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pound; be sure to get the best and unadulterated are taken from the last census-report of quality; red is said to be the best ; dissolve this in 1890. In the annexed column are given one and one-half pints of 95 per cent. alcohol ;

the numbers of castrations, roughly estione or two drams of borax should be added to the alcohol; and one of the formulas directs mated, which are performed annually in that two drams of castor oil also be added. One each class : of the contributors says, “hold in a hot-water Animal. Total number. Estimated No. of castrations bath and it will dissolve in a few minutes."

Horses ...14,969,467

300,000 This makes a thick solution. This should be


4,000,000 painted on cloth, and dried and painted again. Swing*...57,409,583

50,000,000 If the cloth is not thick enuf, two layers may be


3,000,000 placed together and presst with a hot iron, when they become as one piece. “The cloth of Since 1890, of course, the number of a pair of old pants made of some soft Scotch animals has greatly increased, and there goods is the best to use, as it takes up more of is no estimate of the number of castrations the solution.” For dressing the limb, immerse of such other animals as dogs, cats, etc. the splint in hot water, or hold before hot fire until soft, then apply to the limb until it takes

We would not be far wrong therefore if we shape. Then remove and line with some soft should in round numbers place the number material, reapply and bandage. This material of castrations of domestic animals in the can also be used successfully for a spinal curva- entire country at present at little less than ture jacket. One writer says, be sure and dry 100,000,000 a year. When one considers out all of the alcohol, as otherwise it will not get hard. These splints can be used over and over

that no anesthetic is ever used in these again if care is taken to not allow them to get 100,0000,000 cases ; that the operator is too much soiled. They can be remolded to suit usually without any knowledge of anatomy different shaped limbs at different times.

or antisepsis; that the operation, a Our readers will find themselves greatly bene- “major” one when carried out upon man, fited by carefully looking up questions in which is here brutally done and with much unthey are specially interested, in their back num

necessary attendant and consequent sufferbers of THE MEDICAL WORLD. Such information as the above never grows old. By consulting ing; and, lastly, when one compares the treyour bound volumes of THE MEDICAL WORLD mendous sum total of this suffering with you will be helpt in many an emergency. This is the infinitesimal amount in laboratories better than writing to us, for you can do it in a then indeed must one recognize that, as half an hour, while writing to us takes more time we have before said, it is not suffering than can usually be spared-particularly concern

but antiscience that stimulates the antiing a case on hand at the time.

vivisectionist. If the “societies for the A subscriber writes: "Five Drops” is simply prevention of cruelty to animals” were oil of turpentine, colored with blood root. That genuinely working for the cause implied is very simple, but I know positively that it is in their title, every physician in America right.

would be a member and a helper. Curi

ously enuf, while the S. P. C. A. has done Formula Wanted.

nothing to prevent or alleviate the annual "Vril,” handled by S. G. Armstrong, M.D., 100,000,000 vivisections to which we refer, of Berrien Springs, Mich., a "cure-all and in- the medical profession, by establishing vigorator.

veterinary colleges (hated by the antis) Current Medical Thought.

and by educating veterinary surgeons in

scientific methods, is vastly lessening the Vivisection that Arouses no Protest.

evil callously ignored by the official senti

mentalist. — Phila. Med. Jour. It has often been noted that the antivivi. sectionists are not troubled by the frightful Sexual Desire as Influenced by Religious and sufferings and deaths of animals caused

Other Emotions. by hunters, pigeon-shooters, fishermen,

Was the religious sentiment the normal dealers, etc., by poor stables, by cold and

one, or was it not in intimate correlation exposure and by filth, in shipment and

with a refinement of sensuality? The divine slaughtering, and in many similar ways. We wish to add another great class of Raphael gave to the religious world its vivisection-practices which seems to have Madonna, and Titian produced one of the

sublimest masterpiece of art, the Dresden escaped mention and against which, so far

noblest conceptions of Christ; the misas we know, no protest has been raised by the self-appointed friends of animals. In * The estimate in the cases of swipe are necessarily very in

definite. The larger number of operations are upon females, the following table the numbers given of and the seemingly high figures given, on account of this fact. animals of each kind in the United States

together with the shortness of their life, and their proliticity, are probably too low rather than too high.


tresses of both these masters are familiar “ Religion and Lust,” that “at the thru portraits. Kaulbach illustrated the dawn of sexual life the youth's mind, sweetest, chastest of German poems, yet filled as it is with indefinite longings and he prostituted his genius by one of the most desires, eagerly seizes upon religion to lecherous fancies that ever polluted canvas. satisfy its yearnings."

In a Cleopatra, a Messalina, we perceive What is the organic relation in the indithe depths of degradation to which lust can vidual between sex and religion? “At descend; yet Pericles, the young Augustus puberty and immediately following it is of his age, who brought the highest glory the time of crisis in the moral nature. The to the Athenian world of art and letters, great bulk of those who are to become crimtook for a paramour the enchanting Aspa- inals become so during the later adolescent sia. The Egyptian courtesan has been period. For every person who becomes a glowingly celebrated by an essentially Christian before twelve, or during all the chaste mind—that of Shakespeare-while years after twenty, three and one-half the Athenian lovers received their apothe- become Cbristians between twelve and osis thru the genius of Walter Savage Lan- twenty.” More people fall in love at this dor, one of the rarest spirits of the century. period. A great burst of life and great Every poet, every artist, every sculptor, pulse of growth comes to an individual at every composer-all who are gifted with puberty; and why? Because at this time power of most truly expressing the loftiest the sexual nature is opening and ripening. emotions and feelings of mankind-have Weir says that “men, owing to their found their inspiration in the inexhaustible greater freedom, soon learn the difference theme of love.

of the sexes, and the delights of sexual “In our idealization of love it soars be- congress; women, hedged in by convenyond the bounds of earthly limitations, and tionalities and deterred by their innate we hesitate not to ascribe to it a divine passivity, remain, for the most part, in character, and to embrace it in the highest ignorance of sexual knowledge until their and most sacred sphere of man's intel- marriage. For this reason, it happens lectual domain-religion. Nay, do we not that very many more women than men raise it to the loftiest point capable of at- experience religious emotion. Ungratified, tainment when we reverently exclaim, or, rather, unsatisfied sensuality very fre* God is love’ —when we bow down and quently gives rise to great religio-sexual worship it as the divine essence, the su- enthusiasm. Voltaire cynically, tho preme power.” In I John, iv. 7, we read: thoughtfully, observes that“ when woman Beloved, let us love one another, for is no longer pleasing to man, she then love is of God, and everyone that loveth turns to God." Francis Parkham, in is begotten of God, and knoweth God. He “The Jesuits of North America," speaks that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God of a nun who went to prayer " agitated is Love."

and tremulous, as if to a meeting with an Krafft-Ebing calls attention to the rela- earthly lover.” “Oh, my love," she extionship between religious and sexual feel- claimed, “when shall I embrace you? ing in psycho-pathologic states. “All Have you no pity on the torments that I thru the history of insanity the student suffer? Alas! alas! My Love, my has occasion to observe this close alliance Beauty, my Life! Instead of healing my of sexual and religious ideas; an alliance pain, you take pleasure in it. Come, let which may be partly accounted for because me embrace you, and die in your sacred of the prominence which sexual themes arms."' have in most creeds, as illustrated in Sex is the root of passion. Out of pasancient times by the Phallus worship of sion true love grows; that love which in the Egyptians, the ceremonies of Friga its wider and wider extent eventually emCultus of the Saxons, the frequent and braces the whole race—the love of God. detailed reference to sexual topics in the Love is both the foundation and the pinKoran and several other books of the nacle of religion, the law of life, the harkind, and which is further illustrated in mony of heaven, the breath of which the the performances, which, to come down to universe was born, the divine essence ina modern period, characterize the religious create of the ever-living God. revival and camp-meeting.” Not only is It is the glory of the Christian faith that this alliance shown in diseased states, but it is a religion founded upon Love. Other it is also in evidence in normal healthy beliefs have held captive the intelleet, conditions. Weir says, in his monograph but it was reserved for Christianity to

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touch the heart of man. Even the refining

Gleanings. influences of Greek thought as revealed in Absolute dryness prevents the developthe marvelous literature in which it found ment of germ life. expression, seems to the cultivated Athe

It is difficult to freeze a germ to death, nian quite compatible with a system of

but boiling quickly destroys all micropolytheism in which gods and goddesses

organisms. were engaged in perpetual amours, to the glory of high Jove himself, and apparently

Apocynum cannabinum is considered to the entire satisfaction of his worship

valuable in valvular lesions of the heart

and the resulting dropsy. ers. Even the noble teachings of Socrates and Plato failed to reprove these royal

It is stated that a single application of sinners. Later, in Italy, as shown by the

the oil of sassafras will destroy all variemural paintings at Pompeii, the offspring

ties of pediculi and their ova. of Greek sensuousness degenerated into It is asserted that a fiery red nose can the most unbridled sensuality. Coeval, be “bleacht" by being painted with a with the sublime philosophy of the Em- five per cent. solution of boric acid. peror Marcus Aurelius, existed a condi

Don't fail to use turpentine in hemortion of debauchery which was hastening rhage. Must be given in large doses-one the subversion of the proud Roman em- to two drams without dilution in emerpire.

gencies. With the advent of Christianity a nobler

For a hard, dull steady pain across the faith and purer morals were gradually dif- abdomen, with or without diarrhea, give fused among the minds of men, until today the world has reacht its fairest ideal pentine every two hours.

from five to eight drops of spirits of turof pure, stainless love. How shall we

In exophthalmic goiter three drops of compare, for instance, Sappho's erotic “ Hymn to Venus,' Ovid's Metamor

the tincture of veratrum twice a day, phoses, of the pages of Boccaccio's "De gradually increast to the limit of toler. cameron, with the impassioned feeling ex

ance, will cure many cases. presst in this single modern lyric, from

Schrieber says that torpid ulcers, even Barry Cornwall's posthumous poems :

when painful and due to varicose veins,

may be made to cicatrize comfortably if "THE RATIONALE OF LOVE."

dusted daily with antipyrin. Mother.

Strychnin sulfat, 1-20 grain thrice daily " Love not, O daughter of the golden hair,

for six or eight weeks before parturition, is In man abides nor aught of true or fair

a serviceable prophylactic against uterine To meet thy truth, to claim thy love and care.

inertia during labor. Daughter.

As a tropical application in diphtheria, “I love, O mother, like the morning sun ;

Waxham proposes the use of one grain of Love thru my happy thoughts doth leap and

bichlorid of mercury in four ounces of the

peroxid of hydrogen, I love, O mother, even as thou hast done." Hysteria and epilepsy are generally Mother.

ameliorated by the pregnant state ; epilepStern, selfish, coarse, inconstant, nurst in

ties, however, are more subject to puerperal strife,

eclampsia than others. Man strides a tyrant thru the dreams of life

Phosphorus in small doses is indicated His friend a martyr, and his slave a wife.”

in the depression following prostrating Daughter.

fevers, where there has been much involve" I love, O mother. In the haunted air

ment of the nervous system. I hear his voice, I see him brave and fair

Bichlorid of mercury should never be I hear, I see, I love him everywhere."

used for dressing extensive raw surfaces, -Dr. G. F. BUTLER, before the Chicago and sublimate solution should always be Medical Club.

avoided for the irrigation of deep wounds

and cavities. Silver nitrate stains, says Medical Pro- Inhalations of nitrat of amyl in 30 drop gress, can be removed by rubbing with a doses, succeeds best and quickest in opium cloth wet in one part each of corrosive poisoning ; next comes hypodermic injec. sublimate and ammonium chlorid, to eight tions of strychnin and the hypodermics of f water.



An anti-diabetic diet and from three to riding, because of the natural position of five drops of liquor brom-arsen., Clemen's the rider. The question is of great imporsolution, three times a day, has been a tance, and should command most careful successful treatment in many cases of dia. attention on the part of the medical probetes mellitus.

fession, whose opinions are of paramount Dr. M. G. Price says: “Who of us has weight, indeed final. It would be internot been besieged by weary mothers for esting to know how many daughters of something for her crying infant that is physicians, in good health, adopt the suffering with three months' colic. Hyos- wheel, tho the census might not be a concyamin is the drug."

clusive argument either for or against the Whooping-cough, when not complicated practice.- Medical Standard. with bronchitis or bronchial catarrh, gen

[This is the proper season for The erally yields to ergot in from one to three

WORLD readers to discuss this subject. – weeks. Dose, four to fifteen drops every

ED.] three to four hours.

The Duration of Acute Gonorrhea and the Five drops of tincture lobelia in two

Importance of Treatment. ounces of water, and a half-teaspoonful

Gentlemen, I do not propose to try to every few minutes, given warm, it is stated offer anything new on the subject of my will cure many cases of infantile colic from whatever cause.

paper to this body; but I do want to imDr. Ernest F. Clowes, house physician paying due attention to this disease, and

press upon our mind the importance of of the Royal County Hospital, Winchester, correcting an impression which seems to reports the successful treatment of diabetes me to be somewhat general among the insipidus with amyl nitrite. There was a laity, and it is also in the profession-that gain of ten pounds in weight.

gonorrhea is an insignificant disease and A feverish patient is always thirsty. A is no worse than a bad cold, as the expresdrinking tumbler of pure, cold water, in sion is. The subject of this paper was sugwhich a teaspoonful of sweet spirits of gested to my mind by a remark made by a niter has been poured, is a refreshing patient in my office, that a friend of his drink, a few swallows of which may be advised him that the clap was not anygiven at frequent intervals.

thing, and that Dr. So-and-So guaranteed To reduce high temperature caused by to cure it within ten days. I told him he diseased conditions, give ice-water enemas. had better go, that it would take me longer They do not disturb the patient like a

than that. Then I began to look up the bath, are harmless, easily administered subject and found that all good authors and and grateful to the patient. This is par- writers on the subject put the duration under ticularly advantageous in climatic heat the best and persistent treatmenton an avercases. - Medical Summary.

age of six to eight weeks, and I also found the impression prevalent among the gener

al practitioners to be about three weeks. The Influence of the Bicycle upon the Female

As the best authors do not claim such Genital Organs.

good results in their cases, it is very eviWe learn from a French medical jour. dent to me that many, if not all, of those nal that at the close of 1899 the Medical rapid cures, must be of rather doubtful Society of Paris will award the Duparcque character to say the least. I would not prize of 600 francs for the best paper (in be understood as questioning the honesty French) upon “ The Influence of the Bi- and good faith of those claiming to cure cycle upon the Female Genital Organs.” gonorrhea in three weeks. There can be There has been much discussion of this no doubt that these gentlemen and their subject in Europe, the French and German patients are sincere in their belief that authorities maintaining, as a rule, that their cases are cured, because the pain of with a proper saddle, bicycle-riding is far urinating is gone, or nearly gone, and they from injurious, is positively beneficial to have no discharge, or nothing more than a women. In England opinion is divided- thin, watery discharge, or a morning drop as it is in America-many physicians of before or after urinating. high standing claiming that this form of matter of fact, the great majority of these exercise affects the female genitalia quite cases are not cured, altho the physician seriously, while others claim that it is and patient are both delighted over the decidedly less harmful than horse-back presumed success of the "sure and quick

remedy, and are perfectly honest in assur. two or three weeks for the mucous terminal ing such to be the case.

period. He also states that cases with It seems to me that the greatest trouble short incubation and rapid onset do not and the cause of much misunderstanding last as long, all things being equal, as lies in the fact that the average general those with a long period of incubation. physician does not take the trouble to use Prof. R. W. Taylor says a patient should the means of determining when a case of consider himself very lucky to be cured gonorrhea is really cured. Absence of in from six to eight weeks. Keys places discharge at the meatus too often means to the average duration at four to six weeks. him a cure of the disease. No examina- Brewer makes a striking statement tion of the urine for clap-shreds is made regarding this matter (in Morrow's system and very little attention seems to be gener- of Genito-Urinary surgery.) Referring ally given to the importance of such to an article written by himself upon the examinations. I follow the examination rapid cures made in a series of cases by taught at the University of Pennsylvania the use of bichlorid of mercury, he states and the Philadelphia Polyclinic in the as follows: "Experience in the treatment Genitory Urinary Department. I ask my of urethral diseases has taught me that patient not to urinate for some time before the simple cessation of a discharge by no he comes to me. Take two clean glasses means indicates a cure of the disease; and and let him urinate part of his urine in I am prepared to say without the slightest one glass, and then part in the other, and hesitation, that it is my belief that had a if clap-shreds appear in the first glass, I careful and thoro examination been made in know my patient has anterior urethral each instance at the time when I reported trouble, and if they appear in the last the cessation of all discharge, not one case glass, he has posterior trouble and often it of my three series of cases would have failed will take some effort for the posterior con- to show unmistakable evidence of an strictor muscles to force the clap-shreds uncured urethritis." White and Martain out, and if not satisfied with the appear give the duration at from six to eight ance of the shreds, I strain them with weeks. methyl blue and put them under the Prof. H. H. Christian, of the Philadelmicroscope and there the tell-tale germs phia Polyclinic, read a paper before the will often be seen. Often the constrictor American Genito-Urinary Association, at muscles will force the

germs into the

Atlantic City, in which he gave the statisbladder. We, as general practitioners, tics of 187 cases, which he divided into often see the result of a neglected and two classes—those that had a clap for the badly treated case of clap in the sbape of first time, 117 cases, and 70 cases that strictures of the urethra that often make had the disease for the second time or the individual miserable for life, and a oftener. Of the 117 cases 90 had general source of annoyance to the physician. urethritis, and the discharge persisted for

If what our gynecologic brethren claim over four weeks in 79 of the 117 cases and in regard to the longevity and the depra- 47 of these 79 were under treatment from dations of the gonococus be true, it would seven to ten weeks. In his second series seem to me to be a matter of the utmost of 70 cases with a history of having had importance that we, as general practition- gonorrhea one or more times before, by ers, should do all in our power to correct their own statement they were under this widespread notion that gonorrhea is treatment during their former attack, a simple disease, easily cured in from ten fourteen for four weeks, twenty for eight days to three weeks, provided Dr. A. or weeks, and twenty for eight to ten weeks. Dr. B. is consulted. For my part, I be

For my part, I be- I only take that part of the statistics that lieve with Taylor, Christian, White, Mar- was under treatment for four weeks or tain, and others that I have consulted, that over; they constitute the greater number gonorrhea may be, and very often is, one of the cases. All of these were under of the most formidable diseases that can treatment at the dispensary of the Uniattack man.

versity of Pennsylvania, where the statisWhat, then, is the duration of acute, tics were compiled, and during their uncomplicated gonorrhea ? Finger states second or third attack, as the case may that cases of acute general urethritis with be, ten were under treatment for four no unusual symptoms last from five to six weeks. He considers the second series of weeks. He allows two weeks for the in- 70 cases of importance, because 40 of creasing stage, one for the stationary, and them were under treatment by their own

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