opinion that he had some dis- mission of Revision, Lansing, Mich. placement of the heart, describing all sorts of queer symptoms, and asking if I would make a thoro examination and satisfy him with respect

Our Monthly Talk to his condition. I wrote to him to call at my office, which he soon did, and said he would sub- I well remember the old-fashioned debating mit to anything, even that I should open him societies, which were at once interesting and eduup, and remove his heart, for a thoro diagnosis. cating, and developing to the young minds that I told him I would have to do it, and I gave him participated. I also remember some of the stock a few whiffs of chloroform. When he “ came questions, as “Resolved that the pen is mightier to," I informed him that I had found out the than the sword;” “Resolved that the American cause of his trouble, but my fee for an explana- Indian has suffered more injustice from the white tion would be $25. He paid it with alacrity, and man than the negro ;” “Resolved that fire is a I at once told him that I had made an exhaustive more destructive element than water ;” “Reexamination, and that I had found that his heart solved that, according to the bible, baptism by was in the right place after all. He went home immersion is essential to salvation,’’etc., etc., etc. delighted, and I wish he would call again. These Those were days when the politicians were cases are very interesting, and, what is more im- "waving the bloody shirt," and protecting the portant, they are lucrative.

American workman with the blessed tariff,

which now has degenerated into a protection of No. 2.

trusts. The outs wanted to turn the rascals I was called to see an old lady who had symp- out,” and the ins wanted to "keep the rascals toms of approaching fever. I placed my ther

A political speech was then a rehash of mometer under her right axilla, while asking party history, mingled with condemnation and some necessary questions; and, as she was very vituperation of the other party. When politics garrulous, quite a lengthy conversation ensued. were on such a low plane it was just as well for


the school-boys to spend their time discussing Is "expansion" in harmony with good public such questions as those given above. But now, policy at this time ? and is it in harmony with at the close of the “wonderful century,” vital the constitution ? questions are forced upon us, and their proper Is alien ownership of land desirable ? and if solution is imperative. Our school-boys and col- not, what remedy would you propose ? lege-boys should join in with the mature men,

Would a graduated land tax be good public and the women should join, for these questions

policy? affect every one of us. Conditions come about once or twice a century requiring united and su

Would the exemption from taxation of all preme effort; thus are new epochs born.

small homes occupied by the owners be good Winter used to be the time that people came

public policy? together to discuss various themes. Now, sum- Would the single tax be good public policy for mer with its numerous camp-meetings, Chautau- cities and towns? for the state for the Nation? quas, etc., bring the people together perhaps Has the judiciary usurpt too much power in more than winter. But whether for summer or recent years by issuing injunctions ? winter, or rather for both summer and winter, I

Is Direct Legislation (consisting of the lowish to propose for discussion some of the leading itiative, the Referendum, and the Recall) desirpublic questions of the present time; and I wish able ? to urge their full and free discussion at all proper times and places, by every participant of the

Should Direct Legislation be obtained and

used for local and state affairs for some years blessings of this country and its government. They will never be settled until they are settled

before being pusht as a national issue? right. These questions will suggest numerous

What issue or issues are the most important to other questions.

be discusst during the campaign of 1900 ? Is the gold standard conducive to the best

Is the merit system of civil service, as distininterests of the masses of the people of this

guisbt from the spoils system, a necessary and Nation?

vitally important measure to go along with other Would the free coinage of silver at 16 to 1 be

reforms that you favor ? conducive to the best interests of the masses of

Many object to government ownership and the people of this Nation ?

operation of railroads, telegraph, etc., fearing Would the free coinage of silver at any other

that with the aid of so many government em ratio than 16 to 1 be conducive to the best inter

ployes one party could be kept in power indefiests of the masses of the people of this Nation ?

nitely. England solves this problem simply by

disfranchising government employes. Would Would the multiple standard for money (as

you favor a plan like this? Municipal employes outlined in Prof. Parsons' "Rational Money'') be would be disfranchised only at municipal elecconducive to the best interests of the masses of

tions, and government employes only at national the people of this Nation ?

elections. This seems rational, for an officeIs our present national banking system con- holder ought to submit his work to the judgment ducive to the best interests of the masses of the of those whom he serves. By voting he becomes people of this Nation ?

his own judge, to that extent. Is the issue of money by private banking cor- Is a law for purifying elections desirable, simi. porations good public policy?

lar to the English “Corrupt Practices Act?" Would state banks of issue be in barmony with

This act forbids an officer being installed if it can the best National policy ?

be proved that his election was aided by bribery Would the issue of all money by the general

or any other corrupt act. Thus corruption is government be the best public policy ?

fatal to success, and the opposing sides watch Would Postal Savings Banks be an advantage than any other to purify English politics.

each other very closely. This act has done more to the people?

Legislative bodies in this country decide cases Is government ownership and operation of the of contested election concerning their own memtelegraph desirable ?

bers. Thus decisions are generally made by a Is public ownership and operation of tele- party vote instead of according to the facts in phones desirable ?

each case. Some other countries refer such cases Is an enlarged and cheapened package post

to a court, thus substituting judicial examina. desirable ?

tion and decision for partisanship. Is such a Is government ownership and operation of rail. change desirable for determining the member

ship of our Congress ? roads desirable ?

Get Out of Debt. Would a progressive inheritance tax be good public policy?

They say that prosperity is here. True, the Would a progressive income tax be advan- prices of agricultural products are better than a tageous to the masses of the people ?

few years ago, perhaps excepting cotton, and there

are fewer complaints of hard times than formerly. Would the removal of tariff from articles controlled by trusts be good public policy?

Now, pay off that mortgage. Pay those notes.

Push your collections. Push them hard, and settle Should not the war revenue law be repealed, past due accounts, even if you have to knock off" now that the war is over? or should it be contin- a part. Your patrons like you better when they ued to wage a war of conquest against the fli- do not owe you, and they are then more likely to pinos?

employ you. After they have paid you, urge

them to pay their mortgages and notes, and get of Postal Savings Banks, so successful in other out of the slavery of debt. Interest eats like progressive countries. The rich use United moths and corrodes like rust. Get rid of it, and Staies bonds as a safe and profitable investment get your people free from it. He who is free for their surplus capital. The masses of the peofrom debt is least disturbed by panics and hard ple desire, and deserve to bave Postal Savings times. Indeed, that is frequently a harvest-time Banks, for convenient and safe keeping of the to those who have ready money. Panics should savings of the poor. not come, and the times should always be normal, Or, bow would this do for a more extended But since the days of the Bank of Venice, the platform ? commercial world has had panics and crashes,"

Proposed Platform. and we will continue to have them until we learn what a normal dollar is, and insist on having it.

We oppose all private banks of issue; we favor A normal dollar is one that will at all times pur

the Government issue of all money ; we demand chase the same average amount of commodities

that every dollar issued by the United States or services, no more and no less, and remain con

Government shall be equal before the law to any

other dollar so issued; we demand that every stant and uniform in purchasing power, neither increasing nor decreasing in value, as determined

legal dollar shall be a legal tender for all debts, by the average of purchasable' commodities.

both public and private; we demand that, regardSuch a dollar could be maintained only by the

less of the material of which legal money may be Multiple Standard. The material of which such composed, a sufficient quantity of such legal a dollar would be composed would not be an im

money shall be issued by the United States Gov.

ernment to constitute an honest measure of valportant matter, but paper is the best material for such a dollar. Intrinsic value money is not real

ues at all times, to the end that the purchasing money ; it is commodity money-a refined form

value of a dollar, in the general average of comof barter. If a man wants gold or silver for use modities, shall remain stable and uniform at all in the arts, he should go into the market and

times, establishing and maintaining absolute buy it, just as he would buy lead or platinum ; justice at all times among all interests and

classes, and the price of gold and silver should be deter- thus preventing those shocks and depressions of mined by supply and demand, just as the prices business from which our people have so often of other commodities are determined, and not by suffered. We favor the establishing of Postal legislative law.

Savings Banks, so successful in other progressive With this kind of a dollar, panics would not countries, thus placing in every community a safe come, and debt would not be the danger that it

and secure depository for the savings of the poor. now is. A good commercial maxim is, “out of

We oppose the exorbitant rates paid to the debt, out of danger.” Get out of debt, and stay

railroads for carrying the mails, and we demand out, whatever the temptation may be, and thus

that the same shall be reduced to the point of stay out of danger. The gold standard breeds

strict and just equity, in which event penny postfrequent panics. They are sure to come, unless we

age will be practicable, and also a cheap package establish a standard and normal dollar, which post, for the service and convenience of the peowill be uniform and “honest” at all times. So ple. We oppose discrimination in freight rates, prepare for the next panic by getting out of debt.

still criminally indulged in by the railroads; and Save all the money you can, to use to advantage government ownership and operation of the rail.

as a final and complete remedy for the same, when the pinch comes. come? I am not a prophet, but I feel safe in

roads may become necessary, thus using the most saying that it will be within five years, and pos

powerful instrument for internal commerce for sibly much sooner.

the service of the people instead of for private We are still burdened with metallic dollars,

profit. and but few yet understand the multiple stand

The transmission of intelligence by electricity ard ; so we will, for some years, have to accom

as well as by mail should be a government funcmodate ourselves to existing conditions, but we

tion, beyond the control of private interests; should be sure to trend in the right direction.

therefore, for prompt, cheap and impartial service How would the following do as a financial

of all the people and of every interest, we favor “plank” on which all money reformers might government ownership and operation of the teleunite?

graph, which is now accomplisht in every other

civilized nation on the globe. Telephones being Proposed Money Plank.

mostly local in their operation, we favor municGovernment legal tender money has always ipal ownership and operation of this service, been the champion of liberty and the friend of with harmonious co-operation with the proposed the people. In every important war for freedom government telegraph service. it has played an important part on the side of the We favor the removal of all protective tariff oppresst. We need this friend of liberty" in from articles controlled by a trust. peace as well as in war. Therefore we condemn Indirect taxation for the support of the Govand oppose the efforts that are persistently being ernment by means of importation duties and made by the banking and capitalistic interests internal revenue, being a tax on consumption, to retire our beloved greenbacks. Further, we bears much more heavily upon the poor than demand that all money shall be issued directly upon the rich. We therefore favor a progressive by the Government, and that every dollar so inheritance tax, and a progressive income tax, issued, shall be, before the law, equal to any by means of which the rich will be required to other dollar authorized by the United States pay their just share of the expenses of the Government.

National Government. We favor and strongly urge the establishment The present method of electing United Staies

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senators is corrupting, wasteful and mischievous We have all heard of the man who attempted to live on in every way. Experience during the winter

the interest of what he owed. Well, that is just what the

bankers all over this great and expanding republic of ours just past proves this afresh, with failure to elect are doing at this moment. There is usually about $1,000,000,in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Utah. We favor

000 in the United States, and the banks and mortgage comelection of United States senators by direct In other words, they are collectiog interest on $4,000,000,000

panies have just five times that sum loaned out to the people. vote of the people of each state,

which they do not possess. But they are not satisfied with In municipal matters we favor the municipal

this, and the McCleary bill was introduced for the purpose

of adding several billions more to their loaning capacity. ownership and operation of all public necessities We have the greatest financial system in the world! monopolistic in their nature, as the water supply, The banking interests work all together-D0 gas, electric lights, street-cars, etc. In harmony with the above program, the strict

trust is as powerful as the trust of banking inter

ests, That influence demonetized silver, deest possible merit system of civil service is necessary, instead of the far too prevalent spoils sys

stroyed our greenbacks until forced to stop by tem, which has so disgracefully corrupted and

overwhelming public sentiment, produced the

panic of 1893 in order to entirely stop the coining debased our public service, municipal, state and national. We therefore pledge ourselves to the

of silver, influenced the several secretaries of the

treasury to redeem greenbacks in gold only, congreatest possible improvement of the civil service by the complete overthrow of the spoils system,

trary to law, and now they want to destroy all

government paper money and substitute therefor and the improvement and extension of the merit

bank paper money. They say that they want system.

the Government to go out of the banking busiOther planks” might be added, some of wbich ness. Would it not be better for the people to can be found in the following platform which force the banks out of the governing business? comes from an anonymous source. It is inter- While the banks want the Government to go esting and suggestive enuf to reproduce here. out of the banking business," yet they want to 1st. To elect a United States senator in each state every

use the Government for their own service and two years in the congressional elections, for a term of four

convenience. For example, they want to use years.

the U, S. Treasury as a junk shop in which to With this measure it would then be possible to terminate the power of a political party when rejected by the people; end

safely store their metal until such time as they the auction sales of senatorships; also, make an entire sep- may want it. The following clipping from the aration of state issues from national politics and secure honest state government.

Philadelphia Ledger (Apr. 6), an extreme gold 2d. To secure an annual “confirming vote" (or“ vote of standard sheet, is significant in several ways: confidence") on the judges of the national courts by the national senate.

Bankers who want the Government to resume the custom This measure would establish & just balance between an of issuing certificates declare that there is no doubt of the absolute dictatorial power and that of a government of the legal right of the Secretary to do so, and say tbat a recent people.

decision of the Supreme Court clearly establishes his author3d. To require the votes of two-thirds of the supreme court ity to act. Moreover, they argue that there are existing judges to declare a law unconstitutiona).

financial conditions which make the issue of the certificates This would give to the people “the benefit of the doubt" almost a necessity: The fact is, they say, there is a scarcity in all decisions on vital questions.

of currency. Little is said #bout this scarcity for fear that it Ath. To re-enact the income tax law.

would only give new fuel to the fires of the silver and green. This measure would equalize taxation by a system that has back agitation, Nevertheless there is constant complaint in been adopted by other nations, as the one tax that cannot mercantile circles here of the lack of currency. The banks be readily shifted on the poor, and one that can be easily cannot supply the demands made upon them. Usually at collected

this period of the year there is an influx of currency to New 5th. To establish a legal rate of profit on the appraised York, but this year the banks have gained nothing, while value of a corporation's working plant.

the Treasury has lost currency. If this is the condition now, This measure would eliminate trust extortion; lessen the what, it is askt, will be the state of things later in the year, tension between capital and labor, and give full protection when there will be the urgent demand for currency in the to capital. Also remove the necessity for “government own- interior to move the crops? It may be askt how the issue of ership of monopolies"-except the mines, mineral oils, etc., gold certificates would relieve this famine of paper money? which are the natural treasuries of the people.

In answer, I am informed that, just as soon as the Treasury 6th. To replace the national bank and treasury notes with resumed the issue of certificates, $100,000,000 of gold coin a national non-interest bearing time-note currency, not over would be deposited in the vaults and certificates taken there. $50,000,000 of which to be redeemable in any one year.

for. These certificates would be used by the banks as re This measure would utilize the credit of the government serve and in the large operations of the Clearing House. for the benefit of the people alone. It would also effectually This use would release the greenbacks now held for that break the banker's "endless chain."

purpose, and add millions to the supply of paper currency. 7th. To terminate the administrative and legislative power In this connection it may be said that the effort to force gold of a politital party when it is rejected by the people.

coin on the people is a failure. They don't want coin; they 8th. To secure direct legislation thru the initiative and do want paper money, and if the Treasury does not supply referendum

this want its refusal may be made an issue in the next Presi

dential campaign. Our money of all kinds in circulation is now said to be about $25 per capita. But this calculation We want enuf government legal tender money includes such gross errors as counting all the

for the needs of business at all times—a sufficient gold coin that has ever been coined by our mints quantity to maintain the prices of commodities, as now in “circulation”(much of which has been so that every producer will get a just return for melted for use in the arts, and also much has

his labor and enterprise, and compel the banks gone abroad), and also much paper money that

to care for their own metal just as they must care has been destroyed by fire and other casualties. for any other kind of property. If they wish to So the real amount in actual circulation is much invest in gold, tin, platinum or any other comless. But I have before me a chart showing the modity, they should do their own storing, and bank credit power in each state in 1896. The

we should have enuf government paper money average per capita for all the states was then for the legitimate demands of business for the $93.69, and perhaps it is more now. This gives

same. The confession that the people will not an idea of the great power that the banking in- use gold coin is a proof that paper money is now terests have over the people and the affairs of the a necessity. It is the money of civilization, while country. The “Coming Nation” puts it this metallic money is a relic of barbarism. The way:

(Continued over next leaf.)

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