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given about an hour before the sweating parent contradictions, and will not be is expected to begin. It is best given in a satisfied with vague and sometimes cutpowder placed on the tongue, and washt and-dried explanations. down with sweet milk or water. It is not Certain obstetricians of note, sufficient soluble in water, and the alcoholic solu- to free themselves from the charge of untion is too stimulating and besides difficult due seeking after notoriety by the advancto take, on account of its extreme bitter. ing of unusual opinions, have recently

been discussing the matter of

a ten It is naturally to be expected that the days' confinement to bed, and take the remedy would prove of value in all cases view that getting out of bed is not fraught of exhausting sweating, such as frequently with the danger generally attributed to it. supervene upon typhoid fever and after In support of their position they adduce grip, especially as it is claimed that the the fact that the practice of getting up at drug has also an hypnotic effect, inducing once is common among the poorer classes, refreshing sleep.

and that these women as a rule make a far more satisfactory recovery than do the

women of the richer classes. Recumbency After Childbirth.

Well-known facts are adduced in the It is a matter of general interest to the

argument, and an ingenious bit of inductprofession to determine the period neces- ive reasoning that the upright position sary to keep the patient in a recumbent favors the escape of the urine discharge,

which often remains to the point of putresposition after parturition. The consensus of opinion has been in the line of conserva

cence when a woman lies down, and that

this discharge is solely to blame for the tism, enjoining at least ten days, and ap

appearance of inflammatory conditions, parently attributing many of the illnesses

whether acute or chronic. of married women such as the various dis- THE WORLD has probably as many pracplacements of the pelvic organs, incom- tical obstetricians among its subscribers as plete involution of the uterus and inflam

any other magazine publisht, and with a mations of the uterine and ovarian tissue, interest in this discussion, it asks for facts

view to getting some data that will be of to their being “ too smart” and getting bearing upon the question from the obup too early. In contradiction to this

servation of the physician, not from hearhas been the fact, opposed to all theory, say. Make your replies as brief as possithat aboriginal women seldom suffer from ble, but give your experience of ill-results pelvic disorders, nor do the Irish peas. due in your judgment from either a proantry, and that these women are proverbi- longed or a short period of recumbency, ally early in getting up and about. To and bolster your facts with statistics when such extent is this practice carried some- possible, and let us decide on the merits times among savages that it is said that

of the question. in certain African tribes the woman is scarcely delivered of the child than she So-Called Medical Advertising in the Lay arises from her bed, and proceeds to wait

Press. upon her husband, who takes her place

Is there a doctor who picks up his daily and duly observes the lying in period.

paper but has a feeling of disgust when his Theoretically all the evils named should follow too early rising from confinement,

eye is caught by the prominent exploitation but once in awhile some iconoclast arises,

in its columns of some quack remedy? and in defiance of all establisht medical ranging from the “ little liver pills”

'' guartradition, dares to ask reasons for the ap- anteed to render the taker, no matter how


aged, into the blooming picture of youthful But the other side of the picture, also health if directions are only followed until of great importance in its influence on the some named number of bottles or boxes are public health, the advertising of means for taken, to the ingenuous regulator of “fe. self-medication, is more strongly inmale disorders " and the blatant restorers trenched, and is perhaps more difficult to of " lost manhood."

overthrow. We allude to the cough mediThere has been much talk of regulating cines, soothing syrups, cathartie pills, the social evil, but we venture to say that various and sundry secret cures, many of a goodly portion of it would regulate itself them rich in morphin and alcohol, that were certain of these disgusting and lying are sold by the thousands of bottles, and advertisements refused admittance to the which too often are productive of ill pages of the daily and weekly press. results easily recognizable by the medical Fewer men would enter upon excesses man as due to the patent medicine, but too were they not assured by the “Daily often attributed by the laity to the natural Howler' that sure cure'' waited upon course of disease. Any attempt on the their application for certain nostrums, and part of the practitioner to show this fact fewer girls would be led astray were it not is apt to be attributed to personal motives for the confidence they begin to feel in by the laity, and thus they buy again and “The Lady's Friend,” “The Monthly yet again, and the various patent medicine Regulator," or the "successful practi- men wax wealthy on credulity and pursue tioners” apparently endorsed by their their lying course unimpeded by all the favorite journal.

efforts of the conscientious physician. It In England the evil has been met by ap- is hard to get people to believe that even a propriate legislation, and now the papers good remedy, self-administered, has elepublishing advertisements of abortifacients ments of danger. To them the headache áre considered liable to suit in the event of typhoid fever is the same as that from of ill consequences from the use of the nos

pressure on the brain or from eye-strain, trums. In addition, by ceaseless effort on and each and every headache is given an the part of individual physicians, a public indiscriminate dose of the favorite nostrum, : sentiment has been created stigmatizing sometimes until it is too late to inaugurate zuch remedies as either cheats or criminal, effective scientific treatment. and that the papers who depend for their Is it not time that the profession ceases support upon the patronage of these manu

to stand helplessly by, and rouses itself to facturers are, to say the least, immoral.

some active measure? Here is a subject In certain instances a traceable falling off for debate by the World family. Let us

of reputable advertising and of subscrip- hear from you, one and all, with no uncer*tions has followed this course, and in con- tain sound. “ In a multitude of counselsequence certain of the better class of daily

ors lieth wisdom.” Who will formulate journals have begun to exclude this class the just solution to the problem of how to of advertising from their columns. The

overcome this evil ? evil is uncontrolled and apparently uncontrollable in this country however, and it is

Who and What is a Quack? pogsible that public opinion may not have so salutary effect here. Still it is well

In recent medical literature no expresworth trying, and we ask that every doctor sion has been used to a greater extent than within the reach of this utterance begin at

that of quack, and so much virulence has once to exert every measure of influence

been shown in the applying of the term, he may have against this evil. This will have a measure of success, perhaps imme- and the giving of the tu quoque that a defiliately apparent.

nition may not be out of place. Perhaps the broadest definition is that of "an igno- recently vetoed a bill prohibiting the ramus who is unacquainted with the ele practice of Christian-science and faith-curo mentary laws of anatomy, physiology, pa- in that territory, and the gentle war is on thology, etc.” But the thought naturally in Massachusetts in regard to the applicaarises that, altho this is quackery, it is not tion of the osteopaths for legal recognition all of it, since the opprobrium of quackery there. It is interesting to note that the seems to apply, and justly, to some educated latter have magnanimously consented to men. Can it be defined by embracing all undergo an examination, but that they practitioners not legally constituted ? No, except from the list of branches in which for many licensed practitioners, educated such examination is to be conducted pracmen, too, are undoubted quacks. Quack- tically all of the allied sciences which conery cannot be distinctly and epigrammati- stitute medicine as practised to-day. They cally defined, and can be only known per- also desire representation on the State haps by its combination of all of these Board of Medical Examiners, and seem to with the use of unusual methods, and its have acquired a certain support in their opposition to methods sanctioned by scien- efforts. It is interesting to note the progtific men.

ress of these fads, altho it is to be regretDoctors differ among themselves, buted that they will be able to do so much this only shows the difficulty and the in- mischief before they are finally overtricacy of their work, and is one of the thrown. We bid God speed to our brothers strongest possible arguments against al- who are working so energetically thruout lowing totally incompetent people to prac

the Union for the overthrow of quackery tice the science and art of medicine. The and the advancement of the profession, law at present takes cognizance as points and enlist in their behalf the efforts of all necessary to constitute a legal practitioner, progressive physicians. the having studied for a number of years at a properly recognized medical school

Justice is a jewel that we Americans and the passing of certain examinations. In most States none but such can legally the following:

should insist upon having. Remember sign a medical certificate as to the cause of death and only such can hold any medical Phenacetin

18c. $ .95 or surgical post under the government;


38c. 1.25 Trional

78c. hence there does not seem any valid reason

1.40 why any others than these should be These are quotations in twenty-fiveallowed to practise.

ounce lots. A duty of 25 per cent. is to To these points the profession has by be calculated, but that will not account for common consent added as a part of quack- the exorbitant excess charged to Ameriery the direct or indirect method of adver- can consumers above the prices charged tising, and the use of such methods as the consumers of other countries. This those practised by so-called Christian- injustice is made possible by our patent Scientists, osteopaths, etc. The recent at- lawe. If foreign manufacturers persist in tempt in many States to obtain a legal taking advantage of our laws to overfoothold for these sects is viewed with charge us, we should change our patent much interest, and it is to be regreted laws, and make them similar to the patent that a measure of success has attended laws of Germany. It is right to protect the efforts of these quacks to obtain legal an inventor against infringement, but he recognition, since they can only succeed in should not be protected in such monstrous lowering the tone of the profession and overcharging as is illustrated above, which the estimate placed abroad upon American are some of the most extreme cases of such medicine. The governor of Oklahoma overcharging.

Per ounce in Canada.

Per ounce in U. S.





ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS specialists in diseases of the heart and

lungs must see a great many of them. Short stories on the treatment of diseases and experience with They are cases that an unscrupulous doc

new remedies are solicited from the profession for this department; also difficult cases for diagnosis and treat- tor can nurse indefinitely, to the patient's

harm and his own pecuniary profit. Articles accepted must be contributed to this journal only.

The editors are not responsible for views expressed by The sum total of the misery and suffercontributors.

ing borne by those who are mistakenly led Copy must be received on or before the twelfth of the month

for publication in the next month. Unused manuscript to think themselves the victims of serious cannot be returned.

“heart disease" is very great indeedCertainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the fewest possible words, or his reader

almost beyond computation. is sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words, or his

What business has any doctor to frighten reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, also, a downright fact may be told in a plain way; and we want a patient by telling him that he has heart downright facts at present more than anything else.-RUSKIN.

disease ?" The term has no proper place RECORD, in nosology. It really belongs with those

other popular terms that no physician Heart Disease.

should sanction, such as “liver affections," Editor MEDICAL WORLD : It would “kidney complaint” and “ stomach hardly seem credible that anyone should roubles," all broad enuf and suggestive deliberately set out to write upon so in- enuf to answer the purposes of patent definite a theme as “ heart disease," but medicine advertisements, and induce the that is just what I have started to do. suffering to buy and take the promising

Recently there came under my care a nostrums. young woman of considerable reputation The average patient understands but as a public singer, who for some years had vaguely the learned distinctions between suffered much, physically, but a great deal functional and organic diseases of the more mentally, thru the thoughtlessness heart-between hypertrophy and dilataor ignorance of some doctor who had tion-intermittent and dicrotic pulsecruelly told her that she had “ heart aneurysm and arrhythmia-bradycardia disease."

and tachycardia — and well-meant but She had subsequently been examined by mistaken attempts at explanation, so far several physicians, some of whom had from making matters clear, serve rather told her that she had no heart trouble, to confuse, mystify and frighten. others that she had functional disturbance The dominant idea of “ heart disease" of the heart. To a physician this latter is the ever-present liability to sudden statement would have no serious signifi- death. It is this that begets perpetual cance, but to the laity such a big-sounding fear, and is the skeleton at every feast. It name is neither soothing nor reassuring. is harder to endure than actual physical

The real trouble in this case was indi. pain. gestion-flatulence—which so often causes We know that people with well-recog. disturbance of the heart's action. The nized heart affections, even structural induced symptoms are frequently some- lesions, do live to a good old age, while what alarming to the friends, but the doc- others in whom no such thing has ever tor seldom considers them more grave than been suspected may die suddenly from failan attack of hysteria.

ure of the cardiac functions. In this case the attacks of vertigo and My preceptor in medicine was a man of fainting were the more alarming, as this recognized skill, and noted for his method young woman was not wholly convinced and exactness. He accomplisht the greatthat she had not “ heart disease," and the est amount of work with the least apparent fear of sudden death, once rooted, haunted outlay of force or effort of any man I ever her continually. Long brooding over her knew. At the beginning of his medical impending fate had made her melancholy career he had occasion to consult a physiand hypochondriac.

cian for some ailment, He was told that Being cured of her dyspepsia, she is he had “beart disease." He used to say altogether another person-cheerful and that when this was announced to him, his sunny in disposition.

knees smote together and he had barely This is but a sample of many such cases strength to stagger home. Fresh in his that I have seen, and I have no reason to mind were the teachings of his text-books, think that my experience has been an ex- lectures and clinical observations, and ceptional one. Doubtless every physician death speedy and sudden stared him in in general practice meets such cases, and the face.

the face. He resolved to give up the pracease."

tice of medicine, and actually applied for to the importance of the drink habit in a clerkship in a mercantile house. Fortu. physicians. Alcohol is a paralysant, mennately, the head of the firm knew his tally, morally and physically. It may seem capabilities and promise of attaining dis. as if a surgeon had more nerve when stimtinction, and he persuaded the frightened ulated by alcohol, but who would care to young man to put out his sign and devote take his chances with a drunken operator himself to the high calling for which he if he knew it? A man will take more had fitted himself.

chances and it may be that the chance is So, notwithstanding his heart disease- on the right side, but suppose it is not ? and valvular at that-he took up his life- How many disgraceful tales of this kind work, and did an immense amount of it, are discreetly covered up, while the lucky in private practice, hospital work and lit- ones are always told. There are too many erary work, stood high in the medical col. reasons for the use of alcohol by physilege faculty, was for many years its secre- cians, but they may be all comprised in tary, reached a good old age, beyond the the one selfish one of wanting to do all allotted time of man, outliving two wives, the work, and keep that rival out of the leaving the third a young widow.

field. Greed begets greed, and self-preserThe moral of this sketch is that people vation compels one to treat his competitor with “heart disease,” even organic dis- as the latter treats the former. A counease, with reasonable care, and even with try doctor had been regaling me for an out it, may and do live to three score and hour with the shortcomings of his neighten, four-score or four-score and ten years. bors, when he suddenly stopt, and added:

The purpose of this paper is to plead “I know it's mean in me to talk this way, with the multitude of doctors all over the but they compel me to do it in self-deland, who read this journal, to beware of fence." I appreciated his feeling and unduly or recklessly frightening their pa- realized his difficulties. I would like to tients with the Shibboleth, “ heart dis- say to my many professional brethren that

if they try the practical application of the Tho it may be but a functional trouble, Golden Rule, as a sound business princiand you explain that it has no grave sig- ple, they will have no reason to regret it, nificance as threatening life, the awful as a policy, and they will find it far pleaswords sink deep into a receptive and anter in its practical workings than the fruitful soil, and probably will never be selfish, greedy game of grabbing, backwholly uprooted, but will return again biting and over-reaching. When we catch and yet again, and cause years of untold our unscrupulous competitor in a mistake, and useless misery.

it is only human nature to feel like letting But shall we not inform the patient of his true the family and the community know of it. condition? Let us see. Is it probable that But unless one can rely on his own infalliyou can convey to his mind what you may bility, he will at some time make an error conceive to be his actual condition ? And himself, and give the other man his chance even should you succeed in this, will it to even up matters. There are very few ease his suffering, quiet his fears, prolong men who can speak evil of the man who his life or make him happier ? If not, then persistently speaks well of them. And if when you find the dread words rising to they do, it does them more harm than the your tongue, and you are about to say man they are villifying. Curses come home

you have heart disease,'please don't. to roost. Brooklyn, N. Y. BENJ. Edson, M. D. But there is a still more serious aspect

[We predict that life insurance com- of this matter. Every man has in him panies will, before many years, become the possibilities of good and of evil, in the willing to accept many "heart disease" extremest degree. Circumstances develop risks, even when the values are appreciably a Nero, a de Retz, a Xavier or a Luther. affected.-ED.]

The Jekyll and Hyde drama is repeated in

each of our lives, Good or evil grows in Notes-Sulfhydric Acid.

the heart with every exercise of the corEditor MEDICAL WORLD:- Either the responding qualities. Let us cultivate April number of Tue World was even liatred and nurse our grievances, and the better than usual, or your correspondent utmost ill we can do our enemy will be as

more receptive than usual; for I nothing to the harm we have done ournever read it with greater interest. Your selves. Speak no evil, think no wrong, subscriber from China is quite right as find excuses for the erring, and men will


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