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will become lovable. alive. From them, probably, Ringer took Pardon the sermon. None of you need it the hint, and from his recommendation more than the writer.

arose the modern use of this agent. But I cannot agree with all of Dr. Cooper's his therapy was nullified by his inefficient axioms. The first is only measurably true, doses, which also he owed our homeosince an effect may remain after the re- pathic brethren. The idea was advanced moval of the cause. A bullet wound will by the French, who especially directed atbe still a wound, tho the missile has passt tention to the great value of the sulfids clear thru the body and out again. The in diphtheria, tho they, too, were hamsecond is a gratuitous assumption, so pered by the little doses. To Burggrave easily disproved that I will not take time is justly due the credit of opening the eyes to quote examples of its absurdity. When of the profession to the inestimable value mustard reddens the skin, what nerve- of this remedy, as a means of combating center is affected? The sixth is unproved infectious processes, and destroying miand unprovable. The eighth is only true crobes in the blood and the tissues. The when the definitions are made to fit it. homeopathists carried this diamond To the whole article it may be answered around in their pockets for all those years that it is assumed gratuitously that treat- and never realized its value. ment should be uniform, while the fact is The importance and scope of the sulfid that many roads may lead to the same therapy may be appreciated by the followgoal, and as no two cases absolutely coin- ing data from an interesting paper in the cide, uniformity is not a possibility. Hy- Archives Provinciales de Medicine for March, per-medication is an evil, as hypo-medica- 1899, by Lada Noskowski. He had noticed tion is an evil, and the only defensible rule that the men who worked in sewers, and is the dosimetric " dose enuf."

those who dwelt near the outlets of sewers, Dr. Smith asks, on page 160, for the were rarely victims of microbic affections. treatment of chronic coryza. Try this: This is not in accord with my own obserWash out the nostrils with a fountain vations, for I found that the district which syringe, using an ounce of distilled ham- adjoined the opened sewers in Philadelamelis to a quart of warm water three phia were notably liable to just these distimes a day; then atomize a mixture of eases. Micquel found in the sewer water europhen and petrolatum, one part to eight, an anerobic bacterium that disengaged with an oil atomizer. Make this a habit sulfuretted hydrogen. for the rest of the life, or until the catarrh Rosenheim discovered a similar organism is really cured. Lack of persistence is in fresh urine that contained sulfhydric what renders the treatment of chronic acid. These destroy erobic bacteria, and catarrhs so futile.

by their avidity for oxygen deprive the Dr. Watson's boy has an affection too anerobic bacteria of that element, which serions for off-hand prescribing. Take an is essential to their pathogenetic activity ; afternoon off and give him a thoro exam- for they live erobically within the body, ination, for the case looks like one of reflex reproduce with excessive rapidity and origin. Meanwhile I think he is wrong in produce powerful toxins. Deprived of keeping the child drencht with bromids. oxygen they live erobically, multiply They may be the cause of the sensory slowly and produce only pepsins useful in paresis he describes; they only cover up digesting food.

digesting food. The leucocytes therefore the disease and do not cure it; they de- get their work in, in better shape, and press the vitality and have a bad influence make short work of the intruders. on the mental development of a growing By experiments on dogs he found that child. Better lessen the irritability of the the toxic dose of the acid was 35 millinerves by keeping the bowels empty and grams per kilo, while 25 produced no bad aseptic, restraining that good appetite in effects. The antidote is iodin, which proper limits, and give cicutine hydrobro. instantly stops all symptoms due to the mate, cimicifuga and hyoscyamin in doses acid. The dose of the acid for adults he enuf to produce evident physiologic effect. recommended was 10 centigrams, which

On pages 148–9 Dr. Lowell remarks that could be doubled without danger. I failed to credit the followers of Hahne- The wide range of its usefulness was mann with the use of calcium sulfid, The shown by the list of affections in which he sulfids were utilized as medicaments long found it of value : before his day, but the homeopathic school 1. Intestinal infections. Asiatic cholera, deserves credit for keeping their memory cholerine, diarrheas and dysenteries, indigenous or exotic, infantile cholera, green sician brought me a box of capsules which diarrhea and the gastro-enteritis of chil- had aborted a fully developt gonorrhea dren are cured with great ease, if the in three days, remarking : That's more lesions are still susceptible of cure. Sulfo- than we can do.' Speak for yourself," hydric acid, in small doses, even, disoxy. I replied, “ calcium sulfid will often do it genizes the intestinal liquids, and renders in that time.” The capsule consisted of bacterial life impossible. In doses a little sandal oil, cubebs and calcium sulfid. larger it disorganizes the bacteria by ab- My own modest contributions to sulfid stracting the oxygen from their bodies. therapy consists of its use in gonorrheal

2. Infections in which the bacteria live rheumatism. To date the record is an in the organic liquids : Malaria, erysipelas, unbroken series of cures. eruptive fevers, or in the small intestine

WILLIAM F. WAUGH, M. D. inaccessible to enemas, as typhoid fever. Ravenswood, Chicago. Sulfhydric acid can here only act thru the intermediary of the blood, which, partially

Therapeutic Philosophy. dishematosed, furnishes the bacteria too

No. 2. little oxygen for erobic life. 3. Infections of the respiratory organs.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-True to that When there are no lesions or losses of progressive and fair spirit which has substance, the cure is obtained easily. always characterized THE WORLD, its EdiMixt infections of the lung, with loss of tor has askt me to continue these articles. substance, are more rebellious to treat- It is far from certain that my lucubrations ment by the enemas. In tuberculosis of the will hold a quid pro quo with reference to second or third degree he obtains some the reader's time and patience, but may cures and many ameliorations. The pa- not every honest writer say this? At least tients live many years in a relatively satis- I feel certain of courteous treatment from factory state, if they continue the treat- the WORLD readers. ment, at least at intervals. Under its I want to say more about hypermedicainfluence the tubercle bacillus becomes less tion, the worst, and most common of all virulent and proliferates more slowly. medical faults. What are the causes of

4. Diphtheria, an infection in which the hypermedication? They depend upon the bacteria are outside the organisms, with a abuse of the right drug and the use of the : pathologic product that does not partici- wrong drug. We have but very few right pate in the circulation : The doses must drugs, within the strict meaning of righthere be large and frequently repeated. The ness. The leading one is quinin in aillocal use of sodium sulfhydro-sulfate is a ments characterized by periodicity. Repowerful aid. This is decomposed by the membering what a right drug costscarbonic acid of the air, disengaging sulf- centuries of travail mid Galenic hosts-is hydric acid.

Speedier action can be it not shameful for its beneficiaries to secured by painting with lemon juice. abuse it? There is a ton of quinin given

It might be thought that the use of this for every ounce that should be given. active agent would be weakening to the Quinin is a remedy only where there is periopatient, but on the contrary, the respira- dicity, associated with a moist skin and cleaning tions are quickened, hematosis and meta- tongue. In this condition, it is positive bolism stimulated, the nutrition increases, and infallible; in any other condition it is phagocytosis excited, and the invading harmful. I beseech you, test this in the bacteria enfeebled by the deprivation of uttermost spirit of fairness, and see if I oxygen,

have not stated the truth. Mercury has The difficulty of controlling the admin been equally abused. This will be hardly istration of this acid has led us in America questioned. Drawing from all the schools to prefer the sulfid of calcium, and most there are, perhaps, twenty drugs which of the reports are based upon this agent. may be called semicertitudes. About all The adult dose is one grain, and this may of us abuse them. It is easily seen, then, be repeated four to six times a day.

that one form of hypermedication consists It will be seen that Lada Noskowski in the over-use of the right, or partly right says nothing of the use of the acid in drug. gonorrhea, but this is perhaps its most The other form of overdrugging consists important application. The druggists are in the use, and excessive use, of wrong

catching on," and the drummer will drugs. The fact that we do not, and cansoon follow suit. Only last week a phy. not, know they are wrong, is adversely off

set to an immeasurable degree by the fact the drug-idea is founded in truth. The that we do not, and cannot, know they are establishment of one therapeutic certitude right. Whether a precious life shall be realized an epoch which holds, at once, an saved or lost, often depends upon whether answer to all the past, and a promise to we do, or do not, give, and push, the all the future. It is now settled that the wrong medicine. It will be very ration- right drug, in any sickness, is promotive of ally, and pertinently, objected here, that recovery. the development of a drug therapeutics Before proceeding to the discussion of would be rendered impossible, by a uni- specific therapeutic wrongs, it is proper versal adhesion to the practice of giving that I review the fundamental aspect of nothing, if not the right, or partly right, the Art Curative. I have concluded that drug. This springs a question which is all drug cures are affected thru shock. all-involving in its scope and moment. If This shock may be expresst in sudden, it is a fact that the ingestion of a foreign violent disturbance, or in a series of lesser substance is vitally expensive, then it is perturbations, or in a long succession of true that the establishment of a drug's refined antagonisms. We get our first precise sphere of action costs many human hints of this shock theory from those lives. If the unindicated exhibition of a coarser happenings, whose relations to certain drug one-millionth kills the pa- cure are so obvious that any one can see tient, and a million doctors exhibit it, then them. Thus we do know that whether the one life has been sacrificed for the sake of theory holds good to the end or not, shock other future lives. Has the doctor a right does cure. Every doctor can recall instances to contribute toward the death of a fellow- in which the truth of this is illustrated. being in order (not certainly) to make it My great-grandmother had suffered long possible for a future doctor to contribute and severely from sub-acute rheumatism. toward the life of a fellow being? I leave One day in mid-winter she started on this question for moral philosophers and horseback to visit a married daughter. casuists to toss on their ethicological horns. She had to cross a creek which was lightly It is certain that there is but one way of frozen over. The horse plunged and threw dissipating the moral phase of the ques. her, and she sat down with great emphasis tion, and that way would inhere in a de- thru half an inch of ice and two feet of pendence upon professional drug provers. water. This was an all-round shock, being If a man wants to sell his own life by toxic both physical and mental in its character. inches, he certainly has that privilege. But it completely cured her rheumatism

I have said that hypermedication con- and there was never a return of it. I sists in abuse of the right, and use of the could report many similar cases, and so wrong drug. The immediate cause of this can every doctor, and not only every doc. is a blind spirit of helpfulness on the part tor, but almost every intelligent layman. of the doctor. Blind, because not justi. There have been then, untold millions of fied by hard realities, but by the strange such cures-sufficient to put an eternal force of occult mysticism. Back of this is quietus upon the swallow-and-summer an element of the drug idea which has all proverb, in this relationship. To me, this the force of an inborn superstition. There shock-cure fact furnishes the true, actual is hardly anything else so actually untrust. and only foundation of therapeutics. It worthy as a drug, and yet we will all of is a demonstrable fact that shock will us talk and write about the virtues of a cure; it is not a demonstrable fact that pet remedy with a burning eloquence that anything else within the strict confines of would, by conversion, illumine a Web- therapeutics will cure. By strict consterian period. It is true that in these fines," I mean the sphere of judgment latter days there is a commanding con- and action whose peculiarity depends upon tingent of physicians who write more tem- medical education. The intelligent layperately along this line. Generally, the 'man can practice hygiene, psychurgy, etc.; doctor is a psychological puzzle ; for, altho the chemist can prescribe antacids, antiin intervals of his strongest sanity he may dotes, etc. ; the surgeon can cut and mend, be almost a medical sceptic, he will, at the but only the physician can apply pure bed-side, push drugs with a zeal that is therapeutics. nearly religious.

Intrinsic to the rough.and.tumble methAltho uncounted billions of drug mis. ods of rough-and-tumble doctors, there is applications seem to strongly buttress a redemptive irony, and it depends upon medical scepticism, it is still a fact that the shock-cure fact. In all cases curable

by coarse shock, a huge dose of the wrong The pre-Adamic doctor did not reason medicine may effect a cure.

There is no much ; now, some of the doctors do. He telling how many lives have been saved killed or injured a hundred for every one by heroic bleeding; but these fortunate he cured or helped ; now, we (the world results had to depend upon the efficacy of over) do not kill or injure more than half shock-unless it is true that sick people that number for every one we cure or help. have too much blood. What is true of The world does move, and its rate of venesection is true of all other coarse movement is rapidly increasing in these methods. There is only a class of dis- piping times." eases (and their victims must be robust) I find I have exhausted my space in the which can be cured by rough shock. The treatment of generals; in my next I will analogue of curing by general shock would get down to the discussion of particulars. be seen in the act of shaking a house to Cleves, 0. W. C. COOPER, M. D. drive out a mouse.


succeed in driving out the mouse in that way—a way

Notes and Comments. always more or less damaging to the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Circumstances house-but how much better it is to locate have arisen during the last few years that the mouse and then shoot it. Fortunately show more than ever the necessity of a the modern trend is from the roust-about change in our patent laws. Not only are method, and toward the specific mode. we almost robbed in the prices of certain * Fortunately,” because under old-time drugs (page 98, March WORLD), but in haphazard horse-dosery many are killed, many other respects are our patent laws or partly killed, for every one who is greatly defective. If the doctors would cured ; and because under specific medi- take the matter in hand and thoroly vencation, about none are killed if none are tilate it, the people who buy and use drugs cured.

would join with us in asking for a change. The fact of all facts is evolution, Obe- Medical societies should discuss the matdiently to the eternal stress of the “ Un- ter and speak out boldly in favor of a known Cause," it is in perpetual self- change. assertion. The result is progress, ever Spelling reform in chemistry (page 99) progress-indeed, evolution is progress. is greatly to be desired. THE MEDICAL Even seeming recessions are consistent World is doing a good work in spelling phases of evolution, for Nature cannot reform, and Dr. Leffmann's article comes contradict herself. Back, back thru the in good time. Every one can see the adperspectifying chiliads, in the dawn of vantage to be gained by the chavges he hnman intelligence and in an unknown suggests. place, there happened a coincidence out of I am glad to see Dr. Waugh (page 101), which was evolved the beginning of thera- whose articles I always read with interest peutics. A prognathus man with an exag- and profit, is still pleased with his treatgerated nictitating remnant and excessive ment for pulmonary consumption. Other vermiform appendix, noticed something. physicians in other parts of the country This primitive man, who was ailing, should try his treatment and report at the received an extrinsic shock and became end of a year. In this way much may be immediately well. None before his time learned about the treatment of this diswere sufficiently intelligent to note such a coincidence. He became a doctor-the My experience in the quinin rash (page lone, first doctor. He applied the one 108), is that a persistent use of the drug treatment for every variety of sickness. “ drives it out," as the old women express Later, he noticed a cure from intrinsic it; and it soon ceases to cause any unshock. Some bilious, root-eating neighbor pleasant symptoms. But Dr. Holstein's --in a fit of abstraction-got hold of the case, simulating smallpox, was unusually wrong root, and after a cataclysmal emeto- severe, and in his case it was probably catharsis, got well. Here, then, was the necessary to stop the quinin. beginning of drug medication, for our I think Dr. Sanders is right page doctor took the second hint. What a 114), when he thinks doctors are mistherapeutic record since that dim era ! taken when they say they never have Leaping from the dark Then to the blaz- any lacerations or puerperal fever. But ing Now, and leaving the murderous medi- in all localities where malaria at times cal past half buried in merciful oblivion, holds high carnival, we may expect fever

what evolution has done. after confinement sometimes, and this


we can


fever is often mistaken for puerperal. tion, and the ready response of those girls Malaria may aid in causing puerperal to sympathy and kindliness was gratifying fever, by opening the door, as it were, for indeed to one who wishes to be classt as the more potent poison. Like Dr. S., I a gentleman. In making your examinaseldom, if ever, give ergot after delivery. tions, use every possible precaution to preAfter a practice of more than a quarter of vent the exposure of your patient. She a century, I am not yet able to say it has will remember it aiterward — to your ever done any good. Twenty or more advantage. Make your examinations first years ago it was used much more frequently and gain what information you want and than now.

talk afterwards. Your endeavor to impress With all deference to the opinions of on the mind of your patient the impor. others, I can have but one as to a “Nice tance of obeying you implicitly, and of Point in Ethics" (page 119). Dr. Alter relying entirely on you will be much more should make known his secret to the pro- effective after a thoro examination than fession, and trust to some other means to before. Don't expect that you can reconmake money. To hide any discovery that cile a primipara to the bandling necessary may save life or relieve suffering, unless a in a thoro examination by any amount of money consideration is forthcoming, is not talk. She knows what you came to doto imitate the great men of the past in our

do it and talk afterwards. I always use profession, nor the great Healer of soul the ante-partum douche if the woman has and body.

C. KENDRICK, M. D.; leucorrhea, or if she has been examined Kendrick, Miss.

by any one prior to my arrival, I always use the post-partum douche.

I use chloroform during the second Calcium Sulfid.--Hepatic Colic.-General Ob

stage nearly always. stetric Conduct and Management.-Drunk

I use strychnin or quinin to strengthen enness.

the pains whenever there is the least posEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-I am glad to sible excuse. Also caulophyllin to effect endorse the suggestion of Dr. Eede in the whenever it is useful, and that is in most April WORLD, even if I am not able to add labors. much to the department.

If the pains are a little weak or irreguJust how calcium sulfid does the busi- lar, I give strychnin arseniate, 1-134 grain ness in suppurative cases I do not know, every hour to effect, and if the soft parts but that it is useful in -grain doses every do not dilate properly, I give caulophyllin, hour to saturation, I do know.

1-6 grain every half-hour to effect. I have never used either chloroform or Normal labor may be physiological, but olive oil in hepatic colic. My treatment the fact remains that the physician can do in the five cases I have had was colon irri- a good deal to make it easier and quicker, gation, as hot as the patient could bear. and that without interfering in the least It was successful in each instance. Time: with nature. Ten minutes to three hours. Free catbar. I believe a physician's diploma should sis brought the stone in the evacuations be revoked for drunkenness. If a man next day on every occasion.

hasn't sufficient respect for himself and There are some good questions under the balance of the human race to keep your

"General Obstetric Considerations." sober when life is at stake, he is not fit to The question of how one approaches a be granted the privileges of our profession. lying-in woman not only has a great The country doctor is a man who has the bearing on one's general practice, but respect of his community—if he has not it often is of the greatest importance is his own fault-and he should endeavor in that particular case. In the first to keep himself worthy of that respect. place, don't talk about the weather to the I believe, with Dr. Cooper, that hyperpatient. She has something else besides medication is a serious fault, yet I do not the weather on her mind. Be calm. believe in allowing the fear of hyperThrow all the human sympathy and kind- medication to interfere with the use of ness you have in your nature into your active remedies in the effort to control voice, touch and manner. Always treat disease. Have reason with you when you her as if she were the highest lady in the choose your drug, then push it to the land. It has been my fortune to attend physiological effect, and you will have no several labor cases as well as to do a good cause for regret. E. I. RAYMOND, M. D. deal of other work in houses of prostitu- New Windsor, Colo.

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