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Musk, as much as suffices of each ; put ing might have been mitigated and how them into a bag to be hung about the neck, many lives of women and children might so that it may reach to the stomach; this have been saved had Sir Theodore Mayern will keep the womb from falling low. used chloroform and skilfully applied

Formation and development of the child forceps, in his obstetric practice. To read in the womb.

his little book, where he recites the agonies The following the author quotes from his patients underwent, with such rude some unknown poet as follows:

nostrums” only at his command, in his The first six days to milk the fruitful attendance upon queens and court ladies seed, Injected in the Womb, remaineth in confinement, the thought would occur still; then other nine of milk, red blood to a modern midwife, how quickly and how to breed.

safely they could have been delivered with Twelve days turn blood to flesh by chloroform and forceps. Truly women nature's skill. Twice nine find part, the are,

are, have been, and always will rest ripe birth do make. And thus fore delivered without the use of either forceps going time doth form man's shape.

or chloroform. So men at one time lived If this quaint little volume was placed to attain the age of from 300 to 900 years, in the hands of the opponents of the use but then they were inured to hardships, of chloroform in labor, I dare say the lived out of doors, ate coarse diet,-vege" Doctor's Wife” would have no trouble tables. But as civilization advances, and in convincing them of its indispensable since the introduction of tight houses, utility, when properly used and in certain feather-beds, etc., our environment has cases.

changed and our nervous organization is An Emplaister to hinder the Monthly different. Women are more sensitive to Flux in Women with Child.

pain are not physically so strong, hence Take Oil of roses, White Wax, juice of all these changes are brought into requisiMale-knot grass of each 2 ounces, Bole tion,-chloroform, forceps or antiseptics. Armoniack Crocus Martis, each six drams, Burksville, Ky. J. C. HANIFORD. of this make a plaister; When the Flux comes down, let the woman contain self in Effect of Maternal Impressions on a Cow. bed, and let this plaister be spread upon

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I find among her loins. Lay a Goat's skin between the my old notes, under date of October 10, sheet and the bed because of the heat of 1887, the following striking case of prethe hollow vein ; or else take Crocus Martis natal influence: one dram, juice of Knot-grass four ounces, Mr. William Hoffman, of Lebanon, N.J., Rosewater and Vinegar, of each one ounce; showed me a heifer whose color was apparmingle them all together with the white of ently due to prenatal influence. Both the an egg, then dip a linnen cloth therein, male and female parents of this heifer were and apply cold to loins.

pure Holsteins, and were both black with To Expel the Birth whether Alive or the white star in the forehead and broad Dead.

white spots on the sides, which are characR

teristic of Holstein cattle, but the heifer Take the milk of a woman that nurses had not a black hair on her. She was a male child, and disolve it with a little white with numerous large red spots. Mr. saffron, that it may not be known; then Hoffman stated that during the gestation boil an egg near, and take out the white by the mother she was much annoyed by and in the place of that, put in the milk another cow having exactly the spots and and let the patient sup it up; if it prevail color of this heifer. The other cow was not in a quarter of an hour, prepare an- persistent in trying to get into the Holstein other egg, and fill it with milk as aforesaid. stable, endeavoring to fight her, and so on. (F and S are just alike, and author has

David P. JACKSON, M. D. no R at the beginning of his receipes.) New Bedford, Pa.

Against the Swelling of the Belly After Delivery.

Dr. A. R. Thompson (N. Y. Med. R Take origanum, night shade, as much Jour.) adverts to the happy effects in conas suffices, make of this seven pills. Let trolling the paroxysms to be obtained her take all of them at once, and let from the application to the spine of flannel her drink upon them four ounces of the wrung from hot water. It is, of course, water of the flowers of white lettus. especially useful towards night when sleep

It is impossible to say how much suffer- is disturbed or prevented.

Quiz Department.

1018; reaction alkaline - fixed alkali ; Questions are solicited for this column. Communications

otherwise urine normal. Suffers greatly not accompanied by the proper name and address of the writer (not necessarily for publication) will not be

from general pruritus; worse at evening. noticed.

Absolutely no specific taint. Uses tobacco The great number of requests for private answers, for the in. moderately, but does not use liquors, and is

formation and benefit of the writer, makes it necessary for us to charge a fee for the time required. This fee will very regular in his habits; but this conbe from one to five dollars, according to the amount of research and writing required.

tinuous pain and nervous condition is driving him crazy.”

The patient has had at different times, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-- What would

calomel and soda, pepsin, simple bitters, you do for an old man, 68 years, who has strychnin, arsenic, etc., with only little lost the power of erection, also the power benefit, and the conditions are slowly of retraction of right testicle, which has a small collection of serum in tunica vagi

growing worse.

Will the Editor or some brother help me? nalis, with some paralysis of anal sphinc

CENTRAL CALIFORNIA. ter? Health and appetite good ; looks

[We will leave this case for general disnot more than 50 years of age ; has been

cussion, with only the suggestion that if quite a libertine; has a large family of

he now lives in a malarial district (and healthy children. He acknowledges to

many parts of California are malarious), having had gonorrhea once or twice. Has

a change of climate is strongly indicated. tried damianna fl. ex., sanmetto, tinct. nux, phosphorus et strych., etc., with only baths at home will sometimes do wonders

Don't forget that a thoro course of vapor very temporary relief.

for puzzling cases.-Ed.] A reply from the Editor and others respectfully solicited.


Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- Can you give [Tell him that he should neither expect

us thru the columns of

our WORLD! nor desire very frequent erections at his

the formula for The Best Velvet Face age. His testicles should be supported Bleach ? " manufactured by - The Mrs. A. by a suspensory bandage. He should

C. Bingham Co., Harvard, McHenry Co., avoid the class of medicines that he has


DR. FRANK SCOFIELD. been taking. He should take the best

Diamond Bluff, Wis. possible care of his general health, and

[It is probably a saturated solution of lose his concern for women. Favor the

sulfate of magnesia.-Ev.] absorption of the liquid, and watch it, for it may require operation later.—ED.]

Benzine as an Addition to Anesthetic Mixtures.

The anesthetic mixture originated by Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I ask help

Schleich is composed of ether, chloroform from some of your readers in the following

and benzine. Dr. H. C. Wood has conIt is of such very grave importance

ducted a number of experiments in the to me that I will ask Dr. Waugh to give laboratory of pharmacodynamics of the me some suggestions from his varied and University of Pennsylvania, to test the rich experience.

effects of benzine on the animal system. The patient is a man aged 46; father

The poisonous action of benzine was died at 86, and mother living at 81, Has always lived in malarial districts. Had clearly proved, which led him to the con

clusion that benzine is a dangerous addityphoid fever in early life, also the diseases

tion to anesthetic mixtures. of childhood. Patient is 5 feet, 104 inches high, and weighs about 140 pounds. Leads rather a sedentary life; appetite

In April WORLD, page 156, second colvariable. Complains almost constantly of umn, in article by Dr. J. G. Stucky, fourth discomfort or pain in region of stomach

line from bottom of article, read apomorphin

instead of morphin. and bowels. Is very much distresst from distension of abdomen by gas. Has pain

Dr. H. J. Parker, of Clayton, Ill., writes : and soreness continually in small of back and loins; pains and soreness in inter

“ Lard cures strychnin poisoning in dogs

hereabouts." costal spaces ; also in the course of various nerves, in anus, etc. These pains keep him continually nervous and irritable.

If we had Post Cheques, as explained in

January “Talk," you could send $1 for THE Tongue slightly coated, especially at back.

WORLD safely without having to go to the postBowels fairly regular. Urine sp. gr. about office.


8 oz. & oz.

1 oz,

1 oz.

8 oz.

1 02.

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the presence

of any or claims for the ab

sence of all alcohol, as given upon their [In our issue for November, 1897, we began republishing the labels and wrappers. I have also noted formulas for the leading advertised nostrums. We do this believing that physicians have a right to know what the peo- the doses and frequency with which they ple are taking, and that they ought to know in order to ad. minister proper antidotes if called in case of an overdose,

are recommended to be used, as well as the which often happens, particularly with the various soothing place of their origin. The alcohol found

. aished to those who wish the series complete. 1

upon assay is given in per cent. by volume.

How far the claim of some of them for speM'LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. cial usefulness in the reformation of inTake of

temperate habits is justified is self-evident. Gentian root....

Columbo root....
Orange peel..

2 oz.

Dr. Buckland's Scotch Oats Essence, New Coriander seed..

York City : “Enough alcohol is added to Cardamon seed.

oz, Serpentaria...

dissolve resins, and prevent fermentation." Whisky

7 pints.

“Not a temporary and fleeting stimulant, Glycerin

1 pint.

but a permanent tonic. Its use must be Grind the drugs to coarse powder, moisten with regular and continued over a considerable whisky, pack in the percolator, percolate with period. An extract of double and triple the whisky, forcing out the last with water, and

Dose, 10 to 15 drops in the percolate mix with the glycerin.-Secret strength also made. Nostrums and Systems.

to a teaspoonful three or four times daily,

increased as needed.” In the simple esHARTER'S WILD CHERRY BITTERS.

sence 35 per cent. of alcohol was found on

assay. Further examination of this article Take of

reveals a still more dangerous ingredient Wild cherry bark... Yellow cinchona bark..

1 oz.

in its composition. The sample analyzed Orange peel.....

2 oz.

was found to contain one-fourth grain of Cardamon seed.

morphia to the ounce of the so-called “EsAsarum Canadense.

* oz.

sence of Oats.” A more insidious and Alcohol dilute,

6 pints.

dangerous fraud can scarcely be imagined, Honey...

1 pint. Syrup..

1 pint.

especially when administered, as this is Percolate the drugs, in moderately fine powder, recommended, for the cure of inebriety or with the dilute alcohol, and when six pints are the opium habit. obtained add the honey and syrup.-Secret Nos- Carter's Physical Extract, Georgetown, trums and Systems.

Mass. Dose, one tablespoonful three times

daily ; 22 per cent. of alcohol found. PAINLESS CANCER REMEDY.

Hooker's Wigwam Tonic, Haverhill, Take of

Mass. One tablespoonful three times Monsel's solution,

daily ; 20.7 per cent. of alcohol. Liquor ammonia, of each equal parts.

Hoofland's German Tonic, Philadelphia. Mix together. Let stand an hour, pour off the Admits Santa Cruz rum.

Wineglass four supernatant liquid and place the pastry residue

times daily; 29.3 per cent. on a filter. Let stand until it obtains the con

Hop Tonic, Grand Rapids, Mich. One sistence of an ointment, then triturate in a mortar, with half the quantity of lard, and when tablespoonful to wineglassful three times a united add of arsenious acid ten grains to the day ; 7 per cent.

Howe's Arabian Tonic, New York. “Not Spread thickly on pieces of cloth and apply

a rum drink.” Tablespooful to wineglass every day until the growth is killed. Remove

four times daily ; 13.2 per cent. the skin by blistering, if necessary.- Secret Nostrums and Systems.

Jackson's Golden Seal Tonic, Boston.

Admits Marsala wine. Half wineglass Alcohol in Patent Medicines.

three times daily ; 19.6 per cent.

Liebig Company's Cocoa Beef Tonic, REPORT TO MASSACHUSETTS

New York. “With sherry.” Two to four HEALTH.

teaspoonfuls three times daily; 23.2 per I have examined the following list of cent. fifty samples of proprietary preparations, Mensman's Peptonized Beef Tonic, New tonics and bitters, with special reference York. “Contains spirit.”

One tableto the relation which the percentage of spoonful to three, three times daily ; 16.5 alcohol which they were found upon assay per cent. to contain might bear to the admission of Parker's Tonic, New York. "A purely




per cent.

vegetable extract." • Stimulus to the Hop Bitters, Rochester, N. Y. One to body without intoxicating.” “Inebriates

" Inebriates three tablespoonfuls three times daily ; 12 struggling to reform will find its tonic and per cent. sustaining influence on the nervous system Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, Pittsburg, a great help to their efforts.''

Dose as

Pa. Wineglassful three times daily; 41.3 tonic, one to two teaspoonfuls one to three times daily ; 41.6 per cent.

Kaufman's Sulfur Bitters, Boston. Schenck's Sea-Weed Tonic, Philadel- " Contains no alcohol.” Tea to tablespoonphia. “Distilled from sea weed after the ful. It contains no sulfur, but has 20.5 same manner as Jamaica spirits is from per cent. of alcohol. sugar cane. It is therefore entirely harm- Kingsley's Iron Tonic, Northampton, less and free from the injurious properties Mass. One to two teaspoonfuls three times of corn and rye whisky." Dose, half wine- daily ; 14.9 per cent. glass three times daily ; 19.5 per cent.

Langley's Bitters, Boston. Half wine

glass or more three times daily; 18.1 per BITTERS.

cent. Atwood's Quinine Tonic Bitters, Boston. Liverpool's Mexican Tonic Bitters, BosDose, half tablespoonful to half wineglass, ton. Half to full wineglassful three times mixed with water, wine or .spirits, three daily ; 22.4 per cent. times daily ; 29.2 per cent.

Oxygenated Bitters, New York. Tea to L. F. Atwood's Jaundice Bitters, Port tablespoonful. Acid but no alcohol. land, Maine. Half tablespoonful to half Pierce's Indian Restoration Bitters, Boswineglass one to six times daily ; 22.3 per ton. Up to wineglassful and to six times cent.

daily. 6.1 per cent. Moses Atwood's Jaundice Bitters, New Z. Porter's Stomach Bitters, New York. York. Half tablespoonful to wineglass one Tablespoonful or more several times daily; to six times daily ; 17.1 per cent.

27.9 per cent. H. Baxter's Mandrake Bitters, Burling- Rush's Bitters, New York. Wineglasston, Vt. One to two tablespoonfuls; 16.5 ful four times daily ; 35 per cent.

Dr. Richardson's Concentrated Sherry Boker's Stomach Bitters, New York. Wine Bitters, Wakefield, Mass. Tables Dose not given ; 42.6 per cent.

spoonful to half wineglass or more three Brown's Iron Bitters, Baltimore, Md. times daily, “ or when there is a sensation " Perfectly harmless." “Not a substitute of weakness or uneasiness at the stomfor whisky.” Tablespoonful; 19.7 per cent. ach;' 47.5 per cent.

Burdock Blood Bitters, Buffalo, N. Y. Secor's Cinchona Bitters, Providence, Teaspoonful to tablespoonful three times R. I. Half wineglassful three times daily; daily; 25.2 per cent.

13.1 per cent. Carter's Scotch Bitters, Georgetown, Shonya's German Bitters, Concord, N. Mass. Tablespoonful to wineglass, as occa- H. Tablespoonful to wineglassful; 21.5 sion requires; 17.6 per cent.

Colton's Bitters, Westfield, Mass. Tea- Job Sweet's Strengthening Bitters, New spoonful to two tablespoonfuls three times Bedford. Tablespoonful to wineglassful daily ; 27.1 per cent.

three times daily ; 29 per cent. Copp's White Mountain Bitters, Man- Thurston's Old Continental Bitters, chester, N. H. “Not an alcoholic bever- Lynn, Mass. Tea to two tablespoonfuls; age.” Wineglassful ; 6 per cent.

11.4 per cent. Drake's Plantation Bitters, New York. Walker's Vinegar Bitters, New York. “ Contains St. Croix rum.” Winglassful “Free from all alcoholic stimulant. Con. three times daily ; 33.2 per cent.

tains no spirit.” Half to full wineglass : Flint's Quaker Bitters, Boston. Tea 6.1 per cent. spoonful six times daily ; 21.4 per cent. Warner's Safe Topic Bitters, Rochester,

Goodhue"'s Bitters, Salem, Mass. Half N. Y. Table to wineglassful; 35.7 per wineglassful; 16.1 per cent.

cent. Hartshorn's Bitters, Boston. Table- Warren's Bilious Bitters, Boston. Teaspoon to half wineglassful; 22.2 per cent. spoon to two tablespoonfuls one to three

Hoofland's German Bitters, Philadel- times daily; 21.5 cent. phia. “Entirely vegetable and free from Wheeler's Tonic Sherry Wine Bitters, alcoholic stimulant.” Tablespoonful four Boston. Two-thirds wineglass two times times daily ; 25.6 per cent.

daily ; 18.8 per cent.

per cent.

per cent.

Wheat Bitters, New York. Dessert- phin but as it was my first experience, I spoonful to wineglass three times daily; did not make a third application that day, 13.6 per cent.

but called again on the fourth day and Faith Whitcomb's Nerve Bitters, Boston. made a third application. On the fifth Tablespoonful three times daily; 20.3 per morning I called again, and from the cent.

blackened and shriveled appearance of the Dr. Williams's Vegetable Jaundice Bit- tumor I was satisfied it was killed, so I ters, Lowell, Mass. Half to full wineglass gave Mrs. G. basilicon ointment and dione time daily ; 18,5 per cent.--Dr. B. S. rected her to dress the tumor once a day Davenport, Analyst of Drugs.

with this, and that in any cracks or fissures

that occurred she should put olive oil with A Successful Escharotic for Cancer, Lupus a feather, this treatment to be continued and other Malignant Tumors.

until the tumor came out. I directed her Mrs. G., aged about forty, applied to me to let it come out without using any tracto treat a tumor on the left side of her nose tion, and that it would come out in about and about three-eighths of an inch from five days, and to continue dressing with the inner canthus of the left eye. I found, the basilicon ointment until the aperture on examination, that it was lupus exedens. was skinned over. I heard no more of the I had no faith in any of the remedies, so case for some two months, when, one day, called, in the books, nor did I have any Mrs. G. came to me with scarcely a scar faith in the knife. But I purchast a can- where the tumor had been. So far as I can cer recipe in which I had faith, for I had learn the regular profession know nothing known it to be successful in taking out of this recipe. What part the galangal many cancers, and that it took out roots as plays I don't know, but the two powders far as lymphatics contained cancer cells. with zinc chlorid make a plaster without

So far as I have learned, none of the ma- the assistance of any liquid. I have not lignant tumors that had been taken out by had any other opportunity of trying it, but this recipe had ever returned. The lupus have no hesitancy in recommending it to on Mrs. G.'s nose was about three-quarters the medical profession, especially as I was, of an inch long and five-eighths of an inch in the purchase of it, placed under no rewide, being rounded at each end.

strictions to keep it a secret. The plaster Without more of this, I will give treat- must be made fresh every morning, or ment:

twenty-four hours, as, if kept ready mixt, Take of

it gets too hard to adapt to the part. Sanguinaria pulv.

1 part.

I would advise, before commencing the Galangal pulv.. . 3 parts. treatment that the prima via be cleared out

Chlorid of zinc, sufficient quantity. with some mild purgative, and that the diet Mix.

be nutritious, but not coarse, during the I first mixt the powders, then workt in three or four days' use of the escharotic, gradually enuf chlorid of zinc to make a so that the bowels may not be overloaded thick paste, or plaster, consistent enuf to in consequence of any anodyne given to form with my fingers, about one-eighth relieve pain. I did not use exceeding twoinch thick and large enuf to cover the thirds of a grain of morphine in the case whole tumor and about one-eighth inch of described, but some might require more, healthy skin around the tumor. This I and a purge after use of the plaster.-F. applied one morning, after putting isinglass H. Lutterloh, M. D., in a former issue of plaster over the inner canthus of the eye to THE MEDICAL WORLD prevent the possibility of any of the escharotic getting into the eye, and also to pre

Adjustable Splints: vent tears getting on the plaster. Over One of our subscribers requests formula for this I applied strips of plaster, and a soft making adjustable splints. Full details are given

in THE WORLD for 1895, one article appearing compress and bandage. I left two doses of

in the February number, 1895, page 64, first morphin sulphate, one-sixth grain each, to

column ; another in March WORLD, 1895, page be taken in case pain was severe. The next 99, lower half of first column, and another in morning I called to see Mrs. G., and made same issue, page 105, second column. These another plaster and applied it in the same contributors give substantially the same formula, way. On the third morning I called again profession, the usual price having been four

which has been sold quite extensively to the and found that her face was considerably dollars. The following is the gist of the three swelled, tho she had suffered but little

articles referred to: Make a solution consisting pain and had taken but two doses of mor- of the best gum shellac finely powdered, one

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